Beurer Foot Spa Powerful 8-Level Water Heater Footbath with Premium Touch Screen 3 Pedicure Attachments Relaxing Bubble andVibration Massage Ambient Lighting with 6 Light Effects

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  • WELLNESS AT HOME: Bubble and vibration massage functions with noduled footbed and rollers to help stimulate circulation – for an intense massage like you’d get at a spa
  • RELAX FOR LONGER: Enjoy the luxury of consistently warm water with the in-built 8-level water heater that will warm up to 48 degrees with a double wall for improved thermal insulation
  • PEDICURE ATTACHMENTS: Including rotating pedicure station (cornea remover, brush and massage attachment), for an easy pedicure at home
  • CLEVERLY DESIGNED: Equipped with a touch display and including a storage and drying bag, practical carrying handles, splash protection in homely wood design, as well as non-slip rubber feet and cable winder
  • HOT and COLD: For cooling and refreshment with cold water or for use with warm water – Suitable for up to shoe size 16
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Beurer Foot Spa

Beurer Foot Spa with powerful water heating in 8 stages (34-48 °C), optional ambient lighting and homely wood design. Would you like to discover more of our innovative product worlds. With a range of over 500 products, you are well cared for in health, wellbeing and beauty. In our store you can browse through the extensive product lines and our gift guide to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. Click on Visit the Beurer Store under the product title at the top of the page.

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52 reviews for Beurer Foot Spa Powerful 8-Level Water Heater Footbath with Premium Touch Screen 3 Pedicure Attachments Relaxing Bubble andVibration Massage Ambient Lighting with 6 Light Effects

  1. Caroline

    Arrived today and I’ve used twice so far. I like that it feels sturdy and well built, having had a much cheaper Revlon Pediprep one before that seemed quite cheaply constructed. I also like that it heats the water, this is what I was hoping for when looking to upgrade… I read lots of reviews and went for this one. It was expensive at £129.99 and I wanted to get a really good quality one.Overall it’s pretty good, the downsides so far are the bubbles and massage functions are not that strong (the bubbles were stronger with my cheap Revlon one so it feels weak in comparison), and both times I have used it for around 20 mins then it turns itself off. This is a function it has when it gets overpowered – this is on 38 degrees temperature with both massage and bubbles functions on.. I think it should be able to cope with this better given that this is it’s main purpose in life 🙂 the temperature allows you to set it all the way to 45 so it is surprising that it overloads when using at 38 with massage and bubbles.. perhaps only massage or only bubbles is the way to go, but these individually feel kind of weak. Overpriced but does the job and it does feel good quality. I like the red lights too.. feels like being at a spa.

  2. michael

    easy to use, good bubble function can be a bit splashy, its noisy with everything on , would recommend you sit on a dining chair as on the sofa the back of your calves rest against the back and can be sore. Rollers are good and do the job. It can be heavy to empty if filled to max. As a German product its well made and seems robust. dissolved salts in a separate container so not to clog holes. lastly feet come out refreshed

  3. S. Sheridan

    I bought this via Amazon Warehouse so I got around 1/3 off the RRP. Firstly I highly recommend buying through the Warehouse deals as from my experience I’ve received a great product with no damage and with a decent saving.On to the footbath itself, I had been looking for something to replace a basic model. I looked up a few models including other Beurer models but there was nothing else I could find with so many options.It is larger than I expected it to be but I am quite petite and can still lift it to the sink while filled with water. The plug cord can be wound round the feet which is useful.The positives: the number of settings; the massage rollers can be all or partially removed; massage and bubble settings can be used simultaneously, separately or not at all; the water not only stays warm, but if you use cold water it will heat to the desired temperature in around 10-15 mins and the highest temperature (48°) is probably too warm so no worries of getting ‘cold feet’ (ha ha); time programmes range from 20 – 50 mins in 10 min intervals and switches itself off after this time; straightforward to obtain desired settings; can view current temperature/time left on programme; the pedicure attachments are a bonus (the stone attachment is the best); it makes my feet feel amazing and it’s so relaxing.So-so: no convinced about the infrared – haven’t noticed anything special about it (except it looks cool!); magnetic therapy – I’ve read a few articles that don’t make much of a convincing case for the usefulness of magnetic therapy except for those with diabetes, but again it does no harm so can’t complain. The massage rollers are okay but would prefer mechanic rollers; massage pedicure attachment didnt do as much for me as the other two; the little spikes on the bottom of the footbath aren’t uncomfortable but it would be good if there was an option to have a flat bottom too; bubbles can cause some splashing if footbath is filled to MAX line but nothing too major!Negative: price I suppose – yes it does a lot but is it worth £100? I mainly purchased because I got it cheaper than the RRP so for me it was worth it. That said, I haven’t been able to find another model with so much to offer.The only thing I found missing was aromatherapy (like the Elle MacPherson The Body footbath) but a good 8-10 drops of peppermint/chamomile/lavender/rose etc essential oil will do just as well I imagine!Also it is well worth purchasing some dead sea salts (search tea tree and peppermint salt in Amazon). Two tablespoons worth will make your feet look and feel heavenly.Overall, a must for anyone who loves a good footbath and is looking for something effective and good at keeping the water temperature steady.

  4. Amazon Customer

    I have to be honest, and say that I had considered cancelling this order. Not because the product was a bad one. But because when I first made the order I didn’t realise it would becoming directly from Italy. I also have to say that I’ve ordered items from the US and Japan, which came much more quickly than this did.The original delivery estimate was between 7th – 25th April 2015. It arrived more than a week late. But since it was coming from Italy, I couldn’t really cancel the order. And I understand, once the manufacturer hands the parcel over to the delivery company, there isn’t much they can do about speeding up delivery. Okay so my delivery gripe is over, now to the product. I know its unfair to blame Buylloon for the late delivery, but that’s the only i gave it 4 stars, even though it is a truly great product.The reason I ordered the Foot Bath Spa, was because at the time, I was recovering from a broken ankle. And I hoped it would help ease the discomfort. While I was at home recovering. Unfortunately, as I’ve already said, the item arrived late, (NOT BUYLOON’s fault). By the time it had arrived I was back in work.I have to say I’m glad I didn’t cancel my order, as it has proved very useful, even if it wasn’t for the original reason of the purchase. I believe that the only ones in our household who haven’t used the Foot Bath, are the cats and the dog, although I did find one of the cats fast asleep in it, after it wasn’t put away, from use.I don’t use it as much as my better half, and she loves it. I have to agree with her, it is a great product and relaxes your feet after a long day at work. It heats, or keeps the water at a comfortable temperature. Had it arrived sooner, I would have been truly happy with it. And would have happily given it 5 stars.It really is a wonderful product for tired feet. It has many wonderful features that help your feet, regain their lost vigour, from a day’s, or even a week’s use, of standing on them, running around (the kids mainly), or just if you feel like relaxing.

  5. Dr Mac

    This foot spa is very well made. I like the fact that it both heats up and retains the water temperature for whatever time you set at 10 min intervals from 20 up to 60 mins. Even when really hot outside, 35 degrees as a foot spa feels cool for those people asking about needing to cool the water. I didn’t like the rollers so removed them. They felt uncomfortable after about 5 minutes. The little fixed knobbles on the bottom of the foot spa are fine as long as you move your feet around from time to time.The little massaging/pumice attachments are actually quite effective because the machine does the work for you since they rotate when you put a little bit of foot pressure on them.The massage function on the floor of the foot spa has a gentle hum when switched on but it gets a bit more noisy when the bubble function is also switched on. I always use the spa when listening to music anyway and catching up with emails so it doesn’t bother me. The lights are actually quite cool on a dark evening although I’m not sure the benefits of them nor the apparent magnetic field thing or the claims made.I use either tea tree/peppermint with Dead Sea salts or Kaeso pedicure peppermint rain in the foot spa. Both are non foaming and very relaxing and a little goes a long way.

  6. Jan de Ville

    Couldn’t wait to use it, it’s very enjoyable and my feet feel great afterwards but….The rollers under your feet are fine when you’re rolling them but slightly uncomfortable when you just want to relax; the motorised bit in the middle works well but it doesn’t have an on switch – you have to work it by pressing it, thus having to use one foot to work it whilst ‘pedicuring’ the other, this is quite awkward! When finished it’s a bit cumbersome to pick up and empty, I am using it in the kitchen but it would be easier with the bath handy to empty it into.Other than that it’s easy to clean, just use a bit of white vinegar to rinse it out and it’s light when empty and does store in a cupboard.It’s not a substitute for the chiropodist (- I’ve had problems with my feet all my life – lots of hard skin, corns, cracked heels and always slightly painful for some reason and I’m not even that old!!), I go every six weeks but still need something for in between and this will be perfect. The ‘motorised’ attachments gave good results although awkward to use and I’m sitting here now with feet that feel beautifully clean, soft and unpainful!I’m looking forward to using again, and a word of warning – don’t put anything in it that foams!!UPDATE – used again today with Dead Sea Salts and peppermint oil as someone else suggested, it was lovely, and I have found that if you sit on a chair high enough that your feet are suspended in the water (not touching the bottom at all) you just feel bubbles on your feet and it’s heavenly!

  7. Brian

    I have now used this item 3 times and am very impressed with it. I have (hopefully soon to be had) really hard / cracked skin on my heels.Using this with some dead sea salts and oils over the space of a week has already made a difference to them, the cracks are almost gone and the hard skin is loosening up. I usually follow the bath with one of those electric hard skin removers which has enhanced the effect of the bath.That leads me to one of the reasons I am not giving a 5 star review, the pedicure stone in the centre works but is very hard to use, in order to activate it you need to press down, but in doing that it makes it very hard to keep your heel in the centre of the stone and move it around without falling off. If this was activated by a button instead it would be easier to use. The second point is a kind of good/bad one. I love that it has a heater, so nice to just press the button and warm it up a little, and it does warm up very quickly. However the warm water outlet appears to be right next to the sensitive part of skin at the rear side of your foot above the heel, I find I need to move my feet right to the front while it is actively heating the water and then move them back once it has reached temperature.

  8. Ivor Goligher JNR

    I bought this hoping it would help with my feet. My work involves me being on my feet a lot and then with the gym at night the feet can get tired and sore and the skin quite tough in placed. I thought a foot spa would be a good start toward helping my take better care. The problem with them is there are so many to choose from so I decided to go with what sounded like the best. All singing and all dancing.The massage function makes the spa vibrate and I don’t feel this really helps that much. Maybe it does and I’m just not aware of it but so far I can see the benefit.The red lights (infrared) on the bottom are supposed to help with blood flow and I have heard of this method being used before. This does work but you have to be using it every day to get the proper results of this. That said, blood flow to the feet was never a problem for me but I suppose it doesn’t hurt to give it a boost.The bubbles are good. They do exactly what they say they’ll do. It feels relaxing.The heating function works really well. It does take a while for the water to properly heat but it does a great job at keeping the water warm.My main gripe with this foot spa is the comfort. Let’s be blunt here…you’re supposed to put your feet into the spa, sit back and relax and let it do its work. Only it isn’t that simple. This spa has rollers on the bottom you can roll your feet over to help massage but also has little nubs sticking up which I guess are supposed to help the feet in one way or another but…honestly?…I found it really uncomfortable. I’d be sitting and find myself moving my feet around every 10 seconds or so. Yes you can take the rollers out but should you have to at this price?I guess it wouldn’t be uncomfortable if your feet were covered in skin so thick you couldn’t feel them but I struggle to see why that should be the case.For the price they’re asking for this I expected something a little better. If you want a foot spa, save some money and buy one a lot cheaper that will more than likely do the job just as well.

  9. Mr. Nicholas Stanford

    I’ll start my review by mentioning that I have, over time, owned four foot baths by various manufactures. My latest purchase is the third and four units (the third unit was returned after two uses). Okay, lets begin….Firstly, I must congratulate Amazon on their return policy and customer services, after a little hick-up the first model was returned On a slightly downside, I sympathise with some shoppers, trying to contact/locate the customer services link on the website is a tedious tusk! Amazon, please address this for your customers.Before purchasing this footbath, I had read over the various reviews left by other shoppers and made the decision to go ahead and purchase one. All-in-all, the reviews left by other shoppers are very much what I experienced, being;1: The massage rollers can be all or partially removed, oddly I prefer them in place…2: Bubble setting can be used simultaneously, separately or not at all…3: The water not only stays warm, but if you use cold water it will heat to the desired temperature in around 10-15 mins and the highest temperature (48°) is probably too warm.4: The timed programmes range from 20 – 50 mins in 10 min intervals, switching itself off after this time.Sadly, I have to agree with;1: Not convinced about the infrared – Personally, I thought inferred light was invisible to the human eyes anyhow but hey…2: The magnetic therapy – totally unconvinced about these…sorry!Now the bad;1: As I mentioned in my intro, this is my third & fourth footbath, and the so called massage experience is pretty poor (hence the return of the first unit)! The vibration unit makes a noise but the results, well, what results. In physics, scientists use the phase, cause and effect. Well ladies and gentleman, there’s certainly a cause but differently NO effect! Really, I should contact Stephen Hawkins and bring this oddity to his attention ;-)2: The pedicure attachments are a bonus (the stone attachment is the best) BUT the motor unit; I found it to be weak and awkward to operate….a shame really.Other than the so-called massage effect, the unit isn’t that bad really. Personally, (if the people at Beurer engineers corrected the above negatives) I feel the asking price is okay really, considering the various options available (if they worked). Would I recommend this product – No, unless you wanted a great bubble foot bath, with glowing red lights!And finally, for the designers/engineers at Beurer, if you need some design input/feedback from a customer’s point of view, then please do not hesitate in contacting me.

  10. Anthony

    Bought this following a visit to a reflexologistI use it three times a week with Epsom salts and lavenderIt has improved my circulation, you really think you have new feet afterwards, very relaxing and you sleep really afterMy kids even use it too, I find it relaxes them and they even sleep better tooIt’s easy to use, temperature adjustment is easy. I have it at 42, quite hot but it actually gravitates itself between 40 – 42. There are 4 or 5 temperatures so lots of choiceThere are little plastic spikes for rolling feet – at the start they were a little painful, but after a week they are actually quite nice – I think the whole point is the little spikes find sore points on the soles of the feet and they massage them.

  11. MelissaF

    I have not had a foot sap before – but all reviews said this was the best, and my feet are sore…so I bought it. I found like others, that the rollers were uncomfortable, and when I took them out it was only a little better as the permanent fixture they slot into is ALSO hard and spiky. So not really a very comfortable place to rest your feet. The other downside is that it is VERY heavy to carry – both empty and when filled with water. Because of the placement of electric plugs in my house I have to carry it from the bathroom to the sitting room to use. Even if I bring the water to fill it in a separate container – I still have to carry it, filled – back to the bathroom to empty. I guess it is better then nothing – but perhaps a lighter model would be better.

  12. George Errington

    I have peripheral neuropathy – very sensitive feet – pins and needles – achy feet – and was looking for something which would allow me to sit and relax my feet and pamper myself. I did allot of research and was taken in by the articles which advocated this product for my condition. I should have known when the box turned up damaged that this was a bad omen. I decided to pay more than £40-£50 models because I wanted something which would be robust and thought buying a named product would be better especially for my medical issues. My first spa was OK but I found that the rollers were to sharp and hurt my feet. Reading the instruction manual I was pleased to see these could be removed. To my horror when I removed the rollers, the floor of the spa was covered in hundreds of 2mm high dimples which was ten times as bad as the rollers. You could not put your feet down without being in agony. Why cant the floor of the spa just be flat, that is what I need. You cant sit at a foot spa comfortably with your feet off the floor of the spa. The worst 30 minutes of my life. I don’t know what I can do now shelling out £90 plus pounds on something I had high expectations for. It was a product I thought would allow me to take care of my feet and provide years of comfort. It is unusable, to make things worse the box was ripped when I received it from Amazon and has since been binned.It is not a product I would recommend for diabetics with feet issues and particularly for those people with sensitive feet who have peripheral neuropathy.If it was not for the 2mm high plastic sharp bobbles on the floor of the spa I think I could have lived with this as the functionality was good, good temperature, good bubble and vibration.Just devastated.

  13. CraigDR20

    Really enjoyed this machine. Add a bit of salt, suitable for using with these and it’s so relaxing and effective… for pain and unwinding. My size 11/12 feet fit in pretty nicely with enough roomcto use the rolling massages at the bottom. The centre foot stone was great as well. Worth the money

  14. Yet Another Alias

    Works well, and feels lovely – especially after running a marathon!I tend to drop in a handful of Epsom salts – I don’t know if they make any actual difference, but the placebo effect is very real.Be aware that it is quite large (good for my clown-feet), but as such when it’s full of water can be quite heavy.I don’t much care for the knobbly bits under my feet – but that’s a personal choice. They can also make it a little tricky to clean properly, but it’s not insurmountable.

  15. Maria Ackerman

    I read so many positive reviews about this product so decided to get it for my mom’s birthday and what an embarrassment it was when we plugged it in and it did not even come on.

  16. susan84

    Although this foot spa is more expensive than other available products it’s worth the price. I found this is the only one that heats up the water to the selected temperature, has a vibration massage and bubble massage function with a timer. Heating up the water takes time about 10 minutes, which can be reduced by mixing hot and cold water (I normally put 1 kettle of hot and 2 kettle of cold water). The vibration function with the bubble massage is relaxing and refreshing after a day’s work. I found the temperature comfortable on 35-38 as the higher ones are really hot. The timer can be set up to 1 hour and it automatically turns off once the time reached. The product is comfortable enough for UK size 11 feet. It is easy to clean, although it can get a bit heavy to lift when full with water. Overall happy with the purchase andwould recommend for purchase.

  17. Steve Tucker

    First of all, the box came badly battered and damaged and not in any outer protective packaging. This was not a good start. To be fair once unboxed, the spa was in perfect, pristine condition. Set up was easy and the spa was soon bubbling away full of lovely warm water and looking very inviting.And then I put my feet in…….What a disappointment! Both the rollers and the hard dimpled surface are very unpleasant on the soles of the feet. And the hard, plastic sidewalls dig into my ankles. No matter how I repositioned the unit or my feet, I couldn’t get comfortable. So whilst the water bubbles away nicely, any soothing effect is completely negated by the fact my feet are sitting on rock hard dimpled surfaces and my ankles are digging into the sides. Removing the rollers only made it worse and I might as well just have thrown some sharp gravel into a bowl and stood on them. It was that uncomfortable.I have now returned to Amazon and await my refund. The worse purchase I have made in a very long time.

  18. Shaun

    It nearly killed me, it’s on a rubbish pile somewhere, as I threw it away…Shorted out then smoke appeared from inside the unit…

  19. smp

    Don’t waste your money, I have just organised Amazon to collect it for a refund. I have had a few of these types of foot spas in the past (mother in law took the last one after a visit) and have used them for over 20 years. I incorrectly thought that spending more money I would get a better product (I also read some online reviews) but I was so wrong. Problems as I see them:1. The vibration massage just does nothing – I really cant feel any form of massage or vibration (nor could my young daughter). I can hear a motor going off but it does not induce any form of massage (the water even does not move)2. The roller in the base are unless unless you want to soak the floor (even then they don’t really do much). there is simply no room to roll your feet forwards and back. My daughter found it very uncomfortable to even rest her feet on them!3. The motorized pedicure attachment again seems okay until you want to use it – you have to manipulate your feet in the right position and push down (hard) on it for it to rotate. Again, be prepared to mop up after.4. The bubbles are great but if you fill it to the max level be ready to mop the floor again, every so often the spa will throw water out.5. The water heater is on by default – sometimes I like to have a cold spa and with this product it is not possible.I would have thought for the money I would be getting a better, more usable, product. Even pouring the water out could have been made easier with a slightly better design, the same goes for the corded storage bit (its great you can wrap it around the ‘feet’ but this is negated by not having somewhere to push home the actual plug).Overall – I think you can get something to match this spending less than a third of the money.

  20. BilboWaggins

    I did so much research prior to ordering this item that I ended up cross-eyed (and in need of a relaxing foot soak!) I choose the Beurer FB50 Luxury Foot Bath Spa as it was the only model with a water heater. Any other foot spa I’ve tried cools down too fast and I don’t find tepid water particularly relaxing.I did not want the bubbles or massage option but I thought I would be able to just not use those features. Unfortunately, the design of the Beurer makes that impossible.Even with the ‘massage wheels’ removed, the base of the foot spa is full of plastic attachments and pimples which are downright uncomfortable. I don’t have particularly sensitive skin but it was incredibly unpleasant, to the point of painful, to have my feet resting on the base of the unit.Whilst the heater works extremely well it does not seem possible to have the water deep enough to cover your entire foot – I’m only an average size 6 but my upper foot was not submerged. The instructions say you must only have a depth of 5 or 6cm.For a foot spa that is twice the price of anything else which Amazon sells I need it to be comfortable and deep enough. It’s neither.

  21. D. Seddon

    It’s an expensive item to not be 100% happy with, but I find the rollers in the bottom of the footpath too hard on my feet – I know I can take them out, but I wanted the massage….. also the vibration part is very faint – you can hardly feel it it all….. combine it with bubbles, and it vanishes all together…..

  22. Y. Aleksandrov

    It comes across as well made and quality product. It was quite a bit bigger than what I imagined but before it arrived all I was looking at was a small picture. The two downsides (in my opinion) are that it is noisier than I expected and that the bubble function creates lots of splashes that sometimes throw out drops of water. It can also be used without water in it however, I noticed that once filled with water the vibration effect is muted to an extent by the liquid. Otherwise ignoring all of the above it is a good product and I intend to keep it. Water temperature never goes above 43 degrees if vibration and bubbles are on as this disturbs the water too much and it looses heat quicker.

  23. AjRH

    I ordered this after having a faulty cheaper foot spa….and I’m so glad I did! Not only its it well made, but it’s also great value for money. Argos sell this for £119 so for £80 odd that’s a great saving already.This has a timer, built in heater (and it’s quick too!) massager, bubbles and 3 attachments. It also has 6 magnets and 8 infra red lights to really go deep and relax you. I have size 12 feet and have plenty of room. There’s even 6 massage bars built in too which help sooth aching feet by manually rolling your feet backward and forwards.I did give this 4 only because of 2 things (which certainly aren’t deal breakers) (1) I wish it had jets spraying water over the ankles. (2) would be great to have an easy pour lip

  24. Stuart

    OK, but not overly impressed. First unit was sent back as it barely vibrated. Second unit had only marginally stronger vibration. The unit is heavier than it looks and quite sturdy. I couldn’t say whether the magnets or infra red lights actually make any difference but my feet are softer than they were before. I do like the rotating pumice stone but it’s not too easy to position your foot on top of it and press. Still unconvinced it’s worth twice as much as some other foot spas on the market

  25. Mr. W Walton

    so for anyone with big feet you’ll be ok with this.. i spent a long time trying to figure out if i could fit my size 12 (uk) feet into a few foot spa’sThis one is fine, there is room to spare so no issues there. Also some of the reviews implied that the water heater in this wasn’t that good. i have to say it’s amazing and to be honest it’s so efficient i have to only have it on for a few mins before you can feel the effect.a bit pricy but that’s the only reason it’s not 5 Stars

  26. karl harrison

    i bought this because i suffer from an arthritic club foot( 3 ops) this is a great product esp with the salts i bought,the only downside is the temp goes up 3 degs a time,i would prefer a little more versatility on the temp,but it works great for my foot. I also have to wear trainers,and steel capped trainers in work,which can cause athletes foot,this also helps stop that. only other downside is the weight once water is in it,fine to fill up but would be hard to empty if i had arthritic hands,but that seems the same with all of these products, no real way around that though.

  27. Andrea

    Temperature control, not sure. I put warm water in and it usually maintains that temperature. When I try to make it slightly hotter, I had to turn the control to maximum. On one occasion it got extreme hot, but usually can’t tell the difference with the control. Better just to start off by putting in water at the temp you require.Very easy to use, quite self explanatory.Could do with a valve to poor out water instead of having to tip it down the sink.Bubble function makes splashes so make sure the spa is on a waterproof surface, or on a thick towel.Quite noisy, but well worth the money.

  28. Milla

    My fiancé stands up all day during work hours and comes home with terrible aching feet. It broke my heart to see him in pain so I figured I might get something like this to relieve his pain. So far, he has been absolutely thrilled – he says it feels so nice to come home and dip his feet in the spa during dinner, it’s incredibly relaxing and it helps his feet feel better towards the next day. I’ve tried it myself, it really feels really nice! The gray spiky bits are perhaps a bit *too* pointy for me, my fiancé loves it (probably because his feet have to stand up all day) – my feet are a little more sensitive – but you can easily remove them and enjoy the bath without it. 🙂 I’m really happy with this purchase, a little pricey perhaps but definitely worth the money, seeing his face all relaxed and happy.

  29. Robin

    Was put off by reviews of other units that fail to heat up the water. This one definitely heats up the water very quickly, but it is heavy and so not easy to empty and fill and carry. The massage feature is also not great as it relies on you moving your feet over the rollers which can be uncomfortable. However this is the only foot spa I have ever used so have nothing to compare it to. Overall I would say it was worth buying and my partner loves it.

  30. Carol

    I bought this foot spa for my daughter this Christmas as she is a carer, on her feet all day and has such painful aching feet with sore callouses. She can’t stop thanking me for this foot spa which she uses almost daily and says it has made all the difference to her feet. She no longer moans about the pain and aching and her feet are now completely smooth and all hard dry skin has been pummelled away. It’s a fair size and I watch the water bubble up, but not a drop has splashed outside the spa which is a bonus.

  31. Amazon Customer

    Foot spa arrived on time in pristine condition. I found the foot spa totally relaxing though i had to remove the 6 rollers in my case to get my feet deeper in the footwell. I used some mineral salts for added pleasure.

  32. S. Mason

    I like this product, it’s easy to set up and use and the massage function plus the extra tools are good. The bubble function is a bit noisy (the motor is a little loud) so I don’t use it. The fact it heats the water is the reason I bought it, cheaper ones get cold way too quickly. It’s a wee bit big so be prepared and also mine came with a European 2-pin plug which was a pain as I had to go out and find an adapter. On first use it blew the fuse on the adapter so be warned you’ll need one with a higher fuse than 1 Amp.

  33. CC

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     a lot of foot spas on this website are just cheap clones of each other with random branding. the last one i tried actually shorted while my feet were in it and tripped the electrics in my apartment.this one feels a lot more solidly built and has all the options which some of the others are missing, and then some. the best of the bunch (my 3rd try for a foot spa)

  34. Tina

    The missus got a budget one from Argos, rarely saw the light of day. Treated her to this one and it’s used weekly. It’s head and shoulders above the cheapies and although quite dear in comparison is worth every penny because not only is it vastly superior in function it actually gets used!

  35. Jazzy J

    So versatile and really is a lovely item to use.Nowhere near as noisy as the older ones and yes there is some noise but it is not loud or annoying, there has to be some noise as it has a motor in it for the massage and bubbles!Yes it is expensive in comparison to some you can get but you get what you pay for!The rollers can be removed if you don’t want them in and I haven’t found the stipples on the base to be at all painful, you are just supposed to rest your feet in the bath not apply pressure, use a bit of pressure when the roller are in and your feet don’t touch the stipples then anyway.The additional attachments are great and can really stimulate your feet.

  36. Mark P

    I’ve done a lot of walking this year on the advice of my GP, and after increasing the mileages in more recent times, my feet were taking longer to recover after each session. This machine is a bit of a miracle worker and rejuvenates my feet to a very refreshed state and makes me feel better in my overall well-being. I like the revolving pumice/brush/massage feature, the bubbles and massage work really well. The massage rollers on the floor of the unit take a little getting used to, but are good to have there. I use a peppermint/tea-tree non-foaming spa additive to the water, and after 20 minutes or so, toenails are in a great state to trim with clippers etc. For those with big feet, I’m a 12.5 / 13 shoe size and there’s plenty of room in there.

  37. Z

    After doing some searching around for which foot spa to get I finalised on this one. I purchased this foot spa for my Mum and she absolutely loves it! She is such a busy bee and very rarely gives time to herself 🙁 after a long day she gets tired feet. Now majority of the time in the evenings she uses this to relax and loves it, says the massage rollers and points are really good, the bubble and vibration is also great and the pedicure attachments are handy. Whilst using this the water began to get a little cold so I turned up the temperature and we were amazed at how quickly it heated the water! We would highly recommend this foot bath spa! 🙂

  38. peter dilworth

    A foot bath that keeps the water warm is great . The bubble massage is nice and there are infrared lights and magnets in the bath hope they are doing something. The problem for me are the massage rollers sticking into the soles of my feet really uncomfortable so I take them out but the bottom of the bath as spikes to sticking into my soles, I find it very uncomfortable and frankly unbearable .

  39. V Dryden

    I LOVE this foot spa. I’ve had cheaper models in the past that don’t have the water heating function and this is FAR superior.The functions for bubble and massage are good and I enjoy the pedicure function using the motor even though it’s a bit tricky to activate.I imagine the rollers aren’t for everyone but I really enjoy them.My feet genuinely feel better after half an hour of use when they are aching. I also had sore heels for months, used this four times a week and it went away.

  40. Breuddwyd

    Wins hands down (or rather feet down) over other foot baths, the water heater is very good, the massage vibration is effective and not too noisy, the little spinning wheely thing between the two foot holes has several different accessories you can change including a pumice stone and brush which are great for softening dry skin or just for a tickle. The red light I havent much time for I dont think there is science to back it up, however it is there if that’s your cup of tea. The rollers at the bottom are removable (with effort) and it’s much comfier without them if you just want to relax, you have to put a bit of effort in to use them and you get bored after a few seconds so I leave them out mostly

  41. MaR

    My foot spa arrived with a fault. The massage button didn’t work. Returned it to amazon however 2 weeks later still not had refund! Hermes collected it quickly but status Says still on way back to Amazon! I’d love to order a replacement As I liked it but can’t until I get a refund! Plz can you confirm status.

  42. Phil1p

    Great unit … I bought this to replace my wifes previous foot spa that wasn’t heated …. on the old unit the heat seemed to dissipate at an alarming rate, but this new unit is fantastic as it heats the water for you.There are various temperatures to choose from and if you use the bubble or massage modes it’s not too noisey (you can easily hear the TV is you just turn it up a couple of notches).It maintains temperature well and there is a timer mode so you don’t get carried away and end up with webbed feet :-)I’m a size 8/9 UK shoe size and my feet easily fit in with room to spare.Would definitely buy again.

  43. jazz.

    Ok she’s used it a few times now and likes it.its a good buy.The only tiny niggles are:1. She’d like it a bit deeper so the water covers more of the ankle2. She doesn’t like the foot rollers much and they are a little bit tricky to pull outApart from that very happy and she enjoys using it. Whether there s anyactual medical benefit I doubt it.

  44. Amazon Customer

    The active water heater really sets this unit apart from others that pretend they’ll keep the water warm.The bubbles feature is effective and therapeutic.The under-foot rollers are okay – it would be great if they rotated automatically.The pumice, brush and rough-piece attachment seemed under-powered. The pressure required to activate it prevented the motor from doing its job, which is a shame.Otherwise a lovely, if not a little expensive product.

  45. AJB

    Pros: heats the water, bubbles nicely, central column has various attachments and works well.Cons: the massage devices I find very uncomfortable. But maybe that is me – I never find massages relaxing. The device is a bit of a pain the empty – it could do with a carrying handle and clear procedure for emptying the water out.It is a very good footpath though and I recommend it.

  46. Jamie

    I was looking to buy a foot spa as a birthday gift, and few seem to be able to heat the water or maintain water temperature themselves, but this one does, and my mother (the recipient) loves it. Though the max setting of 48 celsius is unbearable (36 is far more pleasant), I would recommend this product to anyone wanting a decent foot spa. My only concern is that I bought it from this very page 3 months ago for £84.99, so the price appears to have increased. Still worth it though.

  47. Keep Calm

    The Beurer FB50 Luxury Foot Bath arrived promptly. What a luxury to own and use. The unit is well made and not too heavy to carry. I do a lot of walking which has resulted in me developing corns and hard skin on the heels. After using the Beurer only three times at 20 minutes per session, the corns and hard skin were gone. I now have refreshed and soft feet again. It is easy to use with the controls being intuitive. It is so relaxing and the standard setting of 35 degrees C for the water temperature is perfect for me. I would definitely recommend this product.

  48. Lizzie 2110

    This product is an exceptionally high quality. The rollers , unlike other reviews ,I found very comfortable. This foot spa massages your feet and keeps the temperature consistent. The unit is the perfect depth and although large it is ok to move around. Overall an excellent choice. We are very happy.

  49. Indigo

    I did research before this purchase, and it seems to have all the features of a therapeutic foot spa.I liked the way water stays hot, and that the temperature can be adjusted.I found the massage vibration this a little noisy, but I do not have any other spa’s to compare it to.The only thing this spa does not have is a draining plug, as the machine is bulky, this is a feature I would have liked to see on this higher end model.First impressions of the design and build quality, very good.Plenty of bubbles too, I know some of the cheaper models have this feature as a second thought, this model delivers!You won’t be disappointed if you buy this.

  50. Reena

    What a great fantastic product. I had a cheaper foot spa and wasen’t Very happy with it got cold in minutes. Just like a bowl. This is what I have been looking for, for a long time. I do a lot of walking in my time and this product is my life saver. as soon as I get back from a long hard day at work my feet are straight in there. Keeps the temperature you desire gives a great massage and great with dead salts. Soothing and relaxing. Just simply perfect recommend to anyone who is on there feet from 9 to 5. Go on treat yourself you won’t regret it!

  51. mrogers

    I ended up returning this item as I was that unimpressed with it – though I must say the company I purchased from, Cutio UK, have been excellent to deal with and they deserve credit for that.For me this item did not deliver what it promised. The ‘massage’ nodes on the bottom of the unit do not move by themselves, rather you are expected to roll your feet back & forth across them to get any benefit. This would be fine apart from the fact my feet, UK size 10 which is not unusually large, practically fill the size of where your feet go so there is no room to move them, making the nodes redundant. I also found that when using the bubble function it just caused lots of splashes outside the unit.For the money we expected a lot more, it’s great at keeping the water warm, so if you want to soak your feet for 30mins without topping the water up with hot water it’s ideal but there are other, cheaper models that do this. Promises a lot but delivers very little.

  52. Bebboej

    After researching foot spas on line and reading all the reviews, I ordered this one. I have already sent one back as the bubbles were very weak and the automated rollers huge and harsh. This one is perfect. Lots of bubbles, smaller rollers and Heats up quickly. Very pleased.

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