Shoe Deodorizer

Who Is Eco Whiff?


Eco Whiff was born in 2016. We set out to create a shoe deodorizer that would not only remove the smell of funky footwear, but also be kinder to our environment and skin. We wanted our customers to feel good about themselves and their purchases, so we created a range of products that are made from 100% natural ingredients with no harsh chemicals or gases. Eco Whiff is committed to providing environmentally friendly alternatives for smelly feet and shoes!

But why? and how did the products come about?

The ideal come about while traveling across asia back in 2017 .Wearing the same pair of leather boat shoes everyday for 6 months in a hot, humid country, with no socks on,  You could of only imagined the smell that was leaking from all the gaps of my shoes.

In a daily ritual i took my shoes off at the door of my apartment and entered quietly, hoping not to wake the owners of the house to where i was staying. Little did i know the smell hadn’t gone unnoticed, my shoes had been quietly moved outside to avoid stinking out the house. 

To my surprise one morning i found a very rustic cloth bag tided together with an old shoelace containing what could only be described at lumps of burnt wood!  Little did i know at this point this would change my world upside down and save the embarrassment of smelly shoes!  After being told about the magical power and what these can do for my smelly feet. Whilst i thought this might be some novelty Chinese gimmick, I amused them and carried on using them while i stayed in their house. But as time continued, I noticed that smell slowly but surely started to disappear. 

I carried this cloth bag full of charcoal around for another 4 months, traveling from country to country, following the instructions i had been given by my newly adopted Nai Nai (granma). By the end of my trip i had almost forgotten about my smelly shoes as the smell has almost gone! and worried about more concerning matters like how im i going to get home!

To this day, that little bag sits on my office desk reminding me  of the trip of a life time but more importantly that little bag saved my life from embarrassment!  Even though i tried footpowders, airfrenshers and even stuffing them with news paper daily, nothing helped remove the god awful smell