ULTIMATE Pedicure Foot File NYK1 Foot Scraper Hard Skin Remover Foot Files For Hard Skin (Large)

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  • ★ REMOVES HARD SKIN EFFORTLESSLY – NYK1 MegaFile foot file hard dead skin remover for feet, foot grater for dead skin, foot scrubber used in professional foot care and shower foot scrub treatments. Eliminate thick, callused skin instantaneously. Much better than a foot peel.
  • ★ LEAVES YOUR FEET SILKY SMOOTH – Professional pedicure foot file hard skin remover foot blade pedicure rasp gives you a salon quality pedicure at home. Perfect to shave off uncomfortable, cracked, dead, foot scraper hard skin remover for beautiful looking smoother chiropodist pedicures.
  • ★ CALLUSES REMOVED IN SECONDS – Highly effective feet hard skin remover foot file provides instant removal of hard, dead callused, rough skin exfoliating. No need to soak feet prior to using our dry skin remover. Our fastest selling foot files for hard skin foot exfoliator callus remover pumice stone for feet treatment ever.
  • ★ UP TO TWICE AS BIG AS COMPETITOR FILES – Huge plane surface with 441 Bi-directional micro blades so fewer strokes are needed to quickly remove calluses and dry skin in seconds with no nicks to the skin. Very strong foot rasp callus remover professional reinforced handle.
  • ★ EASY TO CLEAN MICRO BLADE PLATE – Unlike the other pedi pedicure tools, no electric is required for this simple callus remover for feet, pumice stone feet, dry corn sander, foot scraper or heel grater for feet. Effortlessly attain smooth, callus-free feet with our foot scraper for dead skin / heel scraper for cracked heels.
  • ★ SANDAL READY PEDICURE – Achieve a salon quality pedicure at home and step confidently into any pair of shoes with our extra large foot grater for dead skin and callus remover. Say goodbye to rough, dry skin and unsightly calluses as this powerful tool gently exfoliates and removes dead skin, revealing softer and healthier feet.
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Foot File NYK1

The Stainless Steel Foot File NYK1 is a highly effective and durable tool for removing rough skin and calluses from your feet. Discover the benefits and proper usage of this foot file for achieving smooth and soft feet.


Product Description

pedicure foot file dead skin remover for feet foot scraper hard skin remover callus remover for feet


Can I use this in the shower?

Yes, the MegaFile can be used in the shower.


Can I use this on both wet and dry feet?

Yes! We recommend using it after a bath or shower, when your feet are slightly damp so the skin is a bit softer. Gently rock the MegaFile back and forth over any hard skin, and stop just before you think you need to, as you do not want to overdo it!


Can it be sharpened?

It should stay very sharp. We have noticed if someone has bad feet, first time use of the MegaFile more skin is removed. On further uses not as much skin is removed as the rasp has already done the majority of the work, not because it is less sharp.


Can Diabetics use this?

We do not recommend using the MegaFile if you have blood supply issues.


What is the material of the product?

The NYK1 MegaFile foot file is made of reinforced plastic and stainless steel with a toughened rubber moulded handle.


Additional information

Weight 18.14 oz
Dimensions 0.27 × 0.061 × 0.005 m

53131600 (Bath and body) Report an incorrect code

Product Dimensions ‏

‎ 27 x 6.1 x 0.5 cm; 18.14 Grams


‎ B00MRXFJ40

Item model number ‏

‎ Black Megafile

Country of origin ‏

‎ China

Manufacturer ‏

‎ NYK1

10 reviews for ULTIMATE Pedicure Foot File NYK1 Foot Scraper Hard Skin Remover Foot Files For Hard Skin (Large)

  1. Amazon Customer

    I have very hard skin buildup on the soles of my feet and have tryed all kinds of exfoliaters and nothing seemed to do the job.But this really does work, you have to be careful not to slip and accidentally take off new skin as this can actually take a chunk of flesh out and make u bleed.But as for taking my hard skin off it’s fantastic.I recommend this product and also would suggest to get a good foot moisturiser to put on after use.


    The new tray to capture the shavings?; well. It needs a better seal around it. It helps, but you still need to capture the shavings yourself.These are great graters and my handle has never snapped off like half price versions.It does what it says.Avoid cheaper ones.

  3. Zoe’s Mum

    This thing really works on stubborn deep hard layers so don’t be like me and go at it hard, you will end up with sore feet. I’m in love with this thing, and believe me I’ve tried everything! So easy to just pop open the back and tap the debris in the bin. Just buy it.

  4. ClaireS

    Really good foot file, nice and sharp but doesn’t cut my skin. I like the cover it comes with to catch the shavings so you can pop them in the bin in one go. I still put a towel underneath as no foot file is going to catch 100% but still does a brilliant job. My feet are lovely and smooth!

  5. Naomi

    Brilliant after years of pumice-stoning and rubbing stuff intomy feet, this grater is really good and in a few minutes feet are smooth and pretty again! Huge thanks.

  6. didi

    Delivered yesterday and used today. The best foot file I have ever used. I have wrist problems due to fractures 20 years ago and knee problems due to osteoarthritis. Why am I telling you all this? Because it causes problems in accessing the sole of my right foot and pain in my wrist due to the filing. This file is huge. Less passes to do more work. Faster results in less time! The cover is great. Doesn’t catch all the filings but gets most. My feet feel and look brand new. Can’t recommend this enough. It’s given me the independence to do my own pedicure which might not sound like much but looking after myself and not having to rely on others means the world.

  7. Chelsea

    Nothing Better than purchasing an item and it does what it says on the Tin.This Rasp will remove dead skin on your feet right back to your Baby Skin🥰See Images for how much dead skin my Hoover collected5 Stars from me, I Highly RecommendThank you

  8. Beee

    2nd one i have bought, this one is for my sonThe best ever hard skin removerAmazing

  9. Ange Flintham

    I nearly didn’t buy this as I’m used to a Ped egg which catches the skin but the reviews were so good I went ahead anyway! I had resigned myself to using a carrier bag to collect the skin!So I was delighted with the new lid product improvement which catches the skin in!!No more Ped egg required!

  10. Caron White

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     I’ve had cracked heal on one foot with a fair few cracks. I look after my feet and I had one of these a while ago. Couldn’t find it. Bought two other brands. Struggled for days with nothing getting close to getting rid. Think if I carried on it would’ve took weeks. Soon as this arrives straight out the box and rubbed my heal for a few seconds. All cracks completely gone!!! I mean GONE! Now just to smooth off with a softer file. Lather in flixitol afterwards. Happy days! MY GOD!!! BRILLIANT! Buy it!!! ❤️

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