RENPHO Leg Compression Massager, Calf Massag, Thigh Leg Massager with Adjustable Leg Wraps

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  • 【Multifunctional Leg Massage Experience】 The leg wraps can be used on your feet, calves, thighs, arms. The 20-minute automatic shut-off timer prevents overuse is ideal for use as a sleep aid by the elderly.
  • 【Aids relaxation】This leg massager can not only relax your muscles, but also help people who have long been suffering from leg problems.
  • 【3 Modes and 3 Intensities】 Different people have different massage needs. This leg massager has 3 different massage modes and 3 intensities, thus offering various massage experiences to meet personalized requirements for different people.
  • 【Adjustable Leg Wrap to Fit All Shapes and Sizes】 The leg massager wraps can be adjusted with Velcro, and wrap size and intensity can easily be changed to suit your needs. RENPHO air compression calf and thigh massager features larger airbags to massage more areas around your legs.
  • 【Perfect for Home or Office Use】 The leg massager is a perfect gift for parents, siblings, friends, or grandparents, as well as the perfect Father’s Day gift. This leg massager is good to use at home or the office or when traveling.
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Experience the soothing benefits of our Leg Compression Massager, promoting optimal blood flow and reducing fatigue for revitalized legs and feet.


leg massager

leg massager

leg massager

leg massager

leg massager

leg massager

20-Minute Shut-Off Timer

The leg massager will automatically shut off after 20 minutes of consistent use, meaning you can use it with confidence when you feel tired. This feature is especially helpful for the elderly. We recommend using the leg massager 20–30 minutes a day to better .

Key Points to Note

Select the lowest intensity first and don’t wrap it too tightly. It is recommended to leave enough room to fit 4 fingers.

Please consult a doctor before use if you are pregnant, have a skin condition, high pressure, use a pacemaker, or have any other serious medical conditions.

Good Traveling Companion

  • 1x Pair of Calf Wraps
  • 1x Handheld Controller
  • 1x Power Adapter
  • 1x User Manual

Since adjustable leg wraps fit legs of any size, The leg massager is an ideal travel companion for the entire family.

Step 1




Step 1

Adjust the size of the leg wrap to your comfort.

Step 2

Connect air pressure hoses.

Step 3

Plug in the leg massager and connect power supply.

Step 4

The leg massager will automatically shut off after 20 minutes of consistent use to avoid overheating.


Additional information

Weight 46.91442 oz
Dimensions 0.2911 × 0.286 × 0.113 m

53131700 (Therapeutic massage equipment) Report an incorrect code

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‎ 29.11 x 28.6 x 11.3 cm; 1.33 Kilograms



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‎ RP-ALM075

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100 reviews for RENPHO Leg Compression Massager, Calf Massag, Thigh Leg Massager with Adjustable Leg Wraps

  1. DJS

    Purchased as I was struggling with restless leg syndrome after a recent operation, easy to fit and set up, 3 differing operational modes, just make sure you fir the leggings loose as even in default 1 your legs will feel pressure during operation, Have tried level 2 and switched back when pressure was uncomfortable, not brave enough to try level 3, to be honest level 1 is fine. Product is well made and comfortable the only slight problem is securing the velcro wraps but you will get used to this, great product and price what are you waiting for.

  2. Ben

    I purchased this product after undergoing surgery on my lower leg. I was bed bound for a while, so was using this to stimulate a bit of blood flow. It’s really good, pretty intense on upper settings so don’t put on to tight.The only downside for me was that the operating cycle was quite short (15mins) then you have to manually restart. It would be good if it had a timer setting. Overall worth the money though.

  3. Danny McCourt

    how easy it is to get the item in place and the feeling in your legs after use

  4. denice morris

    Brought as my legs cramp because of dialysis and it helps.dont put on to tight make sure 4 fingers fit between leg and pad as air goes up and down leg.lovely soft material too.easy to control with remote.

  5. Mr M.

    The product was purchased to relieve tightness in my calves from running.It was easy to put on and use.I’m sure it helped but I just found that even on lowest setting and less aggressive mode that the pressure was just way too much on my legs. In order for it to be effective I understand that it needs to be strapped on but with enough space so you can still put your fingers in. I personally just found the pressure way too much at times so I just press the off button and restart the programme. It’s worth buying to see of its right for. I’ve kept mine as I can’t afford a sports massage every week.

  6. Paul Samways

    Seems to be taking the pains out of my aching muscles. Only been using for couple of days but its doing the job. Beware of which settings you use can be a little painful if you use highest settings.


    I brought these for my mom however I should’ve measured my mons thighs as this is too tight for her thighs but it’s fits around her calfs

  8. Dee Delaney

    Having just has a hip replacement, the hospital surgical stockings were too small for me, thus they used similar wraps on my legs to elevate the possibly of DVTs. I researched and purchased this Renphro product, to continue and relieve my swollen legs at home. I’m so glad I purchased them and I highly recommend them too.My calf messurement is 21 inches (53cms) and the velcro wraps fit perfectly with room to spare. (SadIey, I do not think these would be large enough for my thighs though) Follow the instructions and leave a four-finger gap before securing, as when the machine is turned on, the wraps expand and massage the legs. From the first use, I confirm they gave relief to my painful swollen legs. The control unit is simple to use, but always start on the lightest setting, making sure you feel comfortable with the strength of the compression, before advancing further.This is the forth Renphro product I have purchased and all are of excellent quality. I have given the leg wraps a 5* rating but it should really be 10/10.

  9. CodeCruiser

    I did not expect this to have as much power as it has. I thought it would be low power but it compresses my calves even harder than my large massage chair used to do.

  10. Amazon Customer

    I had really painful legs as I have nerve damage, this product calmed my legs down enough for my painkillers to work. For me worth every penny.

  11. NB

    I bought this for my arm (as I have lymphodema) to circulate the fluid. It didn’t work very well. However, used as a leg massager was great. It has 3 settings and turns itself off after each 20 minute cycle. My legs felt much better and relaxed. Velcro fittings so fits various sizes

  12. Gary P.

    I have put up with tight calf and thigh muscles for many years. I stretch regularly and self massage but don’t get a great deal of relief. This product is amazing, I don’t think my calf muscles have ever felt so relaxed. After using for the first time, I could feel the tingly flow of energy to my toes and could see the blood flow in my toes. I would recommend this product.

  13. rob

    i think if you cut your foot off you could use this to cut off the blood circulation in your leg to stop yourself from bleeding to death . as far as a massager goes , this is probably as far away as you could get from one

  14. Tman

    I found the top level of massage is a bit too much, but it is quite simple to use and works well with the ability to push from the bottom to the top which helps with oedema. The pads have big Velcro type fabric pieces on them and are sturdily made. You may need a little help getting them on your legs if you have severe arthritis.

  15. Rebecca Keough

    At the minute a little relief. It will be a few weeks before I can say yes or no. With this machine you cannot comment honestly until you have used it for a whileI would advise for you to leave review for about 6 weeks then I czn give you an honest answer.

  16. Julie Humphries

    I was disappointed really with the product, its a bit of a pain trying to put the leg cuffs on, then there’s the big thick tubes everywhere, it didn’t do what i thought it would do for my legs, i suffer with restless leg syndrome but it didn’t help with that at all, i felt disappointed.

  17. Ineta

    is fine

  18. Agnel De Sousa

    Very good

  19. kamaljeet singh tamna

    this product is dangerous and harmful to the human made my legs bruising/bleeding/swelling and discharge with severe irritation and discomfort.I have taken photos which is disturbing and may be I have to go to the hospital for further investigation.WARNING ? DO NOT BUY

  20. Mr PNEWMAN


  21. Dragonfli

    Fits well and relaxing too

  22. AKH

    Bought it for my mum and she’s happy with it

  23. ‘JonnyRay’

    pain to get on but are helpful

  24. Mandy Gregory

    I used this after a hip operation as my ankles kept swelling and I couldn’t use the pressure socks which are normally used after an operation. Easy to use and helped with the swelling and only needed for a short period to sort the problem

  25. brian thrasher-jackson

    Works on legs verry well could do with timer being longer.

  26. Sharon

    This is really easy to use and works really well, easing tense muscles

  27. Caz

    Great, does help my muscle in my leg, but be careful about having it on the full setting, its very intense and wont be for everyone

  28. Paul Davies

    I bought the Renpho let massager for my wife back in July. My wife has chronic bilateral lyphodema in her lower limbs. Using the massager two self-described a week has shown a significant improvement with reduced fluke retention and consequently improved mobility for my wife. I can only recommend this serviceable heartedly. We have had one issue when we accidentally snapped off two of the connection pipes on the air plug. Hopefully we can get a replacement. If not weekly but another full unit if necessary.

  29. Dr Elizabeth G N Marsh

    This smaller version is so easy to use and I have felt the benefit from it after using it daily for a week.Fast delivery and what was nice is that the company even sent me a message on its use.

  30. liz mcgowan

    It is ok. I thought it would have been better.

  31. Nicola Gormley

    Easy to use but really isn’t worth the money not very effective



  33. matthew seedhouse

    Be I have not much mobility do to ill health and have been getting calf mussel aches and to stop blood clots I had them after my stroke in the hospital..

  34. Roy Dearnley

    Bought this as a present for my wife as she has calf pain as she does a lot of running. she has used it every day and swears by it. Excellent product and really does the job

  35. Aberdeen 1903

    Decent enough quality but it’s such a gassle to set up and has to be connected nearby to use. Stopped using it as iys too much bother to get going

  36. Kazy

    Very hard to pull the cuffs tight plus a tripping hazard for elderlyI got it yo give as present

  37. Gemma Nixon

    I have restless legs die to my fibromyalgia and this is amazing it soothes my legs through massage and pressure I wish I found this years ago

  38. Cypau

    Product came well packaged and very prompt. Very good quality and dose the job perfectly.Professional quality and the Intensity levels and modes are very handy.Would gladly recommend this product.

  39. KathyS

    I purchased this for my sister who has MS and poor circulation. She tells me it helps her tired legs.

  40. vaseline

    It’s very good, it’s support the muscle cramps.

  41. Mrs J Hunter

    I bought these to use after spinal surgery. They were brilliant and helped greatly with nerve pain and blood circulation.

  42. Serenity

    Actually massages the legs very well. The presence of a wire is quite restricting though..

  43. Kindle Customer

    Didn’t have the effect I required.

  44. Amazon Customer

    Nothing to dislike, can’t fault them

  45. Marilyn Groves

    It does not work well. It is both dreadfully uncomfortable and goes far too tight on the lowest setting. Have had to dispose of it.

  46. Kendra

    Basically a blood pressure sleeve feeling on the legs, hardly any massage and very uncomfortable. Not worth what I paid

  47. Rebecca Cann

    Sending mine back for a refund. Doesn’t stay on around your leg, kept falling off. I can hardly feel any pressure as well. Not effective at all.

  48. mr ian oglesby

    This product is not Portugal it does not add batteries be aware before buying

  49. tim goullet

    Not powerful enough

  50. Like a Phoenix

    I am absolutely thrilled with the RENPHO Leg Compression Massager! It offers three modes and three intensities, allowing for a customized massage experience. The adjustable leg wraps fit most sizes perfectly, ensuring a comfortable and snug fit. This massager is a true Valentine’s Day treat, providing ultimate foot relaxation. The quality and effectiveness of this product have exceeded my expectations, leaving me feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after each use. I highly recommend the RENPHO Leg Compression Massager for anyone seeking a soothing and invigorating leg massage.

  51. Kimo

    I’m an athlete, and often suffer from shin splints and strained calf muscles – and this has been a tremendous help. It’s lightweight and portable, so it’s a great option for travelling when sitting for long hours on a plane, for example.The massager’s material is comfortable when secured tightly around my shins – feels durable and I have no worries that it will last a long time. The fabric is breathable as well, so it doesn’t suffocate my legs or make them sweaty.It quite a different massager from shiatsu ones, the effect is slightly lighter and it just feels different. So don’t expect the kneading and pounding that you get with a shiatsu. This massager has three intensity levels, and I’d recommend working your way up the modes so that the compression isn’t too strong at the start. There are also three different massaging techniques, which add a nice variety to the massage.It shuts off completely after 20 minutes, which could be a hassle if you want to use it for longer periods – but for me this isn’t an issue. The controller is responsive and easy to use.Overall, this has been a good help for treating my legs. It’s not as effective as compression leg massagers that cover the entire leg/shin along with the foot or shiatsu ones, but for the price, I can’t fault it. Would be happy to recommend!If this review helped, please click on the ‘helpful’ button to let others know! Thanks ツ

  52. Rami

    They work but not very comfortable, get to tight to the point it restricts blood flow briefly. It also can get sweaty.

  53. Kristina

    Personally speaking…hardly help with my leg pains due to fibromyalgia and I find the cables inconvenient.

  54. It’s me

    You receive a pair of air compression leg massagers, you wrap them round your calfs.There are, 3 different modes.You can feel them at work, how good they are is always going to be subjective, I have run a few marathons, but not for sometime, I have decided to build up my stamina again, but with short runs for now, my legs suffer and have used this to help relax them, I do feel these are beneficialI’m not convinced there worth the money, what they do is relax your calfs for a while, and they do feel nice on your legs.These are good, they’re going to be an aid for some people, others not so much.What I do like is they’re well made, easy to use, and fairly comfortable when on.

  55. Flower-power

    I was very surprised at how much I enjoy using this product. The build of this product is very thick and impressive as well as durable. It can accompany a very wide range of parts since it is extremely adjustable. The heat though…that’s the kicker for me. Not only can u adjust the level of massage u want and how much heat you want with it having a low and high setting but you also get 3 different massage modes to choose from. It is small enough to be portable and quite enough to use on the couch while watching TV. If you are someone that suffers from bad circulation or just get very sore after over active days. I am a true believer that this will help you in a big way. I’ve been using it after work every day as I spend 10 hours on my feet in heavy work boots. This thing completely rejuvenates my legs after work and I can’t get over how well an air compression device can effectively massage your hamstrings, calls, feet and even tricep/bicep on ur arms. I highly recommend this product.

  56. M

    This is certainly an odd massage sensation. To me it feels like a blood pressure test that gets reallllllly tight on your legs.It’s very simple to use and the controls are straightforward but the sensation is a little crazy! It does certainly compress your muscles but it’s not what I hoped. It doesn’t “knead” your muscles like a massage, it just squashes them which in its own right does help them but it’s strange. I felt like it was slightly cutting off the circulation to my feet too.You might like it but I’m not a big fan. 3 stars as you like it. Oh and the power cable is ridiculous! It’s a wall plug to USB A. This is even worse than micro USB, so don’t lose the power cable as you won’t have a spare knocking around.

  57. Red on Black

    This leg massager has been tried out by the whole family and I have to say that the jury is still out. A number of people found it such a odd sensation that they did not embrace the compression massager. To be fair the word “massage” conjures up a rubbing or stroking image. These are more like blood pressure clamps which pressurise your legs and slowly work across the your lower leg, thigh or arm. Personally, after a twenty-minute blast, I found it quite nice and the my legs did feel less tired following a long walk. The three pressure switch allows control and variance if the clamps are proving a little too tight. However, the consensus amongst this little user group is three stars.

  58. Honest, Reliable Reviewer

    As a long term sufferer of a numbers of medical conditions, at least one of which causes me to retain a large amount of excess water in my limbs as the day goes by, so when I saw this compression smassager available via the Vine Program, I knew at once that I just had to try it out and see how effective it was. I am very pleased to report that it is an excellent product that does its intended job incredibly well.The massager comes in a very smart box that would make it an ideal gift for anyone. It is also apparently clear upon opening that this is a top quality product that has had a great deal of thought go into both the design and manufacture.The machine can be used on any limbs from your legs – calves, thighs and feet through to your arms – wrists etc and it is highly effective and efficient at massage and moving around excess fluid in the affected areas.The massage is not like any other massage I have ever had and can only be described as similar to being squeezed by a blood pressure machine and is slightly strange although not unpleasant.Other features are the 20 minute timer which has an automatic shut off and means that you cannot overuse it, plus 3 modes and 3 intensities which ensures there are enough variations to suit every person.The wraps are fully adjustable with Velcro to enable them to fit all shapes and sizes of limb which makes them perfect for every body.Overall this massager is fabulous at helping to relieve fatigue in all muscles and limbs as well as being an helpful aid to assist in improving both leg and arm pain and has proved to be a great addition to my medical equipment and I am extremely pleased that I am now able to use it on a regular basis. At £46.74 (price at time of review) it is, in my opinion, very good value for money and I am happy to not only award it a 5 star rating but also to highly recommend it to anyone who would find this type of equipment helpful.I hope that this review has been helpful to you in deciding whether this is the right product for you.

  59. TechRadar

    This review is for the RENPHO Leg Compression Massager, Calf Massager with 3 Modes 3 Intensities, Thigh Leg Massager for Circulation with Adjustable Leg Wraps fit Most Size for Foot Relaxation and Pain ReliefThis product arrived well packaged and on time. The massagers are really well made and easy to use. The would fit everyone pretty much. The massager has 3 setting and I must say it works really well.I play a fair amount of football and once home I have started using these to ease the pressure and relax my calf. Works wonders and and have noticed a massive difference. Used to have aches and pains the following day after football, now nothing! Amazing!Love it and would recommend

  60. Nd

    I actually got these for my mumI had ordered another version which was full legs and feet but that’s a bit of a pain to set up and the feet pads are way too big for herThis is much more compact and you can strap it in pretty easily (may be more difficult if you are doing this on your own and have dexterity issues)It’s basically like having two blood pressure straps on your calves. Expanding and contracting to massage you

  61. G&B reviews

    This Leg compression massager is fine. The quality is great! and looks sturdy! So after trying it a found it odd and quite confusing because its says its a massager but it feels like you are doing your blood pressure monitor because you need to put your legs in and strap in the velcro. feeling is really the same taking blood pressure rather than massaging.

  62. Roland Deschain

    This has turned out to be one of my more wonderful reviews with regards to results.I have post viral syndrome following the pandemic that dares not speak its name and have found severe fatigue and muscle aches and pains to be one of the biggest problems.Thankfully this came with instructions and is mains powered so no need to worry about charging it up or changing batteries, as with others of this type the key is not too pack the velcro around your legs too tightly as when it inflates to do its massage thing it will just cause you pain that you do not need when already in pain.It has three settings and I’ve been using two for about a week now although I did start on one, it is a very odd sensation when it is going but the results speak for themselves, it has not helped with the fatigue but it is making it easier for me to move around and relieve that pain afterwards, I do not see me needing to move up to three as this seems right to me now on two.Although it is priced up at just under £55 I think this is a very good price as it is helping my mobility and is still a fraction of what it would cost me just to get to physiotherapy, I’m very happy to recommend this item as it has been a real boon to me.

  63. Suttonian

    I have a long term health condition which means that my joints, tendons and muscles can get inflamed and sore. I manage this through massage and neat/cold therapy, so when I saw this device and it’s a imitation to not only massage the calf area but thighs, arms and feet too, so it’s much more flexible than the headline descriptor suggests.The device is simple and straightforward to use. Just plug in, wrap around your chosen limbs, choose your settings and away you go for twenty minutes of massage and relaxation. There are three intensities, so I’ve started on the lowest setting and will work up to more intense levels as I progress. There are also two sequence settings, which is a personal choice, or for variation.Value for money wise, if you’re just intending to use it for your calf’s, unless you’re a professional or amateur athlete, then £54.99 may seem a bit expensive. But if you’re using it for multiple limbs as I am, then I think it offers fair value for money and I am very happy to recommend.

  64. Hearmeout

    So this was rather strange to use. i can only describe it like a blood pressure machine. You strap on the leg cuffs which have velcro. I have thick legs and they were more than big enough. These are wired by tubes to the controller. The controller is easy to use. There is numbered patterns on there to change the intensity so you can alter it so its softer or stronger. It sqeezes your calf muscles and relaxes them and simulates what I can only describe as a massage. I did wonder if they use these in hospitals for therapy purposes. Once it has been set up you can relax. It does take a few minutes to set up so i can’t see me using this daily but when I have been playing football all evening then this would be something I would look forward to having on. It is well made as well.

  65. A. Roberton

    I have had a problem with restless legs for many years and over the last year or so it has worsened – meaning now there every evening to one degree or another. I have tried several things in order to help and until I got this unit and the only thing that helped was a nap in the afternoon – which was also hit and miss.Then the opportunity came along to try this out, so with limited expectations I sent for it. It arrived well packed with limited instructions. Reading the instructions I was not sure whether is was (rechargeable) battery operated or mains. Turned out to be mains – I feel this is preferable as it won’t suddenly pack up whilst helping to relieve my leg muscles.I learnt the hard way not to put the wraps too tight. To be honest it does tell you not to tighten the velcro too much and I thought it was loose enough, but after using it I realised I was tightening the wraps too much – ouch. Once sorted and the wraps were nice and loose, the difference was huge – no longer painful, just comforting, like a massage.The unit works by pumping air into the wraps – they have pipes inside that inflate – and as they do they tighten the wraps in certain place that simulate massage, albeit a slow massage. Depending on intensity (for 1 to 3 depending on how brave you are – I use 1 or rarely 2, never 3 (yet) – and let the unit do its things for the 20 minutes it times itself for. The other choice is which function, 1, 2 or 3. Function 1 is a general massage, function 2 massages the leg/calf/arm/feet (or wherever you are using it) upward and 3 downwards. For me, I usually use intensity 1 and programme 1.After use you can definitely feel a difference – I usually massage my calves – they are relaxed and settled and eased. After a few minutes I repeats the cycle, as I find this to be the best way to help my legs.Already I am noticing the difference with my restless legs. They are less of a problem and the results are far greater than I had expected. The secret is to use the unit regularly for full benefit. Since I have been using the unit my leg problem has lessened and lessened and last night I had no problem at all – for that 5 stars.I have noticed a huge (for me anyway) benefit. I have enjoyed using meditation for some years now, but as the leg problem has increased my ability to gain relief/benefit from meditation disappeared – I just could relax. Since using the unit my ability to meditate has returned. Indeed during one 20 minute session with the unit I found myself automatically slipping into a meditative state, which was wonderful – 10 stars.I don’t know what other similar products are like or how effective they are, all I CAN say is that this unit has proved itself to be a relief for me and my restless leg syndrome.

  66. J.A.7

    I like this product as it helps in my problem with leg pain due to arthritis,after using it for a few days,I’ve already notice the difference that it make.This is also good for people like me who have aa sedentary lifestyle as it improves the circulation in my legs and I won’t develop any blood clot in my legs as it is good for circulation.This product is also easy to operate with its 3 modes and 3 intensities you can control it with ease according to your liking.Wether low intensity which my partner like the low intensity but I like the high intensity as I also feel like it is a good alternative for a leg massage.I also tried it in my thighs and arms and it also made a big difference with the muscle aches that I’ve been experiencing for years. THIS PRODUCT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

  67. Marlena

    I was really excited to try this Leg Compression Massager as I suffer for varicose veins and often my legs are swollen and feel heavy. I read a lot about this types of massager and how they can improve my life so I decided to order it. Unfortunately, nobody this is painful. In instruction it says that if you feel pain you need to loose a bit the wraps. I loose themas much as possible and it was still uncomfortable for me. There is 3 intensity modes. I was using low and I cant even imagine how medium or high would squeeze my legs. Just to clarify, that its not only my oversensitive experience I ask my husband to try it and he remove it after few minutes and said it is crushing his legs.

  68. Raisingblueeyes

    where have these been !!!! Wow I’m so grateful I’ve found them now !They have been considerably helpful and taking the pain out of my legs each night !Large , bulky and does the job for sure. !Like blood pressure taken on your legs , but it moves it around and changes pressure to act has a muscle rub

  69. S k

    This has been a great leg massager for me and my family it helo so much has 3 setting masssage levels and work so well. It massages for 20 mins and gives a good massage depends on your level you want , it is wel worth the price as it helps the leg feel relaxed and was able to work better too after i had an injury.

  70. Hannah

    Ooooh ahhh ohhh ahhhThat’s the sounds I make when I’m using these.I do a lot of walking during the day and using these at night before bed makes me so relaxed and properly massaged.They’re just fantastic and i can see these lasting quite some time.

  71. mark0000

    The RENPHO Leg Compression Massager arrived well packaged (its a smallish box – say some 30-35cm square and around 10cm deep, with a black bag inside to hold the contents) and in perfect condition.The instructions for use are easy to follow and the leg wraps are easy to put on, but if you are disabled, you may need help from a friend, partner, or carer to put them on correctly. This isn’t a fault in the design – I think it’s simply the truth for anything that has to be fitted by wrapping it around your legs. When putting them on, it is important not to wrap your legs/ arms too tightly, because the action of the massagers will tighten up even more and will be uncomfortable.In terms of how you put it on and how it appears, it’s basically just like the device a doctor would use to take your blood pressure – but on your leg instad of your arm, of course!The recommendation when fitting it is that you should leave enough room to fit 4 fingers in between your arm/leg and the massaging wrap. The material that the massagers are made of is soft and comfortable against the skin.This product works on mains power so you will need to sit near a mains socket or an extension lead when using it. Power is low voltage, delivered through a supplied transformer. There was no electrical interference generated by the transformer, which suggests it has been made to reasonable quality standards.Once plugged in, you select the intensity level on the remote control – I would recommend starting off on the lowest setting and selecting higher settings once you are more confident with it.The remote control is straight forward to use. The device squeezes your muscles and relaxes them simulating a massage, working by pumping air into the wraps via pipes inside them that inflate and deflate. The pipes connect to the remote control (when you plug the wraps into the control) – it’s not a wire-free remote control (and cannot be, given the design). It’s important to plug the remote control to the wraps quite snugly so air doesn’t escape – although the design does help a lot with this, and it is just one plug and socket, it has a snug fit, so those with weaker wrists might need help from a friend, partner or carer.The sensation of the massage is more of a squeeze/relax than a kneading action. Once you know what to expect, the 20 mins duration of the massage is quite relaxing, and I can see the benefit of using this device regularly to promote a feeling of wellbeing. In particular, one setting felt, to me, like it had an upwards thrust, which is ideal to help reduce swelling in the legs. I’ll let you know if it has a substantial effect in this regard, but for the moment, I felt it was enough that I felt better after using it. And I did. It’s well made, sturdy, easy to store and seems to work very well.Recommended.

  72. Chloe Barny

    Not much that I can say about these other than that they are brilliant!Does exactly what you need them too and it brings great pain relief quickly. Three modes with three intensity’s means that you can find what works best for you and your pain.Easy to use, easy to set up. Highly recommend

  73. Libra

    Very easy to use. Just put them on, plug it in and choose the intensity and desired function. It has 3 levels of intensity and 3 massage functions. Not as a real massage, but does help with the pain.

  74. RYRY

    Was sceptical about this, after a few uses I can see such an improvement from aches in my legs, I play a lot of football and this helps my recovery alot.

  75. Usintheuk

    lovely to use it’s like a lovely massage on your legs great for achy muscles

  76. kj

    I liked the way it was put together and feel it would last a long time in view of the amount of pressure that can be built up in the pads.Helped with my golfers elbow

  77. Sandy Tee

    I have a swollen calf due to an infection years ago the compression cuff helps to keep the swelling down.

  78. shirley, Oldham

    Easy to use. Just set up to your preferred setting and let it work. Helps stop calf cramps when you are not as mobile due to illness. I found it to really help.

  79. SARAH

    Just helpful with my legs

  80. Amazon Customer

    These work for gentle circulation stimulation. Work well on the lightest setting. Found these soothing after hip replacment.

  81. Amazon Customer

    These work for gentle circulation stimulation. Work well on the lightest setting. Found these soothing after hip replacment.

  82. Supernurse

    Bought these for my legs as used very similar on my orthopeadic patients in the hospital – extremely effective for achy swollen legs and feet

  83. Adam

    My legs get restless sometimes In the night but use this and it definitely helps ( Alhamdulilah)

  84. Peppy Horns

    A compression massager was used for great relief during my rehabilitation at hospital and I was delighted to discover I could also purchase something similar for home use. This pair are reasonably priced, easy enough to use and do work for me.

  85. Laure Iginale

    Des petits coups de pression qui donnent de l’entrain
    Le diabète fait des dégâts sur les artères, j’ai fait un écho-doppler sur conseil de mon kiné qui me fait un drainage lymphatique manuel. A part me prescrire ces massages et des chaussettes de compression, mon médecin traitant prend mon problème de jambes douloureuses et oedèmes, “par dessus la jambe!”L’angiologue m’a rassurée sur une éventuelle phlébite mais le diabète épaissit les artères qui deviennent plus rigides donc circulation veineuse plus difficile. Je craignais qu’on me coupe une jambe, conséquences du diabète, l’angiologue m’a dit :”tant que vos orteils ne se nécrosent pas !”… Rassurant… Profitant de voir le kiné remplaçant je lui ai demandé son avis sur les appareils de pressothérapie…Le kiné m’a dit que cela pouvait être complémentaire au massage professionnel mais tout dépendait du type d’appareil. J’ai donc acheté cet appareil premier prix pour faire un essai. L’effet est ressenti dès la première utilisation sur mollets : jambes plus légères. Le lendemain matin ayant le temps, j’ai fait les cuisses, les mollets et les bras. Après 2 heures passées sur le canapé à utiliser l’appareil, je me suis levée légère, sans douleurs, pas l’enkilose habituelle. Il y a donc un effet sur la circulation veineuse, les douleurs musculaires, l’enkilose etc… En faisant une séance le soir, je ne me réveille plus avec les jambes douloureuses. A condition de le faire chaque jour. Hier j’ai mis mes chaussettes de compression + crème effet drainant + séance kiné, sans utiliser l’appareil puisque j’ai eu ma séance drainage lymphatique chez le kiné. Ce matin j’avais mal aux jambes…Ce qui prouve que l’appareil est efficace. Dans l’idéal faire les jambes complètes, d’abord les cuisses, puis les mollets, 1 fois à 2 fois par jour, on retrouve de l’entrain après la séance du matin, on est moins “douloureux”. L’oedème de cheville est toujours là mais moindre et moins douloureux, et les jambes semblent affinées et plus légères. Cependant pas de miracle, cela soulage mais ne guérit pas.Il faut faire une séance chaque jour, se bouger et mettre des chaussettes de compression et des chaussures et semelles confortables pour les positions debout prolongées. Et se lever régulièrement quand on a un métier où on est toujours assis. Tout cela sur conseils du kiné. Pour faire des exercices physiques chez soi, aller voir sur Youtube : “Word at home” fitness, plusieurs vidéos avec petits exercices physiques faciles à reproduire partout. Consulter votre médecin et faire un doppler des jambes avant d’utiliser cet appareil. Les jambières sont rapides à mettre sauf qu’on est branché électriquement, donc rapprocher le téléphone, la télécommande TV et éloigner le chat ! car les ronrons de l’appareil l’attirent et mon chat est tenté de mordiller les tuyaux. La taille de ces jambières permet de faire les cuisses également même si on est “charnu”. Et pour les personnes qui ont des douleurs d’épaules utiliser l’appareil sur les bras cela soulage le haut du corps, on se sent plus libre de mouvements après la séance (apaise les douleurs articulaires et musculaires). J’ai d’abord essayé le mode 2 pour les mollets car œdème douloureux dans le haut de la cheville et le mode 3 pour les cuisses , intensité légère puis moyenne pour les cuisses, et parfois je poursuis avec le mode 1 qui reprend l’ensemble des programmes. L’effet pression évolue sur les 20 minutes, attendre donc au moins 10 mn avant de vous faire une idée. On peut relancer le programme pour quelques minutes et jusqu’à 30 minutes par partie de jambes quand on est bien. Rester à l’intensité légère pour les premières utilisations car cela peut être douloureux par moment mais on s’habitue.

  86. M.A (Bike-chollos)

    Un masejeador economico y practico para llevar en viajes
    Me decante por este masajeador de compresión en lugar del modelo de pierna completa por el tamaño. Por precio tampoco es que fuera un desembolso alarmante pero valore mas la opción de llevarlo en una bolsa cuando vas de viaje sobre todo si voy muy cargadoEs el primer aparato que uso de este tipo y no tengo la referencia respecto a como funciona respecto a las mejores marcas• Compex Ayre• Sizen 6+• Air Relax• Reboots• AerifyPara iniciarse no es mala opción por lo económico , creo que mejora la recuperación (hasta cierto punto) porque como el masaje de un masajista nada para recuperar después de entrenos duros.Para ciclismo , lo uso en cuadriceps pero a veces primero lo pongo en gemelos y luego en los cuadriceps en dos o tres sesiones diferentes (cada sesión son 20′).Echo de menos que el manual (que vienen en español) ofrezca buenos consejos de uso. Habrá que ver el tiempo que aguanta el velcro que es el sistema de cierre que usa Si da problemas lo reportare en mi blog bike-chollos en el post de gadgets

  87. Rahul

    Works perfectly fine
    Works perfectly fine .The pressure distribution is even and can be changed .The amount of pressure needed can be controlled . It has three levels and L2 is more than enough for a normal person so one should not worry about the intensity .Recommended .

  88. kamaljit

    L’ho preso per la mio papà ma alla fine non lo ha mai usato. Quest’estate con il caldo l’ho usato io: lavoro molto in piedi e quando arrivavo a casa mi facevo il massaggio alle gambe. Mi sentivo rinata! Top!

  89. J. Mirabello

    Works as described
    Easy to use for leg massage

  90. I’m happy with the item I purchased.

    The item purchased is what I need.

  91. Radhey


  92. M jose

    Muy bueno
    Te relaja las piernas y quita el exceso de líquido que se pueda acumular en las piernas y pies . Para las pantorrillas es un pequeño . Sólo sirve para piernas y pies

  93. annef

    les scratch ne restent pas longtemps utilisables
    Sur l’appareil en lui même, rien à dire, il fonctionne parfaitement et fait son travail.En revanche les scratchs qui servent à maintenir les coussins sur la jambe ne tiennent pas longtemps, 20 utilisations et ils sont morts et n’accrochent plus. J’ai pallié au problème en utilisant des bandes de scratch autour des jambières pour les maintenir en place, c’est vraiment dommage car demande une gymnastique inutile pour installer les jambières correctement…Malgré cela, l’appareil est très bien pour soulager les jambes lourdes, et aide à faire dégonfler les lymphoedèmes. J’en ai même commandé un second, et ma mère en est très contente.

  94. Samuel

    Para ser el primero que compro, está genial
    Llevaba tiempo buscando la manera de descargar los gemelos en casa tras caminar. Es un gustazo. No le pongo las 5 estrellas por el problema que tuve con el repartidor ya que lo dejó en una tienda de mi bloque sin mi permiso por mucho que me conozcan los vecinos.

  95. Ron Skidmore

    Does the job
    Big powerful and does the job. Helps with circulation and relieves issues in legs. Would recommend to others.

  96. Anna.C

    Love it!
    My legs are always sore so I always have a hard time with my legs. But this massage machine actually helps my legs to be relaxed! It’s very stronger than I thought so it’s really good for my legs. I’m so happy to find it and I’m gonna use a lot for sure

  97. paul

    Muy bien

  98. Amazon Customer

    Muy bien
    Esta muy bien, me va bien para las piernas candadas e inchadas

  99. Leo Ciulla

    Eccellente massaggi
    Massaggio per le gambe e coscia eccellente. Mah un po’piccola per le gambe

  100. SilverSpurs

    Pain Relief
    A good device to get relief from body pains in arms & legs. I just wish the control console was lighter & smaller, and cords were longer for easy movement when applying.

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