GLORITY Foot Massager with Heater, Bubble, Infrared, Foldable Foot Bath

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  • 【Intelligent Temperature Control & Timer】GLORITY Foot Spa has an intelligent temperature control function that can be adjusted between 35°C – 48°C (95°F-118°F) , and it can maintain the water temperature without additional hot water. The timer allows settings from 10 to 60 minutes, providing a comfortable and relaxing foot spa experience.
  • 【Upgrade Massage Design】GLORITY non automatic massage roller Foot Massager Spa features 8 groups of massage rollers with 96 massage nodes and 4 groups of shiatsu foot massager, provides targeted relief to tired and achy feet, stimulates blood flow, and revitalizes tired feet.
  • 【Handle & Drainage Outlet Design】GLORITY Portable Foot Bath comes with an upgraded and reinforced front handle and drainage outlet, offering increased portability and safe water drainage, making it particularly suitable for elderly users who prioritize ease of use and safety.
  • 【Bubble & Red Light】With various special features such as heat, bubbles, and red light, GLORITY Foot Massager with heater helps to relieve stress while massaging your feet. The oxygen bubbles continuously surge and impact the soles of the feet, providing a gentle massage like that of spring water, while ensuring that the water is evenly heated.
  • 【Foldable Bath Design】GLORITY collapsible pedicure bowl can be easily stored in small spaces such as sofas, under beds or in any tight corners, providing a space-saving solution for easy storage in small spaces.
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Indulge in the ultimate foot spa experience with GLORITY Foot Massager. Featuring a heater, bubble, infrared, temperature control, timer, pedicure pumice stone bowl, 8 shiatsu rollers, and massage nodes, this portable foot bath is the perfect way to pamper yourself. Don’t wait any longer to treat yourself to the luxurious foot spa experience you deserve. Get your GLORITY Foot Massager today!

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56 reviews for GLORITY Foot Massager with Heater, Bubble, Infrared, Foldable Foot Bath

  1. Yanique Maxwell

    Pros: heating, keep’s temperature, bubbles, collapsible, easy to empty and comfortable.Cons: the handing!! please do not hold it by the handle, hold it by the actual sides or you will flood your floors lolPricing could be a bit cheaper

  2. Lea

    This is more just like a foot bath with a roller for your feet. You can’t feel the massage part. It’s also not easy to empty, as i was carrying it, it tipped forward and water spilt everywhere. Not worth the money.

  3. Lorem Ipsum

    Excellent foot spa . You can control the temperature and works wonders on tired and worn out feet.

  4. Doug

    This seems to be well made,( although I am worried that constantly folding it down and back up will result in the sides not being water tight.)It is what it is, and it is very effective as a basic foot massager.By basic I mean…If you are wanting:Somewhere to soak tired feet in warm waterA bubble functionAA compact unit that takes up little room in storageThen this is for you.If you are looking for a foot bath with a good massaging function, then this is probably not the one for you.

  5. Serena

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     It’s fits my feet which are. A UK size 7 (41) well with a bit of space to move around.However it is a tight fit for my father’s feet who suffered from his feet being swollen as seen in the photos.I’d say it’s pretty good for soaking your feet at a constant temperature and not much for anything else. I like the concept and the idea. The only benifit is the warm/hot water staying hot.The rollers at the bottom are alright although I don’t use them much.

  6. Michelle Maddox

    This foot spa is a godsend for someone who lives in a tiny flat. It folds up.It has great features like the shiatsu rollers that massage your feet.It was a little difficult to collapse back down after use and I do wonder how long it will last if you have to keep doing that to the sides but other than that it’s a great treat for your feet.

  7. HRH321

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     The product I received was a foot spa.The foot spa comes well packaged, with a set of instructions for use. It is powered by mains, the lead is short so I had to use an extension lead. The power cord is fixed (not removeable) which is slightly annoying as can get it the way. I am a UK4/EU37 and found there was a lot of space for my feet. There are rollers inside for massage and a pumice stone.To use, you expand the foot spa to its full size (easy to do) and simply fill the foot spa with water. You plug it in and press the on button on the front. Then choose the temperature you want and the length of time it runs.The foot spa was easy to fill, instructions recommend using warm (not cold) water to fill as this means the spa takes less time to heat up. You can choose the temperature of the water – ranging from 35°C to 48°C. There is also a timer – ranging from 10 minutes to 60 minutes. The foot spa automatically stops at the end of the chosen time. You can choose to have the infra-red light on/off, bubbles on/off or both on/off at the same time. The foot spa does make a noise, but to me not distracting and I found it relaxing and soothing for my feet. After use, switch off the foot spa, unplug and drain the water – there is a drainage hole to drain the water, or you can just carefully tip the unit. There is a handy carry handle attached to the foot spa. The foot spa collapses down to its storage size easily.Overall, this is a good product, easy to use, great for tired feet and being a collapsible design is easy to store. Would recommend.

  8. Pamela Jean

    This is fabulous for at home pedicures, as well as for soaking sore and tired feet at the end of a long day. It has some very nice features, as well as some features I would change.PROS – What I Like:🙂It is nice and deep, perfect for a good foot soak.🙂Heat function – adjustable from room temp to warm or hot water.🙂It heats up quickly, and maintains a constant temperature.🙂Bubble function – feels fabulous, ideal for a salt soak.🙂Compacts for easy storage – takes up less space.🙂Easy to read digital display – shows temp of water.🙂Timer functionCONS – What I Didn’t Like:😒Not really a “massaging” foot bath – just has acupressure rollers.😒You have to massage your own feet by rolling them back and forth.😒You have to sit close to a power outlet because the power cord is not very long.Overall, I do like this foot spa. It is great for giving myself a pedicure, but it is also inconvenient. If I want to just fill it with hot water, then I can sit in the lounge. But if I want to plug it in, then I have to drag in a kitchen chair to sit close to the outlet. I wish the cable was longer, or it was rechargeable.I still think this would make a nice gift for someone, even with the short cable. It is a nice foot spa, and feels fabulous with the heater and bubbles on.

  9. Porthcawler

    This is quite a fancy little foot-spa, and would make a nice gift for some tired old feet.Here are my main highlights for this product:✔ Collapsible design✔ Effective rollers✔ Integrated pumice stone✖ Noisy when using bubblesYou get everything you could want with this model; temp and timer control, jacuzzi, rollers, pumice, even an infra-red light heater.Setup is easy, as is removing the water afterwards. It is very relaxing to use, although personally I would like to have a remote control. That would make it almost perfect. The only annoyance is the noise of the airpump for the bubbles, but there’s not really much they can do about that. I just put in some earbuds with relaxing sounds or music and soon forget about it. The overall experience of this spa is very relaxing and brings a smile to my face, so it’s clearly working!The build quality seems decent enough, there’s nothing obviously bad or cheap-looking. It’s not as good as a model costing £100+, but it’s not that far off really.The price is normally £60, but with the current 20% voucher that makes it about £48. For that price I think this is a good purchase. The lack of it being a big brand-name might be a bit concerning for those who need it to last for many years, but the reality is all these products are made alongside each other and badged with different company names, so the performance is likely to be very similar. Buy from Amazon, then you know you have a full year to return it if it stops working.

  10. Honest Reviewer

    The GLORITY Foot Spa is a wonderful device to relax after a long day on your feet. Offering a variety of delightful features, it gets a solid four-star rating from me.What I appreciated most was the depth of the foot spa, which was perfect for a rejuvenating foot soak. The heat function is adjustable, heating up swiftly and maintaining a constant temperature throughout the duration of use. I also really enjoyed the bubble function, which felt fantastic, especially during a salt soak. The digital display was easy to read, showing the temperature of the water clearly, and I found the timer function very handy. Another plus is the foot spa’s compact design, making it easy to store and a great space-saver.However, I found a couple of downsides that prevented me from giving it a full five stars. First, it’s not truly a “massaging” foot bath, it only has acupressure rollers. This requires you to manually massage your feet by rolling them back and forth which, while not difficult, doesn’t provide the automated experience some might expect. Second, the power cord is relatively short, necessitating a close proximity to a power outlet.In conclusion, the GLORITY Foot Spa is a fantastic product that offers a lot of value. Despite a couple of minor setbacks, it’s a reliable foot spa that heats quickly, maintains a constant temperature, and even has a delightful bubble function. If you’re looking for a way to unwind and take care of your feet, this could be an excellent choice.Thank you for reading my honest review, I hope you found it helpful! 🙂

  11. Willow

    Love this foot spa. It’s so easy to use. I just adjust the temperature to the right level of cosiness and it’s like my feet are having a nice warm hug. You just move your feet over the rollers and it gently kneads and massages them (although I did find it a bit tickled a bit, but that’s just me!)It’s like a mini spa day right in the comfort of your own home. It’s become a regular part of my self care routine and I’m so pleased I ordered it. I would be happy to recommend. Your tired aching feet will thank you.

  12. Bambi

    My tired feet found solace in this foot spa. I set the heat to my preference and it stayed constant without need for refills. The multiple massage nodes worked wonders, rejuvenating me. I particularly enjoyed the bubble and red light features, they seemed to add that extra touch of relaxation. As for storage, it folded away nicely.

  13. kamran

    It is green blue electric foot spa with corded. Foot spa have temperature control and timer. Lovely warm. It does feel relaxed and comfortable. It also got massage rollers which is good for relieve the achy and tired feets. Felt so good. It is portable foot spa which it got front handles to carry which is a brilliant idea and drainage outlet. It is lightweight. It got bubbles and red light. Also got foldable which can storage away in small space. It is easy to use and safe to use. Good quality. Would recommend it.

  14. Jeppy

    I’ve not used a foot spa for years and when I saw this I thought it would be the perfect addition to my home pamper kit, I was right!The foot spa is easy to set up, it’s collapsible so I just needed to uncollapse it, fill with water (I struggled to see the max fill line it’s on the back wall) and plug it is. When I first turned it on it was too hot so I turned the temperature down. I couldn’t work out the timer function but I didn’t need it anyway. I turned on the red bubble function but not sure what benefits it gave. The pumice stone is a nice addition for hand skin. The bubbles are nice and the rollers give a nice massage.I feel the price tag a little high considering the only function is the bubble and temperature control. However I would recommend for a nice home treat.

  15. Kuma

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     It feels quite relaxing and enjoyable to keep my feet in bubbling hot water but I can not call this device a foot massager. The only thing it does it’s to heat up the water until your pre-set value of up to 48 degrees Celsius and makes bubbles if you choose to have this on, it has some plastic rollers at the bottom but they don’t spin unless you do it with your feet.Another disappointing aspect it’s the fairly short cable considering its purpose, the power cord attaches to this device at the front so assuming you want to watch TV and have a socket behind you the cable will be either too short or might not be able to stay in a comfortable position.For the good side, it doesn’t take long to heat the water, it is very easy to use having only 4 buttons and being collapsible will save loads of space while stored away.Overall expensive, the current £59.99 with 25% off I believe it’s still too much for what you get.

  16. gogo cat

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     this is a collapsible foot spa bucket, power by mains with bubble, heat and infra red light, it’s compact, easy to store when unused, it’s a decent size when expanded, i’m uk size 8.5, reasonable amount of space for my feet to use the rollers inside, this bucket probably fit larger feet size but space will be limited for rollingit has temperature control from 30 to 48 degree, 10 to 60 minutes timer, also a button to toggle infra red light and massage bubblesit’s ready to use in a minute, just expand it and fill 2/3 full with water, fill warm water for quicker heat, it may take more than 15 minutes to heat water from 28 degree to 35 degreerollers are comfortable, someone might think it’s painful, will start like it if you use it regularly, not much help from the massage bubbles as they’re not from high pressure nozzle, not sure if the infra red light has any help, but i turned it on anywayunfortunately there is no way to show how much time left for the foot spa, when i press any of the timer button, it reset the timer and count again! also it’s quite noisy to use at night, i will need to stay away from bedroom to use itnot sure why the design has a hole for draining, it’s slow, i would rather directly pour water to sink or bathtub, much faster, also if the power cord could be removed it’s far better, now it’s a burden for both storage and manoeuvreall in all, this is a good tool for a quick foot massage before sleep, and it doesn’t take much space to use and store, i’m very satisfied with this product, would recommend

  17. Riazil

    This foot massager has a built-in heater that lets you soak your feet in warm water. This is a great way to relax tired, achy feet after a long day. By adding bubbles, you can get a gentle massage that helps relieve stress and improve blood flow. The infrared function adds another therapeutic layer by sending heat to specific parts of the feet. The foot spa is also easy to store and move because it can be folded up. This makes it convenient and saves room.

  18. Stu Allen

    We often go hiking and there is nothing more wonderful than to relax our tired feet when we get home. This foot spa is really easy to use, a good size and because it is collapsible it packs away in a relatively small space when not in use. There are many very clever design features, which are fabulous in use including not only bubbles but an infra red heat lamp. Very easy to operate, simply switch on and the spa begins to heat the water, place your feet in the soothing warm water then toggle between the massage bubbles to the warmth of infra red light. The temperature control is adjustable between 30 and 48C (we found 40C to be perfect and the 48 degree setting a little to high) You can pre-set the variable timer control between 10 to 60 minutes. The unit is powered by mains electricity 3 pin UK power plug and cable included. We have only used our wonderful foot spa twice and very impressed with the results. It needs a few minutes to heat the water prior to use of course but it doesn’t take very long. The only problem we have is fighting over who uses it first! Well of course my wife gets first use, but I think it would be quite fun if we could fit in together. It’s a good size foot spa bucket, I’m a 8 1/2 and there is plenty of room for my feet.This Spa currently retails £79.99 which ostensibly is a perhaps a little expensive, but this spa is placed at higher end in the market place offering many features that the cheaper alternative foot spas do not offer. Very good quality, well designed and at present there is a 30% off voucher available which makes this product an absolute bargain. Very highly recommended and five stars!

  19. nai

    Oh my gosh the relief this foot bath gives my feet, it’s beyond me!It’s absolutely brilliant for such heavenly relief.It folds away ever so neatly, firs perfectly back into it’s box for storage.It pops up nicely, it fills up a treat making a divine bubbly bath for my feet.The bubble mode is lush, it heats up nicely, the little massages in the bottom are gorgeous to use.I also like the addition of the foot file, it’s an all in one foot bath.Even my hubby and son love using it.It’d make a great gift idea too for someone who needs some self are in their life, heck, just a treat to yourself just because!Highly recommend for the quality.

  20. Sumamum

    This was ordered as upgrade to bowl my husband fills with warm water most nights.I like collapsible design that makes easier to store and the rollers are nice although they are manual and not much room to roll feet as he size 11 so probably better suited to smaller feet but he is very happy with it and is great after long day on feet.Do keep eye on plug though it’s simply push in rather than screw and it came loose and flooded living room floor 😕 be better with screw in plug.3.5 stars

  21. Marlena

    This foot massager saves so much space. I have one already but it takes massive amount of space when storing and really it is not very practical since I am not using this every day. This foot spa bath is completely foldable and it is much easier to store it unnoticeable. It has some features which beats others foot massagers like a drainage outlet, much more convenient way to drain water rather than tipping over whole thing, I always spill lots during that. It has nice control panel where you can set up desire temperature, turn Oxygen on with bubbles. After long day at work with safety shoes this is great way to let your feet rest. There are rollers you can use to massage sole of your feet. Great massager at this price.

  22. Happy to help

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     I jumped at the chance to try this product out. Things I like…The footspa came really well packaged and is nicely boxed. I like the colour.The handle means filling and emptying is much easier.The controls are easy to navigate.The footspa heats up quickly and does stay warm throughout treatment. There are 8 rollers along the base to massage feet.The bubbling effectThe pumice stoneBeing able to choose my own timer setting. Fold flat for storage, which is a huge plus ➕️ Things I’m not keep on…The placement of the pumice stone, although this does appear to be detachable. The price of £79.99. (There is a 30%off voucher applicable, however, which makes it more reasonably priced.) Overall, this is a nice little home footspa, and my feet felt lovely afterwards. This is my first encounter with a footspa, so I have nothing to compare it to, but I would recommend it.

  23. J.Cats

    A really nice foot spa that’s been well thought about and folds up nice and small so it’s easy to store. This actually fits underneath my chest of drawers perfectly and I find it’s a pleasure to use just before bed. Especially after a long day stood on my feet. The massages are very comfortable and it’s really easy to set up. I always fill with nice warm water so it doesn’t take too long to heat up.The overall design and feel is very high quality and there are many features that I enjoy. It has a drain hole at the bottom, which I find is pointless and unnecessary as it is much easier to just tip the foot spa to empty. Overall a well made nice compact foot spa that I’d be happy to recommend and will be using more of

  24. FrozenMetroid

    This foot spa comes in a plain cardboard box and inside you’ll find the foot spa and an instruction manual. After seeing the plain cardboard box, I wasn’t sure what to expect but as soon as I started to slide the foot spa out of the box, I could tell that this was a quality unit. It is made from good quality plastic and has a touch button display. It comes folded down which makes it only 9cm high so is easy to store away under cupboards or similar. To build it up, you just push down on the base of the foot spa, and then pull up on the sides and it stretches upwards to give you a height of 19cm. It can be done one handed but you have to pull one side up, then the other, but it works so you can do it on your own. Once up, there is a simple slider bar which you twist downwards, push it down until it meets the base, then turn a screw to lock it in place. This is a simple idea, but it prevents the foot spa from being folded back down when full of water. I like that it has a carrying handle which is something our old one didn’t have. There is a little bit of a design flaw though as the handle stops when it gets up to a 90-degree position, which is great. I was filling it up with the tap in the bath and when it had enough water in, I started to walk to the living room. The foot spa started to tip backwards, and half of the water spilled out on to the floor. Back to the bathroom and filled it up again and I held the back of it so it couldn’t spill this time. After plugging it in, it comes up in standby and you have to press the power button to start it up. The LCD screen displayed 38 degrees which is the temperature of the water inside. You press the temp + or – button to choose a desired temperature and it will heat the water up to that desired temperature and then keep it there. Pressing the bubble/red light button turn on the bubbles. The bubbles weren’t overly powerful, but they felt really nice on the bottom of my feet, and I don’t think they need to be stronger. Pressing the button again turns off the bubbles and just had the red light on in the water. I didn’t feel any difference with just the red light so I pressed the button again and the bubbles started with the red light illuminated which is how I left it for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, my feet felt a little tingly and relaxed. They weren’t aching after my long day, so the foot spa definitely helped to relax my tired feet. I really like the fold down design which makes it easier to store, you just need to be aware that the handle can allow it to tip when full of water. I’m really impressed with this foot spa, especially due to the fact it can heat the water on its own and keep the temperature as my old one couldn’t do that so this one is a little more advanced.

  25. Joeboy

    Foot Spa, GLORITY Foot Massager with HeaterI have been suffering from a painful foot for the past few weeks that doesn’t seem to want to get any better. When I spotted this foot massager, I jumped at the chance as I felt it may help sort the problem out. To be honest, when this arrived I was a little disappointed to find that the massage rollers on the bottom of this are not powered, instead you have to move your foot forwards and back to obtain any benefit. As my feet are size 12, there is not a great deal of room inside the water tank to allow for this backwards and forwards motion.As far as build quality is concerned I cannot fault this, it is made from highly durable ABS like plastic which is virtually indestructible. To reduce the packing size they have made the sides of the water tank out of a thick silicone type material, so to gain it’s full size you have to lift it up after removing from the box where it will pop into place. To prevent the spa collapsing prematurely there is a plastic support in the centre that has to be lowered down, to be honest this is a bit Heath Robinson and looks like an after thought.On the underside are small silicone feet, the air inlet for the bubbles is situated on the underside too. The problem with that is if using on a pile carpet then the air vent will become blocked reducing the amount of bubbles inside the spa. So if you want bubbles you need to use this on a hard floor. It would have been much better to have had the air intake on the side or top of the spa.On top is a control panel with a small screen, this is where you set the timer and temperature of the water, the controls available are: Temp up, Temp down, Timer, and Red bubble light. I don’t think the red light has any therapeutic value, it just makes the bubbles look a little more pretty.Overall this is well built and looks the part. Apart from the manual massager rollers, there are one or two other issues I found with this. As this is intended to be used whilst sitting in a chair, why on earth supply such a short power cable? The cable wouldn’t reach our nearby wall socket so I had to use an extension cable, as this has an inbuilt water heater you do meed a heavy duty extension lead. Another thing to watch out for is the drain plug, it is just a silicone rubber plug that is pushed into the drain tube, if not pushed in securely water may leak from it. Far better had the drain plug been a screw in plug.If you are looking for a heated bubble bath for your feet then this may be it. But if it’s a foot massage you are after then you will have to wiggle your feet around as nothing is automated apart from the bubblesCONTENTS:1 x Foot Massager1 x User GuideThank you for reading my review, I hope you have found it helpful.

  26. M. W. Hatfield

    Now maybe I’m weird, but I think for 80 quid or less, you are not going to get a massive full size spa which massages your feet with robot hands and rubs your back for a laugh.I expect a nice, portable and robust gadget which warms and relaxes your feet, something that calms and makes you feel nice,and that is easy to set up and use That’s exactly what you get here. Yes,you have to move the rollers with your feet. Easy enough. Yes, you have to get the temperature right: I’d suggest 48 is far too hot and I’d aim for 40 myself. And Yes, it takes a few minutes to warm up. How hard is it to wait five minutes.For me,this is excellent value for money. Fun for all the family. And verrrry relaxing. Recommended!

  27. MR P ZAJAC

    It feels really nice on your feet although it does tickle a bit.

  28. Wendy P

    The water just seemed to get to one temperature that was too hot and couldn’t get it cooler. The rollers are not automatic, are manual and don’t really do much. But disappointed to be honest.

  29. NorthernSoutherner

    At a current price of £59.99 (plus 20% voucher, June 2023), this is costly investment and I’m not sure it is worth it.The benefit of this is that it is a collapsible foot spa, and in my opinion, that is probably the only standout. The temperature and timer options are different, but it doesn’t really add a benefit besides not having to warm up water yourself or take your feet out when you’re done. You shouldn’t fall asleep with your feet in this, so I don’t see what the timer function is about.Other than that, the bubbles are a little weak (there is no adjustment to the intensity of the bubbles), the “red light therapy” is just a red light. I’m not entirely convinced that it is actually doing anything and seems more of placebo or unnecessary addition to allow the price to be so high. The rollers and shiatsu massagers are all manual so you have to roll your feet over them. It would be great to have a version which is automatic/button operated. The pumice stone is a nice addition, but again, if you want to use it elsewhere, you would need to remove it and use it away from the foot spa as I don’t really want dead skin dust floating around while I’m soaking my feet.The drainage is a nice idea, but it does also leave a small amount of water over as the drain is where the pumice stone is. You then have to manually drain this, and it’s a bit faffy as the power cord is directly attached to the foot spa. The way around this would have been to have a power cord which plugs into the foot spa and is covered by a silicone stopper.Lastly, this is good for small/average foot size but anything larger, you’ll struggle to use any other function such as rolling over the massagers. I’m a size 7 and my partner is a size 12 so it kind of works for me, but not so much for him.Disappointingly, I’m underwhelmed by this and I’m not keen to recommend it. It might be great for some but I’d rather spend the bit extra on one that works better, even if it isn’t collapsible.

  30. Hannah

    Using this is very pleasant, especially with the bubbles.The digital display is neat, and easy access for temperature control.There’s a few negatives though, I’d prefer if the rollers actually rolled,it would be such a more pleasant experience.Another negative is the size of the power cable, I’d have preferred it to be longer,for better positioning.I think it’s overpriced.Would be more suited at £39.99

  31. Trinity

    Buen producto.
    Este pediluvio está muy bien, tiene control de temperatura y dos rodillos masajeadores. Es compatible con bolsa protectora, así que perfecto.

  32. Vanessa D

    Bain de pied
    Super !Facile d’utilisation, facile à monter et démonter. Une fois plié, ne prend pas plus de de place qu’une balance.Température de l’eau réglable.Le petit regret c’est que les rouleaux ne soient pas liés au système à bulles.

  33. PERTIN Jean-François

    bon produit
    cet achat a été offert donc je ne peux pas répondre

  34. isa

    Pratique et fonctionnel
    Ravie de mon nouvel appareil il chauffe fait des bulles et les roulettes au fond ont un effet massant qui font du bien. Et il est super pratique avec le bac rétractable il prend pas de place et me sert dans le cadre pro comme le perso

  35. Amazon Customer

    To work
    Every thing is ok !

  36. Eglt charlene

    Bain pied
    Le prix ne vaut pas du tout le produit mis a par chauffer l eau qui prend beaucoup de temp et des petite petite bulle il fait rien d autre les embout pour massage ne tourne même pas sur eux même ces a toi les bouger avec tes pied en gros une bassine d eaux avec de l eau chauffer a la casserole ces exactement pareille le tout petit plus les toute petite bulle

  37. Amazon Kunde

    Leider keine einstellbare Fussmassage
    Der Artikel ist insgesamt recht brauchbar, leider hat er keine regulierbare bzw. automatische Fuß-Massage, daher war er für meine Zwecke unbrauchbar.

  38. Tom T.

    SPA chauffant pour pieds
    On a ici un bain relaxant pour Pieds de la marque GLORITY.L’appareil offre une expérience de spa relaxante à domicile. Il dispose d’une fonction de contrôle intelligent de la température permettant de régler la température de l’eau entre 35°C et 48°C, sans besoin d’ajouter de l’eau chaude, et propose une minuterie réglable de 10 à 60 minutes pour un confort personnalisé.Ce bain de pieds est équipé de 8 groupes de rouleaux de massage avec 96 nœuds de massage et 4 groupes de masseurs de pieds shiatsu, offrant un soulagement ciblé pour les pieds fatigués, stimulant la circulation sanguine et revitalisant les pieds.La poignée améliorée et l’orifice de drainage garantissent une portabilité accrue et un vidage sûr de l’eau, ce qui le rend adapté aux utilisateurs âgés recherchant la facilité d’utilisation et la sécurité.Avec des fonctionnalités telles que la chaleur, les bulles et la lumière rouge, ce masseur pour les pieds aide à soulager le stress tout en procurant un massage apaisant. De plus, sa conception pliable le rend pratique à ranger dans les petits espaces.Cet appareil permet d’offrir à vos pieds une détente bien méritée.

  39. Guevera

    pediluvio: compatto da riporre, ottimo massaggio, calore piacevole. Peccato prezzo alto
    The media could not be loaded.

     La spedizione è stata celere come sempre, il pacco è arrivato integro e ben imballato. Si tratta di un prodotto per il pediluvio e il massaggio dei piedi.PACKAGING E CONTENUTO DELLA SCATOLAIl prodotto arriva in una confezione di cartone con sopra le immagini esemplificative del prodotto. Al suo interno:• la vasca• i manuali delle istruzioni (anche in italiano)CARATTERISTICHE DICHIARATE E/O RISCONTRATE:• Marchio: GLORITY• Comandi manuali• alimentazione a corrente• 3 tipi di massaggio: idromassaggio o calore o idro + calore• funzione riscaldante 35° C – 48° C• vasca pieghevole• accessori: pietra pomiceFUNZIONAMENTO:Il prodotto per essere utilizzato deve essere collegato alla corrente.Bisogna:1) aprire il serbatoio pieghevole2) riempire la vasca, accenderla attraverso il tasto ON/OFF e scegliere il tipo di massaggio3) al termine del massaggio spegnere la vasca, svuotarla, lavarla (anche gli accessori)4) ripiegarla e riporlaIl prodotto può tranquillamente essere utilizzato con acqua del rubinetto.Nella parte alta e dotata dei seguenti tasti:- tasto ON/OFF per accendere/spegnere il prodotto- TEMP + / TEMP – per regolare la temperatura dell’acqua dai 35° ai 48°- TIMER per impostare un timer da 10 a 60 minuti- RED LIGHT BUBBLE per impostare l’idromassaggio scegliendo tra bolle, luce rossa oppure entrambi contemporaneamente.Sul retro della vasca è presente un foro per lo svuotamento facilitato e, inoltre, è dotata di manico per il trasporto.CONSIDERAZIONI COMPLESSIVE:Trovo molto rilassante fare questo tipo di massaggio ai piedi soprattutto in estate quando sono costretta a portare scarpe chiuse per tutta la giornata, proprio per questo la vasca salvaspazio è in assoluto la mia preferita perché mi permette di averla sempre a portata di mano nonostante il poco spazio.Ho trovato comodissima la possibilità di richiuderla e nasconderlo alla vista. La grandezza della vasca la trovo spaziosa e, secondo me, è adatta per piedi fino al 44.Innanzitutto sono stata soddisfatta dalla qualità costruttiva: i singoli elementi sono ben costruiti, li ho trovati resistenti e di buona fattura, il silicone è morbido ma resistente (almeno per ora). La plastica è resistente e il manico è in grado di sorreggere anche la vasca piena.Il prodotto funziona correttamente e ho apprezzato moltissimo la facilità di utilizzo e la posizione dei tasti che sono nella parte superiore, facilmente accessibili e comunque coperti dagli schizzi perché la vasca risulta semichiusa. Ho apprezzato moltissimo la presenza di questa fascia di plastica che torna utilissima per evitare che gli schizzi d’acqua durante il massaggio finiscano a terra.Il prodotto durante il funzionamento con massaggio a bolle non è perfettamente silenzioso ma personalmente non l’ho trovato troppo fastidioso e sono riuscita comunque a guardare la televisione senza dover nemmeno alzare eccessivamente il volume.I programmi sono ben funzionanti, ho trovato sia l’idromassaggio che la funzione di calore molto piacevoli. Quando ho attivato la funzione riscaldante ho trovato la temperatura di 48° delicata e giusta sulla pelle e l’acqua si scalda un po’ lentamente. Ho molto apprezzato che la temperatura fosse regolabile a partire da un minimo di 35° perché ritengo che sia una gradazione tollerabile durante il periodo estivo. Ho trovato molto comodi i timer perché permettono di impostare la durata massima del massaggio così da non rischiare di rimanere troppo tempo con i piedi a mollo nell’acqua.Oltre al massaggio con bolle del prodotto è possibile anche fare un massaggio meccanico utilizzando i rulli presenti sul fondo sui quali strofinare la pianta del piede: i rulli personalmente li ho trovati un po’ grandi e, soprattutto quando faccio massaggi lunghi, ho riscontrato un leggero fastidio alla pianta del piede. Ho risolto il problema rimuovendone qualcuno così da lasciare più spazio libero alla pianta così da lasciarla rilassata. La pietra pomice l’ho trovata troppo delicata sulla pelle e non l’ho usata molto dal momento che non mi garantiva l’esfoliazione che stavo cercando.La pulizia del prodotto è molto facile perché la base è perfettamente accessibile per la pulizia.Non mi è piaciuto molto il foro per lo scarico veloce perché non riesce a svuotare completamente la vasca e lascia un buon livello di acqua sul fondo che deve essere svuotato manualmente ribaltandola.Rapporto qualità-prezzo medi. I materiali di cui è fatto sono di buona qualità e le funzionalità sono buone. Il prezzo di circa 60€ (al momento della recensione) lo trovo in linea con quello di altri prodotti di questo genere in commercio al pari di caratteristiche e funzionalità. Personalmente, però, lo trovo un po’ alto considerate le funzionalità basiche e strutturali del massaggio meccanico e la presenza di un solo accessorio (la pietra pomice).Spero che la mia recensione possa tornarvi utile e…. buono shopping!!

  40. Moon Goddess

    Fonctionnalité chauffante un peu trop au top
    J’adore ce bain de pieds. J’en avais déjà un. Mais il ne chauffait pas donc l’eau était rapidement glacée. En plus, il prenait beaucoup de place.Ce bain de pieds est génial. Il est hyper compact (il est plat quand il est plié). On peut facilement le ranger n’importe où.J’ai mis de l’eau à 22°C pour tester sa fonctionnalité de chauffe. Wow, wow et tripe wow. En une dizaine de minutes, il atteint 38°C facilement. Par contre, le bémol, c’est qu’on peut aller biennnn au delà des 38°C. Mon mari avait mis le bain de pieds à 41°C pour être sympa, en se disant que ça chaufferait plus vite. Euh… J’ai eu l’impression que quelqu’un mettait de l’huile bouillante dans l’appareil. On peut aller encore plus haut… et ça, c’est un problème en terme de sécurité. On ne devrait pas pouvoir mettre une température qui peut engendrer des brûlures sévères.Ajoutons que le bain a des picots qui sont censés masser et relaxer la plante des pieds. J’apprécie le fait que les picots soient moins pointus que ceux qu’on trouve d’habitude sur ce genre d’appareils. Mais par contre, ça glisse beaucoup et ça fini par être un peu gênant. Des éléments antidérapants auraient été appréciables.Cela reste un bain de pieds génial que j’utiliserais avec plaisir sur la durée.

  41. sebastien

    Livraison rapide comme toujours avec Amazon prime 👍🏼parfait pour un moment de relaxationl’eau est très bien chauffer et le niveaux de bruit est vraiment basmanque peut être un peut de puissance dans les bullesje ne regrette pas mon anciens masseur de pieds qui ne chauffer pas l’eauje recommande +++

  42. Pierre D

    Bon petit SPA pour la relaxation des pieds
    Il s’agit d’un petit SPA pour les pieds pour se détendre après une journée chargée!Ce petit SPA ne prend pas énormément de place, car il se replie sur lui-même pour permettre de le ranger un peu n’importe où.Son utilisation est simple: vous devez déplier et remplir le SPA d’eau tiède (pour faciliter le chauffage de l’eau), de connecter le SPA à une prise électrique et de l’allumer.Le panneau de commande permet de régler la température et d’activer les bulles et/ou la lumière.Je trouve le temps de chauffe de l’eau assez long (il faut attendre 10 / 15min pour atteindre la température souhaitée, mais cela dépend de la température choisie et de la température de l’eau que vous avez mise à l’intérieur).Il est équipé d’une petite bonde permettant une vidange facile.Les rouleaux permettent de masser efficacement les pieds, bien qu’ils ne soient pas commandés par l’appareil … (il faut bouger les pieds pour qu’ils puissent tourner).Le rapport qualité / prix est intéressant et sa description est conforme. Je lui attribue la note de 4 sur 5 pour les légers points négatifs que j’ai abordés plus haut.

  43. ✨Zukuari ✨

    Un bon moyen pour se relaxer et se détendre.
    Bain de pieds chauffant facilement transportable grâce à sa poignée. Il correspond parfaitement à la description.Pour un bon moment détente il est top et plutôt bien pensé pour être rangé et glissé facilement sous un meuble.Son utilisation est très simple, il se vide et se nettoie en quelques minutes.Il dispose d’une minuterie comprise entre 10 et 60min et la température peut monter jusqu’à 48°C.Agréablement surprise, pour se relaxer c’est l’idéal.

  44. The Trusted Reviewer

    Pedicure casalinga, un manna dal cielo per i piedi
    Il prodotto è un massaggiatore per i piedi della marca GLORITY. Il massaggiatore è un dispositivo elettrico che utilizza vibrazioni e calore per rilassare e massaggiare i piedi. È caratterizzato dalla presenza di ben 6 nodi di massaggio rotanti, che possono essere utilizzati per massaggiare le piante dei piedi, i talloni e le dita dei piedi. Inoltre, è presente anche la funzione di riscaldamento, che può aiutare a migliorare la circolazione sanguigna e alleviare il dolore. Risulta facile da usare e da pulire. È dotato di un telecomando che consente di controllare le relative funzioni presenti. Ci sono però degli aspetti negativi quali il rumore, non è il più silenzioso presente in commercio ed il prezzo leggermente elevato per il tipo di device e per la qualità dei materiali, plastica nella media.

  45. Dinaounch

    Génial pour se détendre et prendre soin de ses pieds
    Ce spa pour les pieds fait un bien fou après une journée de travail ou tout simplement si vous avez piétiné toute la journée. Il se rétracte pour être remplie d’eau très facilement dans la douche et transportable facilement avec son anse. Très facile à utiliser il suffit d’alumer, de changer la température de l’eau à gauche et/ ou de mettre les petites bulles à droite. À l’intérieur vous pouvez passer vos pieds sur les rouleaux pour masser la voûte plantaire mais également poncer vos talons grâce au petit rond au centre du spa. Dommage que le cordon d’alimentation ne soit pas plus long …et surtout qu’on ne puisse pas choisir si on souhaite une eau chauffée ou non. Le pourquoi j’ai retiré une étoile….par contre j’adore le fait qu’elle puisse devenir plate et prenne peu de place 😉

  46. Sylkien

    Petit spa pour pieds fatigués
    Ce bain de pieds est plutôt bien conçu et le fait de pouvoir le rétrécir en hauteur pour un rangement optimisé est une bonne idée : une partie en silicone type accordéon se plie et se déplie facilement à cette fin.Deuxième point positif : pas besoin de le renverser pour le vider puisqu’il suffit d’ouvrir la petite bonde de vidange en bas du bac. La grande poignée escamotable permet un transport facile, le bac est suffisamment spacieux pour accueillir les petits pieds comme les grands.Le bandeau de commande est intuitif, il suffit d’appuyer sur les touches pour obtenir le résultat souhaité (bulles, lumière rouge, réglage de la température entre 35 C mini et 48 C maxi) … une minuterie peut programmer le temps du bain par tranches de 10 mn jusqu’à 60 mn.La notice en plusieurs langues dont le français permet de bien comprendre le fonctionnement en quelques mn de lecture. Une petite pierre ponce (pas très râpeuse ) est fixée sur une pièce amovible dans laquelle on peut insérer un sachet parfumé.Juste un petit bémol pour la fonction de massage annoncée dans le descriptif : rien à voir avec un vrai massage des pieds, les rouleaux à picots sont agréables mais bon … cela relève plus du gadget que du vrai massage.

  47. Pandora

    Pratique, léger et transportable facilement
    Nous avons ici un excellent produit pour prendre des bains de pieds.Ce modèle a la particularité de prendre moins de place car il est pliable. C’est vraiment pratique.La première fois j’ai un peu cherché comment ça s’ouvrait mais c’est assez simple au final.La longueur du fil est bien.Il suffit de mettre de l’eau dedans et d’attendre un peu que l’eau chauffe. C’est un avantage indéniable sur un autre que j’avais mais qui ne chauffait pas donc à force l’eau devenait froide, ici pas ce soucis.Pour le reste c’est identique, il y a des petits rouleaux pour masser la voute plantaire, une pierre ponce, bref tout ce qu’il faut pour se détendre.J’adhère à ce produit

  48. Vincent VZT

    pour se faire du bien!
    J’apprécie énormément de pouvoir me délasser en fin de journée avec ce Massage Pieds, GLORITY Bain de Pieds de Pieds avec Chauffage, Bulles, Infrarouge, Rouleau de Massage Pliable avec Température Contrôle & Minuterie, Pierre Ponce Pédicure, 8 Rouleaux de massage Pieds que j’utilise après la douche; histoire de prolonger les effets d’une bonne douche! Ce sont les effets à bulles que je préfère, étant donné que je suis totalement passif comme utilisateur; je me mets dans un fauteuil, au calme soit devant la TV ou alors avec un bon bouquin, et c’est parfait!

  49. Celine. Bouquine

    Pour un moment de détente
    Petit spa, pour un bain de pieds, vraiment très pratique car il se replie sur lui-même ce qui permet de pouvoir gagner de la place lorsqu’on le range.Il possède également une poignée qui permet de le transporter plus facilement d’une pièce à l’autre, et ainsi le vider en toute sécurité.Il a des rouleaux sur le fond où l’on peut masser ses pieds par un mouvement de va-et-vient très agréable.Il y a dans le fond également une petite bonde qui permet de vidanger le bac très facilement par exemple dans la douche. Les commandes sont vraiment très simple d’utilisation, vous pouvez en une seule pression à voir le réglage de la température qui va de 35° à 48° maximum, une minuterie qui va de 10 minutes à 60 minutes par tranche de 10 minutes, les bulles pour faire un effet spa, la lumière rouge vraiment nous semblait très simple et très pratique.Je trouve l’ensemble vraiment très relaxant après une journée où l’on a beaucoup marché, vous pouvez-vous détendre avec un petit bain de pieds Dans une eau chaude.

  50. Essere Un Mantovano

    L’acqua è un pò bassa per me
    Una scelta per rilassare dopo lavoro.ho un lavoro che quasi tutto il giorno devo stare in piedi, questo massaggiatore veramente mi rilassa la stanchezza del lavoro.Ha unito al massaggio anche l’effetto rilassante e decongestionante del pediluvioLa temperatura dell’acqua è regolabile com massima di 48 gradi.E’ piegevole cosi non occupa tanto spazio, Pero visto è pieghevole, l’acqua è un pò bassa.Timer impostabile, da 10 a 60 minuti.Uno piccolo svantaggio per la funzione di massaggio nella descrizione: confronta un vero massaggio ai piedi, sono dotati i rulli con le punte, devo muovermi i piedi per poter massaggiare .

  51. LoveU 💛

    Bon produit
    Machine bain de pied plutôt agréableC’est relaxantFacile à utiliserBonne qualité

  52. Samuele

    Fa il suo lavoro al meglio
    Ho avuto la possibilità di provare questo prodotto che offre una soluzione completa per il benessere dei piedi stanchi e doloranti. Dotato di diverse funzionalità e di un design intelligente, questo massaggiatore offre un’esperienza personalizzata e confortevole.Uno dei punti di forza di questo massaggiatore è il controllo intelligente della temperatura. È possibile regolare la temperatura dell’acqua tra 35°C e 48°C per mantenere una piacevole sensazione di calore senza bisogno di aggiungere ulteriore acqua calda. Questo permette di personalizzare il massaggio e di creare un ambiente ideale per il relax.Il design massaggiante avanzato è un altro aspetto notevole di questo prodotto. I 96 nodi massaggianti dei rulli e i 4 gruppi di massaggiatori plantari shiatsu forniscono un sollievo mirato ai piedi stanchi e doloranti. Questi massaggiatori stimolano il flusso sanguigno, migliorando la circolazione e rivitalizzando i piedi affaticati.La presenza di una maniglia anteriore e di un’uscita di drenaggio garantisce un’ottima portabilità e un sicuro drenaggio dell’acqua. Questa caratteristica rende il massaggiatore particolarmente adatto anche agli utenti anziani che cercano facilità d’uso e sicurezza.Inoltre offre anche alcune funzioni speciali che contribuiscono al relax e al benessere. Le bolle di ossigeno e la luce rossa aggiungono un tocco di piacevolezza all’esperienza di massaggio, aiutando ad alleviare lo stress e a creare un’atmosfera rilassante.L’unica nota negativa che ho riscontrato è l’assenza di funzionalità automatiche per il movimento dei rulli o l’intensità del massaggio. Infatti bisognerà regolare manualmente la pressione e il movimento desiderati. Inoltre, la regolazione del timer è limitata, permettendo solo impostazioni da 10 a 60 minuti. Questo potrebbe non essere sufficiente per coloro che desiderano sessioni di massaggio più prolungate.In conclusione, il prodotto offre un’esperienza di massaggio personalizzata e confortevole. Con il suo controllo intelligente della temperatura, il design massaggiante avanzato e le funzioni speciali, è in grado di rivitalizzare i piedi stanchi e di creare un ambiente di relax. Nonostante l’assenza di funzionalità automatiche e la limitata regolazione del timer rappresenta comunque una scelta eccellente per coloro che desiderano prendersi cura dei propri piedi dopo una lunga giornata.

  53. Marco

    Efficace e compatto dispositivo per pedicure e rilassante massaggio
    •CONFEZIONEIn una confezione in cartoncino, con immagine stilizzata e specifiche del prodotto, troviamo un contenitore per acqua per il delicato e confortevole massaggio igienizzante ai piedi.Manuale d’uso con parte anche in italiano incluso.•MATERIALI E CARATTERISTICHEQuesto dispositivo per pediluvio e massaggio con cavo e spina schuko per l’alimentazione AC220-240V e 500W di potenza nominale, si presenta con la classica vaschetta di contenimento acqua, ma in morbida gomma estensibile, maniglia richiudibile per il trasporto in sicurezza e 4 piedini per appoggio sul fondo, di cui 2 in gomma antiscivolo. Abbiamo inoltre il pannello di controllo per la gestione dei comandi e componenti abrasivi e ruotabili per il massaggio dei piedi.In particolare, sul pannello di controllo troviamo:-schermo a display digitale;-indicatore luminoso: acceso in riscaldamento/spento al raggiungimento della temperatura impostata;-pulsanti temperatura + e – per aumento e diminuzione del riscaldamento dell’acqua;-pulsante on/off per accensione e spegnimento;-pulsante timer, per l’impostazione del tempo di funzionamento (10-20-30-40-50-60 minuti);-pulsante luce rossa e bolle.All’interno del contenitore abbiamo, invece, il foro per le bolle dell’acqua, rilievi fissi e rulli ruotabili massaggianti, compartimento per pietra pomice/sacchetto profumato, asta di supporto ruotabile per bloccare/sbloccare l’estensione del contenitore d’acqua, fonte di calore, luce rossa e tappo per lo scarico dell’acqua.•UTILIZZODopo aver letto il manuale d’uso, sarà possibile utilizzare il dispositivo nelle varie funzioni come da descrizione.Posizionare il dispositivo a terra in piano davanti ad una sedia, spingere con una mano al centro del contenitore e con l’altra tirare per sollevare la parte posteriore e poi quella anteriore, bloccare quindi girando verticalmente la barra di supporto ruotando la manopola per bloccarla in posizione (invertire l’operazione a termine per la conservazione).Riempire la vaschetta con acqua tiepida (+35°C) e accendere l’alimentazione come da istruzioni, impostare la temperatura desiderata (da +35°C a +48°C) e il tempo di funzionamento (predefiniti: +42°C; 60 minuti) quando mancano 5 minuti a termine del tempo preimpostato verranno emessi 3 segnali sonori di avviso come promemoria.Facilmente e rapidamente utilizzabili/attivabili, i vari dispositivi interni come i rilievi e i rulli massaggianti, la pietra pomice e, con i relativi pulsanti, le varie funzioni, come: bolle, luce rossa, bolle e luce rossa assieme.Il dispositivo ha un sistema di protezione da surriscaldamento che lo spegne se la temperatura dell’acqua dovesse raggiunge i +52°C (3 segnali acustici).Lo trovo alla vista e al tatto un bel dispositivo costruito con attenzione, cura dei dettagli e materiali di buona qualità percepita.Il dispositivo funziona correttamente e appare efficace per lo scopo: pediluvio, massaggi, calore sulle piante dei piedi, rilassanti e piacevoli, con la particolarità delle bolle per stimolare i punti sensibili plantari, come nell’agopuntura, per ridurre dolore e stanchezza, oltre a sterilizzare e ridurre eventuale gonfiore con la luce rossa.Da utilizzare in famiglia e dopo una giornata particolarmente stancante, impiegandolo come da istruzioni.•CONCLUSIONIValido dispositivo per pediluvio e massaggi rilassanti ai piedi, semplice ma efficace e di buona qualità costruttiva.Spero che questa mia esperienza possa esservi utile nella scelta.

  54. Tra le pagine di un libro mi troverai

    Per chi lavora ed è sempre in piedi o semplicemente per chi vuole rilassarsi, io ho provato questo massaggiatore e non mi è dispiaciuto.Arriva in una scatola di cartone poco ingombrante perché comunque il massaggiatore è richiudibile.Quando si accende non emette un rumore forte quindi non è fastidioso se lo si vuole utilizzare, ad esempio, guardando la televisione.La temperatura che raggiunge è molto piacevole e si ha un notevole sollievo anche solo dopo 10 minuti di utilizzo.Trovo il prezzo alto perché mi aspettavo che i rulli massaggiatori si attivassero autonomamente e invece siamo noi a dover muovere i piedi per usarli.

  55. Jean Louis Dragon

    Des pieds détendus
    The media could not be loaded.

     Un petit moment de détente assuré après une journée harassante avec ce mini spa pour pieds.Facile à utiliser et à mettre en route.Il faudra veiller à ne pas oublier de le déplier.Car oui, il se replie sur lui-même pour gagner de la place.Une petite bonde permet de vidanger le bac.Les rouleaux ne bougent pas d’eux-mêmes, il faudra s’amuser avec pour avoir l’effet voulu.L’effet chauffant est bien ainsi que l’effet bulle.

  56. V1C3NT3

    The media could not be loaded.

     Masajeador pies eléctrico, con un panel de control táctil, que permite que podamos regular la temperatura del agua, activar burbujas y calor infrarrojo. Tiene una pantalla led númérica donde vamos a poder programar con comodidad la temperatura entre 35 y 48ºC, además de poder temporizar su funcionamiento entre 10 y 60 minutos en tramos de 10 minutos, y que permite visualizar en todo momento el tiempo restante en minutos con un toque del botón “timer”. El funcionamiento es lógicamente automático, una vez programada la temperatura empieza a calentar el agua hasta alcanzar la temperatura seleccionada, manteniéndola, para lo que requiere que dejemos activo el sistema de burbujas. Si lo apagamos no pudede calentar el agua. Pero si por algo destaca este masajeador es por su sistema de plegado que le hace pasar de menos de 10cm a casi 20cm, con un buen espacio interior para los pies, cubriendo el agua hasta los tobillos, y permitiendo disfrutar con comodidad de sus rodillos interiores. Yo tengo un 43 y puede mover los rodillos sin problemas. Entre los dos talones tiene una pieza redonda extraible con una piedra pomez, bajo la cual está escondido el desagüe del agua. El calentamiento del agua es lento, pero funciona bien, aunque es algo ruidoso con un consumo de 500W. La burbujas, infrarrojos y rodillos, consiguen activar la circulación de los pies. No es un jacuzzi, pero es efectivo, y con sólo 20 minutos se notan sus efectos, te relaja los pies y las piernas, con un mejor estado general. Algo bueno que tiene es que podemos usarlo en cualquier lugar de la casa, con un buen asa de transporte. Este asa viene muy bien para moverlo de un lado para otro cómodamente sin agua. Con agua, no está equilibrado el peso y sino tenemos cuidado se vuelca. Más efectivo de lo esperado, un pequeño lujo a buen precio.

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