Eco Whiff Activated Deodoriser 300g (twin pack)


Smart – Safe – Effective

Eco Whiff provides an odorless and non-toxic solution to remove – not mask – everyday odors. While most products rely on harsh chemicals and fragrance to cover up smells, Our pads absorb odor at the source.

Place the pads wherever odor lurks and let it go to work. Eco Whiff will remove smells from shoes, gym bags, closets, pet areas, sports equipment, refrigerators, and more for months.

Eco Whiff Deodorisers will outsmart smell wherever smells exist! should it be in your sports bag, trainers, gloves, locker even everyday items as well !!

Simply slide the deodorizer into the shoe or boxing gloves. Our deodorizers only work for a short period of time, the deodorizers work best when the object is still warm and covered in sweat.

Unlike other deodorizers on the market, our NEW round-shaped deodorizer fits perfectly in most shoes and gloves, regardless of their size. Should this be wellington boots, running trainers, work shoes, flat and even kid’s shoes!

Due to its larger surface area this prevents the moisture from evaporating or even worse crystalizing in the inner walls of your shoes. The rounded shape fills the contours of any footwear or boxing glove.

Allowing the air to exit the boxing glove or footwear with traditional square deodorizers makes it harder to remove all the bacteria filled moisture within inner walls, in turn making it hard to remove the embedded odor

Our multi-use integrated clips, now allow you to organize your chosen footwear or gloves for convenience. without losing them on not having them to hand.

Reuse Up to Two Years

With simple maintenance the Eco whiff Bags are reusable for up two years. From a cost perspective, Eco whiff Bag will save you cash. From a health perspective, the Eco whiff Bag will save your lungs

Rejuvenate in Sunlight

Once a month, place your Eco whiff Bag outside. The UV rays from the sun will clear out the pores of the bamboo charcoal, making it ready to absorb again.


After two years as an air purifier, the Eco whiff Bag will make a wonderful addition to your garden. Simply cut open the bag and sprinkle the bamboo charcoal into the soil,

What’s the Secret Ingredient?

No secret; the Eco Whiff Natural Air Purifying Bag is filled with just one ingredient- Eco whiff bamboo charcoal. This incredibly powerful charcoal has millions of tiny little pores and cavities that work together to act like a big sponge. As air passes through the pores, odor, allergen and bacteria particles are trapped on the surface, which in turn purifies your air. Bamboo charcoal has been scientifically proven to reduce harmful chemicals including formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene and chloroform gases emitted from such items as paint, carpeting, air fresheners, chemical cleaners, rubber, and plastic.

  • Fragrance-free, chemical-free and nontoxic
  • Safe to use around children and pets
  • Made from a natural sustainable resource
  • Recycles into the sun

Additional information

Weight 400 g
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 35 cm

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