Best Vibration Plate Reviews {ULTIMATE GUIDE FOR 2021}

Vibration Plate

Best Vibration Plate Reviews {ULTIMATE GUIDE FOR 2021}

Vibration plates have been big in the health and beauty industry for quite some time now, but, up until fairly recently, if you’d wanted to use a vibrating plate, you’d usually have a need to go to a public facility such as a gym or spa.

Now, however, vibration plates are available to use in the comfort, convenience and privacy of your own home.

What to Look for When Buying a Vibration Plate

Vibration plates offer a passive way to train muscles and lose weight. One study from 2004 demonstrated that after 24 weeks, participants had a fat-free mass increase, increased knee extensor strength and gained strength comparable to a regular fitness program.

Our vibration plate buyer’s guide outlines the features you’ll want to look for to achieve similar results. The key features I recommend you look at when choosing the best vibration plates are:

Vibrations Plate Speed: Per Second

Vibration speeds are often nicely listed on the promotional packaging of a vibration plate. Speed is an important feature that often goes ignored. Speeds are dictated by the vibration type (I’ll cover this shortly).

In general, vibration per second should be between 3 and 60.

Higher speeds may lead to better overall results, but you’ll find that speed relates directly to the vibration type you choose.

Vibration Plates: Types

The type of vibration will often be one of the following:

  • Pivotal or oscillation, which is the most common. Using a seesaw motion, the plate will move in a forward and back and side to side motion to help mimic the movement of a person walking.
  • Linear models go up and down, and they’re often easier to control and stand on.
  • Triplanar models allow for vibration across three planes and offer the highest vibrations per second.
  • Dual vibration models use both the pivotal and linear vibrations, and they often come with multiple mode options.
  • Sonic vibration types are the gentlest and allow for an easier time getting on and using the machine.

You’ll find a lot of models that allow for precision vibration speed increases and allow for a variety of vibration types.

Vibrating Plate : Max User Weight

Maximum user weight is self-explanatory, but a lot of people ignore the specification, leading to machine damage and potential safety risks. If you’re concerned that the model won’t be able to accommodate your weight, be sure to look for a maximum weight listing.

There are plenty of models with weights of 150kg or higher.

Vibration Plate :Portability

Portability is starting to become an option with vibration plates. Most models are larger in size and sturdier, but there are Bluetooth models, too. Bluefin Fitness has a vibration plate that is small, with no handles, but it can be transported with you on-the-go.

If you’re planning to use your plate when you’re traveling, look for a portable model.

Vibrating Plate : Monitoring System

Monitoring systems allow you to track how much time you’ve spent on a vibration plate and gain more control over your session. Systems start to become more advanced as you move up in price range.

But you’ll be able to find units that allow for:

  • Real-time control
  • Automatic programs
  • Speed control refinement
  • Pulse monitoring, and more

Vibrating Plate : Accessory Features

Accessories are going to make a difference when you plan on using your vibration plate often. The accessory options that you’ll find include:

  • MP3 port
  • iPod port
  • Built-in speakers
  • Large, padded handles
  • Bands

While the accessories may not be required, they are a nice perk that allow you to achieve the maximum benefits from a vibration plate.

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Benefits of Vibration Plates

Vibration plates are another addition to your daily healthy or exercise routine. If you’re just learning about the benefits that these plates offer, chances are you missed some of the key benefits along the way.

Using a vibration plates routinely will allow you to benefit from:

  • Weight loss. Studies have been a hit or miss, but one study found that when used as a complement to physical training, the metabolic cost is significantly increased.
  • Strength is also going to improve, albeit slightly differently than with an exercise routine. You’ll have more overall strength, especially in your legs and core.
  • Balance is increased thanks to the pulse of the machine. You’ll be engaging your core, hips and other stabilization muscles that you use when trying to balance.
  • Bone strength naturally increases as you put more stress on the bones, keeping yourself stronger, especially into old age.
  • Blood flow increases have been noted by users. Many users claim they notice an increase in circulation after using vibration plates. Increased blood flow leads to more nutrients going to the muscles and also less swelling.
  • Lymphatic stimulation helps with an increase in blood flow, but it goes well beyond increasing blood circulation. The increase leads to faster recovery, as oxygen is able to flow to the muscles faster. Toxins and trapped fats are able to move out of the body with greater ease.
  • Lower stress has been reported and a drop in cortisol levels. Lower cortisol levels lead to lower stress and a reduction of blood pressure, fewer sleeping issues, better moods and a greater ability to ward off weight gain.
  • Growth hormone production has been seen anecdotally. If this is proven to be true, it would mean that it’s possible to increase muscle mass and growth faster. An increase in growth hormone directly correlates to a boost in metabolic rate, fat burning power and faster muscle growth.
  • Faster recovery is also achieved, but not as we mentioned previously. If you go on a vibration plate after your regular workout or opt to use bands when on your machine, the increase in blood flow and boost to the lymphatic system will help. You’ll be increasing the oxygen and nutrients to your total body, allowing for faster overall recovery. Less soreness and a faster return to the gym is possible.

Flexibility level increases have been reported. The level of flexibility increases is minor, but they will help with your overall general fitness. A person recovering from an injury, surgery or older individuals will experience the most benefits from a vibration plate.

But all users, young to old and fat to fit, will experience significant health benefits by adding vibration plates into their daily routines.

When you use vibration plates alongside your normal exercise routine, you’ll be able to increase your results. A more recent study additionally found that whole-body vibration was able to mimic a person’s metabolic effects of exercise in the leptin receptor. When used properly, you can expect significant health benefits and possibly weight loss, too.

Vibration Plate


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Frequently Asked Questions About Vibration Plates

Do Vibration Plates Work?

Yes, vibration plates do work, but don’t expect this product to be a miracle cure for weight loss or other health conditions. The fat loss benefits are minor, but we’ve seen in many studies that a vibration plate can:

  • Increase metabolic weight
  • Provide an increase in strength and muscle
  • Increase blood flow and circulation

Over the long-term, and this can be four to six months of consistent usage, you will experience positive results with vibration plates.

How Often Should You Use a Vibration Plate?

What are your goals? Most people opt to use a vibration plate for 20 to 30 minutes, two to three times per week. But if you want to lose weight and experience all of the benefits of a vibration plate, you’ll want to increase your sessions to four or more per week.

Toning will require you to do just two to three sessions per week.

Again, if you’re just starting out, the key most important thing is consistency. When you’re consistent, you’ll be able to achieve your goals faster and benefit from your vibration plate more.

Can You Sit on a Vibration Plate?

Yes, and you’ll find a lot of people doing ab workouts or other workouts while sitting on a vibration plate. You will be engaging different muscles when sitting versus standing, so this is something to consider.

When sitting, you may be engaging more of your core and back muscles while negating a lot of the leg benefits you would achieve.

You’ll want to try both forms for yourself to see if you prefer sitting or standing on the vibration plate. In most cases, people prefer to stand because they feel like they achieve more of a workout versus sitting.

But if you’re doing your abs and really working rather than daydreaming or staring at your phone, vibration plates can be very beneficial.

Why Do I Itch After Using a Vibration Plate?

Some people experience a strange phenomenon when they use vibration plates: they itch. As it turns out, the problem is so common that the National Institutes of Health looked into the issue. They discovered that some people have a genetic mutation that cause an allergy to vibration.

The allergy, known as urticaria, causes the sufferer to break out in hives or skin rashes in areas that are affected by the vibration. Depending on the severity of the allergy, the reaction may be mild or debilitating. 

If you experience itching or rashes after using a vibration plate, stop using it and talk to your doctor.

Who Cannot Use Vibration Plates?

Vibration plates offer many benefits, but certain individuals should avoid using them for health and safety reasons. Avoid using vibration plates if you have:

  • Diabetes
  • A heart condition
  • Orthopedic injuries
  • A previous head injury

Whole body vibration may be unsafe for these individuals. It’s important to consult with your doctor prior to using a vibration plate to make sure that it’s a safe option for you.

If you can’t use a vibration plate, you may consider using conventional strength training if your goal is to build muscle and bone strength. If your goal is to improve circulation and relaxation, a massager may be a practical alternative.

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