EMS Electric Feet Massager, USB Foot Reflexology & Foot Massager for Circulation

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  • Portable and Rechargeable: The foot massager are lightweight, foldable, rechargeable/battery operated, easy to carry anywhere. You can relax wherever you go.
  • Multi-function mode: 10adjustable intensity levels and 20 vibration modes of this foot massage for circulation will be displayed on the LCD Display, legs massage machine is easy to monitor and adjust the level to achieve the effect. The ems foot massager provides an in-depth massage to reduce muscle fatigue and relieve stress, enhancing your comfort. Foot massage for circulation is suitable for all foot types and different foot sizes.
  • Help You Get Healthy & Beautiful: EMS leg reshaping foot massager with EMS technology helps stimulate muscle contraction with electrical impulses, helps reduce swelling and looks slim, giving a more perfect look. In addition, the foot massage mat also supports muscle strengthening, providing a seductive and healthy body.
  • Easy To Clean: Made of soft material, PU leather surface, can be dried with a wet towel after use. Can be used quietly when watching TV, reading, working in the office or relaxing.
  • Wide application: The foot massager machine can be applied for those who regularly go to the gym or exercise, travel long distances, bike ride, dance, rock climbing or wear high heels regularly. The foot massagers spa is a perfect gift for your friends and loved ones. This foot machine massage uses EMS technology, reaches deep tissues and stimulates the acupuncture points to promote blood circulation and relax the feet.
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Experience the ultimate relief for your tired and aching feet with our EMS Electric Feet Massager ! With 10 modes and 20 intensity levels, this foot reflexology massager is specifically designed to improve circulation, relax muscles, and alleviate pain in your feet and legs. And the best part? It’s powered by USB, making it easy to use anywhere, anytime. Don’t settle for less – give your feet the care they deserve with our EMS Electric Foot Massager!

Additional information

Weight 260 oz
Dimensions 0.371 × 0.183 × 0.034 m
Batteries ‏

‎ 1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)


53131700 (Therapeutic massage equipment) Report an incorrect code

Package Dimensions ‏

‎ 37.1 x 18.3 x 3.4 cm; 260 Grams


‎ B09WDQ53V6

Manufacturer reference ‏

‎ CHFC2347704

Country of origin ‏

‎ China

Manufacturer ‏

‎ Vakola

50 reviews for EMS Electric Feet Massager, USB Foot Reflexology & Foot Massager for Circulation


    Arrived in good time ,this is a great travel item as can fold up and be carried in hand luggage, the controls take a bit of getting used to ,and the level you can set it to is down to the individual, do not use after shower or swimming, you can get more expensive ones on the Market so this is a cheaper option to trial ,as for pain relief yes it works but just be aware of the settings if you set the pulse rate to high to start you could find painful.

  2. ankush patel

    not use full as it said in the description.

  3. Soulby

    It started off great but the power died down after 3 months. I found it extremely effective for 3 months then the insensitivity decreased.

  4. GingerB

    The media could not be loaded.

     This was a lot more powerful than expected. I haven’t had to go above 2. All the different modes offer a good range.It has really helped with nagging aches in my calfs.You can see my muscles twitching in time to the pulse in the video.Only had it for a short time so can’t comment on longevity.

  5. val barker

    It was not what I thought is was going to be. disappointed.

  6. Carol L.

    Easy to use & store. The strength of 1 to 9 is a bit hit & miss. Sometimes you need to put on full strength before you can feel anything & then start to lower it to a comfortable power. I use 3 or 4. Using once a day l can use 4/5 days on full charge. Overall , value for .money! Oops stopped working. Very disappointing. Am sending back for refund, but will try again & hope this one keeps working.

  7. paula ashworth

    Love it

  8. kim richardson


  9. janice mcardle

    Ok, fast delivery, reasonable price.I was a bit sceptical about this mat and a bit nervous of using it, but, its simple to use and the different strengths means you can start at the gentlest pulse. It is amazing! So easy to set up, so easy to use and you can recharge it while using your laptop or plug it into your phone charger! What’s not to like! Too early to say if its doing me any good as yet but its so relaxing !!

  10. BLAPPS

    This is the second mat I have received and this one does not work either. The first one would not detach from the mat and so the attachment clip broke. This one connected fine but even though its fully charged I feel absolutely nothing and neither did my friend, who tried it to see if my feet were insensitive or something. At this point I’m wondering what I’m doing wrong.

  11. Mrs Vivienne K Watson

    I was very happy with this when it first arrived and read all the care instructions – however 2 weeks in, the massage pad stopped functioning even although the round monitor kept working. I thought maybe it had come in contact with my jewellery so put this down to my error. I was OK with ordering a second Massage Pad and was very careful with how I handled it. Two weeks later the same thing happened with the second pad. Not very reliable so wouldn’t recommend this.

  12. kerryanne Joyce

    Easy to use just plug in with usb and put your feet on mat, I wasn’t keen on the sensation

  13. Amazon Customer

    Was ok when it worked but only used it maybe 5 or 6 times and it wont charger . NOT HAPPY.

  14. neil wilson

    Sadly this stopped working after a few days of use – returned to Amazon with no problems and refunded quickly

  15. S. S.

    Looks like advertised. BUT!!! The warnings should be advertised. Got for my mum as she works from home but thank God I read the instructions. “The following people must never use the footmat: see image” TAKE CAUTION!!!

  16. Tara84

    Worked for one week now has the letter F on the screen and doesn’t work. Can’t get intouch with the supplier.

  17. Mrs Lynne Harvey

    Needs charging every 15 mins of use. Pulse is not good on massage but haven’t tried the other settings. Wouldn’t recommend

  18. JT Games

    When I first received the EMS Foot Massager and first time using it, it was great. At first I was only able to use it to the setting of no more than 5, I could feel the pulsation going up my legs. But after the 3rd/4th use, the only way I could feel anything I had to put it up to 9 and even then I could only feel a twinge. The device itself was fully charged. The mat itself seems to fail in what it’s supposed to do as I bought another one and the same thing happened. This would be a good foot massager if only the mat didn’t fail, which happened to both of them. Unfortunately I can’t recommend this item.

  19. Mrs. M. E. Ramirez Sanchez

    After a month of use the maximum street doesn’t work anymore. It was good while it lasted. Unfortunately I cannot recommend

  20. StewI. G

    It does what it says.

  21. lekker

    Just hope it keeps working, unlike my last one!

  22. Lorna!! Received this product and it never worked. Not even a return label with it!!!

    Received this and not working, not even a return label, now I’m to late to send this back!!

  23. cynthia murphy

    Very easy to use , and you certainly feel it even on the low settings

  24. Mark W

    Was looking forward to this but did not work when I put my feet on it. As per other reviews 50/50 chance you get one that works

  25. lyndsey mullett

    First couple of times worked amazing charged up and now hardly works have to have it on a high setting before u can feel it working. Such a shame as was hoping this would help me

  26. Benk

    In the bin blew the item need a free one the other caught fire it had to go in the bin iv sent a copy to traders standers

  27. Amazon Customer

    Easy to use and felt the benefits straight away. I suffer from poor circulation and swollen feet and legs I used this and straight away felt less pain in my ankles etc and can stay on my feet for longer now as opposed to before. Genuinely pleased I got this it’s been a life changer for me

  28. Colin watt

    Easy to use and seems to be helping with feet circulation problem.

  29. J. Parsons

    I’m so glad I bought this as opposed to the £150 plus machines you see advertised. To be honest I don’t know whether the science behind it works but the technology so far is excellent. Good vibrations as the beach boys would say. I do find that your feet have to be damp to get the maximum benefit. There is very little effect if they are bone dry.

  30. Mrs. Lynda O. Howes

    I am till trying to work out the instrctions so have not realy used it. The instructions arein English but not making any sense.

  31. Alan Dimmock

    Great after a day on my feet at work.

  32. mrs j eakin

    Was looking at a dearer version of this product but would not go past it it’s brilliant and you can feel the benefit

  33. mrs j

    Sent this item straight back as it didn’t work. Tried everything. Very disappointed as it was a gift for my sister.

  34. Amazon Customer

    I just love it, bought 1 for my daughter too.But i can’t charge mine willing to pay for a wire👍

  35. david mason

    Nice and compact

  36. d m n

    Arrived quickly.. Really easy to use and love it

  37. Maria Guimerans

    I used this for literally 5 mins out of the box. It was good, but then it needed charging as the power seemed weak. I left it on charge overnight only to find that the red charging light had been off all night and it hadn’t charged at all. Then it just wouldn’t work at all, obviously cos the battery had run right down. Impossible to get it charge again so I returned it and got a full refund thanks to Amazon. I won’t buy another.

  38. Terence Connell

    Packed in after a couple of weeks complete waste of money don’t buy it

  39. Karen l milton

    Love the price what it does makes my leg feel a lot better after a hard day

  40. Tony

    I have problems with swollen angles and a swollen leg. So far this seems to be helping.

  41. Roni

    Am I the only one who has been experiencing this ??!!! Luckily as I started off with the first setting … I literally get piercing shocks to my feet..it is so intense just like intense electric shocks..can’t imagine what the higher settings are but I am so afraid of this product I am sending it back right away..this is so dangerous beware !!!!!

  42. Kindle Customer

    Like this very much

  43. marty68

    OK for the price

  44. Sarah hughes

    I have planta fachitus. Brilliant product

  45. Kelly jackson

    This item came yesterday didn’t get chance to use it and thought I will try this morning put it on charge 1st just to make sure and it does not work nothing is happening oh and to top it off cant find a request to tell the seller not happy at all

  46. d.j.Marsh

    When it worked it was very pleasant and seemed to be having an effect but after 5 or so uses it gave up the ghost, refused to recharge and was therefore useless.

  47. Den B

    Very easy to use very happy.

  48. Just a dog mum

    The product barely gives any current through it. I’d seen people curling their toes up at the current like their muscles were contracting in adverts, I can barely feel a tickle. Don’t waste your money.

  49. Jacqueline bell

    Good quality fast delivery

  50. mark nothard

    Was looking forward to using this but really disappointed it doesn’t work won’t switch on or charge

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