The item contains a specially formulated activated charcoal. Which is a worldwide known product, known for absorbing odours and moisture.

They can be Re-Activated inside or outside, as long as they are in direct Sunlight.We would normally advise using the Carabiner clip we supplied and attach them on to the washing line. 

Each packet will include 2 x Deodorising pads and a carabiner clip and Strap.

These items will last about 1-2 years depending how well you look after them.

At least once a month, with the carabiner clip supplied. We recommend hanging, these on the washing line in the sun

These, in fact, Work in the opposite way to what you may think, Using the deodorizing pads directly after use is key. We try to compare the deodorizing pads to a sponge, they only work when moisture is present, once everything has dried the sponge will stop absorbing. And like anything that gets wet, make sure your dry them in direct sunlight every month.

These are Ready to use straight out the packet. Please keep in mind these are a long term solution and results can take time .

These Work Straight away and there is no need to recharge them in direct Sunlight.

Yes, it’s not only meant for shoes but anything that could catch perspiration like gloves etc.
So a P.E. kit or a gym bag will be fine.

Some of our products are scented (click here) and some are not scented (Click Here)

Both products work the same and its just personal preference to which one you prefer.