Renogy Boot Dryer Shoe Dryer, Glove Dryer and Boot Warmer with Heat Blower

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Renogy Boot Dryer & Shoe Dryer

The Renogy Boot Dryer & Shoe Dryer is a must-have device for anyone who wants to keep their footwear dry and comfortable. Learn more about its features and benefits in this comprehensive guide.


Product Description

Smart Electronic Shoe Dryer

Renogy offers premium-quality products and professional services to customers worldwide.

Multifunctional Shoe/Boot Dryer

If your feet are exposed to cold and damp for a long time, it may not only make you feel squishy but contribute to the growth as well. As a result, you may get athlete’s foot.

Renogy shoe dryer features optimized heat circulation to eliminate damp, sweat, and odor with from your footwear.

  • Quick Drying
  • Intelligent Timer
  • Adjustable Rack
  • Eliminates Damp and Odor
  • Folding Design for Easy Storage
  • Works for Gloves, Hats, Socks, Helmets, Berets too

Main Function

 Smart Panel

 90° Folding Design

 Works for Gloves as well

Smart Panel

Up to 99 minutes for setting time. You can chose a suitable drying time for your shoes.

90° Folding Design

Thanks to foldable design, you can take this compact shoe dryer with you and keep your shoes fresh and dry for most of time on your scenic journeys.

Works for Gloves as well

This all-purpose shoe dryer works for leather, PVC, rubber, neoprene, canvas, synthetics, cotton, fleece, felt, and more fabrics, helping to extend the service life of your footwear and gear.


Keeps Shoes Dry

Removes Moisture

Getting caught in a rain? Don’t be upset. Renogy shoe dryer is ready to restore your soggy shoes to dryness and comfort.


It’s always exhilarating to get all-in in a soccer game but mamas may not happy with sweat-wicked soccer cleats. With the help of this ozone shoe dryer, the excessive humidity and odors can be removed effortlessly.

Keeps Shoes Dry

Your feet may sweat a lot after a long trek. It is time for you to put your shoes on Renogy shoe dryer and get them dry after each hiking or backpacking trip. It’s good for foot health and shoes maintenance.

Additional information

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Dimensions 0.295 × 0.182 × 0.097 m

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‎ 29.5 x 18.2 x 9.7 cm; 1.11 Kilograms

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‎ 10 Sept. 2020


‎ B08HS3YZ4J

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‎ Unisex

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‎ Renogy

10 reviews for Renogy Boot Dryer Shoe Dryer, Glove Dryer and Boot Warmer with Heat Blower

  1. Madacksman

    Having read a few reviews mentioning melting plugs etc I thought I’d give it a once over before use (as I am a tech council registered Incorporated engineer specialising in electrical engineering).The first thing I noticed was the smell, it’s hard to quantify to the layman but it smells strongly of cheap electronics; it might burn off in time but it really does. I actually wondered if it was already burned out. Next onto the source of people’s worries – the plug. CE marked (as the unit is) and 3A rated which sounds about right for a unit that, at 200 Watts would draw around 1 amp. However, on checking the fuse I find a 13 amp fuse. In the event of a failure the plug would indeed burn out before the fuse blows. Another thing that doesn’t seem right to me I’d the lack of an ingress protection (IP rating), if I were designing this item I would probably aim for IP 54 at least (splash proof).To sum up, the unit seems OK and works well (though not sure for how long) but if you are buying it then check, and change the fuse to 3 Amp. Other points, never operate it unattended (or overnight) and never put dripping footwear on there.

  2. Amazon Customer

    The reviews were mixed. It was a third of the price of other models. I was sceptical and left it for a year before reviewing. Works excellent. Post menopausal, sweaty, medicated and on feet in work boots all day. I use the same pair of work boots daily and needed to be able to dry them out before the next day. Leaving them to air dry at the open window only works in the summer and when it’s not raining. It feels like an ionic hair diffuser heat when in use. So, it’s low and slow. I put the boots on for anywhere between 25 and 95 minutes, depending on how wet the boots are. And in the winter it warms them up for me. Going out in minus temperatures, on a mobility scooter, in winter now feels like a luxury. When the winter hits again I’m going to try them on my gloves too. reduces the time needed in between needing to antibacterial shoes as they don’t stay wet; but, does not stop the need to do this. 5*

  3. Matt Cameron

    I’m 48 years old and live rural in the Scottish Highlands, and constantly switch between 3 pairs of boots, so more often than not I have a pair sitting with the laces and insoles removed to air-dry.A friend put me onto this drier. At £15 I was sceptical but decided to give it a go. My scepticism was further increased when one of the extending arms kept falling back and failed to lock in place, but I persevered.BRILLIANT BIT OF KIT! It speeds up drying by hours, is a doddle to use and store, and I have got into the habit of just leaving my boots on them, even when not in use. For the money I simply cannot fault it!

  4. Kevin Collins

    I’ve recently started using the Renogy Boot Dryer on my hiking boots, and it’s been a game-changer. After long hikes, my boots used to take ages to dry out, but with this dryer, it only takes 20 minutes to get them feeling fresh and comfortable again. The heat blower works efficiently, ensuring that every nook and cranny of my boots dries thoroughly. I particularly appreciate the adjustable rack, which allows me to position my boots just right for optimal drying. The folding design is a great touch, making it convenient to store when not in use. Overall, this is an excellent investment for anyone who wants to extend the life and comfort of their footwear. Highly recommended!

  5. Aliantha

    Easy to collapse flat for storage.Effective, dries dog walking boots in less than an hour. Easy to use.Only downside is that with bigger boots sometimes it falls over.

  6. Buzzby

    I was slightly sceptical, but this little machine actually works! It is a bit plasticky, so doesn’t feel particularly premium, but for the price I can forgive that. On the plus side, it’s surprisingly customisable, allowing you to offset the timer and adjust how long it dry for. The arms can also be extended if you’re drying boots. I use it for my cycling shoes and running shoes – pop them on and set it off for 20 mins and they are dry. Probably better to keep it in a garage or pain cave, as it does fill the room with a sweaty shoe smell, but kind of expected. All in all, a good buy that actually solves a problem 👌

  7. Amazon Customer

    Got for drying disgusting sweaty cycling shoes after turbo sessions. Does the job spot on with the 20minute default cycle.Compact design, seemingly efficient drying only downside is it’s pretty noisy but that’s why it’s quick, moves air doesn’t just warm.

  8. Sw handyman services

    Apsolute game changer dry boots in 20-25 mins. Was a bit sceptical at 1st but it’s amazing no more damp smelly boots drying in the hallway. Been using it for 2 weeks and Personally I think it could benefit from a bigger fan to cut down on running costs also a few more vent holes apart from that it’s brilliant I just recommend it to my rugby team

  9. Steven D.

    This has to be one of the most useful things I have bought this year.With the weather getting bad and football multiple times a week, this has been a godsend.Dries football boots and trainers quickly so they’re ready to be used again quickly.Adjustable timer so you can set how long you want to dry for.Reasonable price too!

  10. stephane chignard

    Good for drying gloves and shoes only really for winter though as in summer they can dry outside

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