Best 10 Exercise Bikes

Best 10 Exercise Bikes for 2022

It’s time to ditch that expensive gym membership and workout while being comfortable and safe in your own home. With an exercise bike, you can watch TV, keep an eye on the kids, or catch-up on work while getting fit.

Cycling is a brilliant way to get the heart pumping! You can do some serious cardio without damaging your joints or bones. Strengthen those calves, tone those glutes, and improve your circulation.
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Flex Like a Pro With the Best Exercise Bikes!

How do you feel about working out? Not a true fan? Not really interested in getting up and signing up for a gym membership? Well, that’s okay! You’re not the only one out there who doesn’t like it. And if you think about your tough day to day chores or even your job schedule, maybe going out there for a workout seems impossible.

But on the other hand, you can’t just give up on taking care of yourself. A healthy body helps you have a healthy mind as well. Not to mention all the problems that you’ll avoid if you keep yourself in great condition. No extra kilosno back pain and no diseases. Having durability and stamina will make you see everyday life under a new light. 

So how can you make sure that you stay fit and on top of your game without going through a heavy workout that seems boring and not interesting at all? Drum roll… The best exercise bikes are here to save the day! Have you ever tried indoor cycling? Think about turning your place into a home gym where you can enjoy your cardio workout exactly how you like it.

If you like cycling but don’t have a road bike or if your city isn’t made for cyclists to move around freely, then getting an indoor exercise bike is the best way to go. Plus it’s much safer than going out and riding your way between all those cars. And you can even start your collection of gym equipment one step at a time and make the perfect body with simple home workouts in your living room.

Our Top 4 Best Exercise Bikes for 2022

Why Do I Need The Best Exercise Bike?

“Why the best exercise bike and not the best treadmill?” you might ask. Well, the thing is that stationary bikes and all types of stationary gym equipment are great for people who don’t want to hit the gym. So the choice is up to you depending on the type of workout you want to do. Rowing machines for example are another great choice! You can find all these if you take a look through our guides. Who needs dumbbells after all?

Home exercise bikes have many features that you might find very interesting, especially if you want to start with the basics. Pedalling is something that every single one of you can do no matter your fitness level. You can adjust the level of resistance exactly how you want it and not pressure yourself. That way you can rest assured that you won’t injure yourself and you will take it to the next level on your pace.

And you might think that an indoor exercise bike is good for your lower body only. That’s not true at all! You can train your upper body as well and actually do it at the same time. How cool is that? Just an hour on your bike every once in a while and you’ll feel more refreshed than ever. Increase your strength without living the comfort of your home with the best exercise bike of the market now. All you need to do is narrow down your options and check the features that you would like to have.

Key Features That Make The Best Exercise Bike

Let’s talk about features! As you can imagine, shopping for a home exercise bike can be quite difficult if you don’t have any experience. But even if you do, from being a gym owner, for example, there are things that you should always take into consideration before making a decision.

1. Space

Having the right space to place your indoor exercise bike is very essential and might affect your choice if you live in a small to medium-sized house. That’s why you should always check the bike’s dimensions before finalising your purchase. 

2. Storage

Always have in mind that if you’re looking for a bike that’s portable and easily stored, then you need to check its weight as well. A folding exercise bike will do the trick if you have limited space! That way you can reduce its size after training and place it somewhere until your next session. Transportation wheels are always a plus if you want to move it from one room to another in a couple of seconds.

3. Informational Console

Most indoor cycling bikes come with a display that you’ll find in the front where important information appears and help you with your workout.  All your metrics, like speed, duration, resistance, calories and many more will be right there to motivate you even more. Plus, if you choose a high-end bike, you’ll be able to control your workout from there. Changing the resistance for example.

4. Heart Monitor

Wondering about your heart rate? Just grab the pulse sensors and watch the heart rate monitor drawing a clear picture of your condition. That way you’ll know if you overdo it with your training and need to slow down. Don’t pressure yourself if you’re a beginner. Just take it one step at a time and you’ll soon see your stamina upgrading day by day.

5. Connectivity

Smart bikes, that are on the expensive side, come with a bunch of amazing features. Some of them have to do with connectivity, mainly with your smartphone. You can download training apps to help you with this process. Tips and tricks about greater and faster results that will motivate you even more and give you a boost like no other. Scroll through your touchscreen and find the program that suits you best. The most common way to do so is via Bluetooth which everyone knows how to use. And even if you don’t, detailed information will get you there!

What Type Of Exercise Bike Suit You?

There’s a number of different stationary bikes that you need to consider as a possible option for you. Let’s have a look together!

Manual Exercise Bikes

They are powered by your movements without the need to plug them into a socket. That gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to placing them somewhere in your home. One downside though is the way that you control the resistance. You have to twist a dial and find the convenient level for you without knowing extra information.

Electric Exercise Bikes

As you can imagine by their name, you need to plug them to an electrical source. They offer you digital monitoring of your workout which is perfect for tracking your progress and setting new goals. Changing your speed and the resistance level is super easy and you don’t have to lose your flow.

Upright Exercise Bikes 

Have you ever sat up straight on your road bike as a kid? Upright bikes give you the opportunity to work out sitting up or leaning forward and take your leg training one step ahead. It’s a little bit of a challenge but it will be worth it once you see your muscles lean and strong like never before. Most of them are also foldable which makes them ideal for those of you with space-troubles. If you’re looking forward to hardcore workouts, take into consideration that they tend to be less stable at high speeds.

Spin Bikes

They’re also known as spinning bikes and they become more and more popular each day. Spin classes are to blame! This type of exercise bike uses a flywheel to provide the resistance level and help you strengthen your body. They’re a bit heavier than most upright bikes of the market because of their construction. The adjustable seat helps you get comfortable and create a similar feeling to a traditional road bike.

Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Another great type of bike for indoor cycling which is also pretty comfortable. Your feet are ahead of you and not beneath you. It looks like you’re sitting in a reclined seating position. People with back pain or maybe of an older age group will love them. Super stable even in high speeds and safer than any other type of bike.

Mini Exercise Bikes

They don’t look like a bike really. Except for the pedals! Plot twist… you can pedal with your arms as well! You can place them in front of your couch and armchair or even under your office desk. Have a light workout to help your stiff legs and joints. From a home gym to an office gym!

How Much Do The Best Exercise Bikes Cost?

Depending on the features that you’re after, and even the type of exercise bike that you want, the price might change. Quality plays a major role, as it does in most of the things that you can buy in the market. Don’t worry though! Here you can find the best options for all kinds of budgets.

Cheap Exercise Bikes

The thing is that you can buy a bike for less than a hundred pounds. But don’t expect it to have all the latest features. They are as basic as they come and they offer you a “starter pack” on your pedalling journey. They tend to land on the manual type and don’t track your progress or heart rate for example. Why buy one then? If you’re new to indoor cycling they’ll do the job just fine. Start with one of these and upgrade your equipment in the future.

Mid-Range Exercise Bikes

In case you want to spend a little more and buy an exercise bike which will last through time, then a few hundred pounds will be necessary. Find an electric bike that suits your needs and covers all the features that you want such as a wide variety of resistance levelscalorie tracking and heart rate monitor and you won’t regret it one bit.

High-End Exercise Bikes

Let’s talk about the premium type of bikes. They might cost you up to 2,000 pounds. A lot! That’s true! But if you’re a gym owner who wants to upgrade gym equipment or an expert cyclist then don’t hold back and dive right into the amazing world of high-end exercise bikes.

Are Exercise Bikes Suitable For All Ages?

Exercise bikes aren’t designed for children and that’s mainly because of their height. Even though you can adjust the seat, the pedals and every single part in some bikes, kids won’t be able to exercise while staying totally safe. That’s why the preferred age for someone to start their indoor cycling adventure is adolescence

If you’re someone that belongs in an older age group, then don’t worry at all. Make sure that you choose the right bike for your needs. Maybe a recumbent bike will be perfect for you as they are more comfortable with a backrest to keep you protected and stable during your training.

This sturdy, solid stationary bike from Sunny Health & Fitness has a steel frame and 49-pound weighted flywheel that can hold a maximum weight of 275 pounds. The seat can adjust to four settings and the caged pedals include clips to keep your feet in place. The leather band resistance system is designed to mimic the feel of a real road. While the bike doesn’t come with a screen, there is a bottle holder and assembly takes about 10 minutes.


We found it was a very sturdy bike, had nice large toe baskets, and offered a nice quiet ride. However, those who are a bit shorter may find the bike a bit uncomfortable, as we did. And, because there’s no display or guided fitness programs, you’ll have to be self-motivated to use it. Overall, though, it’s a great bike for beginners who don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on something they might not use again.

Weight limit: 275 lbs.
Height range: In-seam 29-41”
Resistance: Micro-adjustable belt system
Digital monitor: No
Wheels: Yes
+Good resistance on flywheel
Might not be good for shorter people

A brilliant alternative to Peloton, the NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle has a number of impressive features, including magnetic resistance, which means the ride will be quieter than a lot of exercise bikes on this list. The bike comes with a year’s access to the brand’s live and on-demand iFit classes and unlike Peloton, with the NordicTrack, the instructors can control the resistance of the bike from afar for a serious workout. 

Talking of classes, as well as spinning, there are a number of other cross-training classes available on the iFit platform and the NordicTrack S22i’s touchscreen rotates 360 degrees, which is handy if you want to watch a strength workout without a bike in the way. 

Although it’s slightly more expensive than the Peloton bike out of the box, it’s a better deal overall as the membership is free for an entire year. 

Weight limit: 350 lbs.
Resistance: 24 levels
Digital monitor: Yes
Wheels: Yes
+Relatively compact +Great range of classes +Cheaper subscription cost than the likes of Peloton+Magnetic resistance is silent
Cannot be folded away 

For those of us who want a good workout without sacrificing a month (or two) of rent, the Yosuda Indoor Stationary Cycling Bike is a high quality, reasonably-priced option.

It’s true that the YB001 model doesn’t offer a quarter of the frills you’d find on a Peloton, Bowflex Velocore, or NordicTrack S22i. But what it lacks in cutting-edge features and comprehensive metrics, it makes up for in solid construction and design. With those essentials in place, and a little bit of ingenuity, it can deliver a similar cycling experience to one of these elite brands.


The main downside with the Yosuda is the exclusion of cadence from its LCD monitor. This number, which is a measurement of your pedals’ revolutions per minute, is frequently used in many popular cycling classes (like the offerings from Peloton and Apple Fitness Plus). While it is possible to just match an instructor’s leg speed to the best of your ability, having an exact cadence displayed helps to keep you honest with your perceived effort.

That said, if you prefer to do your own thing while in the saddle, or you’re perfectly happy riding along to classes on your phone or tablet, the Yosuda Indoor Stationary Cycling Bike would make a fantastic, cost-effective addition to any home gym.

Weight limit: 270 lbs.
Resistance: Friction
Digital monitor: Yes
Wheels: Yes
+Fantastic stability during rides
+Spare brake pad included
No cadence measurements
May feel too big for shorter riders

Folding exercise bikes are great if you live in a small space and don’t have much room to store workout equipment. The Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike not only folds to half its size, it’s sturdy enough to hold up to 300 pounds. The large cushioned seat can be adjusted for a height range of 5 feet 3 inches to 6 feet 1 inches. An LCD display indicates distance, calories burned, time, speed and more. Build-in pulse sensors in the handlebar monitor your target heart rate. And the eight levels of tension allow you to make your workout easier or harder.

“The cost of this machine, ease of setup, usage, and quality makes it my best purchase” of the year, one Amazon reviewer said. Another praised the machine’s small footprint, writing, “I love that this bike fits snugly against the wall when not in use without sacrificing comfort or sturdiness.”  READ MORE..

Weight limit: 300 lbs.
Height range: 5’3” to 6’1”
Resistance: 8 levels
Digital monitor: Yes
Wheels: Yes
+Small footprint
+Solid build
+Quiet motion
Not truly upright



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