RENPHO Foot Spa with Motorized Rollers , Foot Bath with Fast Heating, Automatic Massage

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  • 【Massage Your Tired Feet】– The electric foot spa massager uses water, massage rollers, and heat to provide warmth. The deep foot bath machine makes your feet more comfortable. The foot massager machine spa is suitable for elderly people, insomniacs, athletes, people with cold feet, and more.
  • 【PTC Heater with Adjustable Temperature and Timer】– PTC heater system quickly heats and maintains a constant temperature. Choose your desired warmth ranging from 95°F to 118°F (35℃ to 48℃). Increase the temperature gradually from a low temperature to choose your suitable heat. PTC heater includes leakage protection and more secure multi-insulation protection, so it’s safer for you to enjoy a relaxing foot bath spa. You can set the timer from 10 to 60 minutes.
  • 【3 Automatic Massage Modes and Bubble Jets】– The high-quality automatic massage rollers target acupuncture points smoothly and firmly. Select from 3 modes: continuous rolling, even time intervals, and unequal time intervals. The footbath default massage time is 15 minutes. Bubble jet function provides powerful bubbles during the foot bath massage, which can effectively relax your soles and add more comfort to your foot spa bath massage.
  • 【Easy to Use and Clean】– This foot spa massager has wheels, a handle, and a drainpipe. Easily drag or lift the foot spa massager using the handle and the wheels even the water level is at the Max Water Line. Empty it using the drainpipe so you won’t need to lift it.
  • 【Makes a great gift】- Every foot bath massager will operate an inspection with water before leaving the factory, so the foot bath massager has water signs inside, which is a normal phenomenon. The foot spa with heat and massage and jets is a great gift for your family and friends, providing them relaxation.
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Indulge in an invigorating foot spa experience with the RENPHO Foot Spa. Our product comes equipped with motorized rollers, fast heating, automatic massage, powerful bubble jets, adjustable timer and temperature controls, making it the perfect choice for rejuvenating your tired feet. Treat yourself to the ultimate pampering experience with our premium foot spa.

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‎ B08112FV3X

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100 reviews for RENPHO Foot Spa with Motorized Rollers , Foot Bath with Fast Heating, Automatic Massage

  1. Togfather

    I am diabetic and also have mobility issues. I cannot reach my feet to wash and dry them so I bought this to see if it would help.There are a couple of fundamental design flaws. The removeable cover does not fit well, and it is impossible to use the carry handle with the cover in place.It is very heavy with water in it, and the cable is not very long. I had to plug it into an extension to use it at my desk.Also, it would be handy if there was a cable storage facility, as there is nowhere to put the cable when transporting or storing the unit.I cannot reach the controls when my feet are in the bath under my desk, and the controls are hard to see. It would be helpful if the control buttons were illuminated.To overcome this I used a torch and one of those rubber topped pens you get for touch screens.Getting my feet in was not easy, as there is not much access room.The heater is a nice touch and the bubbles felt good. The massage system felt wierd at first, but was OK after a while. More importantly, after 20 minutes my feet were much cleaner than when they went in.The worst thing about this product is the discomfort caused by the casing putting pressure on my legs during the process. I sat upright to avoid an awkward angle, but it seemed that no matter where I placed my feet, my legs were pressed against the hard plastic side or the front, which was uncomfortable, bordering on painful. Even after I got my feet out, I could feel the pressure marks on my legs for some time. Perhaps it could do with some cushioning around the edge.I wish I had found a better one, and now that I have used it I suppose I can’t return it, which is disappointing. I will therefor persevere with this one and hope it gets easier to use as time passes.

  2. Jack

    Opposites other foot spas it is clearly well fabricated. It is very spacious, easy to use. The electrical rollers in the water are most enjoyable and it to top it all off it even has a user friendly hose to empty out after you’re done. Certainly to be recommended.

  3. Leonski

    Wasn’t sure about if my partner would like it, but she loves it. Great gift idea, and seems good quality too.

  4. miss happy

    Being diabetic, I decided to start giving my feet some much needed tlc and started with looking for a decent foot spa when I came across this. My feet, on most days, are often sore to walk on, sensitive and sometimes swollen so I was a little apprehensive when I read some reviews saying how uncomfortable it is on your feet. Regardless, I thought I’d take the plunge because my feet needed something to help. I won’t lie and say that it is the most comfortable to use BUT, once you get used to it, it is fine – bear in mind that my feet were very sore to begin with hence, the discomfort. I used it for the first time last night with some Epsom salts and a nice smelling gel. I spent around 30mins with my feet soaking away and being massaged for the recommended 15mins, then another 5 after around 10mins and by the end, I no longer felt as uncomfortable. I had to find my sweet spot during this time as I’ve never used one as sophisticated as this before. I filled up the little well in the middle with the Epsom Salts by removing the top cap, you do this by twisting it slightly – it’s kind of like a bayonet type catch and then filled with cold water. I set the temperature at it’s highest and found that the unit took a while to heat fully but I didn’t mind this as it gave me a chance to clean and prepare my feet. I found the highest temperature to be a little too hot for me so will lessen the degree next time. The only downside to this unit however is that the bubbles are not very powerful and would have like them to be more so really. However, I slept very well and my feet feel so rested even this morning I still feel the positive effects. They are far less sore than they are on most days and as a result, I have been far more active and energised – I’m not a morning person usually but today I am! I feel as though I have literally spent time at a Spa. I can honestly say that this has been a worthwhile purchase and feel it will be a solid investment for my foot health, I will be using it again tonight..

  5. Andrew

    Good thing this comes with wheels, otherwise you would really struggle with it, if it had water in it…Its deep! Over ankle deep. But thats o so nicer than just bearly covering your feet.Big feet welcome. Husbands feet are greater than size 12 and they still fit nicelyIt’s quiet (ish) even with rollers on.It works – 10min in this (recommend-20min) feet dont hurt as much after being on them all day. They still hurt though so dont expect painless feet after a session as it’s not going to happen.Price – was awsum during prime day. Under £100 bargin. argos was doing simular at the same time and that was £150odd!The heater – You dont realize how much a heater keeps the water warm. After 10min in my previous foot spar and water was tempid at best. This is still hot and will stay hot for as long as you like and you have the money, to pay the electric bill at the end of the month!Plus – Worth the money, does the job very well and all the gadgets you will most likely use. Easy to empty once you get a hang of it. Lukily you dont have to move it to empty it!Negatives – With lots of water comes lots of weight, Its big and its heavy. If your tall and have a bad back you’ll end up on all fours pushing this. If your short your will probaly end up pulling this to its location. Laminate floors or hard wood floors are alot easy to move on than carpets/ rugs. Even with wheels!Enjoy the foot spar you’ve always wanted, just put in a place it will stay and not move (sorted!), unless you have smooth rugless. carpetless floors

  6. David Wainwright

    I bought this product to replace a 25 year old footspa, which though still working, is showing it’s age now.The product, whilst having many useful functions, self heating, which it does effectively and relatively quickly, massage rollers, spa bubbles and light. It’s extremely uncomfortable to use, the wheels raise it up, together with the high walls of the bath, which press into the calfs of the leg, making the entire experience almost painful and definitely very uncomfortable. I can see myself reverting to my old 25 year old footspa, which whilst now looking somewhat shoddy is by far, far more user friendly and comfortable to use.All that glitters, isn’t necessarily better, I wouldn’t recommend this product.

  7. Rajmund Kolter

    All perfect

  8. James Kaplonek

    So yeah it does it’s job. But the bubbles are pathetic (I could blow bigger bubbles using a straw) and the bubbles mode makes a huge horrible loud noise (probably the impeller) which is very unrelaxing. You also have to be sat basically upright to use it. It could do with a slightly slanted nearside so I can lounge back a bit more with my legs a bit straighter to be comfortable. Not sure it was worth the money tbh but at least it lets me soak my feet with some tea tree oil easily for 10 mins in my office.

  9. Robin

    I bought this due to the company reputation having already bout the scales. The product is well made and thought through. It has a carry handle much like a bucket for easy filling. An external drain hose for easy and splashless emptying. The controls are straightforward and functional. They control the settings for the foot rollers, heat and spa. It’s nice and deep and the ability to hear water to a desired temperature is brilliant. The first time I used it was a bit of a shock it tickles but that sensation soon wears off and you get to enjoy a thorough massage of the feel. It is a little squeaky during its operation but nothing too bothersome. The rollers seem powerful and the ability to alter the settings from continuous to pulsed is nice. The spa jets are under the heel area. Personally I would have liked so near the front as well but what it has works well. It’s not as powerful as to spill water out of the unit so you can confidently use on carpet. When my product arrived there were no operational instructions which doesn’t really matter as its very straight forward to use. However, it maybe useful to provide some maintenance advice in relation to what products are best to clean it with and indeed how. Is best to clean it. It is quite a deep system as you can see in the images which is nice, but something to consider storage wise. I think this may have many be if it’s for those who have poor circulation of the feet and will deffo malty help to stimulate the blood flow! This is ideal for anyone who would like to give their feet some tlc after all our feet take a lot of punishment and are rarely looked after as well as they should be. Full disclosure, I was offered this product for an honest review which I believe I have provided.

  10. Bernard McDaniel

    Good happy

  11. S. Langley

    I purchased this to replace my cheap no-brand Foot Spa. I thought I would treat myself to a more expensive unit than the one I had. On the whole, I am a little disappointed with it. My el-cheapo one I have had about 18 months and it was as basic as they go, but what it does do, it does far better than this one which is 5 times the price.Firstly, this is so deep that sitting on a standard couch or chair, my feet are in at such an angle that my calves push on the back of the unit. It is quite uncomfortable after a few minutes.Then there is the bubbles, what bubbles? Bubbles are dispersed at the rear of the unit but they are so weak that I had to look in the bath to make sure they were on. My el-cheapo puts out about 3 times as many bubbles as this.My old one didn’t have automatic rollers and due to the angle of my legs in the bath, the rollers on this were very uncomfortable to the point they began to hurt. It seems there is no way to remove them and even when they are not on, it is still uncomfortable putting your feet on them. Some sort of cover would have been nice that you could put over the rollers if you didn’t want to use them.The bath is also very noisy. I couldn’t watch the TV at normal volume with this switched on.On the plus side, the bath is easy to fill and empty and quite convenient to move it around with the handle and wheels. It also heats up fairly quickly and seems to stay at temperature. It would also accommodate large feet.But comparing this to my old, cheap one, I certainly wouldn’t say, in this instance, that you get what you pay for.Overall, disappointed in this unit for the price and certainly past ones I have used have been cheaper, quieter, more comfortable and much more relaxing.EDIT: Just thought I would update this review as it is now just under a month old and has gone faulty. It has been used about 5 or 6 times and now all the buttons have ceased to function. It just displays OFF when you plug it in and pressing any button just does nothing. Amazon were great with the return process and refunded the money immediately. I have now purchased a different brand.

  12. Bushkilla

    I used this for about a week coming from a Turejo then a cheaper unbranded one that’s currently on Amazon at about £50.The good :-The rollers and massage. Best I’ve experienced. Also the general build quality is quite high. I’ve a few other Renpho products and they are a solid brand you can trust dealing with. The wheels and hose are definitely handy unless you don’t mind the heavy weight lifting models without wheels. The water heater was decent too and looks a fair size compared to their models. The 3 massage modes are good enough and the bubbles are decent. Whether you like them coming under your heel or not (like here) is down to personal taste. The unit is deep enough but I was hoping it ould have been deeper based on its height.The bad :-The squeaky noise your feet make in the rollers. I don’t know if it’s because they’re a bit bigger than others but that was annoying either way. The hard edge where your calves sit unless you’re on a really high office chair that’s been extended up the way. That’s how I ended up using it by putting cushions under my bum etc. It just wasn’t practical and good to use sitting on a normal and relaxing chair. I appreciate finding a balance can’t be easy but this doesn’t cut it for me. Also the thing for putting bath salts in or whatever is genuinely a complete waste of space and very fiddly to fill up. You’re better first dissolving some salts in a pint glass from some boiled and stirred water then pouring it straight in. I also didn’t like that the handle went up from the back where you fill it up and your legs sit. I ended up proping it up with a spoon in each hole at the bottom to alleviate the pain on my calves.I can see why some would like this unit if they found it comfortable enough but I’d imagine most would come to the same conclusion I did. Not the best design basically.

  13. Jack

    Bubbles not very good

  14. Jay Cloth

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     Very impressed with this foot bath/massager. Everything has been thought of.It has wheels and a carry handle , but also a flex pipe for emptying , so will be easy to transport for almost anybody. The temp has a good range from slightly warm to a hottish bath (35-48c) Both the Massager and Spa have three settings each.Feet placement seems to be key when using the massager , at least for my men’s size 10. The massaging wheels work by having smaller wheels that spin on axis with the larger main wheel revolving. As long as your feet are on the smaller ones on that are on axis, you get a lovely massage , but be careful not to stop the main wheel at its edges otherwise it can get a bit squeaky against your foot. If you have big feet just keep them close to the rests on the white dimpled ledge In the middle , then no squeaky friction.As with all foot baths the motor does make noise , although no louder than any I have tried before.Something to note, you should only use the massager routine in 15min sessions as to not over heat the motor. If you can’t remember it’s fine as you can just set the timer easily for this. This is outlined in the manual.When you are done the foot spa is very easy to empty , which can’t be under estimated , the pour spout makes it easy and you can just leave it emptying and get on with something else. The handle and wheels stop any dubious sloshing about and cleaning is easy.So does it do it’s job?Very much so, my feet felt soft, very relaxed and fresh. The bath is so easy to use I feel like this is going to become part of my daily routine!

  15. Michael Hough

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     After first use I am pleased with this item. My feet have never felt so good. I put in a small amount of bath salts and set the timer for a hour. It took a few minutes to get the water warm, but it was straight from the cold tap. At the end of the hour my water was hot. My feet were red, clean and so soft. It is definitely good for blood circulation. Rollers are smooth and gentle. Bubbles tickle your ankles. Not sure the lights help, but I hope so. Emptying would be easier if you could strap the power cord to it’s side or something, but holding it in the same hand as the handle worked fine.No leaks and all functions worked.I recommend it highly. I’d give it 5 stars if it had thought more about the power cord. Also a remote would be nice.

  16. shohab j.

    Used it 2 times since I’ve had it its quite good wish there where moore room so I can move my feet around to get the sides of my foot also which yhe runners where a bit moor abrasive to get rid of my itch but still good

  17. rachel mayhook

    First one had broken led screen. Got refund, reordered. Son has size 14 feet so needed big spa it is deep , has brilliant self propelling foot massage and separate bubble switch. Water goes up to ankles. Has brilliant outlet pipe, wheels and carry handles. He loved it ! Looks well made and led buttons easy to use. Highly recommended

  18. Ms B

    The rotating wheels take a bit of getting used to! Heats water very well, it actually got a bit hot so had to turn it down lol.You just have to find the right position as it’s quite tall, so legs have to be at 90 degree angle really.Feet feel rejuvenated after.

  19. Hamish the Pict

    Was’nt sure i should buy this because of the reviews,only did because it was on offer.Cons :1. Takes about 2 small buckets of water to fill it which makes it heavy to carry.2.Wheels are next to useless as you would have to bend right down to pull it.3. My size 11 feet are hard to get in and out,but there is plenty of room inside. 4. I only use massage rollers for a couple of minutes as they hurt my feet.5. It needs a remote control as the controls are hard to read and operate when sat down using it.Pro’s : 1. easy to empty and dry. 2. Temperature stays with-in a couple of degrees and can be set more than warm enough. 3.End result is good as my feet feel soft and relaxed. 4. bubbles do circulate the water quite well.Would i recommend? I can’t help thinking a washing up bowl of warm water would have the same effect. You decide.

  20. Lesley Horne

    This is a top quality foot spa , so relaxing and you can heat water up at the touch of a button The massage rollers are invigorating and work well on the soles of your feet , the spa function is strong , 100% recommend

  21. Scar

    One of the worst purchases I’ve made on here.Within 10 mins of using the massagers gave me blisters. They make a horrible squeaking noise when your feet touch them. I kept trying to adjust a position to where my feet would be comfortable and that the noise would stop. After ten mins I gave up to realise how painful my arches of my feet where.I took them out and immediately blisters had formed. The photo I have taken is a day after .The whole reason this is £60 more than regular spa machines is because of the motorized massage rollers. Yet they are worse than inaffective. I specifically bought this to help sooth my feet after waitressing long 7-12 hour shifts. And now I have blisters on my feet and I’m due to work tomorrow and university today. Fantastic. I’m going to be limping around on my tip toes because if a machine that is meant to relax my feet!!.Regardless of that the spa machine looks and feels incredibly cheap. The plastic has the shine and feel to it of a kids plastic shovel for the beach.The bubbles are beyond pathetic. It’s two tiny bubble by where the heels would go.Eitherway within an hour of recieving the package I have submitted a form for return. Really disappointing. Not to mention now it has caused me issues on mobility. I can’t go to the gym, and it’s going to be very painful at work tomorrow due to the blisters this machine has caused.Avoid using this machine at all costs.

  22. Vita

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  23. Kev

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     This is probably our 4th foot spa now, either family and friends borrowing them permanently or upgrading to a better one, this one falls into the later category. We’ve had some well known makes in the past but none have had the features this one has, might sound strange but just the inclusion of the carry handle and drain pipe make a world of difference when you come to emptying it, no more lifting a a heavy water-filled spa by the rim and attempting to pour the water out without it going everywhere! Lockable wheel casters and a lid to keep it clean inside when stored add to the features.Then we come to using it, the water heats up fast and the addition of motorized massage rollers is a game changer, no more having to roll you feet back and forth manually like our previous spas. It has 3 modes of massage, varying the direction and speed of the rollers, add in the bubbles and the infrared heal pads and you have one very satisfying foot spa, my fiancé’s face when using it says it all!

  24. Lina

    It’s quite pleasant but by god it sounds like bunch of dolphins inside when massage function is on! not only distracting but prevents from actually feeling relaxed so wouldn’t recommend

  25. caroline

    It was a lot of money for what it dose the spar is just ok but the massage wheels you can not put your feet right down on the so you have to like hold your feet just on them so the wheels do not stop nit relaxing at all the good things are the handle because it a little heavy when water is in it and the spout to empty is a good idea but wish I had not brought it now think I could have got a cheaper one that dose the same

  26. Col

    this is a tall unit,not long enough to put your feet in scraping the back of your legs as you try to put your feet in and i am a size 8 find it very difficult to use,no thought gone into design, not comfortable at all

  27. nicola arnold

    Easy to use, your feet feel great after proper pampering it feels like. I thought value for money used other machines like spa ones but this is the best. Your feet definitely benefit from this.

  28. jay7123

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     I tried this foot spa for the first time today.The packaging was excellent, as seen in the pictures.The instructions were easy to follow in the manual.The actual functionality of the machine is very good.We have had similar machines in the past but this is the first that has had automatic rollers in it.The massage function is powerful. The spa function is an added bonus. And the fact you can control the temperature by heating or cooking the water is a very nice feature to have. It’s easy to clean as there is a drainpipe to let the water out. Wheels are also provided so it is easy to transport without having to lift from one room to another.I would definitely recommend this as I have already found that my feet were softer and actually they ached a little less after massaging them on the rollers.

  29. AmazonCustomer

    Very cheap quality the water takes too long to heat and the cord is so small it barely goes to the side of the sofa it’s less then my phone charger cable like really small maybe 1metre!The plastic is very cheaply made and has bumps and dents all overI have sent them the item through a evri shop and for my other item I already received a refund but the have no refunded me for this it doesn’t even show they receive the item even though I have a slip showing I send both items on same day horrible experience

  30. Sudhir Choudhary

    Brilliant product the footspa is a good size and all the functions built into the product work really well. Good instruction with it and very easy to use. Clever features and I use them all.My feet feel like new after bathing them in this spa. The rollers are great feels amazing. The bubbles are nice, powerful and relaxing. The heating function is really good too and it works great. On the first use I just used warm water and when I set the footspa to heat to a certain temperature it really heated up quickly and was really warm. It’s really good. Makes you feel relaxed. After a long day there is nothing better to take aching feet away.It’s everything I need, and easy to carry with the wheels, well balanced with water in it when emptying.A really good investment. You get you pay for and this top of the range is worth all it money and more. Spoil yourself because your feet deserve it. Thank you so much!


    I’ve had my eye on this for some time and my lovely husband bought this for me for birthday. I couldn’t wait to use it, but as soon as I did i was so disappointed. Firstly the depth of the bowl is deep, this means that your calves end up agains the rim of the bowl, this is really uncomfortable even for a short while. I did try repositioning it, but no where was comfortable. I ended up raising my knees up to keep my calves away from the rim, this is great for you stomach muscles, but not relaxing at all. The bubbles – what bubbles, they were useless, only at the back of bowl by my heal and I couldn’t feel them at all.I did like the rollers, how quickly it heated up and how easy it was to empty, but when you add in how uncomfortable the rest of the experience is, its just not worth it.I sent mine back for a full refund after using it once.

  32. Jules

    I think this would be good for most people but it just didn’t seem to fit my feet properly. I have very small feet and I couldn’t seem to find a way to position them in the spa comfortably. It’s quite loud, as others have mentioned, but it does heat up quickly and you can easily control the temperature. I have returned mine but I would have kept it had it been more comfortable to use. The handle is a nice touch, as is the drain pipe. Both features make it very easy to carry around and to empty without spilling water everywhere. Be aware that it is really big so if you lack storage space this could be an issue.

  33. Mike B

    Worked well for the first 15 minutes, then during the 5 minute motor rest it showed that the water was heating (heating led on as set to 42, display showing as 41) but the temperature on the display was not rising. Then ‘off’ started flashing and none of the buttons would do anything, on feeling the water temperature it was obvious that it had stopped working due to the temperature cut off as the water was VERY HOT!. As the display switched back to the temperature as it cooled down it displayed 49 and very slowly came back down to 42. I hoped that it was just teething problems so tried it again and it did exactly the same this again, as an electrician of 40 years there is no way that I am trusting this product so I am sending it back to Amazon for a refund.

  34. Mr C

    I’m really happy with this foot spa and looking forward to using it more. From the moment you take it out the box and you can tell its good quality and should last a while. There a good number of options and I like the rollers which I haven’t had on previous foot spas, but I found to be really useful and relaxing for my feet as I do a lot of sports and often just need to relax in the evenings. The water warms up really quickly and I found the bubbles to be just right and not to vigorous which was ideal for me. I’ve only used it once, but it was the best thing for me feet so far. I hadn’t heard of Renpho until recently, but I’ve now got some weighing scales and the foot spa and both are great and I can’t wait to get my next Renpho product so I can continue to spoil myself.

  35. francis brown

    Although I feel relaxed during/after use I find getting my feet in hard as the half lid area is small. Not sure what the medicine box is for and it falls off frequently. The massage is fixed so you need to move feet around to massage whole area of foot. I fill with hot/cold from the bath but the box plus water is heavy! Not used the drain as I empty into bath also seems messy if used as volume of water is large and a flat pan needed to contain water. Not used the wheels and again not sure if really needed.

  36. Amazon Customer

    One of the more expensive & quick big models but its worth it if only for the massage element alone. The continued temperature of the water makes such a difference to the overall experience.

  37. Boughtone

    Some nice features like the water draining pipe because this saves you lifting it when it is full.The only draw back is height. You need to be sat on a taller seat (so not ideal on a sofa or arm chair). Otherwise good and certainly better than many of the cheaper alternatives.

  38. Karl steele


  39. zydre

    It’s ok. I put warm water in it so can’t comment on how long it takes to heat it.Them so called jets are absolutely useless can’t feel them at all and rollers as soon as you apply any pressure just stops.I kept it but to be honest for that price I expected better performance. Would not buy it again

  40. Chris Field

    Product is well made and has plenty of features. Did not realise how tall this item was and how hard it would be to put our feet into. I tried this in a office chair and still could not get comfortable. With the wheels on it would be even higher so did not try.Just needs a re-design over access and comfort.

  41. David Manuel

    I purchased this foot spa as a gift for my wife and we are both very happy with it. After doing a lot of research ( due to there being a a huge selection of spas ) I believe that this one is brilliant value for money.The spa heats up very quickly and let’s you know when it’s at the desired temperature via an audible beep. The spa function is very refreshing, and the massage rollers provide just the right amount of pressure under foot.It’s very easy to fill and empty as it has a handy funnel to avoid spilling water everywhere!Overall a very pleasant and easy to use spa! Highly recommended!

  42. Jessica

    Having tried another foot spa and not being overly impressed this one is on another level.The rollers moving provides a really relaxing sensation compared to the manual roller foot spa we had. It leaves your feet feeling soft and silky smooth.The bubbles on the spa mode aren’t as intense as the one we had but the self moving rollers really make the difference. Its a lot quicker to use if you add water that’s already hot, once on it heats and maintains the water temperature well. It’s really easy to use and has a pipe for draining the water easier instead of having to tip the bowl awkwardly over the sink/into the bath.It also has a handle built in for ease of movement too.

  43. Rob Clynes

    I didn’t like this. The compression was fantastic and gave a proper massage feeling. The problem I had was the middle roller was very uncomfortable. Felt like it had a gap in the middle of which made it feel like it was scraping the middle of my foot. Shame really, because this roller was smooth it would be the best thing ever.

  44. Amazon Customer

    Just good

  45. Rebeccah

    Bought for hubby size 12 feet and they fit but not comfortable. Be sat up high for right angle otherwise digs into calves. Rollers not firm enough to massage just stop with weight of feet.My feet size 6 (woman) was good for me

  46. Jess

    This foot spa is amazing!I bought this foot spa because I wanted an upgrade from one I previously had.This honestly feels incredible, very simple and easy to use and set up.Comes with a variation of different modes and easily adjustable, the temperature is completely adjustable which I love!The purple bits on the bottom few great after a long day, really does a deep massage on your soles.I couldn’t recommend this enough, easy to use, multiple options, no chance of spills like others, it’s very quite, i often watch Tv while using it, thank you so much!

  47. Kindle Customer

    Arrived today. Easy to use. Keeps lovely and warm. The advert says powerful jets. I can see a few bubbles, but i can’t feel them – they’re certainly not powerful.Disappointed as everything else about it is good.

  48. Shopaholic

    Item is quite big and tall which makes it difficult to find a comfy seating position. I am 6′ 2″ and need to sit in a tall chair to stop my legs resting against the rear plastic sides which after 5 minutes are cutting into the backs of my legs. I also have a shoe size 13 so my feet just fit, but there isn’t much room left to move. Being on my feet for 12 hours a day I was looking forward to having a relaxing foot spa which is impossible due to the height of this item. The item works well and maintains the water temperature but just isn’t any good for me.

  49. K.A.Y.

    Love this! I can work and have my feet massaged at the same time. Not noisy. Love the 3 wide rollers and the ability to have 3 settings for the rollers. I have to stop myself from using it all day ha ha. Have added bath salts without any issues. Thoroughly rinsed and dried after use. Only downside is that you cannot use the handle when the lid in in place. go figure

  50. mark

    The media could not be loaded.

     I have had this product 2 months and the wheels gave broken, unable to return to Amazon, so very unhappy.

  51. lily

    Although this was a bit more money then I wanted to pay out it was well worth it. Brought it as part of a birthday present for my hubby who runs loads and this has become his favourite post run ritual.

  52. robert

    Got this.for my aching feet after work altering being on feet 10.30 hours a day wasn’t sure how to use massagers if I need to push down with pressure or just rest.them on massagers but it bloody helps defo worth getting I’d recommend to anyone, tho can be awkward getting feet in and out

  53. Mr Paul s Wilson

    Great foot spa, mine heats up great (I do put hot water in at the start), it bubbles well, the rollers are smooth on the feet. I am on my feet for 8 hours a day and do they ache in a morning – by using this, my feet do not ache half as much as they did – I would recommend.

  54. IG

    I bought it in May 2021 and for various reasons didn’t use until tonight May 2023. Stored correctly but has leaked big time and flooded all my wooden floor. Complete waste of money and now obviously out of waranty.

  55. angela watts

    Great product, really soothes my feet

  56. alison

    Very disappointed, returned

  57. Sarah Sharples

    Bought this for my partner who suffers with gout and generally sore feet/tendons from standing all day wearing steel capped bootsHe felt an improvement after the first useLeaves you feeling quite relaxed and your feet super soft and warmDefinitely recommend

  58. AJ

    Great product! Recommend

  59. RatnaKumar

    So far so good

  60. Stuart Tapson

    The features that come with the foot spa r great, though the foot massager part does squeak a bit I could ignore that.However as several other reviewers noted the back of the device where the back of your legs will rest has a rather square edge to it, this means it digs in and takes away from the key purpose of the product of relaxing.If this edge were slightly angled rather than a large square corner I’d give this a much higher review

  61. Eve Pennington

    Easy to use and not that noisy, love the massaging rollers

  62. Mr MDG

    Not value for money. Next to no bubbles on the spa mode and the unit it very high when you are sat on a sofa. Also, the rollers are extremely noisey under foot. I will be returning.

  63. Miss M.

    Do not waste your money on this.Buy a basin and fill it with hot water and bubbles. It is way cheaper and probably much more relaxing

  64. hassan

    When I use at list 6 month I can say

  65. Budge

    Looks big and fancy and is one of the more expensive ones, but the spa bubbles are so mild and gentle they are a waste of time, no explanation what turning the red light on is for and the massage wheels just squeak! Disappointing!

  66. catheryn

    When you have stood up on your feet for a 12 hour shift, your feet feel so much better after using this.The bubbles are not up to much but the sound of them is relaxing. It’s the automatic rollers that feel amazing on your feet.

  67. albee

    def recommend as it keeps water warm

  68. Roz Hogan

    I found this product very disappointing considering the cost, it was very noisy, heavy to lift, even though it had wheels you still need to fill it with hot water, unless you are going to fill it manually which I was not ever going to do, I think I may have used it 6 times and it stopped working, the benefits are no more than the average foot spa that you would buy in a supermarket – would not recommend at all, probably my worst buy this year !

  69. popescarii

    Verry easy to use it! The massage thinks works perfect! Add a bit of special oil and you will feel RELAAAAAAX!!!

  70. Andrew Cannings

    Great device. Exactly what we were after. Noise is minimal, easy to watch TV. Sturdy, easy to fill and empty.Not sure how the handle will hold up after 12months, but most certainly pleased with this purchase.

  71. Charlotte bailey

    Very disappointed, read the instructions, filled it up plegged it in, it made a buzzing noise and then lost all power. Disappointed that there is no contact for the customer, I have processed the return but I would like to hear from Renpho considering I have spent £255 on their products in the last 3 months.

  72. Vak Ananda

    The oldies loved it, easy to use, no fuss and the bonus point was easy to dispose of water

  73. Zainab

    I really like this – so easy to use, and drain and does what it says it would!

  74. Serkan Candan

    Very nice. Well worth the money.

  75. Charlie

    Very pleased with this feet feel lovely after using foot spa. Would recommend

  76. philip rodger

    Does the job very well easy to use

  77. unaliu

    Really nice product! Love it and currently benefiting from using it

  78. Amazon Customer

    I was disappointed. The reviews were great but it was expensive for a few rollers in a water tank. Handle was good to have and drain pipe but didn’t make up for the disappointment

  79. michelle

    It was neither good at massaging (their massager is much better) and was rubbish with spa with just two little jets at back. Very disappointing so returned and refunded

  80. omar Humad Mohamad

    It is very easy to use it is morthan what I expected

  81. robert parr

    Excellent good quality

  82. Mike Cutler

    Fab product

  83. Tez Emily

    Great product, great size and features are brilliant. Well worth the money.

  84. Paul Farrer

    Unsure why this product was highly rated. Unsuitable for Uk size 10 and over. Just getting your fee t in is a problem. Need an upright tall chair so you can get feet in and out and placed on the rollers. The massage rollers are just plastic rollers that squeak all the time. The spa is just a few bubbles. Waste of money for me – really disappointed

  85. Amazon Customer

    It’s not as good as I thought really. It’s ok. But not amazing

  86. ionut rusu

    Very good product excellent

  87. Robert Brookes

    Great product

  88. Paul W.

    The machine will not switch on. OFF constantly flashing.What a waste of money :-(Only selected 1 star because Amazon will not allow less…

  89. sharon westhead

    Was really excited to get this then very disappointed when I went to put water in it it was leaking so never used it returned for a refund

  90. Amafan

    Works well and relaxes feet

  91. Scott

    Fantastic birthday present she loved it

  92. Sarah

    BEWARE! This foot spa is so dangerous, when filled with water it leaks straight through to the circuit and wires underneath. Completely unusable and faulty and flooded all over the floor. Extremely disappointing product.

  93. Bernadette G.

    The foot spa would not switch on, I had to return it. Just waiting refund.

  94. Mick

    It is so noisy takes long time to warm up absolute waste of money would not recommend it to my enemy

  95. Dawn

    Very uncomfortable on the feet and waste of money

  96. Agnieszka Wasilewska



    Horrific used it for 5 mins and it’s cut all my feet open.

  98. James S.

    Mine is leaking the water

  99. MG

    Wife didn’t like it, said the mechanism would terrorise her feet rather than ease them ! Had to return l

  100. aisling


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