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Through the tough tournaments and triumphs, there really is no other sport quite like rugby for creating camaraderie between teammates. To make sure you’re playing your best, finding good a quality pair of rugby boots that suit the ground’s underfoot and the style of rugby you play, is an essential first step.

Whether you’re already in a team or are playing for the first time, we’ve ranked the top 10 best rugby boots in the UK for forwards and backs. Comparing styles for men, women and kids, we’ll go over the intricacies of metal studs, leather uppers and more, with links to buy on Amazon, Decathlon, John Lewis and eBay!

How to Choose Rugby Boots in the UK – Buying Guide

The rugby boot industry can be a confusing one, as some pairs are designed for the fast feet of the backs, and others for the stability required of the forwards. This simple buying guide will take you step by step through the most important aspects of modern-day rugby boots so that your decision will be an easy one!

Find the Right Fit for Your Foot

Our comprehensive top 10 features boots for men, women, and children. One difference that is worth taking into consideration when looking at boots for adults is that women’s boots feature a slightly slimmer fit and are designed to be lighter in weight. Some brands are now offering unisex boots too – meaning anyone get a good deal of wear and comfort from a wider choice.

If your kids have shown an interest in the sport and are constantly bugging you about sign up day, there are a tonne of rugby boots built specifically for kids’ feet. Kids’ boots tend to come unisex as standard, with good value budget buys, as well as premium pairs from top-shelf rugby brands. 

Consider Your Position on the Field for a Suitable Boot

Rugby boots are often made to suit your position on the field. Backs will need agility, speed and a feeling of response from their boots, whereas forwards should look for stability, support and protection. However, you can also find hybrid boots that take the best parts of both and fuse them together to create a versatile all-rounder. 

If a particular pair has caught your eye, but they aren’t clearly labelled, there are a couple of signs to look out for to help you decide whether a pair is suitable. Traditionally, rugby boots with six studs are intended for backs, as they don’t require the same level of grip that forwards do in scrums and rucks. 

Forwards, therefore, have an increased stud count of eight. These days boots for backs are also heavily influenced by football boots and are often lighter in weight than the heavy-duty boots preferred by forwards.  

Rugby Boots

Look For Well Constructed Uppers With Rugby-Specific Features

There are two main types of waterproof sprays available to buy:

It used to be that most rugby boot uppers were constructed using genuine hardwearing leathers that could endure tough playing conditions, but were prone to letting players down in other ways. You can still find slimmed-down leather boots that are a far cry from those of the glory days, but synthetic ‘PU’ leather reigns supreme in today’s market.

This is because synthetic leather dries quicker, which helps when training is the day before a big game, and it is also a whole lot lighter. Some brands also include pebbling on their uppers for better ball control. 

Other features to look for are neoprene linings, and asymmetric lacing systems that create a greater surface area on the side of a boot for better kicking control

Choose Studs Depending on the Ground That You’re Likely to Play On

Here in the UK, the rugby season kicks off in September with the finals wrapping up sometime in May. This means that a good portion of the season will be played under some suspicious skies with rain a constant possibility. This is why most rugby boots sold in the UK are meant for soft ground.

Soft ground boots have larger studs than firm ground boots, which are more suited to dry conditions and artificial grass fields. Having the right boots is essential as it will help to reduce the risk of injury and premature boot breakages, so you may want to look for boots with screw-in studs and swap them out accordingly. 

The material that studs are constructed from is equally as important. Kids’ boots will often feature plastic or rubber studs, to reduce stud injuries and make it a little softer underfoot for their developing feet.  Kids’ boots may feature removable plastic studs, although it’s much more common to find permanently fixed or ‘moulded’ studs. 

Boots for adults tend to come with removable aluminium studs. If you prefer a more gentle underfoot feeling, but still want the ability to swap your studs out for longer ones on particularly muddy days, seek out hybrid stud configurations. These combine removable metal and moulded plastic studs for a very versatile boot. 


…are you ready for the best picks of 2022?

Top 10 Best Rugby Boots in the UK

With the buying guide behind you, it’s time to use that newly-learnt knowledge to find yourself a pair of rugby to be proud of. Our ranking includes a solid selection of the top 10 best budget-friendly and premium boots, ensuring that anyone who’s keen to play can do so in style and confidence!

10. Best Moulding Rugby boots for Hard Ground:

Hendlex Textile Waterproof Spray For Upholstery Fabric | Water Repellent Child Seat Protector, Hydrophobic Spray For Sofa Car Seats 200 Milliliter
Intended ForKids
UppersPU leather
GroundDry, artificial
Stud TypeMoulded rubber
Stud Count14

9. Best Entry Level Rugby boots:

Optimum Men's Razor Rugby Boots, Yellow (Fluro Yellow), 8 UK
Preview Product Rating Price
Optimum Men's Razor Rugby Boots, Yellow (Fluro Yellow), 8 UK Optimum Men's Razor Rugby Boots, Yellow (Fluro Yellow), 8 UK 601 Customer Reviews £29.99

8. Best Hybrid Rugby boots:

Jink Pro 6 Stud Hybrid SG Rugby Boots - Black/Blue - size 10.5

7. Best Rugby boots for Juniors:

Optimum Junior Viper Senior Rugby Boots, Black/Silver/Red, Size 6

6. Best Rugby boots with a Reinforced Toe Box:

Canterbury Unisex Kid's Phoenix Raze Soft Ground Rugby Boots, Black/True RED, 2 UK
Intended ForKids, adults
UppersPU leather
Stud Type6 screw-in – aluminium
Stud Count6

5. Best Lightweight Rugby boots:

Mizuno Monarcida Neo Rugby SI, Unisex Kids Football, Black/Black, 7.5 UK (41 EU)

4. Best Slip-on Rugby boots:

PUMA Men's Evopower 4.2 Rugby H8 Boots, Black White Green Gecko 07, 7.5 UK

3. Best High Ankle Rugby boots:

Canterbury Men's Speed 3.0 Pro Firm Ground Rugby Shoe, White Black Angel Blue, 6.5 UK

1. Best Rugby boots on the market:

Gilbert Mens Kaizen 1.0 KN 6 Stud SG Rugby Boots
Intended ForMen
UppersPU leather, knitted
Stud Type5 moulded – plastic, 6 screw-in – aluminium
Stud Count12
Preview Product Rating Price
Gilbert Mens Kaizen 1.0 KN 6 Stud SG Rugby Boots Gilbert Mens Kaizen 1.0 KN 6 Stud SG Rugby Boots 2 Customer Reviews £82.05



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