HoMedics Luxury Foot Spa + Massage, Heat/Keep Warm Function, Vibration Massage Rollers,

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  • THE HOME OF WELLNESS – Sit back and unwind with the HoMedics 4 in 1 Luxury Foot Spa! Designed for overworked feet, it comes with 4 invigorating bubble strips which deliver a soothing spa massage
  • FEATURE PACKED SPA – Double the bubbles for double the luxury. HoMedics 4 in 1 Luxury Foot Spa has 4 bubble strips for increased relaxation during your massage
  • RELAX AND UNWIND – Keeping a footspa at home is not only a good way to unwind, it’s also the perfect way to alleviate stress. Why not really treat yourself and add your favourite bath salts and essential oils
  • KEEP WARM FUNCTION – If you wish to extend your spa time, or you simply just don’t want it to end. The HoMedics 4 in 1 Foot Spa has a keep warm function to save you from starting all over again!
  • FIT FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY – You might just find yourself having to share. Our luxury foot spa fits both big and small feet, up to UK size 12. Perfect for pamper nights with friends and family!
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HoMedics Luxury Foot Spa


Transform your tired feet into rejuvenated ones with the HoMedics Luxury Foot Spa. With its invigorating and soothing massage action, this foot spa delivers a luxurious at-home spa experience that will leave your feet feeling refreshed and revitalized. You can now indulge in a relaxing and therapeutic foot massage without leaving your house, and enjoy the convenience of a spa experience in the comfort of your own home.


HoMedics Luxury Foot Spa
HoMedics Luxury Foot Spa



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‎ 34.6 x 20.8 x 43.8 cm; 2.22 Kilograms


‎ B012KPE7CE

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‎ HoMedics

29 reviews for HoMedics Luxury Foot Spa + Massage, Heat/Keep Warm Function, Vibration Massage Rollers,

  1. CK

    This turned up very quickly. I paid more than I wanted to as I thought it would be better quality. I have had to remove the rollers as they are too sharp. The bobbles on the bottom are a little sharp also. To add insult to injury I paid £79.99 and the next day it was reduced to £66.99 it vibrates, it bubbles and it heats, but I wish I had paid £40.00 less for a different one which I’m sure does the same.

  2. ◀Pugzu Daddy▶ 🇬🇧

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     I can’t make my mind up about this foot spa. Whilst it works reasonably well, there are a few niggles with it that prevent me from enjoying it to its full potential.The size of the spa is good, with it fitting feet up to size 12. It’s a bit unclear whether to put your feet central, front or back though. The rollers aren’t overly comfortable. In fact, they’re quite painful if you keep your feet still for too long. You can remove these though, but watch you don’t lose the little clips.The bubbles are good and quite soothing, but they do make quite a noise in operation.The vibration works, but doesn’t do as much as you’d expect. It’s also a little noisy in operation; we found ourselves having to put the TV volume up to hear it whilst watching having a spa.The heater works really well and gets it up to a really hot temperature. This is perfect for a hot foot spa. The problem is if you want a cold one. You can put the bubbles on, but the keep warm function takes the edge off the coldness fairly quickly. I put my feet in it after a hot day walking around, but the temperature warmed up too much to enjoy the coolness.The inside edge of the white guard on the top is really uncomfortable too, unless you keep your feet rigidly still in the middle. It’s bordering on sharp if you angle your legs outwards at all. Really, the manufacturer needs to put a rubber edge on this or do away with it all together.It’s the comfort, or lack of, that spoils this foot spa for me. The sharp inner edge, uncomfortable rollers and inability to use completely cold.

  3. AmazonsTrusted

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     I think its like 79 inches give or take, that is not long enough for a power cable for a mini jacuzzi, I had to test it out next to a plug which really isn’t ideal, its the only major flaw I found in it, the comfort level isn’t that great either I personally didn’t like the pins that spin round in the device, I know its probably healthy for circulation of the blood, but I would have just prefered a bed of pins vibrating and bubbling, its like a jacuzzi for the feet but with some annoyances and a short power lead. The Power cable needs to be at least 6 meters minimum 236 inches roughly. even 3 metres won’t cut it.Sadly I had to give this a just really it deserves a 2 stars but I gave it a 3 as being just decent because it does keep the water warm at 45oC max but I would have prefered a choice with a button to 40-50 or-60oC and vibrate button and another button for heater, 3 buttons total, the last button is for bubbles, and it comes with 2 exfoliating scrubs of each kind one to smooth the feet and the other exfoliate.There is also a place to put one of the scrubs on, It has potential just need an extension cable with it and withstand the prickle on the roller, so not what I wanted to relax on. I don’t think this is worth its weight in gold at 79 quid.

  4. Metrics

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     This is an interesting product. We were excited to have foot baths as we’ve never had one before. Operation is easy, you just add some warm water and there’s three buttons for massaging vibration, bubbles and to keep the water warm.The machine is really loud when you press for vibration and bubbles. We’ve not had one before so we’re not sure how loud they get.The effect is relaxing overall. I’m pretty sure you’d get a similar effect from just soaking your feet in hot water. The vibration and bubbles don’t add much relaxation but my partner has been using it most nights with some magnesium flakes in which help.I’m not sure if I’d recommend it.

  5. Samtelen

    I really wanted to love this, as I was looking to have a foot spa for every day in the comfort of my home, but this product didn’t meet my needs and my expectation. Don’t get me wrong it is still usable, it has all the feature what you would need to treat, relax and relieve stress and pain on your foot after a super long day. But this is also perfect if you are more into pedicure pre-treatment.The whole spa thing is made from plastic it’s not too heavy in wright but it’s very stable when has water in it. Featured with built in heating function, which meant to warm up the water however it takes forever so I usually just use a jug and pour hot water into. The heating function is good to keep the water temperature once you have the hot water in it.It has a control panel with 3 push buttons on the bottom part, right behind your feet when you use it. I must say this is a big usability issue as it would be a lot more convenient to have it on the facing with the user. There is one button for the massage function, one for the bubble and one to turn on the heat. There is only one set temperature for the heat approx. 45-50 C. I would love to have at least 3 different temperature setting Inside the bath there is plenty of room for my size 10 feet I would say even a size 12 would fit into. Inside there are 4 rollers which also helps relaxing my feet, but the magic is done by the bobble nozzles. I have added some mint essential oil in the water, and probable it would work with salt if the salt were dissolved properly in the water before you turn it on. As this is made from plastic, I would not suggest turning it on without water in itOverall, it’s ok, it does what is says in the description, softens the skin and relaxes the feet but I think for this price (£76.80 at the time of my review been written) is way too expensive for a product which needs a lot of improvements to be more user friendly

  6. Mr Tester

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     I thought that this would be the perfect product for us to try as we have been trying to do a bit more walking and our feet have been moaning a bit about it. In fact, the day that we got this out of the box my wife had clocked up over 30,000 steps (a personal record that she will be unlikely to achieve again!) and couldn’t wait to get her feet into this Homedics spa. We also had high hopes because we have been impressed with other products from this manufacturer.We filled the spa with warm water up to the maximum mark set it in place on a towel then initially thought that there wasn’t a on/off switch, so you either have to be close enough to the plug or you need to set it going before putting your feet in. We were wrong, but the switches must have been on when we plugged the spa in. In normal use you would press the middle button to turn off the machine, then it will be off when you next plug it in. It might sound like a silly mistake to make… bu we made it!We found it to be fairly noisy in use but it would probably be a bit un-realistic to expect otherwise. It’s actually the vibration/massage function that is making most of the noise. If you have that switched off the heating and bubbles just produce a gently ‘bubbling’ sound which is actually rather nice.The massaging rollers lasted about thirty seconds before we whipped them out because we both found them extremely irritating and uncomfortable. The four rollers are easy to remove though still leaving the rows of massage pimples (or spikes as I prefer to call them!) on the base. In fact, if we are going to use this in future we will be placing some kind of mat in the bottom so we can rest our feet on its floor comfortably. Obviously we’ll have to make sure whatever we use doesn’t foul the bubble holes or heating element.We both tried the foot spa and I was more surprised than my wife at just how good my feet felt after a few minutes in the warm bubbly water. As long as didn’t press down on the ‘spikes’!We are both quite agile but we found it difficult to utilise the pumice stone/polishing attachment to any extent and it’s probably not something we would use during a spa session. Also, we really think that Homedics could have given this foot spa a more comfortable rounded finish around the edge as we thought the rim was actually quite sharp. There’s a natural tendency when relaxing to allow the ankle/lower leg rest against the walls of the foot spa but the edges are rather uncomfortable and mark your legs. Surely the manufacturers could have made that part of the machine more ‘leg friendly’?There are some positives though… we absolutely loved the bubbles and found that the spa kept the water really nicely warm.Given my personal experience, the fact that we are going to have to do something about the spiked floor of the spa, put something around the edge rim to prevent the edge ‘digging in’ it is difficult for us to give this product more than 3 stars, as it’s not particularly cheap.

  7. techpuppy

    The HoMedics 4-in-1 Foot Spa is a good-sized foot spa with space for even big bloke’s feet inside, though daintier tootsies might find it better to use and be able to move around the different textured sections on the base. At first it feels a bit lightweight but it’s sturdier than it seems and it’s all well enough put together. It’s best to fill it with a jug and/or kettle on the floor, picking it up and manoeuvring it under the tap isn’t the easiest but of course you’ll have to pick it all up to empty afterwards.The oddest element is the number of really quite pointed extrusions on the footbed of the device, they’re sharper than you’d expect (and possibly than you’d want) and they’re quite unavoidable. There are a set of inbuilt textured rollers too meant for giving a foot massage and they’re surprisingly sharp too. If you’ve got leathery old feet these elements are probably perfectly suited but if you’ve got more delicate soles then they’re a bit overkill. The rollers can be removed and replaced so at least they’re optional. The heat function keeps things cosy and the bubble and vibration functions are fun and give a bit of a massage effect. It’s mostly pleasant to use but does seem a bit overpriced.

  8. Dr. Paul Ell

    I’ve absolutely no experience of using foot spas but appreciate that they are becoming increasingly popular. This HoMedics version seems to be at the higher end of the range of foot spas. This is reflected in the inbuilt heating element, the supply of two rows of air bubble tubes per foot, the overall large size of the area to place your feet into, and the massage feature combined with a pumice option. Unfortunately this is also reflected in the price which, at time of review, is around £80.The spa is very easy to set up. You simply place it in a convenient location – which might be an issue as the power cord is only around two metres long – fill it with water, and turn it on. The controls are straightforward and the central button in effect turns the spa on and keeps the water hot. The button on the right turns the bubble-process on and the button on the left engages the foot massage rollers and optionally the pumice stones. You’re advised to use the spa for no longer than an hour.In use, for the novice, the bubble experience is OK and relatively relaxing. Using the massage feature takes more getting used to. The plastic nodules on the rollers are quite hard and can be a little uncomfortable when used. The use of the pumice stones doesn’t make this worse though. I think, as HoMedics suggest, adding some essential oils would help sooth the feet and distract from the strong massage sensation.There are some issues though. The unit is noisy. It’s noisy when the bubble option is used and even more so when the rollers are used. This distracts from the the relaxing sensation the manufacturer would prefer you to experience when using the spa. The noise is certainly not something that you can filter out. Moreover, the movement of the water is so vigorous there’s a good chance some of it will splash out of the spa onto the floor. It makes sense to put a towel or something else underneath the spa when in use to soak up any water. Whilst the spa is large, so there’s plenty of room even for the largest feet, the overall size of the spa is also large so it’s not an easy piece of kit to hide away. It adds little to room ambience if a foot spa is sitting in the middle of the floor. Finally, as I’ve already noted, the power cable is a little short to allow easy positioning to the unit.I think I’ll need to use the kit a few more times to get used to the experience before I appreciate the merits of the massage system.Overall this is an expensive item which is large but fully featured. I think it’s let down by the size, over energetic massage functions, and the noise it generates. I’ve survived without a foot spa for a long time and think I could go on doing so. However, to a foot spa devotee the kit with its advanced facets might be entirely suitable. My personal assessment is that this is a three-star produce.

  9. Donna

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     There are a lot of positives regarding this foot spa, it warms up lovely and there are plenty of bubbles generated.It’s a shame the pumice stone addition isn’t mechanised, I’ve had one of these before and when you pressed your foot against the stone it rotated. However, that is only a minor negative and in general the spa is r et maxing with a few nice features.The draining spout works well.The massage rollers – depends on my mood if I leave them in or take them out. They’re easily enough reinstated.

  10. G

    If you work a lot on foot, or just want to have a little treat for your feet after a long day it could be a quite good thing to have at home.So you get a feet bath with 4 strips to create bubbles which at first usage feels a bit funny especially if you are not used to it. as well 2 rollers on each side which will massage your feet.In addition to those functions, you will get 2 stones which are attached separately on top in the middle of the bath and depending on what you want you can change them. One is for removing dead skin from your heels and the other one removing calluses. Which is quite good.Using it is quite simple as it has just a few buttons which are quite a self-explanatory massage and bubbles so there should be no issues in using them.I have size 11 feet and it fits but there is not too much space to left really.It has a 2 meters cord so depending on where you gonna use it I think you will require an extension lead really. And for me personally, it’s quite loud when using bubbles and massage but maybe it is just me.I am enjoying this sometimes same as my GF so so far there are not too much of complaints about it. Maybe the price could be lower as it has really just two functions and overall feels a bit towards the cheaper side quality-wise.

  11. The Bear Facts

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     This is okay, as foot spas go; I’ve tried a couple to alleviate plantar fasciitis pain and ankle issues and it does a good job of quiet (on a solid floor) water agitation or vibromassage, and noisier bubbles with water heating, but the rest of it is pretty basic. A 2 metre power cable means you’ll want an extension for most places you can sit, but that’s not the limiting factor.The spa bowl is a good shape with massage rollers in the base but the top cover has sharp edges which catch the back or sides of your ankles. This alone is enough to get it three stars, but the other aspect that makes little sense is the pumice stone – it doesn’t lock in place so if you do rub your heel or ball of foot on it it falls off – for less cost I’ve seen spas that motorise this pumice.I’ve no idea if the magnetic therapy works, I’ve never tried to degauss my feet even if they do sometimes make a noise like an old monitor.Feet felt okay after using it, but the sharp edges and loose pumice make it annoying. There are probably better and more thoughtfully designed options, this is merely average in terms of cost and features, and the poorly-finished, scratchy plastics right at the back of your heel/ankle and side of your ankle mean it is one I’d actively avoid.

  12. Bellyobibblyboodles

    As a foot spa, this is a lovely, relaxing way to soothe tired feet and also clean them. I found it easy to fill, turn on, and then empty.It fails for me on some of the fancier elements – the foot massager is extraordinarily hard and actually ouchy if you roll your feet forwards and backwards, and the heating/bubbling element is very loud and noisy to use. So less relaxing.I like it, I just don’t love it and so it’s use is limited for me.

  13. Morph

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     I have plantar fasciitis as well as tough skin on the side of the balls of my feet and also ingrown toenails on my big toes growing back after having them removed. I haven’t had a foot spa in a number of years and was happy to give this one a try. This is the first spa I have had that is heated, what a treat to not have to top up or refill, I can use this for ages. This has rollers in two positions for each foot, my partner isn’t sure about those, but I love them, they help my plantar and leave my feet feeling relaxed. I added some bath salts, brilliant for foot health and relaxation, you can also add a little peppermint oil for a really fresh zingy feeling. The vibration and bubbles are bliss, the vibration is a little noisy if you want to watch TV, but you can turn that off and just have the bubbles (or you could use headphones). The stones are great to help remove any dead skin, worked wonders with the hard skin at the side of my feet. I’d like to see a temperature selector so you can choose how hot the water is but other than that I really like it. I like to use it not long before bed, it relaxes me. Great to boost circulation too. The only issue I have is trying to get a turn, my partner has really gotten to like it and hogs it for ages at a time.

  14. Sylwia S

    This HoMedics 4-in-1 foot spa arrived nicely boxed, so would be a great gift idea.It is quite compact, the measurements are exactly as per listing description.It looks and feels well made from a good quality plastic, sturdy and durable, but the finishing isn’t the best. It has some rough edges.I like its clever design with built-in pumice and roller massager.I found it easy to use.It provides different types of massages – hydrotherapy, vibration, magnetic therapy and infra red treatment.Water is heated, but the temperature isn’t adjustable. It just can be used with heat or without it.I found it very soothing for my tired feet.It is quite pricey compared to other similar devices on the market, but I haven’t tried the others, so can’t comment on the quality.I just don’t like that the price jumps up and down, so it is really difficult to comment on it.Currently it is selling for £79.99 what is a bit pricey.Overall nice massager and I’m enjoying using it.

  15. H

    Although it initially struck me that the foot spa was a bit flimsy, I soon realised that it is well designed and really quite strong. There are a series of massage points in the base, which provide deep relief for aching feet, just make sure you sit down before placing your feet on these or it could hurt.The spa keeps water warm, although it doesn’t heat it from cold, so you need to use warm water. It is also advisable to place a large towel underneath the spa to ensure water doesn’t splash onto carpets or other flooring, but once your feet are being pampered, it is difficult to stop. So relaxing, in the right chair you could easily fall asleep.I found this incredibly relaxing after a long hike over hills and my feet felt rejuvenated afterwards. Something to use often, particularly if you get achy feet from standing or walking a lot. There is a two year guarantee for peace of mind and the item comes in a box that is suitable for gifting and would make a fab gift for walkers or anyone that spends a lot of time on their feet.

  16. Blueface

    As others have said- it has a few rough edges and is overpriced.Nice to have the heated function and does feel refreshing to have your feet in warm bubbling water! But there are better and cheaper options out there. I guess what you’re really paying for is the name brand here. Shop well.Hope this review was helpful, thanks for reading it.

  17. A

    This HoMedics 4-in-1 Foot Spa is lovely and I like to use it. I like to use it with bath salt it’s quite relaxing. It would be a bit more relaxing if it wasn’t so loud. It’s a bit annoying actually.This foot spa works really well. I usually have pain in my foot after a long day. I tried this foot spa one evening and the next day my foot was definitely better and was less painful.I think it a bit overpriced.Thank you for reading my review.

  18. Mrs. Jenkinson 2

    I really did enjoy using this home medic’s luxury foot spa I have severe disability’s in my feet and legs so when I my feet were bad I used the foot spa it was so nice and relaxing I loved the bubble feature being so powerful it really helped my feet… my only dislike was when using the pumice stone it wasn’t sturdy enough to stay on but overall it your feet feel and look fantastic after using luxury home medic’s foot spa xx

  19. Chloe Barny

    This is definitely one of the biggest foot spa’s I have seen!It’s chunky but means you have a lot of room and your feet aren’t squashed.Lovely rollers on the bottom and the pumice stone is good too!Bubbles are great and heated option is great after a long day.It’s pricey, but definitely good for sore feet

  20. Victor & Alejandra

    This foot spa is great, do the job as expected, work perfectly, easy to use, is comfy. Value for money

  21. Miss S

    This is the best foot spa I have ever used and I can’t recommend it enough! The bubbles and vibration are amazing! This Foot Spa has 4 bubble strips for increased relaxation during your massage. You won’t want to take your feet out! It is very easy to operate. There are also 2 pumice stones that are supposed to help remove calluses and dead skin.The bubbles are quite soothing and relaxing whilst the rollers massage the soles of the feet. The water is warm and the massage is gentle. I love that it maintains the temperature throughout. Apart from its therapeutic use, it is very good for a relaxing evening in. Simply get the wine and snacks ready, put a good movie on then get one’s feet inside the bucket and relax.Therapeutic wise this is good for unwinding after a long day on one’s feet so it’s ideal for shop workers, warehouse workers, and even postmen/women. You can even put some bath salts and essential oils.Overall, it’s a great piece to have at home, especially since it helps relax, although it is a bit expensive, I would say it is worth it.

  22. Wilde’s Cabbage

    I wanted to give HoMedics a chance again, being previously disappointed with the their attention to detail and quality of build.Unfortunately, yet again they have proved to underdeliver. In principle, the foot spa looks the part, and sounds like it covers all the bases when you read through the features online. But upon receiving it and giving it a go, I feel compelled to give my honest feedback – the design is rough around the edges, literally and metaphorically. I found it caused more discomfort than actual aiding of any ailments or ability to sooth.We found it did everything it detailed, but poorly for the most part. The pumice isnt held in place and so dislodges with even the slightest knock with my foot. I am quite used to enjoying the occasional spa treatments, I have a good grasp on what to expect. For the price I know there are better available on Amazon and so I can’t recommend this.2 stars

  23. Tattooed minx

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     Plenty of room, my UK size 8 feet had plenty of room to slosh about.Heats the water for you and has massage and bubble modes.Pumice and rollers.This feels really luxurious and has suckers on the bottom for stability.

  24. Trusted Reviews

    I wish there was a similar spa, albeit a full-body size. LOL! It is loud, as has this humming noise, but I have had a few foot spas and all of them had some sort of humming. It is soooo effective – I have just tired feet, but my mom suffers from arthritis. I feel a lot better after using it, while my mom has been using it on a regular basis to help her sleep. Almost 4 months in and it is as great as it was on Day 1! Quality is truly second to none! Highly recommended!

  25. Fluorescent87

    I broke my ankle a few months ago and I’m only just starting to get back to normal and this foot spa has been a godsend for me.The aches and pain I get each day from walking on my injured ankle after so long can be intense and I has found this to be a sure fire way of helping to relax my tense and sore muscles as well as helping tackle the thick dry skin that has formed on the bottom of my injured foot.It’s easy to use and takes no time to get it up and running.It’s definitely been a useful and effective piece of equipment for me.

  26. A.S

    This foot spa is literally a spa experience at your home. It has this bubble function and a vibrating function which gently massages your feet and gives the most pleasant feeling. I have 3 kids and after making them sleep, this is my ultimate enjoying experience. I would totally recommend it to anyone who can just dream of actually going to a salon and at the same time, wants the relaxing feeling too.

  27. Shopaholic

    I have always been discouraged by foot baths because by the time I get the water added and dip my feet in, I can enjoy about 5 minutes before the water begins to cool and become uncomfortable. With this foot bath, I don’t have to worry about that anymore! Overall, for the price, this foot bath is a great value and provides comfort and relaxation to my poor feet.

  28. A. Cresswell

    I don’t like this and in Amazon Review parlance thats 2 stars. The problem with this is the sharp edges and poor finish. I’ve definitely had better vibrations and sensations

  29. ArtichokesForAll

    Very good footspa, and very relaxing to use, especially in the current hot weather! Five stars.

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