HoMedics Luxury Foot Spa and Nail Kit Pedicure Set,

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  • THE HOME OF WELLNESS: Originally founded in 1987, HoMedics is about creating a healthy home environment that helps you relax your body, de-stress, and simplify your life.
  • SIT BACK & RELAX: Designed for overworked feet, this foot spa also has an ergonomic angled base for a more comfortable massage.
  • PEDICURE ATTACHMENTS: This foot spa comes with 4 removable acu-node massage rollers and a keep warm function in case you’d like to extend your spa time
  • FEATURE PACKED SPA: Keep yourself feeling relaxed with the built in acu-nodes aimed at stimulating pressure points. You can even add your favourite bath salts for a more intense experience
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: Equipped with a luxury nail care kit and additional features like the Easy Pour Water Sprout, the HoMedics Luxury Nail Care Foot Spa is sure to become the perfect addition to your life!
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Homedics Luxury Foot Spa, Product Description

Double the Bubbles -4 bubble strips for increased bubbles 2 pedicure attachments -pumice stone & massage roller Ergonomic angled base for a more comfortable massage 4 removable acu-node massage rollers Keep warm function, easy pour water spout

Box Contains

1 x Foot Spa, 1 x Nail Kit

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HoMedics Luxury Nail Care Foot Spa


At HoMedics, beauty and wellbeing go hand in hand. That’s why our Beauty Team love designing beauty technology that makes you feel good too. Our mission is to adapt the real deal tech they use in the salon, for you to use at home – with the same quality results.

HoMedics Luxury Nail Care Foot Spa & Nail Kit

Model: FS-100DB-GB

Revive and restore your aching feet with the HoMedics Luxury Nail Care Foot Spa. Spaciously designed, this foot spa comfortably fits up to US size 12 and EU size 47. This foot spa is equipped with the pumice stone and massage roller, to revive tired feet. The invigorating bubble strips deliver a soothing spa making it a luxurious way to sit back and unwind at home.

  • Includes Luxury Nail Care Kit – Nail brush, cuticle scissors, nail cleaner/cuticle pusher, 2 x bamboo cuticle pushers, emery board, 2 x toe separators and storage bag
  • Double the Bubbles – 4 bubble strips for increased bubbles
  • 2 pedicure attachments – pumice stone & massage roller
  • Ergonomic angle base for a more comfortable massage
  • 4 removable acu-node massage rollers
  • Keep warm function
  • Suitable for larger feet – fits up to US size 12 (EU size 47)
  • Easy pour water sprout




Nail Kit

Sit back and relax

Designed for overworked feet, this foot spa also has an ergonomic angle base for a more comfortable massage.

Pedicure Attachments

To stimulate the acupressure points on the sole of your feet, this foot spa comes with 4 removable acu-node massage rollers. If you wish to extend your spa time, this foot spa has a keep warm function to save you from starting all over again

Luxury Nail Care Kit

Equipped with a luxury nail care kit and additional features like the Easy Pour Water Sprout, the HoMedics Luxury Nail Care Foot Spa is sure to become the perfect addition to your life!

HoMedics Beauty

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Weight 69.84252 oz
Dimensions 0.645 × 0.345 × 0.47 m

53131600 (Bath and body) Report an incorrect code

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‎ 64.5 x 34.5 x 47 cm; 1.98 Kilograms



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‎ FS-100DB-GB

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‎ FKA Brands, ‎ HoMedics

20 reviews for HoMedics Luxury Foot Spa and Nail Kit Pedicure Set,

  1. markus

    Doesn’t vibrate or massage as firmly as I thought but still very refreshing on a pair of hard working feet.My NHS angel appreciated this.The added accessories are a great touch

  2. Chris

    Got a foot scrubber, rollers, and pressure points for your feet.And end part that lets you drain the water.Lovely colour.Bubbles really relaxing.Looks smart.Easy to use one button.Love it :)I’d put a towel over top of your feet to keep heat in

  3. Аmazon Customer

    I know it’s meant to be good for your feet but I find the little spike very uncomfortable, not to mention the rollers which thankfully can be removed. The bubble function is quite good but it doesn’t really keep the water warm.Never the less after use your feet do feel better.

  4. Tilly

    Fantastic foot spa leaves your feeling absolutely amazing and refreshed.

  5. Vanessa

    Very noisy. The water warmer only works if the noisy bubbles is on. The water splashes all around.

  6. Mr David Goodenough

    This is a great product and really helps for quick relief of sore feet. Cheap too.

  7. Christina

    Gifted this to someone. They really love it.

  8. Amberwellt

    Arrived promptly. Needs filling with warm water. Mum found the nodules on the bottom very uncomfortable and could only leave her feet in it for just a couple of minutes. Will have to see if we can find something to line the bottom with which means we won’t be able to use the bubbles.

  9. Raymond Moore

    This is a Christmas present for my daughter so unable to leave a comment until after the 25th December.

  10. Benita

    Love everything about it

  11. Andreia Fernandes

    Amazing 😍

  12. Cynders

    This was a gift to myself for Mothers Day. Along with a nice bubbling foam foot softening product, it was a nice relaxing 20 minutes. It wasn’t uncomfortable. The rollers were nice and just right. I would have liked more settings on it, like more bubbled, temp control. I HAVE HAD TO EDIT THIS REVIEW. Its now May 16 2021 and after only two uses, the bubbles stopped and I can no longer ask for a refund and return it. Disgusted.

  13. john kingswood

    Water was not kept warm. Noisy when using bubble massage.

  14. Movie Buff

    I was very excited to try this. I’d seen this advertised in the newspaper and had recently talked about getting a foot spa with my Partner so this was perfect.This seems the ultimate package, you get an amazing looking Foot Spa full of features and gadgets and even a pedicure/ manicure set which is a nice touch for the ultimate pamper session.Testing out the foot spa dry to see how it felt, I loved the small circular massage roller that can be interchanged for a pumice stone to use while soaking your feet – the roller balls are great but it being so small didn’t make an awful lot of difference. The bottom also felt fairly spiky but I thought once water and bubbles were in there you wouldn’t notice so much…Filling the Foot Spa – you have to fill it with warm water as this doesn’t heat the water, it just maintains the temperature… I’ve discovered that you should fill it with as warm a water as you can tolerate as once the bubbles go on, these do eventually cool the water down as the bubbles are cool feeling.The bubbles are optional and can be turned off but without the bubbles it isn’t nearly as much fun! The bottom of the foot spa still felt spiky even with the bubbles going and the warm water, you get used to it but the detachable massage rollers were verging on painful to use!! They’re made of a hard spiky plastic and don’t spin around that easily when you move your feet on them and tend to dig in rather than massage – I think if these had been made of a softer rubber then they would’ve been more tolerable/ pleasurable… the pumice stone attachment when you feet are nice and warm and wet seems a good idea but it’s a little small to be that useful and the small massage roller circle with the balls that felt good when I tried it without water in didn’t seem to work so well when feet were wet and my feet tended to just squeak on the plastic and I couldn’t feel those roller balls any more and they didn’t seem to move as well…After about 40mins the water felt a lot cooler from the bubbles so I called it a day on the Foot Spa session – I enjoy using it, minus the massage rollers (which can be removed and attached fairly easily) – although my feet get imbedded dimples on the bottom though from having my feet on spikes the whole time – which isn’t relaxing or comfortable! These obviously disappear after a while but if the bottom was smooth, the massage rollers were softer and the presure point roller ball massager attachment was more effective in water and bigger then this would be the perfect and ultimate Spa!I love the idea of this and with some tweaks, for me, it would be perfect!

  15. AlanMusicMan

    At first sight this is just what we needed. A foot bath with built in massage and pumis attachment to go to work on dry skin. The thing itself looks the part and comes with a little pedicurists tool set. But…. it has problems, some concerned with scale and some of which could be covered by additional features in a Mk2 product.So, generally, the effect of using this is nice a massage for the feet in lovely warm water with bubbles and vibration to massage and sooth your tired feet. The pedicure tools including nail scissors, brush, emery board toe spacers etc are all very usable and useful.The feel of the bottom of the footbowl iis not conducive to feeling relaxed its rather pointy and – even when the water is added doesn’t feel nice. Then, the little roller balls, meant to convey the vibration effect to the feet need to be bigger than they are, the effect of them is feelable, but only just. The bubble effect is a major win, makes the whole experience much nicer, if you turn that off it’s nothing like as good.The heater inbuilt is too feeble, it’s not intended to heat water from cold, you will need a couple of jugfulls of water pre heated to your desired temperature/ The built in heater is meant only to maintain the heat of water that you add. It can do that for perhaps an hour or so, but only if you don’t use the bubble effect. WIth the bubble effect on, the heat loss from the water is increased and it cools pretty quickly. In short the heater needs to be a more powerful. The optional rollers are rather too spiky and sharp and should be scaled down – as they are they are borderline painful to use. I would have liked the mains cable to be longer – it is only 1.5 metres which tethers you to be close to a socket and probably precludes use in a bathroom (unless you have sockets there which not many do!) without using an extension reel of some kind. The unit makes quite a lot of noise, especially when starting but its not objectionable noise you soon get used to it. Since feet vary in size a lot there could be benefit to doing a small and a large version of the product. My size 12s only just fit into this, but I imagine people with far smaller feet might feel it too large.So, used in moderation that has a lovely relaxing effect but it would benefit from a MK2 version to address the product issues I have outlined above – most of which are related – on one way or another – to scale.

  16. BexB

    I love me a bit of pampering so was excited to receive this! It felt sturdy and robust and althoguh the bottom felt a bit spikey without water, once the water was in, it was lovely. The bubbles are lovely and relaxing too.It’s slightly noisy but then I would expect that, and the water (which you have to heat up yourself before pouring in) stays warm for around half an hour which is probably ample to be fair.I found it nice and relaxing and would recommend for chilling after a long day on your feet.

  17. Victor Meldrew Mk2

    I once had a long chat with a physiotherapist who advised me that the most neglected part of of body was probably our feet! Sadly she had quite advanced MS and one of the luxuries in her life was having her feet massaged and a pedicureAs I am now into my 64th year I decided to give this item a go. I am quite fit and work out at least three times a week and therefore have a fairly long shower at the gym and combine this with at least a daily shower or bath routine. I remembered that conversation with the physiotherapist and apart from a cursory daily wash and some toe nail clipping, I rarely do anything with my feet except stand on them or put them in front of the fire.This item arrived and I was pleasantly surprised at how robust it felt. it come complete with a nail care set contained within a drawstring bag and overall appeared to have a quality far greater than its £39.99 price tag. I filled it up with heated water and set my feet up for a treat. Thankfully there is a thermostatically controlled heater so that you can keep the water and your feet warm. Initially starting the machine generated the flow of water, which subsided after a couple of seconds from a gush to something more sedate. It is a little bit noisy, but not exceptionally so and reduced to nothing whilst I listened to music via headphones. Moving your feet back and forwards is quite pleasant and I found the pumice stone attachment very useful for helping me remove some hard skin – I wasn’t;t so keen on the massage roller, but I think that I will get used to it over time.Emptying the machine was easy using the spout.So was there anything that I didn’t like? Well I found that the initial surge of water died down as the same time as the noise and after a while the noise, even without headphones, seemed to dissipate as it made me relax. The one real thing that I didn’t like was I found the mains electricity cable a bit shorter than I would have liked, however, you can’t have everything – but it meant that I had to use it in the kitchen (tiled floors) rather than the bathroom, which I would have preferred..One thing that I really did like, is. that for once I really took the time to wash my feet thoroughly, spent a little time examining my feet and cutting my nails carefully for the first time in my life. My feet felt really smooth and I have to admit, I slept really well too – not sure why, but it certainly seemed to relax me quite a bit.

  18. Haselbury

    I have mixed feelings about this but for the price, think it’s worth the money if a relaxing foot bath is what you’re after.Aesthetically it’s great. I remember when Home foot spas first became a thing and everyone seemed to get one for Christmas. They were ugly, flimsy, noisy things that the water quickly went cold in.This is attractively designed with the contrasting colour scheme and is light to hold but nicely sturdily built. You fill with water at the temperature of your choice, and it keeps the water warm to a point which is a plus but can’t heat the water itself which is a negative.Not as noisy as the old ones, but there is obviously some noise which may or may not irritate you.It’s a very good size and should easily and comfortably fit even larger feet and it has rollers in the base that you rub your feet back and forth over for the massaging effect.This was my first disappointment because yes, it does feel nice and was relaxing but I wish the roller motion could have been motorised so that I could just sit back and relax with no effort required and have that massaging sensation created by the spa itself and not by my own moving of my feet.The pumice attachments are easy to use, and after use, drainage is easy.

  19. A. Wright

    A foot spa is one of those things people only seem to get as a stereotypical Christmas gift from a certain kind of person. It’s certainly not the sort of thing that I ever thought I would acquire for myself, but acquire one I did and I have to admit I was quite excited to try it out.The first step is to fill it with water. It is necessary to use already warm water, as unlike more expensive models, this one does not have the capability to heat water, only to keep it at temperature. The second step is to press the single button on the front, and then stick your feet in it. Simple as that. As to it’s therapeutic benefits, it’s a bit of a mix. The actual agitation of the water is very soothing, and the pumice attachment does what pumice does best. However, the various little plastic nodules are not so pleasant, and I feel like the device would have actually better without them. It’s also noisy as hell.On the whole, if you really want a foot spa, then I guess at the price it’s ok, but I’d recommend something a bit more premium if it’s in your budget.

  20. JJ

    Soaking your poor, tired feet is always nice and relaxing. This is better than a basin. It has massage rollers which do as you’d expect. Run your feet over them or just rest them on top and let the bubbles give a gentler massage. There is a central platform where either the pumice disc or one with three rubber (?) buttons can sit. I would love to have tried running my heel over the pumice but felt there was not enough room to run that section back and forward on it. But the massager was ok for rubbing the arch part of my foot which can ache due to my plantar fasciitis.At the top of the spa is a carrying hole which you also use to pour out the water, meaning much less water sloshing about.I soaked for about twenty minutes and thought the water cooler at the end so it didn’t keep it to a warm temperature.It comes with a wee bag of goodies – a good nail file, cuticle sticks, a good nail brush, tiny cuticle scissors and a bag to keep them in.This is quite neat and lightweight. Everyone needs to pamper their feet. I will certainly use this.

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