Pilates Resistance Bar – Kneeling Crunch

Pilates Resistance Bar - Kneeling Crunch

Workout Suggestions

  • Beginner 8-10 Reps

    1-3 Sets

  • Intermediate 12-15 Reps

    2-4 Sets

  • Advanced 15-20 Reps

    2-4 Sets

What you will need:

Attach a pair of resistance bands to a door anchor. Place the door anchor at the top of a door. Attach handles to the other ends of the resistance bands. Kneel and grab the handles at sides of head with overhand grip. Position wrists in front of your torso. Flex hips allowing resistance to lift torso upward so spine is hyperextended.

With hip stationary, flex waist so elbows travel toward middle of thighs. Return and repeat.

Note movement occurs in waist, not hips. Certain individuals may need to keep their neck in neutral position with space between their chin and sternum.

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