Resistance Bands For Your Home Gym Needs


Looking for the best resistance bands? That’s no mean feat given that home gym equipment is pretty much sold out everywhere.

Resistance Bands : Why you should buy them ASAP!

Since the Government ordered all non-essential businesses, including gyms to close to slow the spread of coronavirus, home workout gear has been like gold dust. But fear not: to help you get a sweat on (even in self-isolation) we’ve rounded 6 of the best resistance bands that are still in stock for you to buy now. We have also included a NEW product to the market which now includes a Pilates Bar increasing the exercises you can perform. 

Resistance bands can turn a good home workout into a great home workout simply by adding extra resistance and challenge to the exercises you’re performing. And, with gyms and studios shutting their doors for the foreseeable future, being able to get a great workout in at home is more crucial than ever.

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Resistance Bands

Buying Tips:

There are a number of things to consider when purchasing bands for training. Here are some tips to make sure you spend your money wisely.


Buy a Variety of Bands

Most bands are color-coded according to tension level (e.g., light, medium, heavy, very heavy). It’s best to have at least three—light, medium, and heavy—since different muscle groups will require different levels of resistance. A favourite for many exercisers are SPRI bands. Take a look at the tension level for each colour so you can buy a variety.


Buy Comfortable, Easy-to-Use Bands

Some bands you find in stores offer interchangeable handles, which means you have to take them off and on to use different bands. Some have handles that are larger than normal or made of hard plastic. These are minor issues, but they can make using your bands more difficult than it needs to be.

Try to buy bands with padded handles and make sure you don’t have to change them out.


Keep it Simple

There are a wide variety of bands available—figure 8’s, double bands, circular bands, etc. If you’re just getting started, stick with your basic long tube with handles. Once you figure out how to use it, you may want to buy other types later for variety.

Buy Accessories

One key to using bands is having different ways to attach them. If you have a sturdy pole or stair rail in your house to wrap the band around for exercises like chest presses or seated rows, you may not need extras. But, if you don’t, you may want a door attachment. You can also buy ankle cuffs, different handles, and other accessories.

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