How To Use Our Hanging Moisture Absorbing Bags

How To use

Hanging Moisture Absorbers

Using our Hanging Moisture Absorbers couldnt be easier, simply attached the plastic hannger to the bag using the perforated holes. Once alligned simple click the retaining flap to ensure your bag stays connected & hand the bag in your desired room.
Once the forth coming days or weeks you will see a change in the crystals, but what does this mean? Read our FAQ to ensure your products working correctly.

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Your Amazon Order is Delivered

Once your order has been delivered you will notice each Hangging pouch has been wrapped individually. to ensure you have enough we only recommend open the desired amount

Step 1

Connecting the Hangging Hook

Once you've opened the inner plastic pouch each bag will contain a hangging moisture absorber & hook. Simply attach the hook using the perforated holes and fold the plastic flap to ensure the bag remained secure.

Step 2
Eco whiff Hanging Moisture hook

Hangging the Moisture Absorber

Whilst you may feel the hangging process is simple, you need to ensure the white paper side is NOT faced the wall or door.

To ensure the moisture is absorbed the 1 way filter needs to breath!, Always ensure this filter is facing outwards where possiable.


Step 3


Once you've hung the Moisture absorbing bags in the problem area, simply wait! This process can take days or weeks before you notice water being collected.

Is you dont see any liquid being collected with the first 24/48 hours doesnt mean this item is broken. There is many factors to why you may not see results straight away.


Step 4
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When To Replace?

Replacing the moisture absorber at the right time is possiably just as important as dissposing the liquid correctly.

We recommend opening the next packet when there is approxmetly 1 cm of Calcium choride left in the top section.
This will ensure the next packet is fully working before the original packet comes to an end.


Step 5 ( weeks 4-5)

How to dispose?

Hopefully at this stage, you should of collected a full 500ml of liquid. We recommend you pour this liquid down the drain! Please DO NOT, Drink, or feed any pets, flowers or plants.



Step 6 ( Weeks 5-6)
Recycleable plastic

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Frequently Asked Questions

White Cystral are clumping, is this normal?

When the temperature of humidity is low the Calcium Choride particles will solidify as they capture the excess moisture-absorbing particles.

This will not affect the dehumidification, but we do reccomend breaking these clumped particles as it increases the surface area & improves moisture absorbiton.

How do i know when the bags will stop working?

When the particles completely disappear is when this cycle has come to an end. However we do recommend starting a a new bag before they have fully run out.

How do we dispose when finished?

Once the Bottom half of the bag is full, the Calcium Choride solution can be poured down your plug hole & the plastic can disposed in your genural waste.

Can the collected water be used to water Plants?

The solution can NOT be used for watering flowers or plants or drinking.  Eco whiff takes no responsability for missuse of the liquid collected.

Cystrals have formed within the liquid, is this normal?

Crystals will occur in the water-collecting area when the surrounding temperature changes rapidly. This is normal and when the temperature reises, the crystals will disccolve and disappear.