Best way to remove Shoe Odour

Best way to remove Shoe Odour

Best way to remove Shoe Odour

When you get home and kick off your shoes after a hard summer workout, there’s a good chance they reek. After all, when your feet start to sweat, that moisture is trapped in your socks, which is then stuck inside your shoe harboring funk. Here’s what you can do. First, if your shoes are wet, get them dry; odor-causing bacteria thrive in humidity. Removing the insoles, stuff the shoes with some newspaper, hanging out overnight in a well ventilated area, used to be the best way. However times have moved on and there is easier ways to remove the odour and excess moisture from your footwear

Whilst most people would automatically reach for the spray cans of air fresheners, pursprent or even their favorite perfume.  Yes this will cover the odour but what damage could this be doing to your health? But more importantly will it stop your footwear from smelling?

Lets look into why your feet smell as this might give us a better understanding on the Best way to remove shoe odour.

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Why do Feet Sweat?

Your feet produce a lot of sweat. They have more sweat glands than any other part of the body. These glands release sweat all throughout the day to help cool your body and keep your skin moist.

Everyone’s feet sweat, but teenagers and pregnant women are most prone to very sweaty feet because their bodies produce hormones that make them sweat more. People who are on their feet all day at work, are under a lot of stress, or have a medical condition that makes them sweat more than others tend to have sweatier feet.

There are naturally some bacteria on the feet. These bacteria help break down sweat on the feet as it’s released. If bacteria and sweat build up, a foul odor can form. Extra bacteria tend to form when a person sweats in their shoes, takes them off, and then puts them back on without allowing them to fully dry.

Poor hygiene can also play a role in causing bromodosis. Infrequent foot washing or not changing your socks at least once a day can allow extra bacteria to begin to grow on your feet. This can cause foot odor to worsen.

Even shoes with ample ventilation and mesh panels tend to hold on to some of the stink following your run. And that rancid smell is actually more than just an odor. “What some people don’t know is that actual smell is bacteria, and it’s living inside your socks, shoes, and on your feet,”

It is important to get rid of that nasty smell that’s on your Footwear, but it’s also imperative that you kill the pesky bacteria living in your shoes.” If not, that bacteria could lead to an infection over time.

Looking after your Feet.

Looking after your feet is key to battling the smell, These tips can help reduce your foot odor. 

What types of products are available?

There is many brands and types of products which are aimed at removing shoe odour and Moisture, but on our hunt to find the Best Way To Remove Shoe Odour. We have to split our finding into three categories

Even though find the Best way to remove shoe odour is a personal choice, this can be down to how sensitive your feet are and How quickly you want the odour removed and from research we have found the quickest route is not always the best route.

Aerosols / pump action sprays

are great for instant results, but the bacteria is still deep within the walls of the footwear even if your using a anti-bacterial spray.

Foot Powders

Are great to absorb the odour, however to much powder and you achieve a cake like batter towards the tip of your toes and hold the bactria holding moisture.

Activated Charcoal

A great all round product that absorbs moisture and odour and leaves no mess, However results can take days if not weeks to notice a difference, but is more cost effective in the long run.

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