Shiatsu Kneading Foot Massager Machine with Heat – Electric Kneading Heated

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  • INFRARED HEAT FUNCTION – Enhance your massage experience with InvoSpa’s heat infusion technology!
  • ADJUSTABLE INTENSITY – Whether you just want an easy relaxing leg massage, or a deep tissue shiatsu kneading massage – you can easily adjust the intensity of the message and choose between 5 different pressure levels!
  • SHIATSU MASSAGE & AIR COMPRESSION – 2 independent foot chambers provide a wonderful combination of shiatsu kneading and rolling massage therapy, while the air pressure applies pressure to all parts of the foot.
  • BI-DIRECTIONAL MASSAGING MODES – this foot massage machine provides a bi-directional massaging experience, you can change the kneading direction in a press of a button. The heated foot massager machine has many mini Ergonomics massage heads, which can massage more acupuncture points.
  • WASHABLE FEET POCKETS – With the foot cover being removable by a zipper, the electric feet massager machine is extremely easy and convenient to keep clean all the time. This durable shiatsu foot massager with heat would be a great gift idea to any of your loved ones! Perfect stocking stuffer for men or women. This foot massager is not for neuropathy or plantar fasciitis massager. masajeador de pies.
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Indulge in a soothing foot massage with the Shiatsu Kneading Foot Massager Machine that boasts of electric kneading, air compression, and heat features. This foot massager is perfect for enhancing blood circulation, alleviating Neuropathy and Plantar Fasciitis pain. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to pamper your feet!


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Weight 141.096 oz
Dimensions 0.41 × 0.25 × 0.495 m

53131700 (Therapeutic massage equipment) Report an incorrect code

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‎ 41 x 25 x 49.5 cm; 4 Kilograms



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‎ FMSS-531

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‎ InvoSpa

100 reviews for Shiatsu Kneading Foot Massager Machine with Heat – Electric Kneading Heated

  1. Amazon Customer

    The good: it does a good job with massage and the air inflation mechanism squeezes very tightly. I enjoy the sensation. The bad: there’s some smallish problems that could probably quite easily be addressed – the remote control is insanely bad – it needs line of sight and feels like it needs to be about 6 inches away to work. The openings for the foot holes are surrounded by hard blue plastic that is very uncomfortable and just at the right height to bang against the nobbly part of your ankle. The power cord is on the wrong side – it should be on the back, so that it doesn’t get caught on your chair. The motors are pretty loud, to the point where it’s a bit annoying. When you turn it ‘off’ with the power button, it shows a flashing red light that stays on forever. You can’t have just the heat on without the massage – small thing but sometimes I’d like to just warm my feet without the noise of the motors.That sounds like a lot of complaints but they’re all fairly minor and in terms of the main, basic function of giving your feet a heated massage it works well.

  2. Mrs L M Szafran

    I didn’t get the instruction book and the remote was missing


    I’ve been using this product for the past few days and I can already notice the swelling going down on my feet. Love this, probably best thing I’ve bought so far this year. Look forward to using it when I get home. So relaxing.

  4. d cases

    The foot massager is perfect for the price you pay, however, the power button is temperamental.sometimes it works sometime you need to keep adjust where to put the pressure when pressing because it doesn’t respond . Otherwise, it’s perfect.After finding out that it came with a remote, I am quite relieved. Remote works better than the on board buttons. I give 4.5 stars

  5. Asha

    As discribed

  6. David C.

    It is a decent massage but there are a few issues with this that I would like to see resolved.1) I like to push my foot in as far as possible as this seems to offer the nicest massage, however my feet often slip back, particularly my right foot. The right foot on the machine seems a bit off visually compared to the left.2) The air pressure was nice initially, but for some reason, even at the lowest setting, after a few minutes it will just start getting really tight for a few minutes to the point where it’s painful and I have to turn it off. I thought my foot was about to get trapped at one point so I had to quickly turn off the machine.3) The heat is too hot after 5 or 10 minutes and burns my feet so I must turn it off, however this is not a major issue.

  7. Lynda

    I bought this for my husband’s feet/Legs to try and help with the swelling of his feet and pain he has been experiencing.It’s helped tremendously and even my son and daughter love it too defiantly worth every penny .

  8. Manjunath Prasad

    It does the work as advertised. Slightly wider leg space would have been better.

  9. James G Ryan

    I bought this machine in August 2022. It was going well and great comfort for my feet, Then in December 2022 approx 4 months later i had my feet in it as usual when suddenly it started sparking and smoke came out of the back of it. It completely went dead. I was on to the manufacturer and he stated i probably got a faulty one.Before it gave up i found it very good for my feet and comfortable to use. I will probably buy another one of the same and hopefully it will last for longer.

  10. Ishaan

    It is relaxing for the lower feet pain because massage roller only covers the lower feet area. I was expecting upper/side part of feet massage also with the size of the product and price of £60.

  11. Dyd’s

    Very good. Thumbs up

  12. mitroi diana

    Happy with it

  13. Anna Nluma

    Very nice and easy in use machine. It has levels of intensity of the massage. It is a great idea for a gift. Session takes 20 min but actually 15 min is already enough to relax.

  14. Mrs G

    This foot massager is bliss! Easy to use and so relaxing but the only thing I will say is to be careful to anyone with swollen ankles and puffy feet as the pressure can get a little intense, but this can be switched off and it’s just as good so highly recommended if you are on your feet all day.

  15. miss l m derosa

    Very effective

  16. willswife

    I LOVE THIS….as soon as I put my feet inside I knew it was an absolute winner. I dithered and dithered about buying it; it’s quite a lot of money for me, but I am SO glad I did. I am a size 8 wide and there is bags of room inside but not uncomfortably so. I can slide my feet to different places and enjoy the changes in movement and pressure, and my feet love it inside. So cosy and comfortable. The controls are easy to understand and use, and they all work beautifully. I like it SO much that I have just bought a second one to have upstairs. I have arthritis, fibromyalgia and a host of other complaints, and didn’t want to lug one up and down steep stairs, but I have already used it many times in just one day. I knew instantly it was a wonderful and well made product and just what I needed. Although I have only had it for 24 hours, I already feel the benefits, even if they are only psychological because it feels so wonderful. I have high hopes that it is going to help me with pain, mobility and sleeping. I already feel more relaxed instead of constantly tensed from pain and discomfort. I really don’t understand all the negative reviews…are they talking about the same product? I find that hard to believe. Buy this product. Give it a try. The odds are high that, like me and others, you will love it. Treat yourself. I did.


    We got this foot massager to enjoy a massage but instead the inside is very hard and the rolls are not smooth.It rather hurts the foot instead of massaging it.It also seems to focus on the toe area instead of the heel and bottom of the foot.

  18. catsholiday

    My son had a similar foot massager when we stayed with him in Canada and we fell in love with it.This is a snug fit for anyone with large feet but my husband’s size 11 feet fit.There are three massage strengths – I like the strongest but as my husband has bigger feet he finds the strongest too tight for him.You can select it going forward or backwards over your feet and also to have heat or not.It is really relaxing and has helped my feet – I have suffered recently with plantar fasciitis and I find this does help

  19. Sue

    Very comfy And easy to use. Sometimes hurts when rotating the direction of the rollers.

  20. Naz H

    Loved this product.. fixes my aching feet. If you are okay with deep massages then this product is great.

  21. Tirzah

    I bought this because several of the reviews stated that it eased the pain of plantar faciitis which I have in one foot. It is an impressive looking machine with a remote to effortlessly change the setting while it is in use. I started on the lowest setting for a few minutes a day and gradually worked up over 5 days to 15 minutes. The pain in my foot worsened considerably over those 5 days so I had to stop using it. The massage experience is not pleasant as the rollers are very hard. It does increase circulation to the feet , helped by the heat setting when it is on. I tried the higher settings on my unaffected foot, the machine grasped my foot so that hard it could not move it and pushed the rollers hard against the sole. A most unpleasant experience. I tried to give it away to my son and daughter in law but after trying it they refused it. I have given 2 stars because the machine is sturdy and the remote is a useful addition.

  22. CLJ

    We had the product and it was really lovely. For some reason it stopped working after a week or so and I contacted the company. They were so quick to respond, they were helpful and friendly and we had a replacement in days. The new product works brilliantly and it is really helpful for sore feet.

  23. jean @alan perry

    Did not use as on medical advise not suitable for me as I have a pacemaker. When ordering I did not realise that would be a problem and suggest that should be clearly pointed out on sale and suitability details. Spoken to a member of Amazon team regarding return and was advised that my money would be refunded without me returning the item. Hope that still is the case although I have not had confirmation of that fact. Maybe you could confirm.

  24. Matt

    Product was purchased as a gift for my sister.Turned on once, work for 5 minutes then turned off.Unable to return despite being within 30 days of delivery!?!Upon closer inspection, it could be seen that the power supply was reaching the PCB but no signal leaving it.PCB covered in a silicone glue.Fuse soldered to PCB – not able to replace.Poorly made with even worse customer service.

  25. Rav S.

    This is amazing – I use regularly as I’m invariably on my feet on the go and it’s nice to relax of an evening for 15 mins and have a lovey massage

  26. Alan

    does a great job, remote control is a bit pointless as the buttons are easily within reach and in the holster it could easily get broken. heat takes a little time to build up but it gets there. massage doesn’t get right back to the back of the heel but over all gives a good massage and on the highest setting the pressure is excellent. Big thumbs up!

  27. jkingozz

    Didn’t like this it didn’t feel nice

  28. Donna W

    I have small feet – size 4 (37) and although I get a good massage when I push my feet right into the massager, it don’t get any benefit at the back/heel area. I do like the expanding pressure but again, it just seems to squeeze my toes and not much else. I would like something that does my heels and ankle area as that’s where I need it most. I’ve no doubt it’s a good quality item – but at £79.99 I think it’s overpriced. And one size doesn’t really fit all in this case. I feel that if my husband hadn’t binned the packaging, I may have sent it back.

  29. Adel


  30. john cocker

    i bought this for my mum and what i like it helps relax her feet straight away and its also a perfect gift for a loved one or partner also a good product

  31. Chris

    This foot massager has been great, easy to use and clean with its removable inserts. We have been using nearly daily over 6 months. Really helped my wife’s feet. 3 easy settings and adjustable strengths means you can find a setting just right for you.Comfortable for my size 11 feet too. Would recommend this massager.

  32. Dylan O.

    Used a handful of times, went away then came back plugged it in all seemed to be fine, then whilst getting a massage sparks came out the machine. Do not recommend

  33. Carm Lew

    The machine seems to be defected as it doesn’t reach the back of the heel and makes a lot of whining noise… The box was taped up badly and I do believe it was a returned product. So Returning

  34. M Cotton

    The high power is really rather too forceful a massage, and can be painful. The lower settings give a nice relaxing massage. This is useful for cramp or plantar fasciitis; recommended, except if you have very big feet.

  35. Kajal

    I like it…. Only that it stinks like something burning at times… Even before it’s 15 minutes… And I have to always keep that on my mind, to check if something’s burning inside… Along with this product I also bought the thumper massager…. And I found out that thumper was much better than this foot massager alone. As it works fabulous on body n amazingly on the feet too… But yet this foot massager is ok… Good product… Just need to be careful on investing on a better over all massager…

  36. Paulina

    The media could not be loaded.

  37. Gemma

    I do like this – it was a nice experience – i just wish you could adjust for different size of feet – i felt there was so much focus on the front of the foot and the kneading didn’t reach far enough towards the heal. But I have only tried it once so I will update it. I would recommend it as long as you don’t have any pain in your feet. the kneading is nice and strong which I liked.

  38. Gadget Boy

    Looks nice and the built is good, however the pressure doesn’t make it a massager and more like a “pressure machine” on your feet. I was looking for something that would give me a good massage like the shiatsu style and pressure. If you have really sensitive feet (eg. don’t like them being touched) this might be the one for you as it’s very gentle.

  39. Pacha L.

    I bought this several months ago and still use it nearly daily! This has to be the most comfortable, relaxing foot massager i have ever tried. The different settings are great so you can adjust to what feels good, the heating setting is warm enough, in fact, sometimes I find it can get too warm but that is probably because I use it longer than the pre-set 15 min. If you are on your feet all day, or after a long run or walk, this will make you feet feel renewed!

  40. M Hirst

    I’ve been using this massager for over a month now, and have found it consistently disappointing. We have three other Homedics products, which are all five-star, in our minds, but the brand seems to have missed the mark with the foot massager design. It just isn’t intense enough, even on the strongest setting. If you want a soft foot massage, this could be the product for you. If you are looking for something tougher, with more intensity, though, we wouldn’t recommend this product.

  41. Melanie

    So easy to use and really help’s neuropathy in the feet. Well worth the cost!

  42. Andy

    So far, I have only turned it on to test because its a birthday present. Once turned om, it’s relatively easy to navigate however, iy makes a clicking sound which I am noy sure if it’s broken or not. I did see that the box it came in (not the Amazon box but tge massage machine box) has old and new tape so I suspect it might be a returned item?

  43. S Griffiths

    I ordered another brand slightly more expensive but found very noisy and bulky so returned as motor noise was concerning. Ordered this one and very happy so far with choice , not as bulky so slightly easier to store, quieter, and works great and has remote control. I have used for few weeks now and use 3 evenings a week. I have plants fasciitis and have had 2 injections in both heels with no relief , this machine really improves condition and his helping feet.

  44. Mike B

    Used this a few times and it’s wonderful, I’ll add this caveat though – if you like hard massages then this might be a bit on the lighter side for you. I found the pressure perfect (on male size 10 UK)There’s 3 settings for the pressure, heat is an on/off setting and there are a few modes to choose from too (mostly variations, found all of them to achieve the objective – relaxed feet)A note on heat, its more than you think, there’s a lot going on with the rollers, pressure bags etc. I didn’t realise how warm it got. The heat is there and at a good level.

  45. Sarah

    It’s uncomfortable, the pressure part gets too tight and it’s not like you can lower it it’s on or off.It sent pains up my knees and made them swell it isn’t good for chronic pains from my use. I’m a bit disappointed with the result spending so much aswell

  46. Sue mcc

    Bought for my dad, he works in a hospital and on his feet all day, he tried it for the first time yesterday and said his feet felt amazing. It arrived very quick and I havent had any issues at all with the seller.

  47. Hurry up Harry

    I had an industrial accident , with major damage to my ankle and feet , resulting in disability . I can’t speak for anyone else but myself , but I found this Foot massager to be a life changer . I have tried other products , some ok others not. I can now walk 4000 steps a day , soon as I get home I plug in for 15 mins .. and my feet just feel great . Im not a bot or whatever , I live in Edinburgh Scotland .

  48. Brian Ratner

    I’ve been pleased with the foot massager so far and it is treating my neuropathy quite well. It is pleasant to use and I like the sensation caused by the pressure function although the heat function could be a bit more effective.

  49. Tally

    Was really excited for this but slightly disappointed. The main thing I wanted was a heated massager but there is barely any heat and you get cool air blowing from the compression. You can only run for 15 mins and it unfortunately my feet were still just a achey after use

  50. J LEWIS

    For someone who is disabled and favours one side of my body I didn’t expect the foot messager to be as good as it is. It has been a fantastic aid to the balls of feet and I no longer go to bed expecting to be kept awake and waste painkillers I should be using during the day. There are numerous settings but I found the one that works for me within three days and have never needed to try them all! If you do have foot issues this is as goods anything available as far as I am concerned.

  51. Amazon Customer

    I brought this product as a present the jury is 50/50 on it. Easy to use looks good

  52. Vas

    Item arrived fine.. but didn’t work properlyAmazon referred the case to the seller, emailed the seller, but so far almost 2 weeks on.. no reply or result..

  53. tracy bedford

    Bought this for my mum, no instructions in box and no remote, but she found it quite relaxing.

  54. Shanelle Price

    I ordered two of these one for my mum that could barely walk..we tried woany products and therapy..after just a week she has been gardening like a star again… She is so happy … Then me with a bad back I used it one day could barely walk when I used it the next day I was so stunned by the improvement … I would recommend this anyway…it is saving me so much on therapy costs …. CUSTOMER SERVICE .. MY ONE WAS FAULTY THEY REPLACED IT SO FAST AND WERE SO POLITE …I AM AMAZED AT HOW AMAZING THEY ARE …

  55. P

    don’t buy this

  56. Amazon Customer

    Good value for money, easy to use and comfortable.

  57. Manjeet

    Had to return this item as there was loads of faults with it. The foot massager was ok but the problems I had was something sticking out wouldn’t heat and when I used it for the first time it really squeezed my feet that I had to stop using it. I’ve used foot massagers before but this was the worst one. I should of read the reviews before I brought this one. So now I had to return it. So don’t waste money on buying this one

  58. Aukse Vilcinskiene

    Although it is very easy to use it is nowhere as good as the title makes it sound and definitely has alot of issues like your ankles being uncomfortably rested against hard plastic and smaller toes getting nowhere enough attention as heel or sole. Overall just very disappointing and i will most likely be returning it due to it not delivering what it promises

  59. Polowa suarez

    Nice, but a bit painful at times (when the roller pass along the feet arches)

  60. Smiffy

    Ordered this for my Wife who suffers terribly with her feet hoping there was an outsidechance this would help and most importantly “work”.So glad I did! was half expecting to be disappointed and return this but its going no where!we are very impressed, and with a few days use my wife says that the circulation to her feethas improved so much that she can now feel things as her feet were numb and the nervesnot working as they should…amazing to think that this has made such an improvement!If you suffer with your feet this is a game changer….

  61. rachael smith

    The remote never worked when ours arrived, not that you really needed one.Foot massage is good but not amazing unfortunately the balls that massage you are so hard

  62. patrick

    Already to use from the box.

  63. Fartsparkle

    I have fibromyalgia and the soles of my feet can really hurt. My partner often massages my feet for me but it’s a bit unfair to expect him to do it everyday!! So I decided to purchase one of these! WOW 🤩 I absolutely love it. Massages the whole of my foot (I’m a size 4). Definitely worth the £59 I paid.

  64. A MURIC

    It’s like holiday for feet. Bought it for Mrs and she liked it so much she uses it few times each day. I got tempted to try it my self. I can honesty say it’s a great little machine. All technicalities described in add are true. Bought it with discount which is added bonus. If you spend a lot of time on your feet at work, home, gym this is guaranteed to release the pressure. At first it may feel your need more pressure to feel the effects of it. After 15 minutes of each session you realise it’s perfect just the way is.

  65. Zsolt F

    I have been thinking, wondering, debating whether to buy one, and I am the happiest owner. It is so nice, it feels like a true massage, except i don’t need to make an appointment, spend all the time. Just come home from work and relax.

  66. saheed oyedele

    Pretty good but it is quite noisy on one of the direction settings. Very noisy in fact. Could well be a fault.

  67. Carol Fells

    Lovely to come home and use after long day on feet

  68. ateeque ahmed

    Product stopped working after a dozen uses, lost power and unable to start.Poor quality and reliability. Don’t buy this as there are no return options

  69. mikael

    Wife loves it

  70. divemasterken

    Really like this massager. Very easy to operate, with several different features, giving you a wide choice of massage types. Improvement in blood circulation is noticed almost immediately, stiffness in the ankles and feet are eased.Had occasion to contact Customer Services regarding usage, almost instant response and very helpful advice. Highly recommend this particular device, good Company, good product and excellent support.

  71. Amazon Customer

    This is the BEST product I have purchased all year! Adjuvant chemotherapy for colorectal cancer has left me suffering with peripheral neuropathy in my hands and feet. The improvement in the pain and uncomfortable sensation in my feet within 3 weeks of using the machine daily is remarkable! It is easy to use, quiet and so relaxing! I cannot recommend highly enough!

  72. ryan

    Good product I would like it abit more harder massage but it does the job.

  73. Peter

    Sending it back as device not provide enough pressure even on level 3 and provides not enough warmth. Base rubber pads are slipping, does not hold the device on carpet so it slips away.

  74. Sahar Saleh

    Arrived in time, all on good shape.So easy to use, like It is plug and play.Does what is says.Glad I bought it.

  75. Scribble

    Doesn’t get to the top of those of us with big plates of meat.

  76. nadezda

    I like this machine is great

  77. Malcolm smith

    My feet have never felt better


    This may be the best thing I’ve ever bought. Been struggling with foot pain for months and pestering partner and kids for (crap 🤣) foot massages nightly, as well as grouponing to £20 professional foot massages. Should have just got this. Plug it in, put feet in, lovely decent pressure massge, job done. Only problem is test if family keep stealing it! I’m yet to play with full range of settings but it works really well and is helping my feet a lot.

  79. Blueshum

    Somewhat disappointing, hoped it would be like a massage but sadly wasn’t. It doesn’t warm up. It should be cheaper in price…In my mind, it’s probs worth £40 max

  80. Crystal Ang

    Was not reaching the back heel but I didn’t mind as my front feet were what I needed it most

  81. mac1

    Feet and calf muscles

  82. viji swamy

    ease of use

  83. Aaisha

    It only massages the front sole of feet, can’t reach the hump of sole, very light massage of heel part, overal massage is not strong enough even with level 3, after using still want to do more with hands. Need a product which can massage throughout sole thoroughly.

  84. Amazon Customer

    Easy to use

  85. Irfan Adam


  86. pauline winyard

    The best product I have bought in a long time

  87. John D

    yes it feels good the misses loves it.But for me I wish it was abit deeper in the foot.Can’t comment on build quality yet as only been a week.

  88. Rustle Russell

    Heating very poor massage painful remote control in the work some of the time

  89. Brian

    On my feet all day , highly recommended great investment for tired feet, easy to use immediately felt benefits


    It’s ok, not the best but you get an average foot massage, you need to move your fert about to get the full benefits

  91. S. Fleming

    This is a gift, I haven’t even opened the box yet….

  92. Afia

    It’s good and relaxing

  93. Louise Watkins

    I ended up having to return my massager as the air function wasnt working. But the massager itself was absolutely lovely, it was strong on your feet and felt like a person’s fingers. Great value for money. I ordered an alternative (more expensive from another supplier) but that unit isnt half as good as this one. Its definitely worth buying.

  94. Kestrel

    Mine has blown up after 6 months of minimal usage but they have agreed to send me a new one for free.

  95. Amazon Customer

    Product was ideal just as I wanted but did not come with any written instructions company should provide instructions manual to how it’s meant to work

  96. MR I

    Product received was a faulty returned item which STILL HAD THE RETURNS LABEL ON IT JUST POORLY COVERED UP.Item clearly had an electrical fault as you could see where it had burnt out on the base.Absolutely disgraceful.

  97. vikas kaushik

    Its relax after days work

  98. Bobster

    It does what it says in the description so yes I’m satisfied. It just looks a bit plasticky.

  99. Emma Hurwood

    Bought this as a Christmas present and so it wasn’t opened until today….Turns out after turning it on for 2 minutes and then turning off to begin using, it no longer powers on at all. Complete waste of money.

  100. Nichola J A Holt

    The item was very easy to use and store away,very useful having a remote control found it very comfortable and relaxing to use after a day on my feet.

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