Standing Resistance band – Hip Abduction

Standing Resistance band - Hip Abduction

Workout Suggestions

  • Beginner 8-10 Reps

    1-3 Sets

  • Intermediate 12-15 Reps

    2-4 Sets

  • Advanced 15-20 Reps

    2-4 Sets

Attach the desired resistance bands to a door using the door anchor and carabinier supplied.

Place a door anchor at the bottom of the door and attach the padded ankle strap to the other end of the resistance band. Stand facing away from the door take one step forward to build tension and turn 90 degees, so your standing with the door to yourside.

 Standing shoulder width apart  place your hands on your waist and transfer most of your weight on to your opposite leg, raise you leg sideways, away from the door as far as you can go. return to a standing position and repeat the process until all Reps have been completed. 


Start with the lightest band possible and build strength before applying another band or increasing the resistance to avoid injury.

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