Beurer FB35 Foot Spa with Aromatherapy | Reflexology Foot Bath

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  • SOOTHING MASSAGE: Bubble and vibration massage functions with noduled footbed to help stimulate circulation.
  • DEEP RELAXATION: Magnetic field therapy and optional infrared light function help promote relaxation for tired feet
  • AN AT-HOME SPA: Enjoy calming aromatherapy by adding essential oil-infused bath salts or crystals
  • PEDICURE ATTACHMENTS: Includes 3 pedicure attachments (cornea remover, brush and massage attachment), for an easy pedicure at home
  • REFLEX ZONE MASSAGE: Removable reflexology rollers offer a more intense massage for a therapeutic reflexology massage like you’d get at a spa
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Product Description

The Beurer FB35 Foot Spa – Vibration and bubble massage to revitalise your feet and relax tense muscles.

Feet play a major role in our lives – our entire body weight rests on them. Reflexologists believe that certain areas of your feet correspond to parts of the rest of your body and stimulating these areas with massage can have a beneficial effect on your health and wellbeing.

Whilst soaking your feet, the FB35 Foot Spa offers a vibration massage or bubble massage and has roller attachments that can be used for massaging the reflex zones. Switch on the soothing infrared light to stimulate circulation, revitalising your feet and relieving signs of stress and tension. Thanks to the aroma filter, you can even add your own bath salts for an extra touch of well-being at home.

Key features of the FB35 at a glance:

– Aroma filter for bath salts
– 2 massage function: vibration and bubble
– 3 interchangeable pedicure attachments
– Soothing infrared light therapy
– 16 integrated magnets for magnetic therapy
– Removable reflexology roller attachments for easy cleaning
– Massage supporting footbed
– Removable splash guard
– Water tempering
– Dual-walled for better heat insulation
– Practical carry handle
– Cord winder
– Suitable up to shoe size 10

Box Contains

1 x Beurer FB 35 Aroma Foot Bath
1 x Instruction Manual
3 Year Guarantee

From the manufacturer

Beurer wellbeing - simply feel good at home
Beurer FB 35 Aromatherapy Foot Spa

On your feet all day?

Supporting you all day, your feet can begin to ache, burn and even swell, slowing you down and leaving you in a pain. This isn’t to say you should stop and sit down all day, you simply need to care for your feet.

The Beurer FB35 is a home foot spa that works in 3 ways to fix your feet;

– Vibration massage soothes pressure build-up.

– Bubble massage kneads your feet for overall relaxation.

– Reflexology roller targets pressure points.

Why the FB35

  • 3 massage functions
  • Interchangable pedicure attachments
  • Removable roller attachement for reflexology massage
  • Integrated magnetic and infrared light therapy
Vibration Massage for Feet

The Benefits of Vibration Massage

Just 30 minutes of vibration massage can help ease pressure and soothe stressed and aching feet.

Infrared Light Therapy for Feet

The Benefits of Infrared Light Therapy

Integrated infrared light spots in the base of the foot spa stimulate the reflex zones in the soles of your feet and increase circulation.

Magnetic Therapy for Feet

The Benefits of Magnetic Therapy

The 16 built-in magnets provide magnetic therapy to feet, stimulating cells and delivering a positive effect on your entire body.

Bubble Massage for Feet

The Benefits of Bubble Massage

An indulgent massage which delivers a kneading massage effect to relax your feet and your mind.

Vibration Massage for Feet

Vibration Massage

Infrared Light Therapy for Feet

Infrared Light

Magnetic Therapy for Feet

Magnetic Therapy

Bubble Massage for Feet

Bubble Massage

Key Features

Foot Spa with Aromatherapy

Foot Spa with Carry Handle

Foot Spa with Pedicure Attachments

Aromatherapy filter

Enhance your foot spa treatment with the addition of bath salts or aromatherapy crystals. The removable filter makes it easy to add a little something extra to help you unwind and makes for easy cleaning after use.

Luxurious and practical

Luxurious in function and practical in design; the FB35 features a carry handle and splash guard to reduce the risk of spillages and the non-slip rubber feet keep the spa in place even on tiled floors.

Pedicure attachments

Armed with 3 pedicure attachments; a brush to stimulate circulation and leave feet feeling smooth; a massage attachment with 3 nodules to stimulate the reflex zones; and an exfoliating attachment to remove dead skin for fresher feet.

Additional information

Weight 84.6576 oz
Dimensions 0.41 × 0.38 × 0.17 m
Batteries ‏

‎ 1 Unknown batteries required.


53131600 (Bath and body) Report an incorrect code

Product Dimensions ‏

‎ 41 x 38 x 17 cm; 2.4 Kilograms


‎ B00NSW2SV6

Item model number ‏

‎ 637.08

Country of origin ‏

‎ China

Manufacturer ‏

‎ Beurer

100 reviews for Beurer FB35 Foot Spa with Aromatherapy | Reflexology Foot Bath

  1. Neika

    This foot spa was bought as a Christmas present for me. Used for the first time today & it left my feet feeling good & for that, I have given the product 4 star rating, however, the pedicure attachments are in my view false advertising as they do not work as part of the mechanism of the spa because they do not turn, as that was a requirement for my husband buying it & am extremely disappointed.

  2. David K Sexton

    Excellent. Use it weekly. Very easy to use and maintain.

  3. JD

    This is my first foot spa, so I don’t have a direct basis for comparison, but within a couple of minutes my feet felt amazing!I used the salt filter with some soothing salts, and mostly left it in vibrate mode, occasionally using the rollers for further massaging.I used warm water rather than waiting for it to heat, and it stayed at a pleasant temperature.Other than the noise, I don’t know why you would turn vibrate off – maybe a longer soak? But vibrate is the best part – it gets right into the soles.I don’t really see a point in the attachments – they are small and not easy to use so will mostly lie ignored.One day I may try a more expensive model – but this one does all I need!My only real complaint would be the salt filter is very small – but I am not sure there would be major problems filling it. They dissolve quickly after all.If you have been considering getting a foot spa, this is a good model to try it out with.

  4. Anna KV

    No way of keeping the water warm and, if you use the features, it cools down quicker. It’s also very shallow so water won’t cover your feet or even come half way up them. It’s not easy to use the ‘added implements’ without putting your knee nearer to your ear than you might wish to do.It’s doing a job, but I wish I’d spent a bit more and got a better one.

  5. Ricky griffiths

    Basically it’s just a bath with bubbles doesn’t really do much more, temperature doest hold for long. Probably not worth the money IMO.

  6. petew

    After reading reviews of various foot spas, it seemed that beurer was one of the best makes.When choosing between the fb25, fb35 and fb50, I decided to go with this mid range one as it had the infa red lights absent from the fb25 and was half the price of the fb50.I am glad I opted for this model. It seems sturdy and well made.The bubbles are very relaxing although in vibration mode, it makes a great deal of noise for very little vibration.This model has a keep warm feature which comes on automatically when turning the unit on. I wish there was an option to turn this off, as I do like a cold foot spa after a being on my feet all day when it is hot.Not sure how much good the infa red lights and magnets do but many schools of though believe that magnets increase blood flow to the area because of the iron in our blood, therefore speeding up recovery and circulation.For such a well made product it seems good value for the £40 I paid.

  7. J.P.

    Bought as a gift and the only criticism received was that the massage feature isn’t automatic.

  8. Nan

    Bought this foot spar to use while relaxing listening to my meditation music following my morning exercise.Having had a Clairol foot spar for many years, I thought I would treat myself to a new updated model.I have to say I was disappointed with the Beurer FB35, although it looks the part with a bubble/aromatherapy and a vibration function these can not be used individually. Therefore you have the noise from the bubble function and the added noise from the vibration function you have to increase the volume of your music or television, which defeated the objective of relaxation.

  9. Vilma

    Very relaxing and calming. However came slightly chipped, but it doesn’t affect it’s usability.

  10. boldilox

    I bought this to replace a not so old Babyliss foot spa that broke a few years ago and never got around to replacing.I remember when I bough the Babyliss (around 7 or so years ago) the variety of foot spas on the market was incredible. This time around I was limited to a couple of so called well known brands and even less well known brands.I decided to go with this one as the next model up from this was over double the price (at around £83) and from reading a little bit about the company suggested they made some really good products.When it arrived, the packaging looked well made and suggested this was a good quality product. That’s where it all started to go wrong.Once it was removed from the box, immediately the quality feel went straight out the window. The foot spa felt VERY cheaply made. The rollers would fall out with the slightest movement (with or without any water in it). The maximum fill line, was a sticker that wasn’t applied straight and looked as if it would fall off within a couple of uses. The 3 attachments/accessories that come with include a holder that hangs off the side of the foot spa when not in use. Note I use the word ‘hang’ and not ‘clip’. This means that the holder moves around and does not stay in place.I am a firm believer in the saying ‘never judge a book by its cover’, so I decided to try and prove myself wrong by using it (hoping that it would at least work as it is supposed to. Wrong… the foot spa failed to help relax my aching feet. The bubbles/heat/vibrations had no effect what so ever (even after over 30 minutes of use). The slightest movement of my feet over the rollers would cause them to fall out.Luckily for me Amazon have an excellent returns policy. Now I need to find something more suitable and a little better made.

  11. Shakster

    I spent a long time searching for a good foot spa. I’m not disappointed with this purchase. It’s a good item. I like the bubbles and it’s definitely relaxing after a long day. Some other small, but handy extra’s – it’s got a handle on it which makes it easy to transport to the lounge sofa, even when filled with water. I also like that I can mix oils into the water (not all spa’s enable this) and the water stays reasonable warm throughout. The only downside is that it’s a little noisy so watching TV at the same time is difficult!

  12. Tℹ️ N🅰️

    The media could not be loaded.

     My first thought when I opened the box was that this Beurer Foot Spa looked well made and felt pretty sturdy. I really thought that I’d finally found the right one for me but unfortunately not. There are only two function buttons one which turns the product on/off provides the bubbles, infra red light and water temp control and the other is the on/off vibration massage. Now bear in mind you don’t have a choice of what particular function you would like to use because “These functions are only available together” as stated in the instruction leaflet. When you have the vibration turned on the rest of the functions loose a certain amount of power especially the bubbles. Definitely not worth the price. Alas the search continues for me…..

  13. Weza

    Easy to use and good quality product at affordable price


    Not relaxing at all, far too noisy and the attachments are a waste of time.

  15. Raymondo

    Very relaxing to use. Variable settings to suit needs.

  16. Niki Lyman

    This is the best footspa I have ever used and I cant reccomend it enough! The bubbles and vibration are amazing! Plus the filter for adding bath salts is great too. Yes it is noisy as stated in other reviews, but it’s not that bad at all. All footspa’s will be noisey, what do you expect when something bubbles and vibrates on the floor!? That aside, it is so easy and streight forward to use, especially with the handle on top. Go buy this now!!!!

  17. Sheena Freeman

    Great for after a days work!

  18. onthewishlist

    I bought this to provide some therapy following a foot injury and I’m very pleased with the purchase. Initially the base and rollers do seem quite hard but I got used to them. My only concern is filling and emptying the footspa as it can be quite heavy to carry it from the bathroom to the bedroom. I usually fill it using a plastic jug of water but havent worked out an easy way to empty it without getting water everywhere.

  19. Mrs S

    I bought this as a gift which turned out to not be wanted but Amazon wouldn’t let me return it. That was ok as I sort of fancied it for myself! Its OK. It does what it’s suposed to but I think it’s a bit expensive for what it is. It is very noisy and I couldn’t use it switched on without the TV on super loud which would annoy everyone else in the house! I used the pumice but you’re just as well using ones you have already. I didn’t find it that practical to use when attached to the base and using it like that you are going to drip water outside the unit. To be honest it isn’t that much of a step up from a washing up bowl and a few accessories but then probably no foot spar is!

  20. David Blackwood

    This German branded product is good but’ vorsprung durch technik’ it certainly is not.The devil is in the detail. For a product that is designed to ease tired sore feet it has too many sharp edges in the foot platform area, starting with the pimples/dimples, too sharp! There are also sharp corners on the roller location supports.This product could be substantially improved by a simple design change in both these areas along with a bit more plasticiser in the material used for the foot platform, this would soften it enough to be comfortable. I did not return this product as I managed to overcome these problems by sourcing a silicon membrane and using my Dremel to remove the sharp corners from the roller location supports.

  21. Gary Paul

    feedback from the wife, simple to use and does exactly what its supposed to. A relaxing foot spa with bubbling water and vibrating feature.Adding salts adds to the effect, happier feet apparent.And from my perspective, it sounds like a Chinnock in combat mode. A little noisy is the best description, not sure how anything making bubbles in water could be quiet.But, makes for happy feet.

  22. Amazon Customer

    Box came crushed/torn in one corner, other side completely covered in duck tape, a pitiful attempt to hide water damage to the extent it was mouldy.Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos before the wife opened it thinking I had got her a “cheap one”.Works fine once we got it going, took a while though as there was nothing in the box (zero instruction) other than the spa itself.A surprise for my wife swiftly turned into a complete embarrassment.

  23. Amazon Customer

    It doesn’t warm water and my downstairs neighbour can hear the ‘massage’ function

  24. AkoTako

    Good quality product but very noisy and water temperature not staying constant. I returned my product after a while as I couldn’t use it while watching TV.

  25. SoozyQ

    For soaking and relaxing the feet, First class.

  26. michael lines

    Well built, nice features but very noisy, making it difficult to relax. I have broad feet, size 10.5 and I was unable to use the roller feature very well, but there was space and it was deep enough for my feet to be static. Water not hot for long, no issues with splashing.

  27. Ms J A Mead

    Given as a gift & I’m told that it’s great.

  28. Cutchie

    All good it does what it says , find it a bit loud that’s why it’s 4 star and not 5

  29. daniel

    Not a bad product would not advise putting bubble bath in even though it says you can

  30. Amazon Customer

    I ordered this for use as a Pedi service to my clients and to add a little bit of luxury into the service Highly satisfactory; yes it is a little bit noisey but then again I have yet to find one with a ‘silencer’ on it! So don’t let that put you off!! Slightly Turn the volume up on the TV and enjoy pampering yourself – I use it and I am highly satisfied. Great after a day’s work – glass of vino, feet in the spa – sheer bliss!

  31. Miss B

    This is great for it’s price range … lovely to sink into after a hard day at work. It perhaps doesn’t keep the water as warm as I would like but that’s the only thing I can criticise about it. It’s very relaxing, I wish I had bought one sooner!

  32. Ells

    Nice and relaxing footspa and the only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because the water doesn’t stay at the temperature I expected. The water goes lukewarm and needs topping up with hot water if like me you like your footspa’s hot.

  33. anne

    Lovely and relaxing

  34. Jevgeni Ardassov

    Great piece pf kit. Wife is a happy user. Only miss it came with a UK 3 pin socket… And I live in Europe. So had to visit local shop for adaptor. Could have been included. Would have saved some trouble.

  35. Vera Pereira

    Bought it for my mother inlaw who has problems and pain in her feet, she loves it, the only little thing is that the setting for bubbles seems to make bubbles on only one side of the tub, everything else is exceptional for the price

  36. Roland

    OK for the money, could do with motorised movements and more control, a bit too simple for quite a bit of money, so would not buy again, but not because product is bad. Good ones also not worth £100s, it’s only for feet.

  37. M. Thomas

    Wife likes to relax after a hard weeks graft. Being a female fabricator. . Only down side is the the clip on brush and foot stone doesn’t stay clipped on being reason for 4 star not 5, apart from that all is good .

  38. Raluca

    Missing the aroma filter so can’t use the salts.

  39. lilianna gilbertson

    Brought as a present for my mum that has arthritis in her feet and she loves it!! its so easy for her to use and works really well especially in the cold weather!

  40. Vcky Trechli

    A very good product, helps reduce the pain when feet are tired or sore and leaves the skin soft. Too noisy though.

  41. Gari

    Rather noisy – bought as a present for hubby and even sat at the other end of the room I can feel the floorboards vibrating.He loves it though, so it stays!

  42. Raven Black

    Always wanted my own foot spa and spent a while looking for one, unfortunately it doesn’t keep the heat of the water well,however it does keep it lukewarm. It is also very noisy, I didn’t expect it to be so loud which unfortunately puts me off of using it. However saying that, it does the job and if you don’t mind the cons, it’s worth the buy.

  43. G. L. Jones

    Got this for my girlfriend 50th birthday she loves it

  44. pete b

    This replaced my old footspa which was quite a basic model, first thing you notice is the how noisy it is when in use, it measured 79 decibels from 1 meter away, there is a foot roller for each foot and it only does the middle of your arch. Another let down is that it does not keep the water warm at all

  45. Harry Singh

    Makes lot of noise and minimal vibration nothing else waist of money and time.

  46. Nigel Hucke

    Bought this for my wife who has MS a really nice product well made easy to use first class

  47. Arturs

    I just wish the massage roller was automatic

  48. Merlin73

    This is a quality product, my only issue with it is that you can’t only have vibration, the bubbles are always on.

  49. dolores

    Bought this as a gift for a friend and she loves it. Uses it very often and loves how it heats the water to a relaxing temperature, stays warm and has all the attachments one needs for a relaxing experience. I would recommend it 100% , it arrived earlier than expected and well packaged.

  50. charlotte

    This was given as a Christmas present to a friend. She absolutely loves it and gives herself a mini spa with it every fortnight or so. Fast delivery, great product with a nice range of attachments. Makes a bit of noise but that is to be expected would definately recommend.

  51. Zeina Y

    This massaged is part of my weekly routine to pamper myself. Easy to use. A bit noisy but you get used to it with time. Really nice and relaxing massager

  52. Sue B.

    I think this product is dreadful. Not at all what I was expecting. First and foremost the water was not heated at all – it says put in cold or warm water and it stayed the same temperature. Also it was too small for my feet. I sent it back and was outraged when I discovered that they knocked £20 off the price I had paid…No-one said to me if you return it then you will be charged £20 for doing that .. Obviously if that had been explained I would not have bothered .. why should I lose money … I was charged nearly £70 for it and only refunded £45 .. that is outrageous.. Amazon .. can you please look into this for me .. thanks Sue Bourne

  53. Linda Flynn

    Wow, the Beurer foot spa is an absolute must. It relaxes & soothes tired aching feet, softens & smooths hard skin to the heels of your feet. This is a real treat for your feet. I highly recommend it.

  54. Jo

    Bought this for my 50 year old mum who has arthritic feet. It is good but only downside is that it is VERY noisy!Hardly relaxing because of the noise… we have to leave it at setting 1 (the lowest) and it’s still really noisy. Setting 2 (the highest) which is basically the vibration mode practically shakes the floorboards.

  55. Norfolklass

    Present, so no feed back. Delivery was good though so I’m hoping the product lives up to the blurb!

  56. Lady M

    christmas present for my fiance which he lovedon his feet 😁👍tried it out myself, the water remains lovely and hot throughout the bathing of my feetgreat bubbles feature even though it’s a little noisy its well worth it.the beuer fb20 is great 👍😁👍

  57. RHolmski

    Have had this for a couple of months. It’s lovely and nice and soothing, and my favourite function is heat and bubbles. It’s just such a shame that the bubbles on the left hand side have stopped working after only a few uses!

  58. graham blake

    Good for the money not as noisy as review suggested , we found it easy to use and was relaxing

  59. Gordon Harcombe

    Value for your money

  60. Abby

    Bought this as a relaxing treat, works perfectly, would highly recommend!

  61. Dionne

    Really like this this foot spa! A little noisy but feet feel very relaxed after using it

  62. Siyue Zhang

    I don’t know how the seller define a proper foot bath but this product for sure can not make a good one.It’s too shallow to cover my foot and it’s really easy to make your floor mess cause all the water gonna pull out. It is a really uncomfortable product .I can not enjot a good proper foot covered spa if I want to swipe my floor later. It’s a really piss me off product and for this price I can buy 5 plastic basin…

  63. Annette Ross

    Is a bit noisy. Does have good strong bubbles and vibrate. Doesn’t really keep water warm, seems as though the bubbles come through cold cooling water quickly. Drain plug would be useful.

  64. Amazon Customer

    It has a jet and bubble. Abit expensive for it

  65. leelou

    Super noisy cannot relax with this tried to send back after turning on and no foot test as noise was arrghh!! But they said no return so now it’s the cupboard

  66. sara crunden

    Was very quick delivery would get again as my sister really likes this product

  67. G. Peters

    What is the point to add attachments when they dont move?!? Bought this thinking the would turn to help massage and remove skin. But they are static, rendering them useless. This is not clear in the subscription and for £50 I expected more!

  68. Maria K

    Nice and relaxing, it doesn’t keep the water hot/warm which is disappointing as other reviewers had said it does, little pricey for what is really which a basic vibrating foot spa the attachments are pretty naff aswell

  69. kelly chivers

    Great foot spa.. however the pumice in the centre console does not rotate or move. After reading a review that said it did I bought the foot spa. Very dissapointed once opened.

  70. annette j.

    A good product but, unfortunately didn’t have the functionality I wanted. I wanted the pedicure attachment to rotate as it did on my previous Remington model, but it does not move at all. I returned the product and obtained a refund.

  71. SB

    Works well and is quite relaxing. Massage function not different enough from general spa function though. Tricky to empty if you are worrying about spilling the water on the electric plug……it really should have a drain or funnel / spout area for emptying the water.

  72. Kate Richards

    Excellent foot spa, really helping with my sprained ankle. The magnets and vibration definitely make a difference. If I could improve one thing it would be the depth. I think everyone would prefer their foot spa to be a bit deeper, that said, this is the same depth as other foot spas on the market.

  73. LJONES7

    Exactly what it says on the box. Wish there were more English words on the box though.Used for my grandmother who has very bad feet

  74. Kariba

    Water does not stay warm so will need regular refills. It’s also extremely noisy when using the vibrate function so not suitable for relaxation.

  75. Raz

    It’s okey does feel really good for your feet. Only downside is water gets cold really fast.

  76. malc

    The price was good and the delivery was a promised, the Foot spa works very well but’s the only down side is it’s a bit noisy.

  77. Amazon Customer

    I would give 3 stars it’s because the thing is not deep enough to get all feet cover in the water.

  78. Helen G.

    Does what it says on the label

  79. laura

    For the price I’m really pleased with this foot spa

  80. Big_axe_1

    Really good product, worth every penny

  81. graham holman

    All fine does what it says

  82. Me

    Loved the infra red and the massage feature. Great for tired feet after my 12 hour shift at work!

  83. Amazon Customer

    I cannot believe the price of this item. I did a lot of research before buying as foot spa are not cheap, but unfortunately still made the wrong choice! This spa absolutely does not keep the water warm, it goes cold very quickly. Water goes everywhere when you turn it on, with or without vibration. Massage rollers badly placed, infrared lights and ‘magnets’ totally pointless. Only perk might be the handle but even that is awkwardly placed. Honestly don’t bother with this.

  84. TheMan

    Very Noisy – too noisy to sit and have a quiet soak of the feet, its almost impossible to relax.Vibration feature is even more noisy!Water does not stay warm.The massage roller does not reach the insole of the feet because it isn’t tall enough, but even if it did, due to the length of the footbath it is only possible to move the foot backwards and forwards by a few inches (UK size 5 feet) so the area of the foot that could be massaged is minimal.You’re no worse off using a simple bowl filled with warm water from a tap.

  85. Joanne gorman

    Easy to use. Good value for money.

  86. Anna

    My mom loves it

  87. Amazon Customer

    Don’t know it was a present to my son inlaw


    Asked for amazon plain box to hide front of box but it arrived in original box

  89. Kindle Customer

    Was not as original description – the water is not heated. The manual states it has some kind of temperature control function but it doesn’t do anything. So this is just a bucket that makes bubbles

  90. Caliban Zero

    It’s ok but not really of any real benefit, to me at least.

  91. Michaela Ogilvie

    Absolutely love this, the best foot spa I have had yet!

  92. Tanya

    Great foot sauna. Infrared light and vibration ease pain and muscle tiredness

  93. B. Jones

    My wife is very pleased with this machine – if fact can’t get her out of the bathroom when she uses it. It’s well made and apparently very soothing – may need to buy another one for the other foot !!!! Arrived quickly and was well packed.

  94. mrs s e king

    Perfect for my needs, has 3 extra scrubbers for the feet and lots of areas to massage the foot. Nice and warm with the water

  95. Amazon Customer

    This is EXTREMELY NOT SUITABLE for home use. It’s very noisy to start with. The tempture maintaining function is obviously a joke. I still have to constantly put into hot water in order to maintain the warmth, which is what I had to do with a normal plastic basin. I literally have no idea why I spent that amount of money for this when it’s apparently not any superior than a plastic basin you can get from a pound shop. In fact it’s actually heavier.

  96. Mand

    I have had this for over a year now and Honestly just a glorified foot spa, you are better of using just a bucket ( as pointed out by many reviews)Pro:Easy to pick upeasy to usethe three interchangeable attachmentCons:The vibration are far too loud andHonestly not sure these are any useful “magnetic and infrared light therapies to stimulate blood circulation” plus they make no difference.

  97. Clairegibo

    Item arrived & the main control button was broken. However, last at Lloyds Pharmacy was brilliant! Not need to provide proof. She said keep the broken one & they’d send a new one. 2 days later new fully working one arrived

  98. Tinaspoon

    Doesn’t heat up water, is very basic, and didn’t do anything for my feet I have to say.

  99. Rachel

    Not tried it yet but the colour is beautiful

  100. amozon’s boring books

    a little noisey

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