Smelly Shoes

Smelly Shoes how to remove?

At least one time in our life, we all have the moment where we wish we had worn socks when wearing our Favorite trainers.  Maybe we have marked the insoles or even worse you now have Smelly Shoes!

Over the past 5-10 years Eco Whiff shoe deodorizers have helps 1000’s of people remove the odour from their Smelly Shoes and neutralize them to be odour Free!

Now, I know what your thinking, maybe its just as simple to stick them in the washing machine, or smother them in some overpowering oil or foot powder. You may be surprised to know that this odour removal technique will harm not only your shoes, but more importantly you feet!

We believe in a safer option which is Activated Charcoal!  But why do we get Smelly shoes? 

Why do my shoes smell?

From a slight nuisance to the running-into-your-ex-at-a-bar type of catastrophe, stinky shoes are always a headache. But why do shoes get smelly in the first place?

You’ve probably noticed that it’s not just your running shoes that build up a stench; all your day-to-day footwear can develop a little funk.

According to the San Diego Podiatric Medical Society, between a single pair of feet, there are 250,000 sweat glands that excrete as much as a half-pint per day.

Smelly feet

You sweat all over your body, but that perspiration is usually less foul than your stinky feet. Why? Because most feet are covered in shoes all day, sealing in moisture and creating a nice, warm breeding ground for bacteria—very, very stinky bacteria. Yuck. right? But should we be concerned is Foot Odour a illness

When your feet can’t breathe, bacteria proliferate, breeding on your feet, spreading to your socks, and making themselves at home in your favorite shoes. They release foul-smelling toxins, which are absorbed by your shoes, causing them to reek even after they’ve aired out.

It seems like everyone has that one training buddy who can just kick off their running shoes and step into their recovery slides with no perceived odor whatsoever. But you? You’re terrified to release that noxious gas you know has been built up during your session.

Unfortunately, some people just sweat more than others. Sorry. But other factors (like your shoe’s breathability or what socks you wear) can also make a difference.

Before you get grossed out by your sweat problem or the bacteria that keep your feet company, remember that this is just one of those natural, less-than-pleasant side effects of running. 

Also, learning how to get rid of shoe odor and creating a stench-free environment is pretty easy. Take a look at these effective ways to remove odor from shoes—that stubborn bacteria won’t have a fighting chance.

How do I get smell out of my shoes?

Alright, now that you know why your shoes smell, let’s talk about what you can do about it.

First of all, if you’re running in the same shoes every day, it might be time to invest in another pair. No one’s asking you to part ways with your beloved Nikes, but you always want a fresh backup pair ready to rock while your others dry out.

Give your favorite shoes a day off to recover before taking them on another run. That way, the moisture evaporates and puts a halt to the bacteria breeding ground that makes your shoes so smelly.

Before you toss out your old running shoes, follow these steps to get rid of shoe odor and keep them around a bit longer.

eco whiff

Step 1—Prevent, if Possible

It won’t matter if you learn how to get rid of shoe odor if you allow the root problem to keep happening! Make sure you’re following the best shoe hygiene practices. so when your shoes smell fresh again, they stay that way and bacteria are kept at bay.

Always wash your feet thoroughly, but especially on particularly sweatier days. The bacteria living there just keep multiplying, so you need to give them a solid scrub to fight foul foot odor.

Soap up your soles (don’t forget in between the toes!) and make sure they’re completely dry before putting your shoes on.

If you have trouble with moisture buildup in your shoes, you might consider storing them outside in the sunlight so they can dry faster Or use a shoe deodorizer. If your shoes are washable, you should clean them routinely, but especially after intense training.

Rotate and avoid wearing the same pair two days in a row. Wearing clean socks every day should be a no brainer, but you might need to swap out a fresh pair mid-day if you suffer from excessive perspiration.

Step 2—Blast the Bacteria

The second step to getting rid of shoe odor is all about sanitizing your smelly sneakers and killing the bacteria who made themselves a home. There are a few different ways you can do this:

Bacteria thrive in humidity and warmth; if you slide your smelly shoes into the freezer overnight, the bacteria won’t be able to survive the chill. Slip them into a plastic bag or pillowcase, freeze them overnight, and allow them to defrost before their next wear.

Step 3—De-stink the Stench

Now that you’ve killed the bacteria, you can work on removing the stench that their waste left behind.  Yes you can use a well known product like Baking Soda. But you will be left with a huge mess ! We recommend Activated charcoal! This is a great Raw product which the chinese have used for years! and what makes it better this products doesn’t need direct contact and can be contained within a mesh bag.

Step 4—Keep Them Fresh and Dry

The funk is gone, but if you want your shoes to smell fresh, you can take it one step further.

If you have a few spare bars of soap, take one and place it in your shoe overnight. The soap is porous, so it’ll absorb any remaining odors and leave behind a nice, clean scent.

Essential oils are another way you can make your shoes smell pleasant again. Place a few drops onto a cotton ball and leave them inside your shoe, or add a few drops to the disinfectant spray you used earlier. Don’t have any clean, citrusy scents on hand? Lemon and orange peels will work just fine.

Remember, it’s important to keep your shoes dry if you don’t want that rancid smell to return. One of the best methods to eliminate moisture is to store your shoes stuffed. Keep some old newspapers on hand in your closet and stuff them into your shoes in order to soak up any residual sweat lingering behind.

Another at-home remedy for smelly shoes? Kitty litter. Cat litter absorbs odors and moisture to protect your home from stinking up; the same can be applied to your stinky kicks. Just fill a mismatched sock or worn-out pantyhose with litter, secure it with a rubber band, and let it soak up offensive smells and remaining moisture.

Old Smelly Shoes

Step 5—Time to Toss Them

If you’ve tried steps 1-4 to get rid of shoe odor and nothing seems to take care of the stench, it might be one of the signs you need new running shoes.

Some shoes are just beyond recovery. They’re probably infested with bacteria, which have completely taken over the inner and outer linings, the fabric, and the deepest pores in the soles. The microbes thriving in here will be exceptionally hard, if not impossible, to drive out. Do yourself a favor, toss them and don’t let your next pair get to that level.

Wear the right socks—plus some foot antiperspirant, if necessary—and you won’t have to bear the rancid stench of your smelly shoes every time you open your closet door.

Step 6 - Shoe Deodorizers that work

Below is some of the best Shoe Deodorizers that have ben tried and tested by 1000’s of amazon customers.



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