Eco Whiff Shoe Deodorizers

Since Launching our shoe deodorizers in 2017 we had seen vast range of results, from Customer who have can no longer smell odour after 24 hours of use, to customers who struggle to see any results.

This all boils down to 1 key element which is needed for the deodorizers to work….. MOISTURE!

We have helped many struggling customers understand how the deodorizers work and  By explaining the below easy steps. We have seen a huge increase of happy customers that are now odour free!

Firstly you need to imagine the deodorizers are sponges, just like a sponge they only absorb when moisture is present and every one in awhile you need to dry.  To best get the best results we need to place the shoe deodorizers in your footwear before the moisture naturally evaporates & drys into the walls of your shoes & cystalizes.

Without getting too Scientific the sweat your body gives off, carries a highly potent bacteria. In a liquid form there is very little odour given off, but when dry the odour matures and gets stronger with each use.

This is why we need to absorb the moisture as soon as possible to avoid this chain reaction.  By adding the shoes deodorizes within seconds of take your shoes off, allows the activated the charcoal to start absorbing the sweat and reducing the chance to crystalized into the walls of your shoes.

Once the moisture is absorbed the charcoal goes to a dormant state until moisture is present again. Repeating this process daily will re-hydrate the older crystalized sweat cells and removing stubborn odours well before using this product.

We are currently in the process of filming this process for you to fully understand in the meantime if you still need assistance please

contact us

Ways to Re-activate your Deodorizers


RADIATOR – Drying your deodorizers on a radiator is great for when your deodorizers feel wet rather than holding a smell.

SUNLIGHT – Leaving you deodorizer in direct sunlight is the recommended way to reactive your deodorizer as the UV rays will kill off any bacteria its absorbed

Product Warning

  • Do not grill or place deodorizers in Oven, The outer bag will melt.
  • Do not put in the microwave as the metal eyelet will make a connection.
  • Do not eat the activated charcoal in large quantities.

How to Recycle your Shoe Deodorizer

After a each of owning your deodorizers we recommend replacing the shoe deodorizers to ensure they are in optimal condition. If you purchase your deodorizers from our amazon Store, we will contact and remind you that 365 days have gone by.

Once you’ve replaced your deodorizers, the activated charcoal is a great product to use in the house plants soil and it holds the moisture and slowly releases over time.


Every one sweats differently! and the process to remove the odour from your footwear. Removing the Odour from your shoes can differ if the smell is really embedded.

Our Shoe Deodorizers are made from a specially formulated activated charcoal.. This form of Activated charcoal is known worldwide for absorbing odours and moisture.

They can be Re-Activated inside or out. As long as they are in direct Sunlight the result will be the same. We would normally advise using the Carabiner clip we supplied and attach them on to the washing line. 

Each packet will include 2 x Shoe Deodorising pads and a carabiner clip and Strap.

These items will last for approximately 1 year,  depending how often they are used and how many times they are reactivated.

These, in fact, Work in the opposite way to what you may think, Using the deodorizing pads directly after use is key. We try to compare the deodorizing pads to a sponge, they only work when moisture is present, once everything has dried the sponge will stop absorbing. And like anything that gets wet, make sure your dry them in direct sunlight every month.

These are Ready to use straight out the packet. Please keep in mind these are a long term solution and results can take time .

These Work Straight away and there is no need to recharge them in direct Sunlight.

Yes, it’s not only meant for shoes but anything that could catch perspiration like gloves, boots and even slippers

We believe that scents only mask or cover a bad odour. Which is why our shoe deodorizers have no scent