Hangsun Foot Spa Bath Massager with Bubbles and Vibration Pedicure Spas

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  • FOUR FUNCTION IN ONE – Includes Vibration massage + Bubble massage + Infrared heat + Water heat preservation. It also has one iinfrared sensor heads and two removable massaging rollers. The automatic thermostat function can maintain the water temperature in a comfortable level.
  • MAGNETIC THERAPY – It can deeply relax your tense foot muscles and keep them healthy. It can also stimulate blood circulation, promote cell regeneration and revitalise and invigorate your feet.
  • MASSAGE ROLLERS – Two active massage rollers, which roll the whole foot bones, are set specially in water output. This truly eliminates fatigue.
  • ANTI WATER SPLASH DESIGN – Removable splash guard helps prevent splashing and spills, especially while you move the footbath.
  • HIGH QUALITY – Produced with high quality ABS material, it is durable for daily use. It has an IPX4 waterproof level, so there’s no need to worry about water splash too.
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All-in-one Hangsun Foot Spa features vibration massage, oxygen bubble massage, infrared heat therapy, water heat, and non-slip rubber feet to prevent sliding on your floor.

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Weight 99.82542 oz
Dimensions 0.43 × 0.25 × 0.33 m

53131700 (Therapeutic massage equipment) Report an incorrect code

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‎ 43 x 25 x 33 cm; 2.83 Kilograms


‎ B077HRTT2M

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‎ China

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‎ Hangsun

100 reviews for Hangsun Foot Spa Bath Massager with Bubbles and Vibration Pedicure Spas

  1. Mrs T

    Perfect for tired feet! Extremely soothing. Noise level as expected from bubbling water.Was a gift for my husband & he loves it. Recommend.

  2. Miss P H Maru

    Had it NOT been for 3 Issues this FOOT SPA is pretty Good.What let it down!1 – its pretty heavy I have fybromyalgia and the weight was too much!2 – really worrying the water just splashed all Over the Towel & Floor was shocking as loads covered the dial where you switch cycles – I went through so many Kitchen Towels cleaning up the constant Water that was being thrown out by the Bubbles…of course you cannot change the force of the Bubbles its only 1 setting!3 – its very narrow and small not a lot of room for your feet to move around my legs were pressing against the sides and caused dents in my Skin was very uncomfortable to say the least :(The BEST part – the Vibration is actually flipping AWESOME I loved it – I even felt that it had a HEAT element to it …this is when you turn off the bubbles and just have it STILL WATER.The fact that you can remove the Rollers was Superb.I have been diagnosed with Plantar Fascitis so it is still a painful experience BUT maybe somewhat helping SADLY I am having to return this Item BUT I really hope I can find the Ideal FOOTSPA with all the right elements SOON.

  3. peter turner

    Easy to put together low noise when running only down side is the runners, dont put them in very comfortable

  4. Good and easy to use

    Great product

  5. Lindsay

    I was eagerly awaiting the delivery of the foot spa after a long day of standing at work. It’s very simple to use with three settings: vibration massage & infra red light, heat & bubble massage or all three at once. There are also two rotating bars which can be removed if you prefer not to use them. All sounds great but, first…infra red light? No explanation of what that is meant to do and, as far as I can tell, it’s just a red plastic disc with some light behind it. I don’t think it does anything at all. I don’t know about the heat function as I just poured warm water in and it didn’t get any hotter. The bubble effect is quite splashy but wasn’t powerful enough to have any massage effect. The vibration, which was what I was most anticipating, was really disappointing as, although it was emitting a sort of buzzing sensation and sound, the vibrations were not very powerful at all. After ten minutes I got quite bored with the whole thing. Also, when I started the bubble function there were little bits of “something” that appeared in the water… flecks of black something or other, no idea what they were but it was rather off putting. The rollers gave me the best massage but, due to their position, I couldn’t roll my whole foot length over them. On the up side, it is very easy to empty without getting water everywhere. On the whole though, what I thought would be a really therapeutic and invigorating experience for my aching feet really didn’t do anything for me. I’d return it, but I’m not sure if these things can be returned after being used once!

  6. Amazon Customer

    Water starts to cool very quickly so the unit definitely is not “Heat-maintaining a constant temperature” as it claims.I am quite disappointed with it.

  7. LK

    Great! So many settings and is so good for the price!

  8. 𝗧𝗿𝘂𝘁𝗵 𝗦𝗲𝗲𝗸𝗲𝗿

    Bought a 2nd one after originally buying the first one as a gift for my brothers girlfriend who had given my other half a free reflexology session.She was delighted with this foot spa and commented that is was well made, easy to use.Having searched and done my usual amount (hours) of research, I decided to buy another one for my other half and me to use.I am not a fan of the annoying and painful rollers in the bottom and in this particular foot spa, these are easily removable. So that was great.The spa works well and after filling with warm water, it stays at a constant temperature. The infra red is just a gimmick as far as I am concerned but a nice bit of red light at Christmas time, I suppose. Vibration is good as are the bubbles. I will try to use this more often than previous ones, which have tended to end up in the same cupboard as the Toasted sandwich maker!Highly recommended. Buy with confidence.I do not receive any payment or free goods for writing these reviews. I am just happy to share my views on my purchases with fellow like minded Amazonians in the hope that you may find it helpful.

  9. Eccles cake

    Brilliant I use every day for my feet and it so rewarding

  10. Amazon Customer

    I would recommend the product. It keeps the feet warm and the airation keeps the water moving.

  11. Amazon Customer

    There are cheaper models out there that will do the same thing. I took the rollers out as they hurt my feet. It all works but it is noisy. You can sit back and relax while watching TV as it’s quite loud

  12. Moishya

    Thanks for amazon prime super fast delivery! So excited just couldn’t wait to get off work to try it out!My First impression, this foot spa really well made, good weight, multifunction and easy to use. Works perfectly as described! This product is really fulfil all my purpose. I’m a super fan of foot bath! That’s a lot of benefit as well!Normally I was put on 100g of sea salt/ Himalayan pink salt or Dead Sea salt and few drops of lemongrass/ lavender essential oil to relaxes my whole day tense muscles and tiredness.Switch on W+B+M+IR for 5 mins then I might felt a bit dizzy or heart beating faster because I like the water temperature between 38c to 40c. Second mode were change to W+B about 10 mins to soothing down and listening to my favourites song. I like that bubbling warm water with vibrations were extremely relaxing.Lastly I will use the callous remover on all the dead skin that I could find on my feet then apply some cream to achieve best result……. It was absolute bliss and afterwards my feet felt like I was walking on air…..Love that feeling!Honestly, compared with my previous basic foot spa was stop working about month ago this is absolutely fantastic , so glad that I bought this foot spa to replaced it with affordable price. I do believe keeping healthy lifestyles is very important! Highly recommend to everyone who like foot bath!Note* please read the instructions before use, someone if having health problems may not suitable to use it*. Thanks for your precious time to reading my review!

  13. Thorpey

    It’s ok doesn’t heat up much so can’t recommend!

  14. robin carruthers

    Really helps my aching feet at the end of a long day

  15. Hannah Baller

    So the button functions all work quite well, but the spiky flooring is so abrasive it is quite painful to put my feet down to massage on the self-massage rollers. Also, the footpath leaks, it has a ‘splash cover’ but under the splash cover is a small hole, where the water leaks from making it defunct. So you have to have a lot less water than is measured on the contraption. Might be worth the money but ultimately if I’d have known about this hole I wouldn’t have bought it as water leaked everywhere within minutes without my knowing until it was all over the floor.

  16. Kindle Customer

    Oh,the luxury of putting tired achy feet into the warm water with bubbles and vibration pedicure.lovely

  17. Kelly-Anne

    Does the job, it’s just annoying that the water doesn’t stay hot, so you can only really use it for about 5-7 mins before the water starts cooling down. The attachment can come off which is great and it’s very spacious (can fit larger than size 7 feet) getting rid of the water when your done can get complicated but it’s super easy to clean

  18. Amazonian

    Sometimes you need to pamper yourself, especially when there is not much on and do something different than the same monotonous routine.Package Content:1x Foot Spa Massager1x Instruction leaflet1x Feet coverJust add water and a little bit of soap and power on. Easy peasy to maintain the temperature for your liking. The built in bubbler with the vibration whilst massaging your feet makes your feet relaxed and smooth.Everyone in the house had a spa day over the weekend, pampered each other. and had a fun time.The portability of the unit makes it versatile for easy to carry should you take it to your friend(s) for a me time. Also a great idea as a mothers day gift.

  19. Amazon Customer

    I had my eye on a rather more expensive foot spa but when I saw the overwhelmingly positive reviews for this one I took a punt so to speak. I’ve only used it once since purchase but I am pretty pleased with it. The water remained nice and warm for a long time and the jacuzzi function was pleasant, although I found that I could only keep the bubble function on for a few seconds to prevent it overflowing.I found the massage rollers a little difficult to use effectively but not uncomfortable as others found.

  20. Tracy Brookes

    It seemed great to begin with but sadly because of where the controls are they constantly get wet, even when the water is well below the line, and now i can’t use it as it won’t switch off and smells of burning when plugged in.Bad design on the electrical part which is a shame as the bowl size and the fact the shield can be removed is great but sadly it’s in the bin already!

  21. Mr R T Gumbrell gumby64

    this was a gift for my granddaughter who has said it is very good.

  22. Phil Wain

    Helps keep your feet healthy.

  23. M Oliver

    The description at Amazon.co.uk reads “Water heat preservation … The automatic thermostat function can maintain the water temperature in a comfortable level.”This is not so, at least not with the unit as delivered. Water at a comfortable heat begins to lose its warmth immediately, to the extent that after 15 or 20 minutes it is no longer warm – this in a centrally heated house.As for “MAGNETIC THERAPY – It can deeply relax your tense foot muscles and keep them healthy …”, I have found no evidence of anything at all magnetic going on.

  24. kubra

    The media could not be loaded.

     Really relaxing. Has three settings. My feet feel light and relaxed.

  25. jaysk

    Does the job its supposed to

  26. Debi

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     I could only upload one photo but I absolutely love it I walk a lot and this foot spa is brilliant my tired feet and sore carve muscles feel great after a session in foot spar, I can’t recommend enough people just buy it you won’t be disappointed

  27. Zara Ahmed

    This foot spa is amazing! Honestly speaking i have wasted so much money trying to get a foot spa that doesn’t make my feet more sore and I honestly think I’ve found the one! This foot spa warms up so quick and remains the temperature I have set it too even 20 minutes later! My feet honestly feel so soft every time I’m done and I’ve got my whole family obsessed it is so comforting especially around bath time! Recommend this guys !

  28. Smithy02

    A little hard on the soles of my feet including the roller. It doesn’t heat up the water, had to put the hot water in but somehow it manages to keep it at a luke warm comfortable temperature. Everyone including my 6 year old son have enjoyed the bubbles, vibrating massage and soaking their feet!

  29. Alison Druce

    I liked the weight of it, easy to transport and use anywhere there is an electrical supply, though always use a towel under or use on laminates or vinyls. Easy to use but the instructions were vague and I am still not sure what the infrared does!!I didn’t use the massage rollers as they were painful on my feet.I liked that it kept the water warm, good price and it was easy to drain, unlike some I have used before. Its also used by everyone on the family, which is an advantage. Used mine with Epsom Salts

  30. julie

    This product states that it keeps the water warm or hot but it does not

  31. J. Lee

    Great product for the price. I find the massage bars quite uncomfortable, though. You can’t really just soak your feet without making contact and they jut out a fair bit

  32. Jimmy Beesechurger

    Better quality than was expected for the price, but a great spa in any case. Not sure about the claim of “magnetic field therapy” and whatnot, but in terms of doing the basic job a foot spa is designed to do, it does it very well.I removed the rollers and stored them in the box. They never appealed to me. I think the texture of the base is enough. The jets are quite powerful, and this is generally the only feature I use. The unit does have some pretty powerful vibrations though, if that’s a feature which appeals to you.The spa holds plenty of water, and is plenty big enough for large feet. The in-built moulded spout makes disposing of the water afterwards very easy.In summary, great foot spa for the price. Can’t go wrong.

  33. Mrs R A Nicholson

    Live this. I don’t have a bath and my feet have horrid hard skin. This is very therapeutic and helps soften them. I will note however it’s very noisy with the bubbles on a laminate floor (even cushioned – not able to watch TV with it on)

  34. Mrs. M. Reilly

    Very pleased with the Hangsun foot spa and massager FM180. I have tended to ignore my feet, but now I am in my 70’s I am developing problems with thick nails and callouses and have started to soak my feet regularly. I wondered if this product would be disappointing on account of the cheap price, but I have been delighted. It is well made and works well, and not too noisy. I have taken to using it in the evenings before bed and find that it relaxes me and I get a better night’s sleep. I would really recommend this foot spa.

  35. Cheryl Murray

    For my husband. Great after a hard day on the railway.

  36. Shoppingholic

    It’s ok, but not deep enough as water will spill out although I only half full the water. Not really recommend this

  37. Honest Reviewer 🌟


  38. Paulette Hamilton

    My husband asked me to order this product for his friend after I had ordered something similar for him a few weeks before. After using the product just a few times, the friend declared it had changed his life. His tired feet which he had been living with for years, which he was feeling aches and pains just felt so much better. He looked forward to using it after returning from a hard day at work.

  39. Judita Zemaitaityte

    just really needed something to make me feel totally relaxed after a long day and help with the blood circulation. Already after first use I have been feeling so light on my feet and totally revitalised.Rollers move when you move your feet which I found very pleasant and relaxing. Not as noisy as my old machine, a big plus in our household.And my little girl very like it😍😄Really high quality foot spa.

  40. Kim

    The infrared doesn’t keep the water warm so the water cools down quickly. The base without the rollers is a little harsh on your feet if you just want to soak your feet, its good for massaging though, also the rollers are good and you can take them out if you want too. I quite like it, I don’t mind that the water cools down. It feel nice on your feet either way.

  41. Evostuk 8

    All our family – three of us – have tried this out and like it. First time have tried a foot spa and enjoyed the bubbles and vibro setting infra red light is a bonus. Put peppermint oil in and after a 20 minute sessions my feet felt rejuvenated!! One pair of happy feet! 🙂

  42. Amazon Customer

    This is so good, even my 9 year old is getting in on the action! Water stays warm, easy to clean and the non foaming peppermint works brilliantly. No issues with this at all and it’s easy to use and to empty the water!

  43. Mattylad

    So, it was my ancient mother in laws 80 something birthday and as she has just about everything we sere stuck with what to get her.So we got her a foot spa, she’s always moaning that her feet hurt.ThIs one works well and is bubbly and whatever… (its afoot spa people!)Unfortunately we later discovered the my sister in law had also bought her one and that she already had one she had bunged in the loft.Old people! ya gotta love em….

  44. Amazon Customer

    Convenient to use.

  45. Sue Harris

    being an old age pensioner I have to fill this and carry to lounge to put feet in, understandleble, but a bit rough on the feet, need some comfort and not hard plastic

  46. Krishna

    It is ok not that great was expected to be extreme

  47. Balbir

    The packaging is damaged and parts are missing.

  48. Amazon Customer

    Product is great, but as it was a Christmas present the packageing when delivered was not acceptable not even in a bag or wrapped very disappointed, good job it was me that answered the door 😡

  49. Gatis Lorencs

    Overall very nice and relaxing 🙂

  50. Amazon Customer

    Bought for my mum, she’s really happy with it and finds it soothing. The water apparently gets cold quite quickly but can always be topped up. All the features do the job!

  51. Kindle Customer

    Very easy to use and definitely does the job happy with the spa

  52. Muriel W.

    My husband enjoyed his first treatment

  53. PageSlave

    I spent so much time looking for a foot spa that ticked all the boxes, and this one did!It heats the water, there are bubbles, three functions, light weight yet sturdy enough, it’s not loud at all (bubbles fiction is slightly noisy but enjoyable), it’s easy to clean with an easy pour out spout, you can remove the foot massagers etcThe only negative is the foot massagers are slightly hard for long time use but can easilybe removed. Very happy with this purchase.

  54. niall

    Bought for my other half who has sore feet at the end of the day… She loves it

  55. Kindle Customer

    I loved the massage rollers which are quite severve but i liked that and i think its great value for money at £30

  56. shirl

    I bought this as i suffer from plantar fasciitis and the pain can be shocking , but 15 mins in the bath spa and i am pain free till the next time .Love the bubble setting , spa turns into a mini jacuzzi Even my 18 yr old daughter uses it afteet a long shift at work to ease her sore tired feet

  57. john anderson

    is good product and does exactly what it says on the tin . Only gripe is the rollers can only be fixed on one position or removed . Would be better if you could put the rollers in multiple positions especially for those with larger feet

  58. Charlotte

    Easy to use, be careful when emptying as the easy pour bit makes spills likely.

  59. Rachel L Taylor

    Really happy with purchase. Only used couple of times so far but does what it says and seems to keep the water warm. I did take out the rollers which was easy to do as like other reviewers I found them uncomfortable. Have even ordered another one for my mother.

  60. SRE

    Was ok initially although jets not particularly powerful. Had to remove the door massagers too because they were uncomfortable. Then it stopped working properly in a short space of time. Initially I just couldn’t turn it off then as soon as it was turned on it emitted an awful burning smell and I’m certain it would catch fire if left on. Avoid at all costs, very disappointed as haven’t used it that often.

  61. clifton

    Bought recently for my mum, to replace the old one she had. Works really well the bubble mode is quite strong, my mum added Epsom salt to the water. After using it said her feet felt relaxed and said that she’s so glad for having it.

  62. Samantha

    I love this! As a student nurse my feet hurt daily and this is 100% a must have. There are cheaper ones out there but nothing is as good as this! It is a bit on the loud side but I really don’t mind. Having all the different settings is so handy and my feet don’t even hurt after using it.

  63. Anne mcguinness

    This is brilliant so many settings and very relaxing..the bubbles are very powerful and the vibration on your feet is nice ..worth every penny

  64. ace golfer

    Very relaxing – good quality

  65. Verbatim

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     Quite large (my feet are size 11) so should be comfortable for most people. All basic functions are there but one massive plus as it’s easy to maintain, nice little cut out to get rid of water. Definitely 5 stars product.

  66. Drew

    A very good foot spa at a very reasonable price. A not too noisy motor provided a pleasurable foot massage. Only one little negative is the ridges underfoot are rather uncomfortable.

  67. sam

    My wife and I both use this after long walks and stressful days very relaxing, can be a bit noisy but overall great.

  68. Kate Nowak

    Not really what I was looking for. I even initiated the return procedure but cost of sending it back exceeded the refund amount. Not worth it.

  69. Yasmine

    I LOVE this foot spa! Use it nearly every evening, as I walk a lot and usually suffer from sore feet.The vibration and bubbles effectively massage my feet and remove tension from my toes right up to my knees. I like to add essential oils and salts. The rolling massagers are very hard and uncomfortable most of the times, however when the bottom of my feet are really hurting, they are a godsend! so I remove/attach them as necessary. Would definitely recommend!

  70. am gill

    I bought this for my husband. He loves it.It’s a lovely bit of massage and comforting. He just sits and relaxes with it.Thank you

  71. edward shiel


  72. Janet Covacic

    I bought this foot spar on the recomendations of all the reviews. I wasn’t dissapointed, it is good quality and gives a lovely vibrating foot massage, I removed the rolling bars before using as I thought they would be uncomfortable for me. This foot spar has 3 different functions and is very relaxing.

  73. ismail_mehmet

    An ok product however it has its flaws. Firstly, I put hot water in and within 5-7 mins, the water begun to go cold so the heating feature clearly doesn’t work. The bubble jets are nice until your feet are placed fully into the spa. The main problem is water goes everywhere when you use the jets. I put a towel under the foot spa and it’s soaking wet! Returning as I am not fully satisfied with this item.

  74. Ant69

    Excellent value & easy to use

  75. Diana Dai

    I bought it for my parent as they said they feel uncomfortable with their feet, so I think a foot spa would be useful in this case. it is very easy to use which you only need to charge and open with water. confident and reasonable price. they like it a lot.

  76. Emma s

    Lovely spa but the roller bits do hurt your feet, you can easily take them out though so all good

  77. Michael Nelson

    Bought for my mom

  78. Kweilo

    Everything looked good, easy instructions and use but the water temperature was not maintained as stated and went quite cool quickly which resulted in an unpleasant experience. Item returned for refund.

  79. marie

    I have numb feet due to chemo and this is foot spa is wonderful using it everyday and my feet look and feel amazing tingly and alive again a must for any foot complaint x good size stays warm easy to handle

  80. Turtle456

    Great and easy to use but spits out water when bubbles are on

  81. Kindle Customer

    Easy to use. Made my feet feel lovely

  82. Mr B Swain

    Worth having for the delectation of ones feet. Simple to use with three formats.

  83. Lina Chen

    This product is not disappointing at all, it has all the functions of a high-quality foot spa, quickly heating the water to the desired temperature, bubbles, infrared, various massage speeds, I am very satisfied👍💕

  84. Bernie George

    The product is of good qauilty, robust and easy to use. My wife needs it as she has MS so the foot spa provides a very comfortable experience and she is very happy with this product. Thank you.

  85. LO

    Its great! Just fill, plug in, and relax. I got some bath salts and essential oils and that makes it even better. Im buying another one for my mum.

  86. Sarah-Jane S.

    very happy with this foot spar ive had tosend 2 back. for the money its really good and had no problems. I work from home as a nail technician and very happy so far.

  87. M J Loirng

    Works well but does not keep water hot as advertised.

  88. JKA

    Fantastic for the money – recommend *****

  89. Ms. L. E. Davison

    Jolly good. Quite stimulating. Ummed and aahed a lot before choosing, but very happy with the foot spa. The bubble function though is a bit excessive. I only put salts in and was still met with a frothy monster in seconds. Took out the foot rollers as they are a bit fierce…but each to their own. Some may like them. Overall splendid.

  90. Allan McDigger

    Been looking to buy a foot spa for some time but not sure which one to buy, this one was highly recommended but the max foot size was a bit vague, i’m size 12 – both feet.No worries, fits my feet with a little bit to spare, nice effect as well.

  91. Ian Smith

    Totally useless. The Infrared light is an led with a red cover. Don’t put bubbles in it, it will overflow! The faint vibration does absolutely nothing. Cheap Chinese rubbish! I’m sending it back 😡

  92. Debs

    Really lovely foot spa. Use non foaming foot soak if using bubble function as it bubbles over the top! Very relaxing and the functions all work great. I removed the rolling foot massagers as I found it uncomfortable and was unable to relax my feet. Other than that I’m very pleased.

  93. Carmen gamble


  94. Jackie

    Excellent product

  95. artemis

    foot rollers are silly because you cant move your feet sufficiently ..so took them out. Doesnt really heat water or keep it hot…but water stays warm enough for a 20 minute soak….a good product overall

  96. Amazon Customer

    I love it to massage my feet

  97. P.mathews.

    Liked this product very much but the teeth on the bottom are not very comfortable.

  98. neil hunter

    Came super quick.Easy to use.Bubbles are lovely.Still unsure what the magnets are forWould have liked a bit more vibration.Good product. Great gift. Cheers

  99. Collkitto

    Hmmm , Disappointed with this item but that’s the way it goes sometimes. Overpriced to say the least, without doubt would return this item but the sheer hassle of doing so given my location, it’s en-route to the attic.

  100. Robert

    Great item just a little bit loud.

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