Envii Odour Eliminator – Natural Shoe Deodorizer Spray – Shoe Odour Eliminator

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Scent Mint
Brand Envii Odour Eliminator
Item form Spray
Number of items 1
Unit count 750.0 millilitre
  • Natural deodorizer that eliminates the smell of sweat from all footwear and sports equipment
  • Contains a spring mint fragrance made from essential plant oils
  • Uses beneficial bacteria to break down the source of the odour, eliminating this for good
  • Safe to use on all materials ranging from suede to leather
  • Football boot, boxing glove and other sports equipment smell remover & freshener spray
  • Contains only natural ingredients
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Envii Odour Eliminator

Envii Odour Eliminator is a powerful and effective solution for eliminating unpleasant odours in your home or workspace. Discover how this product can help you maintain a fresh and pleasant environment.
Kit Fresh Clothing and Shoe Deodoriser

Envii Odour Eliminator Kit Fresh

What is Kit Fresh?

Kit Fresh is a clothing, shoe and sports equipment deodoriser that doesn’t just mask the smell of sweat. It breaks down the organics that create the smell and leaves behind a spring mint fragrance. It can be used on all types of sports equipment, from football boots to boxing gloves to eliminate both fresh and stale sweat odours. Kit Fresh contains only natural ingredients and is safe to use on all materials, including silk, suede, wool and leather.

How Does Kit Fresh Work?

Envii Kit Fresh works by eating the proteins and lipids found in fresh sweat before they can degrade to create odours. We overwhelm them with fast growing, waste digesting, naturally-occurring friendly microorganisms whose food source is the smell creating organics.

How To Use?

  • Where possible, wash clothing before applying
  • Use liberally for first application and apply to affected area
  • Allow product to dry before wearing clothing or shoes
  • Use after every use, being sure to target the affected area

Why Buy Kit Fresh?

Mint Fragrance

Eliminates Odours

100& Natural

Uses Beneficial Bacteria

Mint Fragrance

Once Kit Fresh has eliminated and broken down the molecules that causes the bad smells, it leaves a long lasting mint fresh fragrance on your clothing and footwear. This fragrance is derived from natural plant extracts.

Eliminates Odours

Other air fresheners and odour deodorisers may smell good initially but over time these quickly fade and reveal the stale smell left behind. Whereas, Kit Fresh completely eliminates all odours and leaves your sports equipment smelling fresh.

100% Natural

All of the ingredients used in Kit Fresh come from natural sources. From the beneficial bacteria to the essential oils used in the fragrance. The use of natural ingredients makes Kit Fresh a safe product to use around pets and children.

Uses Beneficial Bacteria

Kit Fresh gets straight to the heart of the problem, using beneficial bacteria and microorganisms by eating the source of the odours at a microscopic level, naturally digesting the organics that cause the smell and stains.

Additional information

Weight 830 oz
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8 reviews for Envii Odour Eliminator – Natural Shoe Deodorizer Spray – Shoe Odour Eliminator

  1. Yij

    This product is amazing, hands down. I’ve tried all sorts of old wives tricks: soaking my gloves overnight in soapy water (which took over a week to dry!), sticking it in the freezer (didn’t work but holding a pair of frozen gloves is pretty comical), dousing them in deodrant, plus using those glove deodouriser thingies (which helped a wee bit but not 100%). So naturally, it’s fair to say I was skeptical about this product, although the whole science behind it convinced me to give it a try. And I’m glad I did!I’ve owned a pair of gloves for over 3 years with a… not so pleasant odour and tried all those old wives tricks I mentioned above, which haven’t helped much, if at all. After a few days of spraying with this product, the odour completely vanished!! Nope, no perfume/scent to mask the smell of odour, this genuinely removes any sort of smell, and I presume all those nasty bacteria hiding inside the gloves.The spray is simple enough, easy to use and lets you choose either a fine mist or jet of liquid. although can be tricky to get right inside the ends of boxing gloves, perhaps soaking a cloth with the liquid and sticking it in there would be a good idea. Nontheless, just give your items a spray and job done.I pretty much use this on my gear after every session and I haven’t noticed any side effects. It seems a little harder to get rid of the odour from fresh sweat for some reason, but so far it’s extremely effective and as proven on my 3 year old gloves, can virtually eliminate the odour completely. Obviously, the spray can be used on other things, such as clothes or shoes as it doesn’t stain or anything.I’d definately recommend this product, in fact I ended up buying another for use in my Martial Arts club!!

  2. P. Dixon

    Used this for a while now and it seems pretty effective. It’s best if you start with a new pair of shoes, rather than wait until they already whiff!

  3. Geoffrey

    I’m really impressed with this. I’ve tried many other products to remove odour after sessions without much success from other sprays and glove deodoriser inserts without much success, only reduce the smell slightly. This however pretty much removed everything on first use, making sure insider fingertip areas were quite saturated from the spray. Combined with one day in good sun it’s nearly smelling brand new. Happy I finally found a working reliable product for my Hayabusa T3 gloves and shinguards.

  4. Richard Fay

    My trainers got wet while out walking the dog and, after drying them out, they began to smell fusty.I bought this Envii Kit Fresh in the hope it would kill the odour.Whilst it is true to say the smell has diminished, it is still noticeable even after numerous applications and cycles of spraying and leaving outside to dry.Looks like i might have to resort to putting my trainers through the washing machine to resolve the issue.P.S. I would add that that my feet do not usually smell and all other footwear i own is unaffected.

  5. Kindle Customer

    Works great! Does exactly what it is meant too!

  6. Worldupstairs

    Bought this on the chance it might keep my shoes fresh. This does that better than I could hope for. Minty smell that eliminates odour quickly and for sometime. Well worth getting.

  7. Ana-Maria Hasnain

    The worse thing about this product is that when you spray it inside shoes , socks and on your feet before wearing shoes, after few hours of wearing shoes sweat smell combines with spray smell and it smells ike rotten eggs.

  8. Mr. M. P. Hall

    I have my daughters football boots which were starting to get very shall we say pongy. With this product it does take a few treatments but the smell has reduced dramatically and from now on only needs a once over after every game. Does not eliminate the smell completely but it’s more manageable.

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