Stinky Shoes

Not all shoes are washable, so the first thing you need to know about how to deodorize smelly shoes is the type of materials used in your shoes’ construction. If in doubt, or if they’re made of several materials, treat them as you would leather shoes.

If you’ve got teensangers, you need to know how to deodorize Those Stinky Shoes. It’s that, or learn to love opening windows even in the dead of winter. Our Activated Charcoal shoe Deodorizers and Feet Powders for smelly Shoes will get that awful foot odor out of your home.

Teens aren’t the only ones whose shoes stink, though. People who are on their feet all day, or who work out hard, get smelly shoes, too. Even slippers and house-shoes begin to stink after a while.

The Key is not to cover the Odor, but neutralize the odor before and during the process of the smell appearing, but this can be a issue if you have sensitive skin