PureMate PM605 Electromagnetic Foot Circulation Massager, electromagnetic

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  • HIGH QUALITY & SLEEK DESIGN The PureMate Foot Massager silently soothes your tired limbs from a long day of work. Use it for 30 minutes daily & feel the benefits yourself! The sleek and stylish design makes the unit east to store.
  • 99 LEVELS OF INTENSITY & 15 MODES for foot, leg and body comfort. This easy to use massager gives you complete control for your personal needs.
  • EMS THERAPY is applied to the feet, sending electronic pulses tingling through your feet & legs creating healthier feeling legs. With the extra accessories providing TENS pads and connection wires, this gives you the option to feel the benefits on your body as well as your feet & legs
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & CONVENIENT The Foot massager is lightweight and portable giving you the option to use it anywhere and time. The convenient and easy to use remote control means you can use the device without compromising on your comfort.
  • FEATURES: It does come with remote Control and 15 waveforms massage mode to choose 99 intensity levels for two systems; Big LCD display to show the parameter.
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Experience the epitome of relaxation and wellness with our luxurious Electromagnetic Foot Circulation Massager, designed to revitalize and invigorate your tired feet effortlessly.


circulation booster ems foot massager Relieve pain Reduce feet leg Soreness Swelling Muscle tens

circulation booster ems foot massager Relieve pain Reduce feet leg Soreness Swelling Muscle tens
circulation booster ems foot massager Relieve pain Reduce feet leg Soreness Swelling Muscle tens

What is the PureMate Electromagnetic Foot Circulation Massager?

The PureMate Circulation Promotor silently soothes your tired limbs by using EMS theapy, sending electronic pulses tingling through your feet & legs creating healthier feeling legs.


Does the circulation promotor vibrate or heat?

The massager does NOT vibrate or heat, it uses EMS & Infrared therapy.


What is EMS?

EMS stands for Electric Muscle Stimulation. The device uses electric pulses to contract and stimulate muscles to encourage blood flow helping to improve circulation.


Is it suitable for use for everyone?

No, it is not suitable for people with a pacemaker or cardiac condition, epilepcy, sensory nerve damage, extreme varicose veins, whilst pregnat or immediately after birth or after a recent surgical procedure.

We recommend to consult your GP.


Additional information

Weight 119.9316 oz
Dimensions 0.45 × 0.42 × 0.17 m

53131700 (Therapeutic massage equipment) Report an incorrect code

Product Dimensions ‏

‎ 45 x 42 x 17 cm; 3.4 Kilograms


‎ B00ZO3X0IW

Item model number ‏

‎ PM605

Country of origin ‏

‎ China

Manufacturer ‏

‎ PureMate®

100 reviews for PureMate PM605 Electromagnetic Foot Circulation Massager, electromagnetic

  1. Lily May

    I have benefitted greatly from this easy to use machine but was distraught when it developed a fault… contacted Puremate via email and they were most helpful and soon I was sorted with a replacement which hopefully will keep working as it really helps with swollen feet and legs

  2. Emma R.

    No power cable 🫣 not great for a plug in item! This was resolved straight away and a replacement sent and received. All good so far!

  3. sandra

    Takes time to get used to how it works. Positive results so far


    Hoping to build up some muscle in legs so they are stronger after my stroke

  5. Amazon Customer

    Good range of intensity, timings and gives a good feeling after use. Easy to operate, have not used all function but like the Auto that take you though all Modes for the duration of treatment.

  6. J E Martland

    Easy to use

  7. Edward Mason

    Bought for my back and feet not used for few weeks but seemed to be doing job ok

  8. Amazon new account

    It’s brilliant and I have the best night sleep in ages thanks so much it work for me straight away the cramp and pain free from my feet and legs and I’m so so happy 😊 now thank you so much for your lovely foot and massage and a great low price 👍👍💞💞 💞

  9. Amazon Customer

    Dose more than the market leader at less than half the price

  10. Olive

    This does help.

  11. Geoffrey tutton

    This bit of kit works like it should. Not the best quality but it’s ok it’s just fine and works well. Not sure how long it will last but at the moment alls good. Only time will tell if its going to last for a decent amount of time.

  12. Amazon Customer

    Very easy to use, on Auto everything is set and goes through its sequence. Definitely improves circulation, I can feel a difference in every day use.

  13. B. Maver

    I had an older model of a Circulation Booster. I liked it but it developed a fault, probably the wire was worn.It has belonged to my mother before.This Circulation Promoter is even better. It is comfortable to use and had different settings. I am hoping for an improvement in the varicose veins in my legs.

  14. Amazon Customer

    Great product that I wouldn’t be without.Had a slight problem with the unit and the the customer service was excellent, very fast and efficient. Contact via email was efficient and very helpful. A replacement sent and delivered at our convenience.

  15. Chris Chapman

    It’s all good now I have the replacement here’s hoping this one does the job

  16. caroline a.

    The media could not be loaded.

     I like the feeling of the vibrations on my feet and legs it’s a great thing to have would recommend it 👌 my legs and feet do feel much better after.

  17. Amazon Customer

    I waited a month after purchasing this before writing this review, I wanted to give it a fair trial.My wife has been on at me to purchase one of these for a while, I was dubious. I am in my 70’s disabled and incurable with mainly RA but going with that I have poor circulation. I have had an ulcer on my lower leg for a year now and in case you don’t know they are painfull, especially at night. Ulcers are aggravated by poor circulation. The pain of the RA and the ulcer would wake me up at between 4 and 5 am in the morning. The pain would drive me out of bed.My wife has sarcoid disease which causes very uncomfortable restless legs at night, she also has mild varicose veins.So we splashed out on this and have both used it once a day for the month.We can see the difference!The ulcer has started to heal and is much less painfull, I also have much less swelling in my legs and ankles, I am sleeping much better, I can still wake up but I take a couple of pills for the RA and have been sleeping through to as late as 8 am!My wife is also sleeping better, the restless legs thing is not bothering her anything like as much and her varicose veins seem to be shrinking. I may come back in a few months and add to this.So far I’m very happy with it.ADDITIONAL COMMENT.I said I may come back to add to this so here I am.It’s now six months since I purchased this, I have used it every morning in that time. The improvement is quite obvious. The swelling in my feet and legs is gone. The ulcer on my ankle that has plagued me for well over a year is gone. I used to be woken up by the pain of my Rheumatoid Arthritis, mainly in my knees, I no longer get woken up by this pain and am sleeping though till 7 or 8 every morning.I am very impressed and happy with this product. I recommend it most highly.

  18. Peter Minter

    We can feel it working but not much more to add

  19. John Edwards

    This machine is lightweight and some might think a bit over heavy on the plastic and the remote also looks a bit cheap, but the machine is easy to lift and carry and half the price of the one that Botham advertises on TV, so four stars. And they’re currently offering a 25% discount, so that makes it a bargain at a third the price.Now it has an extra that is sooo useful – it’s also a tens machine, so two machines for the price of one.! However no extra star since it came with no real instructions as to how to use the tens pads nor about where to buy replacement pads. When I contacted them I received a set of instruction photographs (was this an oversight?) However I have owned a tens machine in the past and I would not advise anyone unfamiliar with such a machine to use the photos I was subsequently sent as a guide since it is my understanding that you should not use the pads on conflicting sets of muscles (for instance,. on biceps and triceps) at the same time, nor should you place the pads on your back and belly at the same time. Also no mention is made about not placing pads near the heart or on the forehead.But with that caveat, go for it! I’m delighted.

  20. Issie1414

    I suffered with blood clots on my lungs after covid injections in 2022 and the Doctor suggested this machine to help with circulation. No I had not suffered before, No I had not been on a airplane several hours! I had been on holiday but a walking holiday in Scotland.It has really helped not only have I not suffered with blood clots since, but it also helped with circulation and cramps in my calf’s not have any since using this machine each morning while having a morning cuppa.I have recommended this machine to all my friends.Well worth the money.

  21. Robert

    First class product great results. You will be amazed.

  22. Mrs Margaret McCann

    I use it everyday it is great

  23. Riccardo Zuccheli

    I need to recognize that the brand is really serious, It did not take so much ,they sent me the remote control soon. THANKS ,really appreciated. I’ll be here again after I use it for a while to comment my experience!

  24. Michael knowles

    Bought this for my dad to held with his circulation and having tried it myself I think I will have to order another for me

  25. John Morris

    Good quality well made appliance, many different levels as well as “Tens” pain control.

  26. Senada

    Does what it says, love the sensation. Feels so good during and after!

  27. gail

    When my product arrived there was an issue with the digital display, i called the supplier and spoke to a lady named Tia who arranged to change the foot massager the following morning, i have tried a number of these products and can say the product and aftersales service are a head and shoulders above the rest, great value for money.

  28. pipistrelle

    I love this foot massager.However, I bought a reconditioned one from Puremate guaranteed for six months. Sadly it stopped working after 8 months so was consigned to the spare bedroom for disposal. The infrared lights were still working but not the vibration plate. I had noticed when plugged in that the adapter plug got very hot, even when the massager was not in use, so was careful to unplug it totally after each use.I bought a replacement off an auction site this week, classed as ‘unwanted gift’. Tried it and all was well. I mentioned to my friend, for whom I’d bought the Amazon product, that the new machine had a different plug to the old machine. She confirmed the plug on her Amazon was also a small plug (still working well). She suggested (brilliant) to try the new plug with the old defunct machine. I was sceptical. Once an electrical item packs up, that’s it.I tried it, and YES the new plug reactivated the old machine, now working perfectly.Please see photos above. The first pics show the old bulky adapter which got hot, and the last two photos shoe the new small plug.So please if your Puremate stops working, see which plug is on it. You can purchase the new small plug from Puremate for £11.99. (Amazon currently out of stock). I have ordered one to go with my ‘new’ machine.I hope this helps save landfill.

  29. Royston Elias

    Excellent product Excellent service

  30. bigalw35


  31. Jane Harris

    This product is used for pain and discomfort in feet and legs.

  32. Gertie38

    The product is very light and relatively simple to use once you have used it a few times. Purchased for an elderly relative and partner ( both in their late 80’s) and they have been using it twice a day for 3 weeks. They have Already seen a benefit in both their balance, and ease of getting up and out of the seated position. Definitely seen an improvement, particularly given the current climate of restrictions of going out. It’s keeping them active around the home, which is great. The product is also easy to clean, and remote is a most, no bending. The only comment to make is that there could be some improvement on Clearer instructions available, Very brief, and with limited access to internet, could be better. However, overall, it is doing a great job. Ps, Customer Service was excellent, prompt response, professional in answering any queries. Would recommend.

  33. sharon mccann

    Machine arrived on time I have only used once to date, very happy

  34. colin walton

    did not help my planttar phittitus

  35. Netters

    My daughter bought this for me as I used to have a old one with balls that used to massage your feet, but it broke. So she searched for a newer model that would offer pain relief .I like it however slightly disappointed that the red light doesn’t heat up, if it did it would make this machine great and I think in hindsight I would have really preferred one that had rotating balls massaging your feet again …However that is just personal choice & the machine does do what it says it does so on the whole it’s good, works well on the different settings. I hope it lasts well only time will tell!I’m on my feet a lot of the time for my job so it’ll be nice to to use after a 13 hour shift 😀

  36. molly.d

    silly me I thought the ‘machine’ wasn’t working, I thought I was following the directions to a ‘T’ but was having a few ‘hiccups’ so I contacted the seller who suggested I try the leads that come with it before I decide it wasn’t working! I switched it off and unplugged it all and switched it all back on again and ‘ureeka’ I didn’t have to try the leads, it sprang into life, I also tried it on a high intensity as I thought I wasn’t feeling anything on my first try out, I can now say that ‘yes it certainly does work’ Now I’m a bit of a sceptic but thought Id give it a try, I’m so glad I persevered, its early days and I didn’t want to admit that it was al-ready helping me, I thought I was counting my chickens before they hatched, how can something help in such a short time, but this has, I have various problems with my legs especialy in bed at night, I could scream sometimes, the pain disturbs my sleep a lot, I use it a couple of times a day and especialy before bed time and I am al-ready feeling the benefits, Ive had it a week now,the one complaint I have is with myself for dithering so long before purchasing this. ( I wish they made ones for dogs as my pooch is getting arthritic and would also benefit from similar tee hee) The other thing I will say is that it is very light weight another reason for being sceptic, how can something this light work? but it does and I’m so glad I took the plunge.

  37. Obi

    Great piece of equipment easy to set up and use. A booklet that gives you the right modes and safe ones too very easily explained. It really has helped my wife who suffers with cellulitis and can’t get out. We use epimax cream to soften her skin as that prevents her skin cracking and allowing infection in. After that she goes on this machine once a day 30 minute workout we normally set on Auto ! The difference Amazing would highly recommend! I though based on previous reviews it would be hard to set up but I was wrong very full and easy instructions . 15 modes , time setting normally set for 30 minutes but you can add or decrease it, then the intensity mode which the book tells you what’s safe! You have to rely on patient telling you if they can feel it hence some don’t feel the intensity of set low so just set it higher and the book tells you what’s safe. A friend recommended a device like this and wish I d found it sooner ! Brilliant

  38. Rahab

    This is a WONDERFUL machine! I have had it 12 hours, used it twice and already I am feeling the benefit. However …… It took quite a long time before I could feel any sensations at all!I am a 72 year old woman, but my feet are only size 2 !! Initially I centred my feet on the red pads but could feel nothing? I have found if I position my feet either over the ” toes” or the “heels” then the effect is splendid. Just means that I have to use the machine in 2 sessions. Nothing I can do about the size of my feet, but the answer is easy.As I said WONDERFUL machine.

  39. Insel Jemal

    We bought our Puremate machine just over two years ago and have been very happy with it ever since. Then suddenly it stopped working. We checked all the obvious points but couldnt see anything we could do and were resigned to buying a new one as we had been very happy with it. Anyway, we thought lets contact Puremate and ask them for advice, ie was it rescueable. They responded straight away, asked a few questions and decided that the problem may be the adapter that came with it. They immediately sent us a new adapter, which arrived the following day, at no cost to ourselves. We plugged it in, switched it on , problem solved. So a big thank you to Puremate for a great after sales. Thats how to retain yor customers long term.

  40. Jennifer G.

    no-where as I can see does it specify that it can only be used with bare feet-yes-the pictures show this, but I have to wear compression bandages 24 hours-so only have 1-2 hours without on a weekly basis to shower and go to the hospital for next lot of bandaging, so the machine which I thought would be beneficial is absolutely no use!! please make sure that all the relevant data is printed, before some-one else makes similar mistake, I am nearly 80, my husband 81 and has a pacemaker. Do you have any suggestions or do I try and return-what will be he cost of that, would appreciate an answer, many thanks jenny griggs

  41. William Ireton

    i like the ease which i can use it .the pulses you can set to suit ,not heavy so can move it when finished ,I found relief in my feet and lower legs first day , thank you

  42. Kindle Customer

    I found the actual machine quite good not sure if it is going to improve circulation yet. There is NO BUCKUP info to be able to contact the manufacturer (Puremate) no contact phone number or email).The rubber stick on pads for legs ect are very expensive £19 for 2 pairs.

  43. Ian F

    This was brought for my dad who suffers from muscle wastage. He uses it everyday to get the blood to circulate as he is unable to walk. He has found it to be easy to use and gets results from it. He doesn’t use the remote though as he said its a bit fiddly.Would recommend

  44. geoff nortcliffe

    only used it 5 times and have noticed my ankles are not as swollen as before time will tell maybe after a few weeks of use happy up to now


    After unpacking the unit it looked good but when I plugged the mains adaptor in and switched on the unit the adaptor exploded into pieces which caused the lights to blow.Could be very dangerous!.

  46. Amazon Customer

    Used this product every day 3 times a day since purchasing and I have seen absolutely no difference to the cramps in my feet or tingling sensations,the machine and remote are straightforward to use but the mains lead should be longer,overall its done nothing to alleviate any of my problems and sadly I’ll be returning this product.

  47. Badger

    For months I have suffered from painful ankles, especially at night when the constant aching makes sleep difficult. Having now used this machine for the past few weeks, I,m happy to report that the aches and pains have subsided to the extent where they,re barely notie. cable,and a good nights sleep is the norm. I have a 30 minutes session on the machine every morning while enjoying my early morning cupper, with the intensity jacked up to 75, and on “automatic” so it scrolls through all 15 programmes, and my only niggle is that when the machine is switched off, the intensity reverts to zero, so that each time I use it I have to press the intensity button on the remote control 75 times to get it up to working strength; not a big chore, but it would be more convenient of the intensity remained where it’s set. That, the only reason for not awarding all five stars. .

  48. Ang Cardiff

    I is great and seems to work fine, but wish you had the option to just do one leg, my right is fine I struggle with my left but if you take a foot off the whole machine goes off

  49. Redportal

    Since using it, it has reduced the swelling in my ankles and increased the the blood circulation in my feet.My pediatrist who i see every five to six weeks says she has noticed a difference in my feet.I try to use it twice a day, first thing every morning for thirty minutes and in evening for another thirty minutes.I use in auto mode but increase the intensity setting which goes from 1 to 99 I am currently on 35.

  50. Geeswaggs

    Not what I wanted, It is not a vibrating massager,it should have been written here, the way it was boldly written in the manual ,secondly putting the feet in is quite uncomfortable because of the shape, my knees end up hurting more after use so I have just packed and kept it aside.


    I took a chance with this product as there are quite a few out there and it had to be [Goldilocks]just right.It seemed ‘cheap’ at the price so I was concerned that there would be a catch.It was to replace a similarly shaped model from another company [South Korean ]who are no longer around.The original has had years of [good] service but really was battered and on its last legs.My partner has MS and needs a serious ‘machine’ with no gimmicks.This model is almost perfect. The only downside is the tiny remote and we have found that it’s quicker for me to crouch down and press the buttons on the unit rather than keep pressing the buttons on the remote .This is a small price to pay, in every respect, for the relief and stimulation to my partners feet.

  52. Victor

    I have vascular problems throughout my body and bought the machine to improve circulation in the legs.I use it everyday while watching TV. I have only had it for about 3weeks but my legs seem to be more comfortable afterwards and my cramps in the night have been reduced.The unexpected bonus is the TENS pads. I have had several operations which have left me with very little muscle in my arms. I have been unable to get physio in lockdown. I have been using the Tens on my arms, 30 mins each day before breakfast. Muscles are already showing!The unit looks a bit like a darlek and the instructions are very poor. However once you establish programs right for you it is fantastic.

  53. Owlman

    I haven’t had it long enough to give a fair review but up until now it seems to be quite good.

  54. judyinred

    Wasted money and time on it rubbish.you should be ashamed to lead people on with your lies

  55. Suzanne

    My Dad was thinking of buying the more well-known brand of a very similar product but that one was almost 3 times the price of this one so I suggested he try this one first because tbh I didn’t expect it do to anything and neither did he. So I think we were both surprised that he has found it quite beneficial.He’s been suffering from cramps in his lower legs which have been waking him up during the night and in the morning and this has stopped. He does also believe that his legs ache less when he’s been walking as well.I don’t know what setting he has been using as there are so many but he just turned it up till he could feel it, it’s not an unpleasant feeling, and he just uses it for about 20mins once a day.I’ve left leaving this review till I was sure that he felt he had benefitted and now I can happily say that for him he has really benefitted from it.

  56. Bob S

    I’m using this as I write, I have been diagnosed with Metatarsalgia which I find to be extremely painful, it feels like you have a stone under the ball of your foot and makes my toe swell up, I bought this on a recommendation and have been using it for about a week, I am still playing with the settings at the moment and I like the feeling of it on my feet, whether or not it’s speeding up the healing process time will tell but it certainly feels good and I am more than happy with my purchase, I have not used the gell pads yet.

  57. neil hull

    I’ve waited a while before I wrote a review. You have seen them advertised on the television and I thought mmmm. Do they really work. Well, the answer is a big yes. My bones in my feet were aching, my lower legs were cramping up making walking some distance quite painful that I had to stop at times. So, gave this a go. These are not a cure , but even after my first session the next day I could tell the difference. The day after that one I was well pleased. I only use the machine when I have too though. So, I’m well happy.

  58. Benson

    A friend of mine had one of these and I realised that my grandmother would benefit from this as she hardly walks anywhere anymore. A hilarious moment when she first tried it was that the “intensity” controls how much electricity goes through your feet. 0-99% My Grandmother couldn’t feel anything below 70% so instead of building her up to 99% I had to go the opposite way just to get her legs feeling again.Overall great product and benefits my knee joints which have been feeling weak recently.

  59. qaman1

    This is a terrific machine with so many features, amazing. The only downsides are the physical size of the machine (don’t worry it is very light for its size).Given the above, I am surprised that the manufacturer did not supply a bag for ease of portability and storage, that is why I have given it a fourr rather than a five.

  60. Waltsure

    Purchased this item on 1st December 2021! I had circulation problems with my legs and my feet were really affected which happened during the pandemic Covid-19. I wasn’t able to go out and stayed still too long binging on the internet in the wrong chair, ended up with swollen legs and feet. I was desperate to find a solution as I wasn’t able to wear my trainer’s anymore which is the ultimate nightmare. Found this product on the internet and was amazed at its performance, within weeks of use my problem was resolved. Highly recommended 10/10

  61. Miss Kim Eyre

    Only had it a few days and so far I like it. I suffer with restless legs and was looking for something to ease my fidgeting. Whilst I don’t know the full effect yet I do enjoy using this as I feel it is doing something. It would help loads though if you had an explanation of what each mode is good for. It’s trial and error and would like to know which mode benefits which ailments. Other than that easy to use easy instructions.

  62. Kindle Customer

    Unfortunately my partner suffers from restless leg syndrome and since using this his legs have been a lot better. I’ve also found my leg pain has improved so I sleep better. Would recommend

  63. John Lee

    This machine did absolutely nothing for me. I had the maximum adjustment on and although I could feel some electrical feeling via my hands but nothing at all reaching my foot circulation. I had words regarding this machine with my doctor and his opinion was that it could work for some people. That just about sums it up, be very careful about the advertising and hype regarding this gadjet and be very wary. For me it was over 100 pounds down the drain.

  64. Michael Ward

    I don’t suffer regular pain in my feet so didn’t rate this. I’m not sure of the ‘medical benefits’ but my feet always feel ‘energised’ after using this. Great for relaxing feet after ‘long walks’.

  65. dadeo

    a pleasure to use but power supply failed after just a few weeks,Thank you for your quick response to my review.about the above,here is the detailes you asked for.Mr M M Dade38 Preston Road Bexhill on Sea East Sussextn39 5bnemail: dadeo@hotmail.co.uk

  66. Clarkey

    We absolutely love this!!Fot us, it helps with our aching feet, especially my planar fucitis, love how you can set the intensity. I use it on 50 myself.Unfortunately, when we first bought this, it malfunctioned and wouldn’t use some of the settings. But, i contacted Puremate and within a couple of days, we had a brand new product and its brilliant! No issues at all.I would lile to add that Puremates customer service was amazing and they couldnt do enough to help.Thank you Puremate, 2 very satisfied customers.

  67. David Robert Miller

    Overall I am extremely satisfied with this device. At a third of the price of some of its rivals it performs brilliantly and at higher levels you can really feel it working. If I had to criticize, firstly it is quite bulky which might be a problem for some owners. Secondly, and my main complaint, it would be nice to have a memory function so that it remembered my settings. I tend to use it with fairly high intensity setting which means a lot of button pressing and I do worry about wearing out the remote control.Despite that I have no reservations about recommending the Puremate PM605.

  68. HM

    I haven’t been using this machine for long, but am getting used to it. Being cooler, my ankles aren’t as swollen as they were so maybe the biggest test will be when the weather warms up again. I like the fact I can feel the muscles in my calves working a bit, and I’ll soon move up a level.

  69. Amazon Customer

    This product did not improve circulation, swelling or pain. I feel it was a total waste of money.

  70. Peter G.

    It would be improved if the sensitivity could be set using fewer button presses, say in jumps of 10 instead of one by one – As a type II diabetic using the masssager twice a day improved my circulation, my balance & made my feet more comfortable – This works great!I had a problem when the power unit failed after 3 months, but this was remedied in 2 days by the very helpful people at PureMateI’d have no hesitation in recommeding this device to others

  71. Mrs N A Homes

    I’m really happy with the product. It has helped me with the discomfort I sometimes experience in my legs at night.The original unit stopped working for some reason & was quickly replaced with no quibble. The only thing I would say is that a more explanatory instruction manual would be a nice addition.I’m very happy with the product.

  72. Miss B. V. Handley

    Before I used this I could not lift my left leg, even onto a low platform such as a bathroom scales, without help. I suffer from fibromyalgia and arthritis so not surprising. After using the sticky pads on my upper leg I can now go up and down stairs. Even the pain has eased somewhat. I have only been using it several times a week for a couple of weeks so am thrilled as I thought I might have to move home as I could not cope with stairs. My walking has improved also. I have been using it on quite low intensity as well. My only regret is I wish I had purchased it a long time ago.

  73. Beth64

    I purchased this device 2 days ago, as I have poor circulation in my lower legs and toes. On the first day I used it once. I did notice the electromagnetic waves are not balanced, the right foot is stronger than the left. However, this doesn’t bother me too much. Today I used it twice. I have started on number 40 and allow the machine to go through all the modes (1-15). Since using the circulation promoter I have noticed my toes are a more pinky colour rather than blue/white what they usually are. Also my toes feel more comfortable than before using the device. I guess everyone has their own experience, but for me it works and I shall be keeping the circulation promoter.

  74. Taurustime

    I bought this product to help with neuropathy and edema in my legs. It electrically stimulates the leg muscles, improves blood flow and reduces swelling due to fluid retention ….. and all whilst watching television! My legs feel ‘refreshed’ after use and the neuropathy in my toes has improved considerably. Only dropped one star due to the time it takes to set what is my default program each time I use it. Well worth the money!

  75. Wendy Harris

    I only received the pure mate three days ago so early days. Have used twice a day for three days.The machine was easy to set up and instructions clear. The puremate certainly vibrates and sends out the pulses very well – ive been using it on automatic at 65 but as yet can’t say what long term benefits there will be. Generally pleased.

  76. Julie Witney

    Ive suffered with restless leg syndrome for years but since lockdown my circulation in my lower legs have been unbearable. Not had a full night’s sleep for 7 months..twitching about in bed and..pacing around the bedroom at 2am trying to get the numbness away from my lower legs. I was beginning to think I was turning nocturnal as I only slept 3 hours in all.I used this product which is easy to use and light in weight. Virtually that night I slept alot better..so pleased its cured that horrible sensation of pins and needles and numb big toes . Hope this helps !!

  77. T. Hamilton

    Arrived within two days of ordering and was unpacked and tested straight away by OH who has bad circulation in his feet due to diabetes and arthritis. Set up was easy and he trialled it on setting number 7 with intensity on 90, which was perfect for him and he felt an immediate difference in the circulation of his toes after 20 minutes. I then tried the machine myself on Auto, where it progresses through each of the programs. I only set the intensity to 20 as anything higher was too much! As other reviewers have pointed out, this does not actually massage the feet but is based on the Tens system of electrical pulses. As we have a small Tens machine we are familiar with the benefits of this for various aches and pains so anticipate that the additional pads, linked to the machine via jacks, will also be used regularly. We were recommended this product by a friend who uses hers everyday and have no hesitation in recommending to others.

  78. A K garrard

    The Puremate PM605 is an excellent product. the foot massage is very effective and can be set at an intensity to suit you. the added tens pads can be used on localised areas of the body and offer a lot of different and varied programmes to suit your particular problem. i am, glad i didn’t go for the more expensive machine as this is well built comfortable to use and has every setting you could ever need.Would unreservedly recommend.

  79. Mrs J.M.Bexfield

    Product used to help relieve cramp in calves. No episodes since using the machineSlight issue when first one suddenly stopped working, but the company replaced it immediately. Excellent customer service!

  80. G. H. Birkett

    Having used another product, this item seems to be performing as well. Too early to give a definitive review, having used it only 3 times. My only disappointment is that there is no product warranty indicated on the packaging or the instruction booklet. The wiring on the power supply is rather flimsy, and should be “beefed up” to make it more user friendly.

  81. Amazon Customer

    First time I used it I thought oh no can’t get away with this so I left it for a couple of days. My daughter had a go and thought it was fantastic so decided I’d give it another go and I’m so glad I did. My legs used to be all over the place in bed even hanging over the side and me shaking them about but no more! So far this has proved to be worth every penny, thank you.

  82. doyle1701

    I have type 1 diabetes, my feet felt so much better when using this, had no problems and then after 1 month it wouldn’t switch on. The lights would flicker and go off when plugging in the adapter. I think the socket on the unit was faulty. Returned to Amazon. When working it was brilliant.

  83. Fiona Keenan

    I love this circulation booster as it helps tired and aching legs after my shower in the evening. I also have neuropathy and it helps with the pain. The remote controlDidn’t seem to work but the product stopped working altogether after about 15 months so that might have been why. I contacted the seller and they promptly arranged for a replacement which I am very grateful for. Can definitely recommend this product

  84. Kim Creedon

    I have problems with my feet I put it down to age a bit of arthritis and being on my feet a lot. I find mornings the worse or if I’ve sat a long time the first few steps are extremely painfulHowever I have seen a difference when I get up in the morning since using this machine

  85. kevin

    worked for 3 days and not worked since it lasted 3 days could have gone for one 3 times cheaper i wish i had

  86. Mrs. J. Chisholm

    Wonderful. I bought 2, one for me and one for my sedentary 89 year-old mum whose feet often swell. There are 15 different modes and the intensity can be raised to almost 100 but I use 58. No swollen feet and legs for mum since using it and I feel the benefits on my foot which has troubled me since breaking it in two places years ago. Its use gives a sense of well-being. I have fibro and have found it helps ease pain and restless legs. It comes with four Tens pads and, although I have not used them yet, I’m sure they will be effective. Also, added bonus, register online and you get a two year warranty. Excellent price for a sturdy, wonderfully health-enhancing product

  87. Francis O’Neill

    This machine was bought as a present to help someone with foot and leg circulation issues. I’m told by them that it is working and helping – to an extent. To be fair though it is still early days in terms of use. Some way to go. Five stars is given in anticipation it will do the job.

  88. rachael collins

    The Puremate circulation promoter is the best one I’ve used would highly recommend this product to anyone. Also Puremate customer services are incredibly spoke to Steph when we lost our lead and they had a replacement in the post the next day. Amazing customer service and amazing product. Very happy customer all round

  89. sylvia

    i suffer from bad knees this revive has been a god send for me .i highly reccomend it , i also bought one for my daughter and she is over the moon with it she suffers with MD and she says its been life changing for her it gets 10 stars from me

  90. Joan Jaggernauth

    This item arrived in a timely manner and was well packaged on arrival.I am afraid that I underestimated the size of this item and so had to return this item without actually using it. It would be unfair to then rate it. But I can say that it was recommended well by a friend.

  91. happysnapper

    Bit on the chunky side, but as good as Activive

  92. Fred Cassinelli

    Only had it 3 days but I’m really impressed. Set off obviously on the lower level and gradually over the second day I increased it slightly up to 40. On the third day I took it up to 70 just to try it and with 5 minutes left I took it up to the max which is 99 and I must say it’s not for the faint hearted. The one negative thing I have to say is that 2 of the rubber feet came off whilst I was using it on 99, other than it’s OK.

  93. Louise M

    I have suffered from fibromyalgia for years and the worst thing is the burning and tingling from the nerves in my feet and lower legs at night. This wonderful machine has made a massive improvement to this problem. It also helps with my swollen ankles. Finally, I broke my ankle very badly a few years ago and I have suffered nerve pain and sensitivity at the top of my foot ever since the operation. So bad I couldn’t even bear the duvet to touch it some times. This has now completely gone.

  94. Stephen Clarke

    Whilst the wife found this very useful to relive pain in her legs, I found it to be major discomfort due to having surgical pins in my ankle. This should be noted in the description.

  95. Amazon Customer

    Excellent item works well swollen feet/ankles.

  96. Nici M.

    This machine has changed my life, I have really bad circulation along with arthritis in both knees, I was struggling everyday to get my legs moving but this machine has given my legs a new lease if life.I have had it since March and this week the machine stopped working, I suspected a loose wire in the adapter so contacted the company who sent a new adapter out straight away and now the machine works again.Overall, great machine and excellent customer service.

  97. Paula Birthwright

    I have been using this product for 4 days now, 30 minutes daily. I have chosen to use the Auto as it goes through the 15 programs giving you a choice of what might suit your needs. I am a diabetic type 1 of 47 years. As I am currently shielding and work with the NHS, I have been at home since 11 March. My muscles, bones and circulation became problematic with me in pain especially joints and circulatory. This new product is wonderful and really does work. Best but of equipment and well worth the money.

  98. mike c.

    Initially quite sceptical but after using quite a few times now, 30 minute sessions every other day,I can say it has made a difference.Dont make the mistake of setting it too high to start with. Gradually increase the setting as you get used to it.#Very pleased with my purchase

  99. paula

    Pins and needles have stopped at night, been using 3 weeks every day, and swelling as gone down 75%,my legs feel lighter. Best thing I’ve bought this year. I have now gone up to 70 intensity. Started at 30. Definitely need to use every day 😅

  100. Phil98

    Excellent foot massager with a wide range of intensity and mode settings

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