How to Recharge your Sports Deodorizers

Sports Deodorizer

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Why do you need to "recharge" the Sports Deodorizer?

Recharging a Sports Deodorizer isn’t like charging your phone. “recharging” your Shoe deodorizer is a way to kill off all the moisture and bacteria it has collected when removing the odour from your trainers.

What's the best way to recharge?

Within Every pack of Sports deodorizers we sell, regardless to where you have brought this item from, should that be on our website or

We include the deodorizers themself which have a eyelet included, a carabiner clip and lanyard. Not only does this help when using them, but also allows you to “recharge” your Sports deodorizers in different ways to make things as easy as possiable.

using the Eyelet

Using the eyelet allows you hand the deodorizer on places like a metal spiked fence, nail or screw on the wall or fence post.

Carabiner and Lanyard

Using the Carabiner with the attached lanyard is possible the most easiest way to "recharge" Sports deodorizer.. Simply attaching a deodorizer to each end allows you to evenley balance the shoe deodorizers on a fence, back of a chair or even better the washing line Alternatively you can the carabiner to clip onto a object allowing to items hang and move freely

How long do i recharge for?

because the shoe deodorizers do not feel damp or wet its sometimes hard to see when your sports deodorizers need “recharging”. When in that recharging state we always recommend doing this in direct sunlight outdoor to ensure the sun’s UV rays are not affected by any windows or shadows.
We normally recommend hanging the shoe deodorizers ont he washing line as this normally is always in direct sunlight to dry your clothes.

Once in direct sunlight we recommend “recharging” them for at least 2-3 hours in the summer months and in the winter month we would recommend longer 3-5 hours depending on the conditions outside.

Is there any other way to recharge the deodorizers?

Currently the best way to “recharge” the shoe deodorizers is in direct sunlight, Whilst we have tested the “recharging” Process in other ways like the radiators, ovens and Airing cupboards.

Direct Sunlight has proven to be the best and quickest way to “recharge” your Shoe Deodoriers.

After 1 year or Recharging?

Unfortunately the Activated Charcoal within the Sports Deodorizer Doesn’t last for ever and does need replacing every Year. If you Purchase from our amazon Store we Will send you a email to remind you a year has gone past already. However this doesn’t mean you need to throw the Sports deodorizers in the bin.

You can continue the life of the deodorizers by add the charcoal to Flower pots or Flower beds to make sure the water is absorbed and gradulay released throughout the day,