Can Massage Guns be Harmful?

Can Massage Guns be Harmful?

Massage guns, also referred to as theraguns, are known medically as percussive therapy. Just as with any other sort of massage tactic, these guns are helpful in some situations and not in others.

Massage Guns is a great way to prevent muscle soreness post-workout and alleviate muscle stiffness after it’s already set in. Much of the research on these guns is focused on muscular recovery. However, some have been given to treating patients with fibromyalgia. The theory behind this method is that the massage gun overrides natural pain signals of the body that go to the brain. This effectively helps to manage chronic pain for patients.

Treatment Restrictions

when percussion therapy is effective and when it should be avoided. While you may think that massage is good for you no matter what, that’s not always the case. Rather, there are some specific scenarios where massage guns should not be utilized on the body.

And below we have answered some of the most commonly asked questions:

Should i use a Massage gun on a Strain?

Percussion massage Guns should be avoided when a patient is dealing with a muscle strain, also called a pulled muscle. This type of injury occurs when a muscle is stretched past its normal range of motion. This is mainly a result of improper form, sudden motions, and muscular overuse. The powerful hammering motion of therapeutic massage Gun can actually further damage your muscles. Instead, opt for the RICE method when dealing with a muscular strain of the body.

Should i use a Massage gun on a Sprains?

Many chiropractors will avoid using percussion therapy on patients who have undergone a known sprain. A sprain occurs when the muscle or ligament is actually torn. This typically happens from sudden movement when the muscle is stretched past its normal capacity. Patients who suffer sprains often hear a popping noise when their injury occurs. Just like with muscle strains, massage guns can cause further damage to sprains of muscle and ligaments.

Should i use a Massage gun on a Inflammation Injuries?

The body is known to become inflamed when it is injured. This is a natural response that helps to supply more blood to the region to get it to heal. Common inflammation conditions include tendinitis, fasciitis, bursitis, and periostitis. Patients who actively have inflammation should not be recommended to under go percussion massage therapy.

Should i use a Massage gun on broken bones?

While this one may seem like a no-brainer, people have tried it before. Broken bones shouldn’t undergo any hammering motion from percussion therapy. This goes for patients who have been cleared for exercise as well. Any bit of hammering can cause the newly mended bone to fracture or break.

As you’ve hopefully learned from this short article, percussion therapy has a time and place to be used. The above conditions should put up a red flag and you should deny any sort of percussion massage in El Segundo treatment at the time. While massage guns can be extremely helpful for muscular recovery, they can also be harmful in some scenarios.

No we can understand where and when we can use Massage Guns, we also need to know which gun offers the best performance and why? and for us its a bit of a no brainer and that’s the Opove M3 Pro on amazon.

Benefits of the opove M3 Pro?

Does It Really Work?

The truth is, the jury is still out. There’s simply not enough research to substantiate these claims. Proof be damned, people in the meantime can’t stop raving about it.

Using the opove M3 Pro?

As we mentioned, using the M3 Pro is very convenient. Because of its small size and weight (just 2.2lbs!), it is very comfortable to use on your own without assistance.


Whether you prefer a gentle massage or to really “dig in”, this massage gun delivers. The variable 3 speed motor oscillates at 1800 percussions per minute on low all the way up to 3200PPM on high. That sort of flexibility allows you to target even the most sensitive areas without breaking your pain threshold.

What’s In The Box:

It doesn’t seem like much to ask for, but the M3 Pro comes in a faux carbon fiber case.

Build Quality:

There’s no question, the M3 Pro is pretty solid. According to the company, the shell is made of “Breakthrough Technology” that keeps well with a 6.6ft drop. We can’t confirm or deny that claim, but in our extensive tests, it has held together just fine.

Exterior Finish:

If you like variety, then you’ll be pleased to know that the M3 Pro comes in 3 different finishes: Silver, Black, and Camouflage Red.


Whilst the price can be off putting, its definitely worth every penny and the statement you pay for what you get is so true. Compared to other branded we have tested you can tell they are lacking power, build quality or nozzles. which is why we give it a full 5/5!! 


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