FIT KING Compression Recovery Boots Leg Massagers for Pain and Circulation Leg Compression

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  • [LEG PAIN AND MUSCLE CRAMPS TERMINATOR]: FIT KING leg massager innovatively applies air compression therapy to the feet, calves and thighs. It suit for all the ages especially who is suffering with blood circulations, restless leg syndrome, leg cramps, fibromyalgia pain at night, leg pain after walking or exercising, and swellings and dvt in legs
  • [PROFESSIONAL COMPRESSION MASSAGE]: FIT KING leg compression massager is a powerful leg circulation machines. It’s not a Thai massage, which can hurt the leg muscles and cause constant physical pain for days after the massage. But the benefit of this air compression massage is that it is a gentle squeezing massage, and after 20 minutes, leg muscles will feel relaxed and leg swelling will be relieved like never before.
  • [SMART SENSOR SYSTEM&SHORTENING THE RECOVERY PROCESS]: FIT KING massager machine accurately adjusted the pressure and inflation volume based on the size of your legs, The smart sensor system ensured a safe and personalized massage. Using the foot massager boots after intense workouts, they significantly aided in your recovery process, reducing post-exercise soreness and promoting faster healing. Good for Athletes, Runners, Gym-goers.
  • [CUSTOMISED PHYSIOTHERAPY]: The compression massage system is progressive and works from the foot upwards gradually applying pressure on the leg, pressure level can be controlled by the hand controls. 3 modes and 9 intensities combined with 10 professional massage programs simulate human hands kneading, squeezing massage to meet different needs like professional sports recovery, leg pain relief and daily relaxation.
  • [UPGRADED LCD SCREEN CONTROL DEVICE]: FIT KING compression boots for legs with a large LCD screen, one key to customise your private physiotherapy treatment. It comes with a carry storage bag so easy to take to a friends house or on holiday. FIT KING leg compression machine is a great gift for those who are looking for a leg pain relief product or leg massager to relieve pain, improve blood circulation, recover quickly and release tense muscles after exercise.
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Invest in the FIT KING Compression Recovery Boots Leg Massagers for Pain and Circulation today to experience a fast recovery and muscle pain relief. This leg compression machine is designed to enhance your sports performance. Don’t wait any longer, get your hands on this device now!


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‎ 41 x 20 x 23 cm; 3.22 Kilograms


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‎ FT-082A-M

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10 reviews for FIT KING Compression Recovery Boots Leg Massagers for Pain and Circulation Leg Compression

  1. The OP

    For someone with a lot of pain in their legs due to a bunch of different issues, these leg massagers have been a real piece of relief for me after a day of walking or just on an off day when i wake up in pain, i put these on regularly and it continually works my muscles and stretches them so i have less and less pain.They cover both legs at the same time so you don’t have to switch between them, you have to remember once on, they’re not the most stylish of devices but they are completely worth it, they are controlled via a handheld box which is wired onto the boots and allow you to adjust everything yourself at the palm of your hand.

  2. Andrew Finlay

    Comes in a nice size carry bag great for storage. Quick and easy to set up for use, great value for money.

  3. realovesbooks

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     When you see the price tag of these you can’t help but have extremely high expectations but I am pleased to say they haven’t disappointed and the whole family have got in on the use of these.I have been trying to get more active over the past few years but find I get bad pains in my thighs when I go out walking that it puts me off but since using these in the evening these have been a real relief and has allowed me to keep moving.My partner is a competitive swimmer and also plays football and him and my cousin were actually paying to go and have cryotherapy done every week and they have both been using these and have said how great they are.But our biggest aid has been with my dad who has limited mobility and has suffered with clots in his leg in the last, he has been using these and has noticed his leg is more comfortable and doesn’t feel so big and the colouring in his leg has drastically improved too.These are an investment but if you have enough people using them the cost is justified. There are different settings that you can use but I found each of them comfortable to use. They come with a storage bag too.

  4. Noel

    I ordered the FIT KING Air Compression Foot and Leg Massage Boots because I wanted to enhance my sports performance and aid in fast recovery after intense workouts. As an avid gym-goer, I was intrigued by the promise of improved blood circulation and muscle fatigue relief provided.Packaging of the FIT KING Air Compression Foot and Leg Massage Boots was impressive. It arrived in a sturdy box that was well-designed to protect the contents during shipping. The boots were neatly packed and secured, ensuring they were in pristine condition upon arrival. The packaging also included clear instructions for setup and usage, which made the entire process hassle-free.I was pleased with the overall quality and appearance of the leg massage boots. The material used was durable and felt comfortable against the skin. The boots had a sleek design and looked well-constructed. I was particularly impressed with the zipper closure design.The boots featured four large airbag chambers that effectively wrapped around my entire leg, providing comprehensive compression therapy. The inflation and deflation process was swift and quiet, thanks to the large-capacity air pump. Additionally, the smart sensor system was a standout feature, as it accurately adjusted the pressure and inflation volume based on the size of my legs, ensuring a safe and customized massage experience.The three massage modes and eight pressure intensities allowed me to tailor the massage to my specific needs. The compression therapy felt incredibly soothing and relaxing, relieving the tension and fatigue in my muscles. I used the boots after intense workouts, and they significantly aided in my recovery process, reducing post-exercise soreness and promoting faster healing. The boots also enhanced blood circulation in my legs, leaving them feeling rejuvenated after each session.Considering the performance and effectiveness of the FIT KING Air Compression Foot and Leg Massage Boots, I would have definitely bought them for the price. The benefits I experienced in terms of improved blood circulation, faster recovery, and enhanced sports performance justified the big investment.Overall, the FIT KING Air Compression Foot and Leg Massage Boots exceeded my expectations. They provided a professional-level massage experience, offering relief from muscle fatigue and aiding in fast recovery. The smart sensor system ensured a safe and personalized massage, while the zipper closure design and high-quality fabric added to the convenience and durability of the product. I highly recommend these leg massage boots to athletes, gym-goers, and anyone in need of effective recovery and relaxation.I would recommend this product.

  5. sponcpm

    What can I say, I been using these for a month now. I’ve had some surgery with a fair amount of metal work fitted and to get the muscle back I am cycling loads.These are great, I use for about 15 mins and I’ve gradually upped the pressure. I’m currently 5’11 about 32″ leg and the medium size fits well. My wife who is 5’6″ also uses them fine.It’s pretty simple to use, the pressure it can apply is surprising and I tend to use the middle setting, the full pressure can be too much for me.Simple to use, I don’t bother with programmes just set it on a timer. They also make superb entertainment when used on visiting grandparents! Amazing, can’t recommend enough.

  6. ArtySmarty

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     This set of FIT KING Air Compression Foot and Leg Massage Boots are really well presented, they come in their own carry case, the electric control unit is presented in a black presentation box and the instructions are simple and easy to follow.In use you must always have both the leg boots plugged into the electric control unit, if you only wanted to massage one leg you can do that but the other boot must go through the process of inflating.It’s pretty much a case of plugging it all in and switching on, it then goes into a 20 minute massage session at the lowest inflation rate of 50 mmHg. You can then manually increase the time and inflation but it is recommended if you’ve not used it before to build up to this.I’ve not used one of these before so the first ten minutes or so I was quite stressed (I’m not even joking) you feel trapped in them and even at the lowest inflation they are really squeezing you. However, after the initial inflate and they then deflate and inflate sections it actually becomes quite relaxing.My husband and adult daughter have also tried this and both enjoyed the experience. I will say the medium size is quite large, I’m 5.5 my husband 5.8 and my daughter 5.4 and it was a little big on all of us. Feet not quite in the sock shape so I think we would have been better with the small. Still usable though so if you are buying for yourself and your partner of different heights then you could definitely get away with the medium but if you’re shorter like us I’d say go small.On my second use I felt really brave and increased the pressure to 70, I have to say it was too much. I dropped it to 60 (all very easy to do with the electric control unit) and even that was quite uncomfortable I think I’ll stick to the 50 for now.Final tips are use it lying down, it’s very relaxing so lying down and using it before bed I’ve found is best. I have noticed my heart rate is a little lower so I do believe it has improved my circulation and helped me relax.An amazing investment for recovery or to improve general health not forgetting mental well-being and relaxation. I am happy to recommend this to others.

  7. Geo

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     The FitKing leg massagers are great devices for giving a quality leg massage without the need for a massage therapist. The devices are very simple and easy to get on due to the zip at the front, once zipped in it’s simple and easy to control using the devices control panel. You can turn it on / off, select the mode, adjust the pressure and set a massage time, quicky and easily with minimal hassle.The device can provide anything from a soft comforting massage to an intense pressure massage that helps prevent lactic acid buildup and minimise recovery time after a workout.Price point is high, but the quality is excellent. The FitKing also comes with a carry bag for travelling and overall despite the high price I still think it’s worth it for the benefits it provides.

  8. Georgia Wolff

    Great Product
    Bought this for my Mother -in-law. She is in her 80’s. She has had a lot of trouble with her legs swelling and one leg got really bad. The doctor gave her antibiotics for the leg. She was doing better but the leg continued to swell. it was mentioned to her to try compression socks, she tried them but got little relief. So it was suggested that she try compression boots. we bought her the FIT KING Leg Compression Boots Massager for Foot and Calf Recovery, Upgraded Leg Massager and I couldn’t believe the difference, even on the first use. Her leg was half the size it had been and on the second use it looked almost normal. It was easy for her to use and she followed the instructions. Boots were easy to pull on and zip up. The controller is large enough for her to read. this compression boot massager is a miracle.

  9. Daniela

    Ein Traum
    Diese Teile sind ein wahrer Traum! Passend, auch wenn die Waden umfangreicher sind und unglaublich wohltuend, wenn man Wasseransammlung, oder Durchblutungsstörungen besonders im Knöchelbereich hat. Habe vorher 2 andere Arten probiert, die ich leider zurücksenden mußte, aber DIESER Artikel bekommt von mir eine klare Kaufempfehlung 👍Zur Haltbarkeit kann ich natürlich noch nichts sagen, da ich es heut erst bekam. Aber der Nutzen ist phantastisch!

  10. Bernard PAUL

    Fermeture des bottes
    La fermeture éclair est beaucoup mieux que les fermetures par scratchs

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