Snailax 2-in-1 Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat – Kneading Feet Massager Machine with Heating Pad,

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  • Versatile design -The shiatsu massager with heat is designed for multi-purpose use. It is a nice foot massage machine,feet warmer and after detaching the top cover can be a back heating pad or Shiatsu back massager seat cushion. A portable massager for full body massasge.
  • Pain relief & Eliminate fatigue – Snailax massager has rotating 8 shiatsu rollers offers deep tissue kneading massage for back,neck,thigh,Leg, Foot, helps to relieve tight,tension,knots, muscle pain and eliminate fatigue after long-day work or long trip.
  • Heat therapy -The foot massager has heat on shiatsu balls and heating pad for foot toe and heal. It can quickly heat-up and warm cold feet,makes your feet massagers more relaxing It helps improve blood circulation, relieves muscle tension, neuropathy, plantar fasciitis. Equipped with over-heat protection system ensures safe use.
  • Convenient to use – The foot and back massager is lightweight and portable, allows you relax on your sofa,bed or chair in office or home,easy to operate it by wired remote controller. Perfect festival,birthday, Christmas gift for Mom,Dad,friend or any your loved one.
  • Super cozy plush cloth – The cushion offers a comfortable and great feeling for body touch. The top cover is detachable and washable in machine. Non-Slip Rubber bottom keeps it stay in place. Gifts for women, mum.
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Snailax  Shiatsu Foot Massager 2 in 1Massager with heat!

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About Snailax

Slow down your fast-paced life to a snail’s pace. Snailax is your reliable source for high quality massager & relaxation products.

Snailax Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat

Foot and Back Massager to Relax Everyday

Slip into the soothing comfort of shiatsu kneading massage and heating therapy from Snailax shiatsu foot massager.

Designed with super-soft plush on the outside and a deluxe Sherpa lining on the inside, it’s the perfect way to treat your tired feet after a long day.

It’s also ideal for warming up cold feet and massage with switching rotating rollers.

  • Shiatsu Massage Nodes for Foot Relief
  • Fast Heat up as Foot Warmer
  • Removable and Washable Cover Top
  • Super Cozy Plush Cloth
  • 15 minutes Auto Shut Off for Safe Use





The shiatsu foot massager has special silicone-covered shiatsu massage nodes for more soft and relaxing foot massage comparing with normal foot massagers. The kneading shiatsu provides relaxation for foot pains and sore feet after long walk or work.


The electric shiatsu foot massager can be turned to use as back massager or massage cushion for full body. Simply remove the foot massager top by zipper, it can provide massage and heating for back, waist and belly, which is multifunctional and useful.


The shiatsu foot massager with switchable the rotation directions is a household essential massage equipment. Simply operate by remote control when you enjoy the feet massage. Automatic shut off set after 15 minutes for safe use.


Detachable & Washable Top cover

Simply unzip the top, the foot massager becomes a back massager or heating pad for body relief.

To release you tired feet after long-time work or walk and foot pains everywhere, it is designed to be compact and easy to carry, which allows you to enjoy portable foot massage at home, office, car, airplane or on the long trip.

It also can be a nice gift for your friend and family on Christmas, father and mother’s day.


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Weight 70.548 oz
Dimensions 0.138 × 0.118 × 0.101 m

53131700 (Therapeutic massage equipment) Report an incorrect code

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‎ 13.8 x 11.8 x 10.1 cm; 2 Kilograms



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‎ SL-522-S

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‎ China

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100 reviews for Snailax 2-in-1 Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat – Kneading Feet Massager Machine with Heating Pad,

  1. Marcus Woodhouse

    My wife is very pleased with the product and rates it highly.

  2. G. Rezbi

    I have to be honest: I expected more. The product is a bit flimsy and the massager, from what I can see, has two settings: massage inwards and massage outwards. It has a heat setting, but the weather is hot, so …On the other hand, with the material being so flexible I was able to adjust the position of my feet at different angles. I could literally put my toes between the rollers, lay my feet on the outside edges, etc, so I could hit all angles. Considering I came home from work and my feet were aching, it did feel good to be able to spot massage. This is why I gave it three stars.I didn’t try it on my back as I bought a back massager from the same company, Snailax, which is great. I gave that five stars.

  3. Angie

    I ordered both the foot massager and the foot warmer with vibration as I wasn’t sure which would suit me best. The foot massager is brilliant if you not bothered about getting your feet warm. It’s main function is to massager your feet although it does produce a bit of heat and has a remote control which is greatI get quite cold feet due to sitting at a desk all day when working. The foot warmer with vibration was the one for me although if the foot massager had of been warmer I would have liked this one better. The foot warmer with vibration heats your toes and feet up very nicely . It doesn’t have a remote control so you do have to bend down to reset it when it goes off after using it for a bit as the switch is on the side of the boots. The vibration will come on at first with 5 settings you need to click through then heat will come on. It does get lovely warm and has been the best foot warmer for me after trying several although it’s not the cheapest out there. Peace of mind if there are any issues you can contact the seller for a replacement. I would buy Snailax products again as they do exactly what they are intended to do. When buying their products read the description to make sure it’s the one you want. They have some really good products although they aren’t at the cheaper end they are competively priced with the market and they really do work after buying several products

  4. Sanjay Patel

    Very easy to use, just plug and it’s ready. Clear instructions provided.Only negative point for me is that the heat is not very high ( to the degree I would think it should heat my feet) but overall a good device and value for money

  5. Eris

    My feet get extremely cold, and socks seem to somehow trap the cold *in* rather than keeping warmth in so I have been struggling by with a hot water bottle for a long time now. I thought I’d give the fancy ones a try – more technology and plush materials means a better experience, right? Well, maybe not honestly – this foot warmer only seems to warm somewhere in the middle arch of the foot; it doesn’t have any heating near the toes and combined with thin material at the end of the shoe, it seems to trap a cold pocket near the toes – the worst place!On top of that, the heating is on a fixed 30 minute timer that gives no indication when it’s off or on except for a very dim red light, no beeps or anything to tell you that it turned off. They could have programmed that into the vibrate function! And when it does turn off, you have to either bend down to the floor to reset it or pick it up – there’s no remote control, and it has no memory function, so the “on” button will turn on both heat and the vibrate function – which you have to cycle through pressing the button for about 7 or 8 modes before it finally turns off! All so you can get 30 mins of dull heat and then forget to check that it’s still on so it silently goes cold on you again.I didn’t have a need for the vibrate function so I don’t know how good that part is. But I assume that’s what constitutes all of the hard lumpy things under the thin fabric surface – which looks a lot softer and more plush to rest your feet on than this is. Not worth £50, stick to your hot water bottles until something better comes along!

  6. Ann

    Just what I needed thanks 😊

  7. Sam

    Really great product. I work from home and my feet are always cold especially in the winter and this does the trick to keep them nice and warm. Really comfortable as well.Only minor improvement that could be made is if there was a way to turn the device on for just heat only. By default it turns on heat and vibration so you have to press a button 5 times as it cycles through the different vibration modes to eventually get to “off” and then it keeps heat on only.

  8. Lady_v

    I purchased this for my son who suffers with foot pain, the heat and vibrations/massage settings have really helped relieve some of the pain at the end of the day when he comes home from school. Unfortunately the heating part did stop work about a month after purchase, but I contacted the seller and they were extremely helpful, they sent out a replacement straight away which arrived very quickly. Excellent customer service and my son is back to enjoying his foot warmer.

  9. Mloclam497

    This works fine as a heat pad which is why I got it, however the heat coils are a little ‘lumpy’ . No big deal as it still does what it is supposed to, just not as comfortable as it could be.

  10. cory

    So, probably like most here I suffer from to the bone cold feet. So, I bought this to place under my desk especially for now when it’s getting colder.Does it heat my feet up? Yes, eventually.Pros:- Does get hotcons:- Turns off every 30 mins, annoying when placed under a desk out of reach.- Can feel the vibration element which makes it uncomfortable after awhile.- Materials squish down also makes it uncomfortable. Not that great padding atall.- Vibration doesnt add much, in my opinon its rubbish same strengh as a controller.- Fairly expensive for what it is.

  11. Hannah

    I have always had pretty cold hands and feet, but this winter I’m suffering from chilblains on my toes and needed something that would gradually heat them to body temperature and help me heal.Initially I was worried this would get really hot really fast and be no good, but I decided to risk it anyway. I’m so glad I did! The shiatsu massage is lovely (although I overdid it on the first day and worked muscles in my feet that hadn’t been worked for a long time, they’re now a bit sore but in a good way) and the heating element is just right. It doesn’t heat up too fast and the unit retains heat well. It does shut off every 15 minutes as a safety feature, so I tend to put it on for another 15minutes after the initial one and then let it shut it off while leaving my feet in the unit. I always use the massager with my socks so can’t say what it would be like without, but I’ve never found the temperature too noticeable, let alone overly hot. To be honest, I don’t always know the heat element is working until I’ve had it on for 30minutes and can feel the residual heat. Either way this has done my chilblains a world of good. It’s so relaxing and my little treat when I’m on the sofa!

  12. J

    As someone who gets (literally, not metaphorically..!) cold feet, this is a great way to help balance the heat in my extremities. It’s very easy to use – I really like that you have different heat settings and different vibration settings and you can have any combination of them (sometimes I like to just have the heat on without any vibration). The lead is long enough to reach the mains and after a certain amount of time (about 30 mins) it will turn off by itself.The two-in-one element of this product is also something that drew me in. The top section is removable by a zip (which, by the way, attaches/unhooks really smoothly and isn’t as fiddly as I thought it might be) so that not only can you wash the compartment where the feet go but you can also use the bottom section which has the vibration mechanism elsewhere, e.g. behind you on your back, or under your legs.If there was one thing I would change, however, it’s that I would have enjoyed a firmer massage. This product is more vibration than massage, and the vibration itself is not that strong. It is not a shiatsu massager (I think the company do have a shiatsu one though, so there are other options available). However, I like my massages to feel firm so of course this is down to personal preference.

  13. vicleo

    the foot massager function is good, however as a warmer the heat is not as good as expected.

  14. Kayli

    Keeps my feet warm 🙂 The massage is an added extra, the massage does not cover my whole feet, I have to move them into position, either the middle of the feet or the front and toes or the heel, big feet, lol. The massager does cover both feet side by side. Unfortunately, my feet hurt the more I walk so the massage does the same, hoping 15 mins here and there through the day helps. Just as a foot warming device is great.Not tried using it as a back warmer or anything else. The remote is a nice touch, no bending down, worth the money, winter is probably best for cold feet but if like me , all year is good too.

  15. Monjurul Islam

    It does what it’s supposed to do, although it does feel a little cheap and the heat settings are quite low for me, it doesn’t heat my feet up to the level that I’d expect.I wouldn’t say it’s worth the money at all, I would choose something else as you’ll get more value for money.

  16. James

    I purchased the vibration model. Be aware that the vibration model and the shiatsu model are quite different — both in terms of feel — and in terms of functionality. The shiatsu heating element does not get very warm. I know this, as someone ordered this by mistake for me first.The unit does what it should, it heats up my feet. So, I’m relatively happy. Here are the things I don’t like about it:- The vibration is useless for me. More of an annoyance.- The vibration turns on by default, so you have to switch it off every time you power on, or reset the heating element.- There is no remote with this unit.- The heating turns off after a certain amount of time and it’s hard to switch it back on with your feet, so you have to bend down and reset it. Would be nice if the controls were mounted more firmly, so you could at least extend the heating time with your foot.- The unit is rather cheap looking, especially if you unzip it and have a look on the inside.All in all, it feels overpriced, but it does the job.

  17. Amazon Customer

    I purchased this as a foot warmer but it has the massage options which are also useful.It gets toasty warm so I am happy with that aspect of it, the only thing that I can’t understand is there is a hard plastic uncomfortable lump on each side of where you place each foot inside, which is under the padding but you can really feel itI can’t understand why the company didn’t cover this better with more padding.It makes it kind of uncomfortable when resting your feet in it.I have kept it but the lumps annoy me if I wasn’t so lazy, I would have returned it only for this very reason.I honestly don’t know whether I can recommend this only due to the lumps- apart from that it is very good!!

  18. Amazon Customer

    Just as described, easy to use. I work at a desk, so use it very often. Tried it for feet and back, both works great.

  19. kimberly S.

    Bought as a gift for my grandfather who suffers with pain in his feet. The cord is long so reaches his arm chair perfectly, we are yet to try the heat function but the massage is relaxing. I would recommend this product.

  20. RedYellowBlue

    Positives: warms up nice and quickly, keeps feet nice and toasty for about a half hour (then you have to restart it.)Challenges:A bit uncomfortable where your feet go – a pointy bit that is annoying.Having to restart every 30 min and go through the vibration settings if you only want the heat.Half the heating element failed after 1.5 years so only half of it gets warm now.Still, we had great use of it (daily use for the 1.5 years) so it was worth the £38ish we paid.

  21. mark b.

    The product arrived without any visible damage but the power cuts out during use if the cable is moved, worked really well untill the falt happens. contacted costumer services and got a refund because replacement wasnt an option. will be ordering another one and hope that comes without a fault.

  22. Amazon Customer

    My son purchased this as a foot warmer for me whilst working at home andworks a treat, I’ve not used the massager as its just the foot warmer that Iam interested in, the massager prongs are always there so can be quite hardwhen you put your foot into the warmer but the warmer does its job so canlive with that. I had an issue with the charger on 1st use but Snailaxreplaced ASAP without any issue

  23. Little Acorn

    When I first switched this on, I thought ‘lovely’, my toes are warm as toast and I don’t need the heating on to effectively just warm my cold feet.The vibration comes on automatically and I didn’t like it much – too intrusive – so had to cycle through several options to switch off. But still loved the warmth.But then it soon switched itself off – OH NO!So, had to remove my cooling toes, push my chair out, reach down in the dark under the desk, search for the buttons to switch on, only to discover that the unpleasant vibration starts again and I have to cycle through the options – again. Then I banged my head on the desk to resurface ……….Nice when the heat is on but to much hassle if using all day.

  24. Annie McDonald

    My auntie who tuned ninety last month loved her heated foot warner I brought for her.

  25. Books Are My Vice

    I absolutely love this item. I get cold feet sitting at my desk all day and this really helps. The warmer heats for 30 minutes then switch off but stays warm for up to an hour which is amazing. The controls are on the left side so you do need to bend down to turn it on. The foot massage function is lovely too! This is a great product and I have been suggesting my colleagues get one too. Very warm and cosy.

  26. Colin Beresford

    Overall a very good product for the price. The massage works well and still to try the back facility which I’m sure will be great. The heating element could be a touch warmer though but then it is winter and my feet do get cold being at home most of the time. As stated it is not for therapeutic use so cannot complain.Very pleased so far and would recommend for anyone that needs that extra comfort sat at a computer etc.

  27. Merissa

    The massaging and heat is really nice – in this cold weather, the heat feature feels lovely and I have this sat underneath my desk as both a foot rest but also to use throughout the day when I need it.The problem is that it’s not very consistent. It is meant to massage/heat for 10 minutes and then it turns off, so you have to turn it back on. The problem is it frequently turns off within seconds and keeps on turning off when I try to turn it back on. Normally I leave it alone for awhile, unplug the cord & replug and try again, which sometimes works, but sometimes doesn’t.It’s pretty annoying and I’m on the fence about returning it because I’m worried if it’s this bad already after less than 2 weeks, I’m scared to see how much it gets worse.

  28. Nick

    I suffer from cold feet and this really makes day to day much more bearable especially when gas prices have gone up and we’re pretty much only putting the heater on at night.The massage is a bit basic and only rotates two ways but it’s not really important, the foot warmer works well and heats up quickly but doesn’t get so hot that your feet sweat.It’s really soft inside, and roomy: but the opening where your feet go in is narrow so that the heat stays inside and builds up. Honestly I’d go for it, but don’t expect it to be a full on massager. It’s really a foot warmer. Would be really cool if they could make one for bed, like an all night bottle heater.PS, if you suffer from cold feet or cramps, this is a lifesaver

  29. Amazon Customer

    I quite often have cold feet, so these heated slippers are really good and heat up your feet quickly. They also have a detachable massager which you can use for your feet or other parts of your body. The only negative is because they are also a massager, you can feel like plastic bits when you are heating your feet, think they are there to operate the vibration when massager in use. I have taken a star off for this reason.

  30. Alexander Achucarro

    As a strong, virile, fit man, I can only reconcile my desire for warm feet with the fact that my testosterone seems to flow to all parts of my body except my feet. Now, when I sit at my desk, saving the world, I do so with the windows open yet my little trotters remain warm and cosy. Wish I bought one earlier. The massage feature is pretty nifty and the hot or warm features of the temperature is adequate. Nice and soft, and I’m pleased that I have no need for soft, girly things such as slippers. Now my manly feet are free to roam the house, thudding and flapping about as I enforce my dominance in the hierarchy of my abode. My wife now gushes and swoons at the sight of me, sans slippers.

  31. Alan

    This was much better than expected after reading the reviews. It gets nice and warm so great on a cold day and the massage is a nice added bonus. Very happy with this purchase. Ideal for working from home in the winter!

  32. Erica

    I was pleasantly surprised at how good this was. As a runner I was mainly hoping for something to relax my feet after all the pounding I put them through, but happily this does a pretty good job on tight hamstrings and lower back as well.This won’t compete with the high-end chairs you get at a pedicurist, but overall I am pleased. I do wish it got a bit warmer, but I see that as a secondary benefit so am not too fussed.

  33. Sumanth

    Bought it recently its what it is described in the page. Nice massage to legs and comfortable heat for cold feet.

  34. Dave Reedman

    Take a while to warm up and it has very simple settings. I didn’t wow me. But it does what it says. Didn’t help that I had to wait for it to dry as the Amazon drive left is outside in the pouring rain.

  35. Amazon Customer

    This is our first item from Snailax but it will absolutely not be our last. In fact, we are so impressed we have already ordered the shoulder massager as well (also brilliant). We went for the shiatsu version as, for us, if you get a massage you want to reeeeally feel it.When buying a new brand It’s always a risk that the quality or service won’t be up to scratch. You may find it reassuring to know that our experience has been great. There was an issue with the item we were sent but after just one email they came straight back to me and sent me a replacement. It arrived safe and sound much quicker than we had expected. Knowing we can trust the company and their warranty gives us great reassurance.

  36. Bristol

    The item is really nice and warm to have and I use it to help me warm my feet up in colder days and whilst I’m at my desk working from home.The only thing I could ask for from this item is it shuts down after 30 mins and would like it to continue until I wish to shut it off or have a remote control to allow me to switch back on as it’s hard to do whilst in a meeting to bend down and at times in back to back meeting all day and don’t get a second to switch it back on.

  37. HJV

    I bought this full price in October 2020, I spent nearly £40 on it. I was uhm-ing and ahh-ing about the cost for ages but I’m SO glad I got it. It’s worth every penny.I don’t care for any of the “massage” settings (you can turn them off). I bought it purely because I got tired of ALWAYS having cold feet, despite how many pairs of socks or slippers I wore! Cement floors are a killer.This little “tootsie warmer” (as I call it), is one of the best buys I have ever made. It is bloody brilliant and you should buy one. I use it nearly every day in the colder months, and it’s still going strong just over a year on.

  38. Tarqs23

    Initially thought this a good product, though if used daily as per the instructions, it just isn’t up to it. The Snailax 2-in-1 Shiatsu Foot and Back Massager with Heat has the 4 balls on each side of the “boot” (left and right foot) which if used as the model shows in listing, soon has the motor dying and the balls seemingly trying to get out or climb over each other. Overall, it was a beneficial piece of equipment BUT the pity was lack of strength in the motor which was not up to being used 2 times x 15 minutes daily. The ball/massager seemed to be DYING after less than 2 months, though the heat treatment felt relaxing along with the massager. Perhaps they could use the same concept but with a stronger motor, as the idea is good and does make some difference to aching swollen feet and ankles, especially if used on cold mornings or evenings. But for me, I will keep looking for something else hopefully with more motor power. A few months for the price paid is just a little too much for my wallet .

  39. James A. P. Marshall

    There are 2 lumps one on each side which became annoying. People with small feet may not experience the same problem

  40. Amazon Customer

    never tried this sort of relief (restless legs) but find it very helpful.

  41. Gangsheng Qian

    The item is not warm enough, I can feel the temperature just a little bit and my feet are still cold after minutes.

  42. MD

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     I love it nice deep feet massage reducing feet pain. 2 years guarantee for peace of mind thank you.

  43. Starliner

    Absolutely love this. I can move my feet around to get relief all sides of my feet.I have it going in one direction then change it to the opposite direction. Absolute Bliss. If I’ve used it for a time, I can still feel it after I’ve finished. i I rest my legs on it too to do my calf muscles and its fab for my back. Top middle and lower back.The one thing I’d comment on is the material is a little thin on the inside. When you zip the top off to use it for you’re back. I either leave the top zipped on or have a towel inbetween .Other than that, it’s so so lovelyReally pleased with it. So Please that I bought two more for my friends.

  44. Sharon Ho

    After a month of use, the unit keep stopping after 5 minutes use. I had to switch on again and again. From time to time, it will stop working for a long time (more than a hour or so) even it was switched on.The fabric isn’t very durable. I could see the fabric (black hair) detached from the unit.


    I bought this item because I’d bought something similar from another supplier that broke very quickly. This time I did some research and one website listed this item as the market leader ranking as #1 on their service so I bought it from Amazon.Very easy to operate and the vibrating foot massager is really nice but you can turn it off and have the heat only. I specifically bought this for my office as during the winter months it gets quite cold and this seems perfect.This arrived early and you should note that there is a 24 month warranty which is brilliant.Very easy to operate and also I like the fact that the electrical cord has a join onto the gadget rather than being fixed so it makes for very easy storage.Highly recommendedEnjoy

  46. Reshma sabu

    Not warm as expected

  47. wintermute

    Bought for Mrs. Wintermute as a birthday gift and has been used far more than expected. Mrs. W. generally uses this on her back, rather than feet, and reports “it feels nice”. I’m not sure I could go as far as saying it relieves pain, but is apparently a pleasant experience.One thing I don’t recall being mentioned is that it times out after around 10 minutes or so, but can be restarted immediately if you’re needing an extended session of kneading. It is a little noisy but not so much it would interrupt a conversation, or drown out the tv. Just don’t think you might be able to use it without people saying “what’s that noise?” if the room is quiet, or you’re on the phone to them.

  48. jesusjack

    When the product works its great, unfortunately the power adapter has a loose connection so you have to faff for a while to get it to work, only option is to send it back but we chucked the box.

  49. Muriel

    Was looking for a hot water bottle footwarmer. Saw this and decided it would be less risky than having to pour not water (I am old). In the recent cold weather this has been invaluable.

  50. Euro Traveller

    This product provides great relief for my Raynaud symptoms. The heat settings are good and the gentle massaging actions help increase circulation. I keep one under my chair so it is ready to use when relaxing in front of the television.d

  51. Aze

    I suffer from cold feet and this product is good. However, it stopped working and a few hours later started working again.

  52. Trevor

    Massage is excellent and relaxing. The heater is more for taking the chill off rather than heating your feet so I would not buy it as a foot warmer as it would take a long time to heat my feet. Still pleased I purchased it.

  53. Ozgur Mazlum

    I expected more heat

  54. Ames

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     So pleased with this. Long adapter cable so I can move it around easily to use. Really simple to use, the remote has 2 masssage rotations, a heat on/off and the on/off button. I walk a lot and suffer poor circulation in my footsies so they are permanently cold. This really helps. Super for winter. The shiatsu massage is quite strong so perfect if you suffer from ticklish feet!

  55. Cicero M.

    This product doesn’t provide enough heat to make it cosy. I would have expected it to be as good a hot water bottle given it can be plugged to a power socket, but after 3 min warming up, it barely felt warmer vs. just wearing a pair of shoes vs just socks. I will return the item.

  56. Angel83

    Bought this fur my husband as his feet always get cold & he uses a hot water bottle to warm them up.He’s very happy with it & says it keeps his feet warm – at just the right temperature.He doesn’t like the massage feature as it feels funny – so he doesn’t use it, however is happy overall.

  57. Hlib Kupianskyi

    great product but to turn off the massage function you have to click it 5 times to go through every type of vibrations there is, which is uncomfortable, also you have to do it every 30 min as it automatically turns offheating could be warmer but it’s okayoverall does the job and works well

  58. Mr Boyd

    This is a nice product. If I was buying something like this again I’d look for a longer wire for the controller and a speed control for the settings. This model basically has two settings; clockwise and anti clockwise. All at the same speed. It also makes quite a bit of noise… but I don’t really mind that.

  59. Tony Daniel McKenna

    I love this vs my old foot warmer that died. The problem with so many is they dont get your feet hot they gently warm. I do want my feet so warm they warm the rest of my body.Having the joys of being a mature student sat at home all day, the heating gives me horrific headaches.I got this to warm my feet and my back when im sat studying for ling hours.Does just that. I adore that you can remove the base and use it on back and feet and where ever else you need some tlc/warmth.I do find it frustrating you have to turn the massager 4 times to just get a warming but things arnt always perfect in life. This is close. Saves on heating too

  60. Roger Lewis Evans

    Rather harsh on the feet, but overall a a good product

  61. Stuart Menges

    So where to start? I suffer from cld feet at the best of times, and this warmer and massager is just the thing to help – it’s enclosed so it keeps my feet toasty if I’m done wearing shoes for the day. I spend a lot of time on my feet and the massager is a great addition – it’s pretty simple – just five different ibrate patterns, but it’s really good.Here’s the big bonus – you can unzip the shroud and put the warmer behind your back / anywhere else and as I sit here typing it’s doing wonders for my lower back.Looked at several of these, glad i went with this one. Remote would be a bonus when it’s in foot mode.

  62. A13HEX

    Bought this for my mum and she loves it – so handy she can detach the cushion and use the massage function on her back.

  63. Kindle Customer

    Got it as a present for my mom and she loved it. Although she is not the only user.Its excellent for relief after a long day at work where your on your feet all day.Here are 3 button and it is kinda hard to get the best mode for the vibrations though.

  64. Monty

    Good at keeping feet warm and they stay warm for quite a while after the 30 mins has elapsed. I have been using this at my desk during lockdown. The massage function is a bit useless and becomes irritating quite quickly (but you don’t have to use it). The is no remote control – the controls are on the side of the device – which can be a bit of a pain to reach when you are on a swivel chair in a Zoom meeting!

  65. Andy Towler

    Bought for someone else. This product is nice and versatile, however the vibration could be stronger.

  66. babatunde rufai

    I was not too sure about it but on first use, I was impressed with the comfort the vibration gave my legs. It felt great. The only issue is I think the heating takes a while to come up. Overall, great experience.

  67. Miss.N.J.cave

    Great product to relax and chill

  68. Elaine

    Gave a 5 because it wasn’t what I was expecting.The massage balls are quite fierce but I think it is making a difference to my feet which have been bad for a long time.I have only had it 4 days though.

  69. Katie

    Bought for my dad for his birthday and it is up there with top presents we’ve ever got him. We use it every day, perfect in the winter and lovely when you come home after a long day of being on your feet/wearing uncomfortable shoes! The detachable top for a back massage is an added bonus. Instantly makes you feel relaxed and honestly sends me to sleep in minutes. Totally safe as it turns itself off after 15 mins of no activity so won’t burn yourself.

  70. Paul

    Ease of use and comfortable in operation

  71. Amazon Customer

    I bought it for my cold feet but I use it differently. Perhaps my feet is small and the shoe part is huge so I have to shuffle my feet to find the massage balls. I detached and big shoe part and use it for my lower back in my sofa. its brilliant for the back but not the feet.

  72. Karen Lamb

    Disappointed with this product. I bought it for the warmth rather than the massage function. The warmth it gives is poor and just as it feels like it’s getting warm it switches off. When you power on the massage annoyingly starts and you have to scroll through massage settings to stop.That being said it’s a lovely soft base and cover. I have stuffed my old heat mat inside and I now have the toasty toes I was hoping for.I would not buy if you are looking to use it for heat only.

  73. chrissyp

    I love this not so comfortable for just the heating mechanism but I make it work. ( i love warm feet) but its really good to help my circulation. The time limit on it would be good if I could extend it longer but again I can make it work

  74. Audrey W.

    I bought this for my elderly father. The massage action is nice and it’s comfortable but was hoping it would warm up more, only a very subtle heat.

  75. SD4

    Not as warm as expected. Takes a while to heat up. Vibrations are an annoyance not a massage. Wouldn’t buy this again. Or maybe spend half the price on something like this. The customer service has been great though.

  76. Luna

    I bought this as a Christmas present for my partner whose work keeps him on his feet for 12+ hours a day. He really enjoyed using the foot massager, particularly on cold days, and so did I. I must admit, it was put in a cabinet for the last 2-3 months and wasn’t used. Sadly when I took it out again, it no longer worked. The cords were appropriately wrapped and the item stored with plenty of space so I can’t understand why it would just die. Very disappointing. If you choose to buy, I would recommend investing in the extended warranty, which unfortunately I didn’t do.

  77. Stavros Bolos

    Extremely uncomfortable and painful after a while. The heat bar is exposed and is lumpy and hard. This is for the model with the vibration, not the shiatsu one which hopefully will be better

  78. Sam

    I bought one and it stopped working after a month but I emailed the customer service and they were fantastic. They sent me a replacement straight away and I am super happy with it and their service was amazing it gives you peace of mind to buy their products because if something happens you can get your refund or a replacement without any hussle. Super happy. Thank you

  79. Stella G

    Awwwwww this is absolutely amazing. I’m in heaven sitting having my feet massaged for me. It heats up perfectly not too hot nor cool. I feel like I’m walking on air after using it. I have oedema hence sore, tired and swollen feet and legs, this does the trick. I’d gladly pay double the price for this massager it’s so well worth the money. It will be a god send for me in winter, as my feet are always frozen, because my house is damp, cold and stone flooring. I’ll be in my element with this and my heated blanket. This is definitely the business if you suffer from sore tired feet.Thank You so very much 😊 😍

  80. mediastarz

    A good product that brings relaxation to your feet. The main reason I bought this was for poor circulation in my lower legs and therefore feet. I use this twice a day now for around 20 mins and it does make a difference. I have also got into the habit of massaging my feet as well so hoping it will pay dividends in future. The instructions are not the best right out of the box as I struggled to see what each setting on the vibration 1-5 scale was but by the sound it emanates; it is intensity related. Only a minor gripe on an otherwise solid product. The 2 years warranty does add further confidence as I have had some bad experiences on Amazon previously.

  81. Ce ce

    My son brought this for my husband that has terminal cancer. His feet swell from water retention and they get cold. This has really helped keep them warm and massage part has helped his aching feet. We even unzipped the top part and used it on his back to help with back pain.

  82. louise smith

    I received my foot massager and couldn’t wait to use it . It’s nice I was disappointed that it doesn’t have speed and it does go slow , I would like it a little faster but that’s me . It is relaxing

  83. Kat

    Bought this for my mum as part of a birthday gift. She suffers from bad arthritis and planter fasciitis and she would frequently go and get massages ands attend physio. As she is a nurse and is constantly on her feet I thought this would be something she could use inbetween appointments to keep the pain at bay and she couldn’t have been more delighted with it. She said after 2 days of use the pain in her feet from her planter fasciitis had decreased massively. She used it now even more frequently with the high demand at work due to the pandemic and the lock down she is unable to go to appointments but she maintains this works amazingly for her.

  84. Ralph Cruickshanks

    Compared to other products on the market Snailax is manufactured to a higher specification. I like the easy to use controls, the non slip base and ease of cleaning. I use it mainly to keep my feet warm, however the massage is quite soothing. So far so good.

  85. Emma p.

    As described, I don’t feel it keeps feet warm completely like the top of my feet are left cold and the bottom is hot.Similarly the whole thing doesn’t get hot I feel it’s just in the centre

  86. Nisaga

    The product only heats up on one side after two months of using it a couple of times a day in the depths of winter. I wouldn’t normally mind but there is no way of informing Amazon other than sending a general email to their support, but good luck trying to find the email address on their website. I feel as though my consumer rights have been denied since I still haven’t figured out the right navigation through their menus to be able to get a refund for a defective product. I’m pretty disappointed with Amazon.

  87. Leo Hartas

    I bought this mainly to keep my feet warm while working long hours at the drawing board, but was surpised by the pleasing effect of the massage function. I was expecting it to be a naff novelty that I would never use, but it is really quite effective and has helped soothe my plantir issue with my feet. The giant slipper, massage mechanism and remote control all feel well made and I reckon will last for many winters. You just have to be careful to route the wires so they don’t cause a trip hazard. All in all I would recommend.

  88. helen g

    This was so easy to use. I loved it on my feet. I had a pain in my neck and shoulder i just laid on it with the heat on and it was so nice. Really helped with the pain.

  89. Jitin Verma

    Don’t forget the importance of warming your feet during the winter – this device does V this in the best way possible so don’t worry and understand that this plug and play device does the job perfectly. With it comes an Ac adapter where you can plug it in anywhere so be safe and merry with this feet salvaging device! Tried and tested and no problems yet

  90. Doris

    Mum loved it

  91. Luke

    I like the massage but my house is cold with drafts and this has 1 heat setting and it’s just warm. Not hot like I need for my cold toe bones. Massage 9/10 Heat 4/10

  92. Mary Beaufont

    It doesn’t reach very warm temperature, it doesn’t massage, it is just vibration, not very cosy and soft. Also expensive for what it is, sorry but not recommended

  93. Francisco Antonio Mendes Ferreira

    To get the shiatsu balls working properly, you need stand and force your feet against the mechanism.Not do what is promised in the advertising.

  94. Felix O Koomson

    The temperature is right and massage alright but need a remote to make it perfect

  95. James M

    The vibration is quite noisy and intrusive. Comfort is good, but the warming option turns off after quite a short period of time, and the only option is to switch on again, and then cycle through all the vibration options until it’s off again, which is a bit annoying. There’s also a couple of hard bits of plastic inside the base which can be uncomfortable under the sole of your foot.

  96. izi

    Expect to warm up much quicker and more hotter than actually is. If you want to use it must be plugged to socket, and so dissapointed with the length of the wire, so short. Without cable extension unable to use. Vibrations are okay, but nothing special cannot really see difference between a levels, pattern slightly changing. Expected more from it.

  97. Balmyf1fred

    Nothing to dislike my wife loves it

  98. Hannaa Campbell

    Was great for two hours then it stopped working and won’t turn back on 🙁

  99. Julie

    Superb. Just what we were looking for.

  100. J Popp

    Bought one for myself – to alleviate numbness insoles of my feet, and achy legs. Both the heat and massage functions really did ease these. Can also be used for lower back pain if you unzip the cosy cover (only problem for me, was zipping it back on again as the zipper is very small, so for me, not an option.

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