Foot Cream Review: CCS Cream Wonders for Feet?

Foot Cream Review: CCS Cream Wonders for Feet?

Struggling with dry, rough skin on your feet can be a frustrating experience below is our Foot Cream Review. We’ve come across CCS Foot Care Cream, a product that’s gaining some serious attention for tackling this issue head-on. With a formulation that speaks volumes about its Swedish skincare roots, this cream promises to soften callused feet and protect against further dryness. We’ve noticed that it’s enriched with 10% urea, an ingredient known for its moisturising properties, and eucalyptus oil, which adds a refreshing scent. What’s more, it’s been given the thumbs-up by podiatrists and is friendly for those who have diabetes or sensitive skin. CCS Foot Care Cream Applying it seems hassle-free. You massage it into your feet as needed, ideally at night for a deep conditioning treatment. Its hypoallergenic, lanolin-free credentials mean many should be able to use it without worry of skin irritation.

Our Foot Cream Review.

All in all, CCS Foot Care Cream seems to be a solid pick for keeping your feet in tip-top shape. With its specialised formula and podiatrist recommendation, it looks like a strong ally in your foot care routine. Ready to give your feet the care they deserve? Click here to get your hands on a tube of CCS Foot Care Cream and say goodbye to dry, rough skin.

Overview of CCS Professional Foot Care Cream 175 ml

When looking at the CCS Professional Foot Care Cream, we’re seeing a product that has won the trust of both everyday users and specialists, like podiatrists, for managing dry and rough skin on feet. It’s acclaimed for its effectiveness and the inclusion of urea—10%, to be precise—a compound naturally found in our bodies that aids in keeping our skin soft and supple. The cream’s formula isn’t just about hydration; it also contains eucalyptus oil, which typically leaves a refreshing feel post-application. We appreciate that it’s a hypoallergenic cream, making it a conscientious choice for those of us with sensitive skin or who are diabetic. The Swedish origins of the brand add a touch of pharmaceutical credibility, and let’s face it, they know a thing or two about skincare in those cold, Nordic climates. Yet, we can’t overlook that some might find its scent, which is distinct but not too overpowering, a tad medicinal – it’s the eucalyptus at play, which evokes a clean and fresh aroma. If you’re someone seeking a heavily perfumed cream, this may not hit the mark. It does, however, seem to do the expected job quite effectively when used regularly, especially as an overnight treatment with socks—though remember, every one of us may have a different reaction or result. It’s comforting to know that the product comes from a brand established since the late ’70s, instilling confidence in their experience with foot care. The 175ml size is substantial enough to keep our shelves stocked up for a decent while, assuming you’re not overzealous with the applications. The lanolin-free feature is another plus for those concerned about avoiding animal-derived ingredients. Usage is straightforward—apply it generously to those pesky, dry areas of your feet and, over time, those spots should become a thing of the past. Just keep in mind: it’s for external use, so steer clear of using it beyond those rugged heels.

Combatting Dry and Rough Skin

When tackling dry and rough skin on the feet, we often look for a trustworthy solution that’s both effective and easy to use. CCS Foot Care Cream enters the scene as a heavy hitter, backed by recommendations from podiatrists themselves. It has a special blend containing 10% urea—a component naturally found in our skin—and eucalyptus oil, which together work to soften and maintain supple skin. Regular use of this cream can make a noticeable difference, especially when applied after exfoliating. Think of it as a proactive measure to stop further skin issues from cropping up. For those with sensitive skin or diabetes, it’s a sigh of relief to find a product that’s been tested to suit their needs. Yes, the scent is unique with a eucalyptically medicinal whiff, and it may not be the cheapest on the shelf, but the consensus is that a little goes a long way. Nightly application followed by donning socks can turn it into an intensive treatment, amplifying the cream’s benefits while you sleep. Remember, though, consistency is key—we find that one-off applications won’t cut it, and discipline in routine is crucial to maintaining those soft, happy feet.

Moisturising with 10% Urea

We often overlook the importance of keeping our feet moisturised, but CCS Foot Care Cream is here to tackle the rough and tumble our feet go through daily. The key ingredient, urea, is not just any moisturiser; it’s naturally found in our bodies, making it perfect for rehydrating our skin. At a substantial 10%, this amount of urea effectively softens those stubborn, dry areas, preventing future problems. But it’s not all about urea. The inclusion of eucalyptus oil brings a refreshing touch, and with its hypoallergenic properties, it’s a win for those of us with sensitive skin. Could it be too good to be true? Well, the cream is dermatologically tested, creating a trusty barrier against cracked heels day in, day out. While it’s a powerhouse for dryness relief, it’s worth noting that some might find the eucalyptus scent a bit strong. And if you’re impatient, you might balk at the recommendation to use it overnight with socks. It’s all about finding what works with our routines. One thing’s for sure, though – with this cream, our quest for softer feet seems a whole lot more attainable.

Designed for Sensitive Skin

When dealing with sensitive feet, it’s reassuring to find a product that’s crafted with caution in mind. CCS’s foot cream is hypoallergenic, which is a boon for those of us prone to irritation. The inclusion of urea, a moisturiser naturally found in the human body, indicates thoughtfulness in formulation. It’s known to aid in keeping skin supple, but not all products for sensitive skin contain such considerate ingredients. The cream lacks lanolin, a common allergen, steering clear of potential triggers for sensitive skin reactions. That alone gets our nods of approval. We’re also looking at a dermatologically tested creams here. For anyone with diabetes, skin sensitivity can be a significant concern, and CCS considers this by making their foot cream suitable for those individuals. However, caution is key. The cream should be used as directed, and any signs of irritation warrant immediate discontinuation. It’s all about balancing effective moisturisation without turning to harsh chemicals that can do more harm than good. This CCS cream seems to walk that line quite well.

Easy Nightly Routine

With our busy lives, we understand how valuable a fuss-free nightly routine is for self-care. Applying CCS Foot Care Cream becomes a simple step in winding down for the night. We’ve found that not much effort is needed to maintain those soft heels and smooth soles, which is essential after a long day on your feet. Since the cream boasts a 10% urea concentration – a component naturally found in our skin – it does the heavy lifting by moisturising deeply. Applying the cream at night means you wake up to feet that feel more supple, and routine use keeps roughness at bay. Our tip? Slather it on and pull on a pair of socks. It not only locks in the moisture but also prevents any accidental slips on your nighttime wanderings to the kitchen or bathroom. Some users might be initially put off by the eucalyptus scent, which leans towards the medicinal. However, it’s a small concession when weighed against the cream’s effective moisturising properties. Plus, the fact that it’s dermatologically tested and suitable for sensitive skin adds to our reassurance. We should note, this cream doesn’t promise overnight miracles, but with consistent use, it genuinely improves the condition of your feet. Keeping expectations realistic, it aids in managing the day-to-day dryness that can lead to discomfort.

Foot Cream Review Pros and Cons


When it comes to keeping your feet in top-notch condition, we find quite a few things to love about this cream.
  • Moisture Rich: Thanks to the inclusion of 10% urea, the cream packs a punch in the hydration department. Urea is naturally found in the human body and does a solid job at preventing dry skin.
  • Smooth Operator: Want your feet to feel baby soft? Us too! The hypo-allergenic formula is a godsend for sandpaper-like heels, transforming them into something smooth and envy-worthy.
  • Trusted by Professionals: We’re all for products that experts use, and this one’s given a nod by podiatrists. It’s certainly reassuring to know it’s not just us who think it’s a good pick.
  • Sensitivity Considered: For our friends with sensitive skin or who are managing diabetes, it’s a breath of fresh air to find a foot cream that caters to these needs without causing a fuss.
  • No Nasty Smell: As a bonus, the eucalyptus oil gives it a fresh scent, which is pleasant and not overpowering, making it quite agreeable when used daily or nightly.


Even the good’uns have their shortcomings, and while we’re fans of this foot cream, there are a couple of areas where it might fall a bit flat.
  • Cost Concern: If you’re comparing price tags, this one might make you think twice. It’s a touch pricier than other options, although the quality can justify the extra pennies.
  • Lanolin-Free: Normally, this would be a pro, but some users might miss lanolin if they’re used to its particular moisturising properties.
  • Not an Instant Fix: Some reviews suggest it’s not a miracle worker. It works wonders with consistent use, but don’t expect an overnight transformation – patience is key with this one.

Customer Feedback

We’ve scoured through loads of feedback on CCS’s Foot Care Cream and it’s looking like this cream is a bit of a wonder for those struggling with dry, callused feet. Consistently, users are raving about the cream’s ability to keep feet supple, with many noting a transformation from rough to soft skin that feels proper pampered. One thing we keep seeing is how the cream brings rapid relief to dehydrated skin, with feet feeling softer in almost no time at all. Some folks were put off by hard, flaky skin, and they’ve been chuffed to bits by the results after using this cream. It’s even got a thumbs up for its smell, which is a fresh eucalyptus scent with a hint of that clinical vibe you sometimes get — reassuring us it means business. Sure, there are mentions of it being a tad pricier than competitors, but users are adamant that only a small dollop is needed, making it last ages and sort of justifying the cost. And, it’s not just everyday reviewers giving it praise; it comes recommended by professionals like chiropodists, especially for people facing very dry heels. Overall, the verdict is this cream does wonders for foot care, and frankly, we’re here for it.

Final Thoughts

In wrapping up, it seems that CCS’s foot cream is a game-changer for anyone stuck in the struggle against dry, callused feet. The infusion of 10% urea and eucalyptus oil gives it a unique edge in moisturising tough skin, and it’s encouraging to see it has a clinical backing as well as being suitable for diabetics. Our perusal of the cream’s capabilities has led us to appreciate its fast-acting nature and the deeply hydrating relief it provides. The overwhelmingly positive reception puts a spotlight on its effective formula, with users finding solace from stubborn dryness and discomfort. However, it’s not lost on us that quality comes at a price, and while it might be heftier on the wallet compared to others, we’ve noticed that a little goes a long way which could justify the investment. The cream’s scent is described as refreshingly medicinal – pleasant without being overwhelming, which might be a plus depending on your preference. Of course, it’s important to exfoliate before application to get the best results. Overall, for those seeking to bring their feet back to a state of softness and comfort, this cream could well be worth the punt.