How to Prevent shoe odor?

It won’t matter if you learn how to get rid of shoe odor if you allow the root problem to keep happening! Make sure you’re following the best shoe hygiene practices. so when your shoes smell fresh again, they stay that way and bacteria are kept at bay.

Always wash your feet thoroughly, but especially on particularly sweatier days. The bacteria living there just keep multiplying, so you need to give them a solid scrub to fight foul foot odor.

Soap up your soles (don’t forget in between the toes!) and make sure they’re completely dry before putting your shoes on.

If you have trouble with moisture buildup in your shoes, you might consider storing them outside in the sunlight or leaving a sports deodorizer when there not in use, so they can dry faster and deter bacterial growth. If your shoes are washable, you should clean them routinely, but especially after intense training.

Keep your shoes in rotation and avoid wearing the same pair two days in a row. Wearing clean socks every day should be a no brainer, but you might need to swap out a fresh pair mid-day if you suffer from excessive perspiration. Moisture-wicking socks are your best bet; they help move moisture away from the feet and into the fabric, reducing your chances of blisters and athlete’s foot.