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In today’s world, it can be tough to determine which products and services are the best fit for your needs. With the abundance of unreliable information available online, many people are left feeling unsure about their choices. We are Ecowhiff.co.uk , we’re on a mission to help you buy smarter! By making more confident and informed decisions that enhance their lives.

As a business, we started selling products on Amazon,eBay and this very website. But we soon became apparent that the information to which is the Best Shoe Deodorizer, How To Remove Shoe odor and even What’s The Best Way To Get Silky Smooth Feet.

We now provide simple easy to read guides, and Hacks to ensure your buying decisions are made easier.

How Did Eco Whiff Start?

In 2016, Eco Whiff was founded with the goal of developing a shoe deodorizer that not only eliminates unpleasant odors, but also prioritizes the wellbeing of our environment and skin. Our aim is to provide our customers with a range of products that are crafted using 100% natural ingredients, without any harsh chemicals or gases. At Eco Whiff, we are dedicated to offering eco-friendly alternatives to combat smelly feet and shoes, while also promoting a positive impact on the world.

I had an unforgettable experience while travelling across Asia in 2017. I wore the same pair of leather boat shoes every day for six months in a hot and humid country without any socks. The smell that emanated from the gaps in my shoes was beyond my imagination.
When I come home every day, I make sure to take off my shoes at the door to respect the people I live with. Recently, I found out that my shoes were emitting a bad odour. As a result, my housemates kindly moved them outside to maintain a pleasant environment for everyone. It’s important to be considerate of others and take action when necessary to create a comfortable living space.
To my surprise, one morning, I found a very rustic cloth bag tied together with an old shoelace containing what could only be described as lumps of burnt wood! Little did I know at this point this would change my world upside down and save the embarrassment of smelly shoes! After being told about the magical power and what these can do for my smelly feet. Whilst I thought this might be some novelty Chinese gimmick, I amused them and carried on using them while I stayed in their house. But as time continued, I noticed that smell slowly but surely started to disappear.
I carried this cloth bag full of charcoal around for another 4 months, travelling from country to country, following the instructions I had been given by my newly adopted Nai Nai (grandma). By the end of my trip, I had almost forgotten about my smelly shoes as the smell had almost gone! and worried about more concerning matters like how am I going to get home!
To this day, that little bag sits on my office desk, reminding me of the trip of a lifetime, but more importantly, that little bag saved my life from embarrassment! Even though I tried foot powders, air freshers, and even stuffing them with newspaper daily, nothing helped remove the god-awful smell